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Issue 81, Sunday June 8, 2008
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Crane Accidents

Crane accidents have been hitting the news the past few months. At the end of May, two additional accidents hit the news - both more dramatic in their size and impact than the previous incidents. After a crane accident in New York City on March 15, 2008, the Zetas were asked about the string of crane accidents, and replied that human error was the cause.

Crane Crushes NYC Buildings; 4 Killed
March 15, 2008
A crane rising 19 stories alongside a skyscraper under construction toppled like a tree across a city block Saturday, crashing into apartment buildings, killing four people and setting off a scramble for survivors. The crane split into pieces as it fell, pulverizing a four-story townhouse and demolishing parts of three other buildings. At least four people, believed to be construction workers, have died and at least 10 people were injured in one of the city's worst construction accidents in recent memory. The collapse devastated the affluent block on Manhattan's East Side: Cars were overturned and crushed. A huge dust cloud rose over the neighborhood. Rubble was piled several stories high. A piece of steel fell and sheared off one of the ties holding it to the building, causing it to detach and topple, said Stephen Kaplan, an owner of the Reliance Construction Group. City officials said they had issued 13 violations to the site in the last 27 months, a normal amount for a project of that size. Inspectors examined the crane Friday and found nothing wrong with it.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/29/2008: Distraction is rampant, as the populace notices things not being addressed by the media or the authorities. The Sun is not in the right place, the weather wildly erratic, the economy in the toilet while Bush says all is well, the price of food and gas going through the roof and no jobs to be found yet the media states that joblessness is dropping. Angry, and without a place to put their anger, many fume and thus do not pay attention to what they are doing. Close inspection of recent crane accidents shows that they were not secured, were driven into the wrong spot, or some such human error was the cause.

But since the Earth has entered a stage where the wobble is more violent, the magnetic N Pole of Earth pushed away with more violence when it comes up over the horizon to face the magnetic force from the N Pole of Planet X, could there be a relationship? For the N American continent, the wobble has the globe pushed too far North and pushed back early in the day, then rebounding by moving south again during the day, but then pushing the magnetic N Pole to the East too rapidly at sundown. These are sideways movements and a slowing and speeding up of the pace of rotation for that part of the globe.

The recent crane accidents, occurring within a day of each other, have no explanation as to cause beyond speculation. The first, again in New York City, appears to involve the complete failure of bolts holding the cab atop the crane in place.

NYC Crane Collapses into Street, Kills 2 Workers
May 30, 2008
A construction crane snapped and smashed into an apartment building with a thunderous roar Friday, killing two workers in the city's second such tragedy in 2 1/2 months and renewing fears about the safety of hundreds of cranes towering over the New York skyline. The collapse happened despite stepped-up inspections and a shake-up in the city Buildings Department after the earlier accident, which killed seven people in March. The 200-foot crane fell apart on Manhattan's Upper East Side, where contractors were building a 32-story luxury condo complex, about 12 stories high. The turntable popped off - even though there are 16 bolts that hold it down. It could be an issue with the bolts. The turntable is a piece of equipment that helps the crane rotate. No violations had been issued in connection with the crane. The crane toppled just after 8 am, destroying a penthouse apartment across the street and knocking off balconies on the apartment building as it plunged 20 stories into a heap of twisted steel. The cab where the operator sits had separated from the crane's tower. If an operator tries to lift a load that is too heavy, too fast, it could pull the rig over or cause it to sway dangerously. Stopping short while swinging a very heavy load could cause the same problem, as could having a big load suddenly drop off the end of the crane. Construction workers have died in recent weeks in crane accidents in Iowa, Missouri and Miami.

If cranes become destabilized if the operator suddenly stops, or moves too quickly, could a wobble incite an accident? Apparently, a sway during crane operation is considered "dangerous". The second May accident occurred on May 31, the day after the New York City accident, and involved the world's "largest crane" operating in a mine in Wyoming.

Three Injured, Two Critically, in Black Thunder Crane Accident
May 31, 2008
The world's largest crane in handling capacity collapsed Saturday near Wright, sending three injured people - two critically - to hospitals and blocking a rail line at the Black Thunder coal mine. The 2.7 million-pound crane, owned and operated by the Kennewick, Wash.-based Lampson International, was moved to the site in April. The accident occurred at 12:20 pm. The mine will be shut down while agency officials conduct an investigation.

