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Issue 157, Sunday, November 1, 2009
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Puerto Rico Blast

A massive explosion among fuel storage tanks occurred outside Puerto Rico's capital just after midnight on October 24, 2009. Speculation on the cause included an airplane crash or a terrorist attack. Spirit Airlines Flight 837 lost contact for a few minutes during this time but had not been lost or crashed. No terrorism was claimed, and business in Puerto Rico returned to normal within a day, including tourism business.

Fuel Storage Blast Rocks Puerto Rico Capital
October 24, 2009
Crews struggled to contain a huge, smoky fire at fuel storage facility outside Puerto Rico's capital following an early morning explosion that knocked out windows and shook the ground in the U.S. territory. A plume of inky black smoke loomed over the island, forcing the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to divert plane traffic and keeping school children at home. Authorities warned that more tanks could explode before the fire is extinguished. The cause of the explosion at the Caribbean Petroleum Corp. in the suburb of Bayamon was unknown. The 12:30 a.m. blast was the equivalent of a 2.8 magnitude earthquake, according to the Puerto Rico Seismic Network. Police and FBI agents were also investigating graffiti that was found Friday after the blast in a highway tunnel in the capital with the message: "Boom, fire, RIP, Gulf."
Puerto Rico Fire Extinguished
October. 25, 2009
Governor Fortuno said the U.S. Coast Guard has lifted the security zone that was previously established in the southern part of San Juan Bay, and that all maritime operations are returning to normal. The Governor added that tourism operations also continued normally. Operations at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport continued as normal throughout the day, and five cruise ships arrived yesterday as normal, carrying more than 9,000 passengers. Hotels and other tourist services reported no cancellations.

The facilities had not been cited for safety violation either, adding to the puzzlement over the cause of the explosion.

Winds Shift as Fire Burns Puerto Rican Oil Depot
October 24, 2009
Company officials said they did not know what started the fire, while a spokeswoman said its operations had complied with all local and federal regulations.

Puerto Rico lies just to the south of the fault line between the N American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, with a deep trench along this fault line. It is also subject to frequent strong earthquakes.

So what caused the explosion? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explaination 10/27/2009: Despite rumors of an airliner missing or a small plane crash, both of which proved to be untrue, and despite a report of graffiti posted after the explosions, the cause of the massive Puerto Rican fuel storage tank explosion remains unresolved. There were no earthquakes in the area at that time. No terrorist group claimed responsibility and all business, including tourism, returned to normal promptly. The authorities clearly do not anticipate that terrorism was the cause. The facilities were in good working order, with no violations cited. Several tanks were involved, exploding seemingly simultaneously or in a domino affect within a short time frame. What should be noted is that it would only take one tank explosion to set off a domino effect, as the heat from a single exploding tank would expand and rupture piping in others.

What caused the explosion? Puerto Rico is just to the south of a highly active fault line between the N American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, resulting in slip-slide action and subduction. Steady pressure distorts a landmass, putting pressure on piping anchored to the land, such as exist at fuel storage facilities. Fuel tanks are huge and heavy, and thus not flexible. When the landmass shifts, the piping is what twists and finally snaps. When this occurs in water mains under streets, there are increased water main breaks, such as has been occurring in San Diego and LA and Maryland. When this occurs in gas lines under the streets, explosions occur, because it takes just a spark from metal parts rubbing against each other during the snap to cause an explosion. This is likewise true of refineries or fuel storage tanks. Breaking pipes not only snap, they create sparks, and thus the explosion. As the Earth changes pick up, these types of incidences will become more frequent.

The Zetas have warned that refineries or fuel storage area are to be avoided during the pole shift, as they will all inevitably explode.

ZetaTalk Advice 11/30/2002: Refineries and storage tanks of oil and natural gas and gasoline will be broken and set afire during the shift, creating a holocaust for all nearby. Likewise gasoline stations, fuel pumps, and even tightly sealed tanks may rupture and leak, also a continuing danger for any nearby. Natural gaslines in streets will run fire along the street, setting houses ablaze where they would otherwise not be in such danger. Natural gas in lines under cities will cause explosions, setting the cities on fire and burning many trapped citizens in a painful death. We would advise all to do what Nancy did, which is to turn off the natural gas lines in the house, turn off at the street, and avoid gas cans or anything that can explode. What do you gain by a few cans of gas? A few hours of heat or light? And what do you stand to risk in exchange? Your life? A painful death to others? Since you are going to have to adjust to life without these explosive fuels in any case, and soon, learn to get along without them!

