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Issue 147, Sunday, August 23, 2009
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Taiwan Typhoon

Taiwan experienced 80-120 inches of rain within days from typhoon Morakot, over 6-9 feet of water dropping to Earth. Beyond the flooding this caused, there were the landslides and raging rivers.

Taiwan Says 500 Feared Dead in Mudslides After Typhoon Morakot
August 11, 2009
The typhoon dumped a record 3,055 millimeters (120 inches) of rain in Alishan after it started buffeting the island on Aug. 6. Floods wrecked at least 11 bridges in southern Chishan and 136 roads across the country were closed because of rock falls and high waters. The six-story King Shai Hotel collapsed into a river Aug. 9 in Taidong city in southeastern Taiwan, after flooding undermined its foundations. Morakot caused agricultural losses in Taiwan of NT$6.85 billion including the destruction of 49,723 hectares of land, 2.7 million chickens and 80,815 pigs.
Million Chinese Flee Typhoon Morakot
August 9, 2009
Almost 1 million people were evacuated from China's south-eastern coast as typhoon Morakot swept across to the mainland from Taiwan today, bringing torrential rain and huge waves. Authorities in Fujian called 48,000 boats back to harbour. In Zhejiang, around 35,440 ships were called back from sea. Morakot hit Taiwan late on Friday, tearing across the island yesterday and dumping more than 200cm (80 inches) of rain on some southern counties. Typhoons regularly hit China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan in the second half of the year, gathering strength from the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean or South China Sea before weakening over land. Most casualties tend to be in mountainous regions prone to landslides and flash floods.

The Zetas have long warned that there will be increasing deluge as the time of the pole shift approaches.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: The earth will experience weather disruption, where torrential rainstorms and drought will increase. Crop failure will be rampant, especially coming into the year of the comet.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/2/2002: The shift will find the seasons already in disarray. The weathers in the months leading up to the shift will be a continuation, but in a more extreme way, of the current weather irregularities. Winters have been interrupted with warm spells that have caused crops to sprout and bud, then freeze again when winter returns. Summers have been too wet, with more rain in heavier deluges so the crops drown, then followed by dry spells that bake whatever manages to grow.

But the primary problem after the pole shift will be a continuous drizzle, not deluge.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/15/1996: A gloomy atmosphere, with the cloud cover seemingly on the ground, will last for at least two decades and then dissipate over the next several years. Several factors are at play here, causing this situation. First, the atmosphere was in essence torn away during Planet X's passage, and is in a process of rebuilding. As the atmosphere is thin, it tends to drop any water it picks up rather readily. Clouds, after all, are water vapor, but when clouds cannot waft high they are subject to slow motion and bumping into things that cause condensation. Thus, it seems to be raining continuously, at least in a drizzle.

As with the Katrina floods, another lesson from the Taiwan Typhoon was how really devastating disasters create a delay in rescue. When the pole shift arrives, rescue will only be from local emergency management teams, if that.

Taiwan Deploys Extra Troops, Anger Over Rescue Grows
August 13, 2009
President Ma Ying-jeou was confronted by relatives complaining about his government's handling of the crisis. Ma deflected criticism his administration had been too proud to ask for outside help by saying the United States, Japan, Singapore, China had already made donations and that help from other countries was welcome. Among the first aid to arrive was a shipment of food and medicines from Singapore, the foreign ministry said. It said the government had asked for international help providing rescue equipment and that more than 50 countries had sent their condolences or said they were willing to help. Morakot was one of the worst typhoons to strike Taiwan in 50 years. In August 1959 a typhoon killed 667 people and left around 1,000 missing.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/2001: In countries where social services exist, those desperate for a rescue will begin to assume that the government will act, perhaps at the last minute but in time to rescue them. Announcements will be made to peacefully evacuate cities and coastlines, tents will be erected, and the populace resettled after it is all over with the worst of it the beans and rice endlessly served for supper. The military, politicians, and those holding stakes in the cities and coastlines being deserted will put selfish interests aside and become humanitarians, in the end. For those clinging to this hope for rescue, we would only point out that the governments today do not act in this manner, but leave many starving children and injustices in their wake, daily. Stressful times will not create heroes, it will create slamming doors.

Quakes are on the increase too, but the establishment wants you to know this is all just a coincidence, a typhoon and quakes that are so much greater than average. "Move along folks, back to shopping, nothing to see here".