The Wyoming crane was in the process of swinging a load of pipe across the rail lines when it suddenly collapsed. Note the timing of the collapse - 12:20 pm, i.e. noon. This was just when a switch from pushing the magnetic N Pole back toward the west to pushing the magnetic N Pole toward the Earth was possibly occurring.

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/7/2008: Birds, and airplanes in flight, can adjust when buffeted about by wind currents by lowering their wings or flaps, tilting upward or downward, and increasing speed. This works unless the bird or plane does not have the air space to maneuver and crashes into the ground before an adjustment is possible. Fish, seals and submarines in the oceans likewise have many maneuvers to reposition themselves when encountering unexpected currents. Losing balance, even being tipped upside down, is not fatal as long as there is room to maneuver. Cranes are different, as being secured at the base they lack maneuverability. Cranes are structured to be able to offset the weight of the load by the weight of the crane's ballast. This operation assumes that both the load and the ballast can rely upon the crane's center to be solidly secure.

The Earth is currently experiencing a daily wobble, as has been much discussed. What this does is create more air currents for planes in the air. What this does is create more erratic tides for fish in the sea. But what this does to cranes is offset the delicate balance that is at the heart of crane operation. Unlike the birds in the sky or the fish in the sea, the crane cannot maneuver to rebalance itself once it starts to tip sideways. Gravity takes over, and pulls the crane to the side, an angle the crane is not prepared to expect. Cranes expect the load and ballast to be the issue, and if the ballast is not sufficient to lift the load, the load simply does not lift. Once the load is in the air, the crane can swing round to the side, slowly, but the movement does not change the essential dynamics of crane operations - that the sum weight of the load and ballast are focused down onto the crane base, with no side to side stress on this base.

A tightrope walker can adjust to a stepping error or gust of wind by shifting the pole the walker carries. But if the wind is too strong, or the misstep too great, balance is lost. The Earth wobble is like a gust of wind for a crane, in that the base is moved, suddenly, to one side, leaving the load and ballast off center. This is a stress the crane was not designed to sustain, and bolts and cables snap. Our analysis will be ridiculed, as those who do not want to realize that the Earth is in the grip of an approaching planet that will literally turn their lives upside down resist this realization. But an analysis will show that in all other cases there is room to maneuver. Elevators allow for sway in the car as wind can cause a tall building to sway. Cars and trucks on the road have no more stress during such a wobble than they would experience rounding curves in the road. Bridges have flex points that allow the bridge to expand or contract in the cold. Only cranes require that their base not be buffeted, by anything, during operation.

June Quake Patterns

A new quake pattern emerged during the first week of June. Quakes over a magnitude 4.0 were recorded on IRIS from the top of the globe to the bottom, along the Asian side of the Pacific Rim. The scope of this quake spread was new. Was there an increase in pressure along the Pacific Rim? If so, there were no large quakes to signal such pressure, just an even pressure from top to bottom.

The Zetas stated on December 15, 2006 that quakes had begun to increase on an exponential basis, rather than on a linear basis.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2006: We have mentioned that the steady approach of Planet X, as it slings toward the hapless Earth trapped in front of it, will only increase the pace and severity of Earth changes such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, tears in the stretch zones, and the pending diagonal rip of the N American continent. Where such activity was more linear in years past, it will become exponential at some point, and this turning point has already arrived. Several factors add to the stress Planet X is experiencing. The closer Planet X comes, the more intense the Earth wobble becomes. The wobble pattern does not change as it intensifies, it increases in force and scope. The push is stronger and faster, and the swing back likewise stronger and faster. And the degree of wobble, how far the Earth swings, will steadily increase. The Earth wobble is palpable, measurable, and can be documented to show the figure 8.

The effect on the Earth's plates is to increase continental drift, or rip as we prefer to call it. And after months and years of this type of tugging, the edges of the plates have worn smooth, rock fingers breaking off, so rapid and dramatic movements of the plates are now possible. What will happen to the Earth, wobbling in an increasingly forceful figure 8? Certainly her plates will move, and where this occurs in subduction zones, jolting quakes and volcanic activity will follow. And where this occurs in stretch zones, the sinking and thinning ground will create chaos for cities or infrastructure above and will also allow magma to bubble up to the surface. The quakes are quickening.

