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Issue 146, Sunday, August 16, 2009
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Brujas of Monterrey

A strange creature, very reminiscent of the vampire bats of old, or the Mothman or New Jersey Devil in more recent times, has appeared in Monterrey, Mexico. Those seeing these Brujas, including policemen, have sketched pictures and appeared on TV in Mexico.

VIDEO: Mexican TV

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/8/2009: Within the recent memory of man, Mothman flew over the mountains of West Virginia, and the winged New Jersey Devil terrorized those it caught in the woods. This is another instance of Service-to-Self aliens trying to terrorize humans into their spiritual orientation, as a terrified human is less likely to be empathetic. The drug wars in Mexico have given them hope, and they are trying to be opportunists.

A pale face, like a human, but with a pointed head. Humm, sounds a lot like the Zetas description of the vampire bats that the Service-to-Self unleashed in the past.

ZetaTalk Vampire Description 7/15/1995: Vampires exist, but they are not in human form as legend has it. The Earth has evolved creatures, mammals, that bite and drink blood - the vampire bats that plague certain tropical countries and debilitate range cattle with blood loss. Are Vampire bats the basis of the Vampire legends? In a manner of speaking, as the legend is based on a similar creature that evolved on another world. Just as Dragons were brought to the Earth by aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation, to terrify humans they hoped to later recruit into their ranks, just so were large Vampire bats brought to Earth.

They why the legend of the bat becoming human? The visitations occurred at night, as these bats evolved in a similar manner to the Earth's bats, using squeaking sounds in a type of radar, and using the safety of darkness to escape predatory birds which consider rodents a full course meal. The imported bats were large though slender. When flying they looked like bats, but after they landed their folding wings looked like outstretched arms - the vampire in his black cape. Red eyes? Yes, indeed in any light nearby the eyes, which lacked the protective pigment necessary in harsh daylight, showed only the blood just under the surface of the eye. And just as some hairy monkeys on Earth have hairless, pale faces, just so did these large Vampire bats have hairless faces. They were chosen by the Service-to-Self aliens because they resembled humans, in the dusk. The terrified victims, frozen in fear, gave birth to the Vampire myth of supernatural powers.

Were they found and killed with stakes? They were killed with whatever was at hand, when discovered in their dark lairs, and what was mostly at hand were wooden sticks. Farmers staking fence posts would use the pointed ends to fend off attacks from wild animals, and in most cases this was the only weapon available when fending off an attack from Vampires.

Mothman was featured in a film, as this is a true story sited in West Virginia.

The Mothman sightings began to be reported in 1966. The red-eyed winged creature was dubbed "Mothman" by a newspaper reported, since the "Batman" TV series was at the height of its popularity. Sightings continued and fervor escalated over the following months, coinciding with a bewildering array of strange activity - including precognition, odd prophecies, UFO sightings and encounters with bizarre "Men in Black." It's one of the most puzzling and fascinating periods on record of paranormal activity focused in one geographic area. The creature itself has never been explained, although skeptics laughably suggested that it was a mis-sighting of a sand crane.

ZetaTalk on Mothman 6/29/2002: This true story has fascinated those who have learned of it, and thus it has made its way to Hollywood. What was this large bird-man, seen swooping over the mountain country, and what its purpose? We have stated that Vampires, Dragons, and the recent Chupas are not intelligent aliens, but more akin to dog packs controlled by Service-to-Self aliens. They are brought to Earth to terrify humans, as fear pushes those inclined toward the Service-to-Self orientation more in that direction. Fearful humans tend to think more for themselves, ignoring empathy for others, and thus are pushed into training for entry into the Service-to-Self ranks, or so these Service-to-Self aliens hope! As dog packs, they are allowed to encounter, terrify, and even kill humans should the humans basically give up and submit. Thus, there are stories of dragons consuming virgins, and vampires biting to death victims virtually drained of blood.

So, were the Mothmen not men at all, but bird creatures? Indeed they were, and short lived, as they did not acclimate well to the Appalachian mountains where they were installed. Dead, they were retrieved by their masters, as leaving bones about would lessen their impact when the brain cavity was discovered to be infinitesimal. And why the sense of doom, of a warning given, by those who sighted these large bird creatures floating overhead? This was the general vibes in the area, a sense that something unexplained was upon them, something even the church had no explanation for, and this in the Bible Belt. Thus, this true story has many interpretations, and more yet to come, as the movie is about to emerge in the theaters!

The New Jersey Devil has had innumerable encounters since pre-colonial times, and is terrorizing residents of New Jersey and nearby Philly still.