Quakes and Typhoons: What's Up with Mother Nature?
August 11, 2009
While the Taiwanese were lashed by the storm's wind and rain, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake rumbled off the Japan coast. Japan was struck again by a magnitude 6.5 earthquake that triggered a small tsunami and caused buildings to sway in Tokyo, some 90 miles away. While the Earth trembled, the country was also seeing rain from Typhoon Etau. Minutes before, another earthquake had ruptured in the Indian Ocean on Tuesday, north of India's Andaman Islands. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) put the magnitude of that temblor at 7.6. The events have little to nothing to do with each other, except that they are happening in an earthquake-prone region of the world that is in the middle of its tropical cyclone season.

Crop Circle Repetition

Per the Zetas, the circle makers are trying to warn mankind about the coming pole shift, and many themes the circle makers are trying to repeat for emphasis. Several designs laid down in mid-July had a singular emphasis - the retrograde orbit and rotation of Planet X and how this impacts the Earth. These are the Eastfield, Greywethers, and Hinton crop circles.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 7/18/2009: Many crop circles are relaying the retrograde swirl that Planet X will start to throw at the Earth, as its orbit and rotation are retrograde and are thrown in the face of the Earth, essentially. This is the feeling that the viewer gets, when gazing at these designs.

This theme was repeated in Switzerland on July 17, 2009.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 7/18/2009: Here again the retrograde orbit of Planet X is shown, with a type of slinging to either side. This is to infer that it is more than the path of a passing planet that is affected during such a passage, as such a passage can affect the orbits, at least temporarily, of other planets nearby.

A week later several designs had a magnetic theme, per the Zetas. Woodborough shows the magnetic imbalance that Planet X is producing in the inner solar system, while Windmill Hill shows the magnetic dance that will take place during the last weeks. Morgan's Hill is one of those hoaxes that are increasingly cluttering the crop circle seasons.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 8/08/2009: Woodborough is showing balanced orbits with an imbalanced center, due to presence of Planet X close to the Sun. In Windmill the circle is stating that the Earth will magnetically align with Planet X twice. It is aligned at present, and will again during the week of rotation stoppage. In between these instances will come the frightening increase in size that Planet X presents to those on Earth. Morgan Hill is a hoax. When we analyzed some hoaxes in 2004 we pointed out the characteristics - straight, rather than curved, lines, small in size, and in locations distant from public view. This current hoax also has very easy access from side roads.

Yet another theme is how the magnetic fields of both the Earth and Planet X are increasingly touching and affecting each other. Yet another design in Woodborough, this one laid on August 10, 2009, is very reminiscent of a design laid in 2008 on Furze Knoll. In 2009, this design is showing the distortion that the Earth's magnetic field is already experiencing. Per the Zetas, the West Overton includes both the field clash and retrograde rotation clash as its theme. The issue of crop circle designs relaying the date of the pole shift once again came up, as the 26 orbs in the 2008 Furtz Knoll design had many wondering if these represented months. However, there are 36 loops around the 2009 upgrade of this design at Woodborough, so apparently not.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 8/15/2009: Woodborough is showing a situation where two planets are so close to each other that their magnetic fields touch. They become one, though each has its own influence, represented by the outer circle having two different sized looping patterns. When compared to the Furtz Knoll circle of 2008, which also represents the Earth wobble, one can see a distorted touch point. The Earth wobble, which is caused by the magnetic push Planet X gives to the Earth daily, has become stronger, the distance the Earth travels during the push greater, as can be seen by atmospheric turmoil and high tides. The West Overton circle is again an example of the magnetic fields and rotational direction clashing. Planet X is retrograde both in orbit and rotation, averse the Earth. A more direct comparison to the Furtz Knoll circle is the recent Woodborough circle, which shows the touch point between the magnetic fields now distorted. Any attempt to get us to comment on a date will be futile, as we have explained endlessly.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 7/18/2009: We did an analysis of a 2008 crop circle that had a number of small circles around an edge, the Furze Knoll, reported June 20, 2008. Nancy counted them, and wondered what they represented, noting that if they were months they would point to a future date in 2010. We declined to address what these circles, small orbs, meant, and made the statement "make of that what you will". Thus, there is speculation that we gave a date, or confirmed the circles were months, which we did not.