Since that December 15, 2006 date, the Zetas have reiterated that quakes were increasing, as predicted. What does exponential mean? It means more magnitude 4 quakes will register and not be possible for them to be discounted by the USGS, for one thing. Quakes have, for years, been dropped from the USGS databases or reduced in magnitude. This was to prevent statistical analysis from showing any increases in quakes, or any increase in the overall magnitude of quakes. Quakes that occur in populated areas are difficult to drop, as the populace surely notes their occurrence. But quakes can be reduced in magnitude, so that a magnitude 4 quake can be reduced to a magnitude 3, and what citizen can dispute this revised assignment?

ZetaTalk Comment 5/3/2008: The USGS is dropping quakes all the time, especially when they are too small to be felt. Part of the increase in quakes we have predicted is that they are getting large enough in magnitude to be felt by the populace. Thus simply dropping them is not as easy as this practice now raises questions. It is doubtful that the USGS will come out with any explanation. But if forced to do so they would likely just say that historically there are active and inactive periods, and no one knows why.

Crop Circles

Among the new crop circles emerging during the 2008 season was one laid at Barbury Castle in the UK.

Barbury Castle
formation is 285ft in diameter, and is in barley. It appeared on the 1st of June 2008. The formation measures approximately 300 feet in diameter. The laid barley crop in the circular elements of the glyph were noted as being swirled out from the central points in what could be considered a mathematical spiral formula, which flows to the peripheries with some elegance.

The symbolism was unique and unfamiliar, unlike previous crop circles the Zetas had been asked to help interpret. I received many email requests for an interpretation on the Barbury Castle circle. My first reaction was that these were planets caught "in the cup" as the Zetas say, forced into a position to ricochet into each other. These planets include Earth, Venus (which is only slightly smaller than Earth) and the Earth's Dark Twin (which normally shares Earth's orbit but positioned exactly opposite the Sun so it is normally never seen from Earth). The Dark Twin was visible from Earth briefly after the Earth was stopped in her orbit in December, 2003.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/15/2006: Beyond the Earth wobble, stress on the Earth's crust is occurring because the Earth is being battered by other planets caught in what we call the cup, the eddy flow of particles coming round Planet X from the Sun, creating strong flow at the sides in a pincer-like manner and roiling back into this cup, such that planets such as Earth, Venus, and the dark twin are caught in this cup and cannot proceed in their orbits. They are trapped. What occurs when several planets caught in the cup starts bouncing off each other, like balls trapped in a container being rattled? As Planet X approaches, the cup tightens, as at a distance the particle flows coming round its sides could disburse, but when near, these flows are intense and thus pinching the hapless planets in a tighter and tighter pinch. The sweeping arms of the Sun, occurring several times a year and the reason for all the planets in the solar system moving obediently in a counterclockwise orbit around the Sun, did not cause such a clash until the dark twin came up behind the Earth, as it has. Stalled in her orbit, Earth found her dark twin promptly coming up behind her in 2004, creating a ricochet effect during the sweeps. But the effect of having 3 planets crowded into the cup, in front of an increasingly looming and large Planet X, is more than a bump. It has a rattling effect, bumping back and forth.

Is this crop circle depicting a grouping of planets "in the cup"? And what are the apparent clash points which seem to be positioned opposite each other?

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/7/2008: As we have mentioned, there are three planets caught in the cup, the eddy flow of subatomic particles coming round Planet X as they flow outbound from the Sun. The Earth and her Dark Twin are very close in dimension and mass, which is why they assumed the position of a shared orbit in the first place. Venus is likewise close to this size, being slightly less in mass than the Earth. The crop circle indeed represents their restless life in the cup, as the sweeping arms of the Sun push them together periodically. When the Earth came round in her orbit in December, 2003 and encountered Planet X in her path, she halted her orbit. Venus and the Dark Twin later joined her in a halted orbit when they later arrived. Once in the cup, a ricochet scenario emerged, and often increased earthquakes could be correlated with the timing of a sweep. The sweeping arms of the Sun are outbursts of particle flows and occur 8 times a year. This is depicted in the Barbury Castle crop circle as 4 lines, each line having at least two clash points associated with it. The sweeping arms burst out from both sides of the Sun, uniformly, and thus are in opposition on the crop circle design. The Earth halted in her orbit in December, 2003 but has since been pushed back counterclockwise in her orbit to the September position, which the small solid dot next to the Sun in relation to the three planets represents. What is the message being given by this crop circle design? As Planet X draws closer, pushing the three planets in the cup closer together, ricochet will occur with more intensity, resulting in more violent earthquakes on Earth.

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