New Jersey Devil
There are many possible origins of the Jersey Devil legend. The earliest legends date back to Native American folklore. The Lenni Lenape tribes called the area around Pine Barrens "Popuessing", meaning "place of the dragon". Swedish explorers later named it "Drake Kill", "drake" being a Swedish word for dragon, and "kill" meaning channel or arm of the sea (river, stream, etc.). … In Freehold, New Jersey, in 2007, a woman supposedly saw a huge creature with bat-like wings near her home. In August of the same year, a young man driving home near the border of Mount Laurel and Moorestown, New Jersey reported a similar sighting, claiming that he spotted a "gargoyle-like creature with partially spread bat wings" of an enormous wingspan perched in some trees near the road. On January 23, 2008 the Jersey Devil was spotted again this time in Litchfield, Pennsylvania by a local resident that claims to have seen the creature come barreling out of the roof of his barn.

Birther Movement

For those who don't know, this movement appeared during the 2008 presidential campaign, primarily at the behest of Hillary Clinton backers, and asserts that Obama was not born in the US but in Kenya. This despite undeniable proof to the contrary. Obama's Hawaii birth certificate has been examined by countless fact checkers, and his birth was announced in Hawaiian newspapers at the time. Would Obama's parents have perpetrated a fraud in 1961, foreseeing that he would make a run for the presidency in the future? The argument even included the certificate number, which was approximately 30 numbers beyond another certificate for the same day, given to the mother of twins. The reason given by the mother of the twins was because the mother of twins was in labor for 20 hours, and the certificate number was issued upon arrival at the hospital. Everything about Obama's birth was excruciatingly authentic.

Who Are the Birthers?
July 23, 2009
Almost as soon as Barack Obama emerged as a serious candidate for the presidency, rumors about whether or not he is really an American, and thus eligible for the presidency, began popping up online. In response, the Obama campaign posted his birth certificate showing that Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. There was overwhelming evidence against such claims, including Mr. Obama's 1961 birth announcement, printed in two Hawaii newspapers.

But still the controversy continued. Several lawsuits were initiated but dismissed. Most recently a supposed Kenyan certificate was produced by those pushing this agenda, and submitted to federal court. The problem? The certificate was a fraud, and hardly a well crafted fraud at that.

'Birthers' Latch Onto Forged Kenyan Birth Certificate
August 3, 2009
Foreign birth certificates, unlike, say, American passports, are prime targets for forgery - few people stateside know what the real ones look like, and the penalties for forging them are basically non-existent. So here it is: the "certified copy of registration of birth" that Orly Taitz obtained and is submitting as evidence in her lawsuit on behalf of Alan Keyes. The most obvious problems:
- It records Barack Obama Sr's age as "26." Obama Sr was born in 1936; his son was born in 1961.
- Its publication date is February 17, 1964, but it purports be a document of the "Republic of Kenya." Kenya did not become a Republic until December 12, 1964, a year after it won independence from Great Britain.
- The document contains a number that's either a humorous coincidence or a wink by the forger. It's number 47,044. Barack Obama, 47 years old, is the 44th president of the United States.

The Zetas have been asked about this issue and repeatedly asserted it had no basis but disgruntled Republican hoping for a lucky outcome.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/23/2008: The lawsuit filed against Obama was obviously by a Hillary supporter, a last ditch attempt to force her to be the nominee. When Obama won by the number of delegates, Hillary was loathe to drop out of the race, and in fact only paused her candidacy. She is officially still a candidate! She excuses this publicly by saying that many contests are only settled at the convention, but the real reason is that her campaign managers hoped by the time of the convention that they could convince enough superdelegates, and even pledged delegates, to swing to her. This has not happened. The opposite has happened, in fact. The raw ambition of the Clintons is obvious, increasingly so, so that many who supported Hillary's campaign now see the claws under the glove. Lawsuits are not settled in a day, and this lawsuit, baseless, against Obama's birth in Hawaii is designed to delay the nomination! Anything to gain time and hobble Obama. This lawsuit will be quickly dismissed, but even if it is not in time for the nomination, the Democratic Party will proceed as though it were not an issue.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/6/2008: This issue came up some weeks ago, just ahead of the Democratic Convention. Hillary fans were trying a last ditch attempt to force her to be the nominee. The plan was to have a restraining order to prevent the convention from making him the nominee. We predicted that this plot would be ignored by the DNC, and it was. In fact, a restraining order was never issued by the judge, a Clinton appointee. However, the case is still playing out, not yet dead though dealt a death blow. Obama has the paperwork needed.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/6/2008: We have stated, each time this comes up, that the challenges are baseless. Courts tend to dismiss baseless lawsuits in order to save their time, and do so by finding what amounts to a technicality to do so. Thus, this is likely to simply be refused by the Supreme Court, as expected. These challenges are led by people who wanted either Clinton or McCain to win the election and are hoping that some miracle occurs during the process. Nothing more than this is behind the lawsuits.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/27/2009: We have spoken to the issue of Obama's citizenship and the attempts to challenge this by those who are still fuming that he won. The challenge is without merit .