Wild Dog Packs

During a KROQ interview some years ago, the Zetas were asked by a caller what they should do with their pets when planning for the pending pole shift. During the brief time allowed during the 5-10 minute interview, the Zetas replied that pets would likely starve or be eaten, so the humane thing was to put them to sleep in the last days. Nancy was then asked if she had ever put a dog to sleep and she replied that she recently put an 18 month old Shepherd to sleep because it was feral. Based on this comment, those trying to discredit ZetaTalk have brought this up repeatedly on the Internet, the dead dog issue. This was extensively discussed during the hour long WakeUpUSA interview on November 10, 2004.

WakeupUSA Interview
CALLER: [Why did you kill your dog. 1st puppy killer call. ]

NANCY: Actually, ZetaTalk has been the subject of a great disinformation campaign, a hate campaign, every since it emerged in 1995. There's a campaign to smear me, and smear ZetaTalk. One of them is the silliest thing. I had a German Shepherd pup that I put to sleep at 18 months at the advice of the vet because he had been under socialized in the kennel and he was likely to attack people. He was already diving through windows when children rode by on their bikes. We were terrified he was going to bite a child. Someone asked me on live radio what the Zetas recommendation would be for people who had pets going into a pole shift. Starvation is expected to be rampant. 90% of the population is expected to die, not just from starvation, from injury, illness, depression, but starvation will be rampant. And their answer was, how are you going to feed that pet when your neighbor's child is starving? So our recommendation is, when you see the pole shift coming, and its imminent and there's no question, take it to the vet and put it to sleep. It's painless. Otherwise you're going to be starving your pet, if that's your choice, fine. And that got twisted around to Nancy Lieder the puppy killer. Hahaha. I kid you not, and that's my answer. It is a serious problem, and particularly with dogs, and that's not the reason we put this dog to sleep. He slept with us and ate at our table and sat on my lap, all 120 lbs of him, and watched TV, and we cried and he died in my arms, but he was going to bite somebody and probably a child and we just couldn't have it.
WakeupUSA Interview
CALLER: [You killed your dog, I hope you get retribution. 3rd puppy killer call]

NANCY: This dog had a bladder infection when he was in the kennel, but I didn't know that. He was just a very quiet male pup and he hadn't gotten any socializing at all. He loved the immediate family. But anybody like a toddler, he was very fearful, and I consulted experts and they said you can train him to not bark and yap but his fear will break through and he will bite somebody. We're advising that you put him to sleep. Experts advised this, the vet advised this. Undersocialized kennel dogs end up at the end of a chain, barking frantically at people, they live a terrible life. So the vet advised we put him to sleep because that was going to be his life. He was going to be a japing dog at the end of a chain, a junk yard dog. And it wasn't painful to put him to sleep and I have no regrets. So that's once again, Nancy Lieder the puppy killer, ridiculous. I love animals, you have no idea how much.

Now there has been an example of what the Zetas were warning about. Starving dogs, even former pets, will forget their fear of or former attachment to humans and attack humans as prey when they are hungry enough. After the pole shift, when humans are hunting wildlife to extinction, there will be little prey for starving dogs, and the old and infirm or very young will be vulnerable to these packs.

VIDEO: Dog Pack

Coroner: Wild Dogs Killed Ga. Woman, then Husband
August 18, 2009
An elderly woman killed by a pack of wild dogs had been out for a walk when she was attacked, and her husband died trying to fight off the mauling animals when he discovered the bloody scene near their rural Georgia home. Preliminary autopsy results showed Lothar Karl Schweder, 77, and his 65-year-old wife, Sherry, died from multiple animal bites. Authorities have rounded up about 11 dogs suspected in the rare attack and returned to the area to find four more spotted by a deputy. The dogs were being held by animal control officials while authorities decide what to do with them. Authorities said it appeared Sherry Schweder was attacked by the pack of dogs during an evening walk near her home. Authorities believe her husband later went looking for her in the family car. Investigators found Sherry Schweder's bloody shirt underneath the car, which was about six to eight feet from her body. Lothar Schweder was then attacked and apparently struggled with the dogs. His body was found on the other side of the dirt road, about 16 to 18 feet from his wife's body. Evidence indicates Lothar Schweder put up a fight and may have tried to pull out a cell phone before he was overtaken. Experts say such attacks are extremely rare-and instances where more than one person is attacked are even more rare. Lothar Karl Schweder was a retired professor who had taught German at the University of Georgia, which is about 20 miles away in Athens. Sherry Schweder was a bibliographer at the university's library, where she had worked since 1974, selecting books and journals for the school's humanities collection.

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