During Obama's inauguration, Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the oath of office, causing Obama to stumble when repeating it. Was this on purpose, or a harmless error? Just in case, or perhaps because he had been forwarned, Obama had a repeat performance, privately, with the oath flawlessly performed by both Roberts and Obama.

Obama, Chief Justice Roberts Stumble in Recitation of Presidential Oath
January 20, 2009-08-10
The oath as written is: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States...." But Roberts said, "I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully." When Obama stumbled in repeating the line, it may have been because he knew the way it was supposed to be said.
Obama Sworn in Again After Error in the Oath at Inauguration
January 22, 2009
President Barack Obama was sworn in yesterday for a second time by Chief Justice John Roberts, a cautionary do-over that occurred because they bungled the constitutional oath of office at the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Per the Zetas, this was no accident, as Republican's behind the birther movement hoped to force the issue into the Supreme Court where they held the majority, to get a favorable ruling or at least fog the issue, thereby stalling or catapulting the Obama presidency.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/8/2009: We have mentioned before that the birthers are more than just disgruntled Republicans trying to throw mud on the Obama administration. Up until very recently they had the majority on the Supreme Court, and were hoping to run this issue up into that court and get a favorable ruling! Even with their forged data, they hoped to fog the issue so the court would rule that the issue had not been settled, thus throwing the Obama administration into illegitimacy. Now they don't have the votes, but those who they set on fire with this issue are still running with it.

Magnetosphere Nausea

Earth's magnetosphere is receiving blasts during times when the Sun is absolutely quiescent. This was previously reported in the newsletter, on May 23 (reporting on a January 21, 2009 blast) and August 2, (reporting on a July 21, 2009 blast). What is new, now, is that people all over the world are reporting an odd feeling of nausea and dizziness associated with the latest period. Note in the comments on a GodlikeProduction thread dated August 6, 2009 that the nausea reported had been present for 2-4 weeks prior, encompassing the July 21, 2009 magnetosphere blast, the largest to date. I, Nancy, also had this odd nausea during this time, but never came down with a stomach flu nor had I eaten anything to upset my stomach. This has now passed.

Is it me or are there other people that are feeling constantly sick/nauseous? I've had it for about 1 month now. I don't throw up. I just feel sick. [and from another] No colds or whatever, just a general nauseous feeling. [and from another] I've been feeling quite out of it too, for awhile now, the general nausea and "blahness", and also unusually fatigued and unbalanced. [and from another] Been feeling nausea for the past 2 weeks, but it started with feeling dizzy about 3 to 4 weeks ago. [and from another] It has been happening for the past 2 months now. I haven't once chucked up though which is strange. [and from another] Here in the UK, been feeling sick and really dizzy. [and from another] If all of these people are feeling the same, and have same symptoms, surely this is proof something is/has happened. [and from another] That's an interesting observation, because I do feel like I did in early pregnancy. Only now I'm postmenopausal.

Insomnia is another symptom associated with this odd nausea/dizziness, reported directly associated with the July 21, 2009 blast.

Ok, People, seriously. Every night I cannot sleep, I come here the next day. Low and behold the magnetosphere is literally shitting bricks. Is this the reason I cannot sleep? [and from another] Been feeling really sick and dizzy for the last month now. Can the magnetophere cause these symptoms? There are many on other threads with the same sort of feelings also. What's happening?

Such illness from the particle flows from Planet X have been around since 2003, now and then, and per the Zetas are indeed related to magnetic particle flows!

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/16/2005: During the Summer of 2003, it was noted by many that an odd fatigue would descend during the day only, from the Sun. We explained at that time that since Planet X was arriving from that direction, the disturbances in particle flows coming from the Sun was at fault. At that time the Earth likewise had power outages galore, for similar reasons. The Earth is now coming into a similar period, when the N Pole of Planet X is swinging, slowing, around to point away from the Sun for the 3 days of darkness time those in the northern hemisphere of Earth will inevitably experience. This swing is not only slow, it is a bit erratic, so that it will dither and thus cause the Earth to feel the force of this magnetic hose from the N Pole and then, a cessation, coming and going. Power outages will accompany some of this, as will disturbed core emanation and all of this will make people feel out of sorts. What to do about this, and how to handle it? Our advice is to treat these sudden feelings of weakness or depression like a case of sunburn or a slight head cold. If you have sunburn or a head cold, you do not become unduly alarmed, and give yourself a break, less outdoor work, more time on the couch with a hot cup of tea. Do the same when afflicted with these mystery illnesses, as their cause is temporary, in the scheme of things.

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