Slowing Rotation

During the last week there will be a slowing rotation of the Earth, such that the day is longer than 24 hours. This will be caused by Planet X grabbing at the Atlantic Rift, which acts like a surface magnet. This grab will be holding the Earth back from its rotation, thus a gradual slowing. During the last weeks the Earth is vulnerable to this slowing because Planet X is coming close, ready for its passage overhead. But gradual slowing also occurred when Planet X was inbound in 2003, a process recorded by various timekeepers in the years before 2003.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/14/2003: In this regard we are looking for the change, the rapid change for any given timekeeper. Those who have been using manual clocks have noted that we are already 15, 20, 25 minutes late, depending on their notes, slower, the atomic clock clicking along and changing so that this is not apparent to people who are looking at their clocks and the constellations overhead and the like. But this is just due to a very gradual slowing of the Earth, the difference between atomic and manual clocks, manual clocks being what the real time would be had it not been updated by the Navy surreptitiously.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/15/2001: Where the master clock is in the hands of the US Navy, which has been in the center of the secrecy over Planet X and related matters for almost half a century, this is not a difficult feat. All network computers in the world, ultimately, sync with the US Navy master clock, most by the networks dialing in during the night and adjusting. A second here, a second there, and it is always assumed to be the peripheral computers that are off, a bit, when an adjustment is made! Unless an individual is astute, and notices the increased adjustments required to their watches and clocks, they assume they are the problem, not the master clocks that run the world.

This gradual slowing stopped after 2003, because Planet X was so close to the Sun, and the Sun's rotation is primarily what drives the Earth's rotation. Now that Planet X is outbound, and pulling slightly to the right as it approaches the Earth, tugging on the Atlantic Rift has returned, and has been noticed! With slowing, manual clocks are ahead of automatically adjusted clocks.

Question: If the Earth's rotation will slow down, is there a detectable slowdown now? If so, is the Navy resetting their clocks to match celestial alignment as best as possible? Would these adjustments trickle down to cellphones, digital TV boxes, TV stations, the weather channel, etc? I have noticed that quartz based watches are gaining time around 1-2 minutes per month relative to clocks "synchronized to the establishment clock" sources (such as those mentioned above). I do not have enough data to show a deceleration, just enough to know a slowdown is occurring but also assuming the establishment clock is being readjusted. Would the Zetas like to comment on these data?

ZetaTalk Comment 11/1/2008: Any detectable slowing occurred in the months when Planet X was approaching the inner solar system and causing confusion in the Earth. The Earth clicks or synchs with points in the Sun on a daily basis, and thus the reliable 24 hour day. Planet X caused confusion, pulling at the Earth points that wanted to click with the Sun's points. But since Planet X is now close to the Sun, from the Earth's viewpoint, this confusion no longer exists. Until the weeks before rotation stoppage, there will be no measurable slowing. No notable slowing will occur until the week of rotation slowing, but this does not mean that the Navy team controlling the master clocks are not nervous. They tweak, and then tweak back, and fret.

Chatter on message board, such as the Pole Shift ning, about manual clocks being out of synch with clocks that automatically adjust to the Navy time is on the increase.

Yesterday I was checking the time at and noticed that the analog clock I have on the wall above my computer is about 4 minutes fast. I remember changing the batteries on it about 2 or 3 months ago and I probably set it to the time on the computer. It's not one of those clocks that receive the time. It's just a cheap AA battery powered clock. I would think it would be running slow, not fast, if the batteries were going bad already.

Our planet Earth's rotation has slowed down about 14 minutes, since 2003 when I started measuring the speed rotation of our planet Earth, the last measurement I took was last Summer, Your computer clock is synchronise with the atomic clock manage and controlled by the US navy. They have to adjust in accordance for the purpose of navigation at the open sea.

For the past several weeks, I have been constantly adjusting the time on the clock in my car, my computer, the microwave, range, etc. I thought it was just me.

It is sundown here on the coast of Western Australia. Today, I noticed that my computer clock, my mobile phone clock, and the clock on breakfast TV were out of sync by a significant measure.

Media Hoaxes

Two dramatic hoaxes, which completely fooled the media for a period of time, occurred recently - the balloon boy episode and the Latvian meteor crash. In the balloon boy case, a father anxious to promote interest in himself as a TV show producer claimed his 6 year old son was floating high in a space ship shaped balloon that had been accidentally launched. After a day of being featured on mainline TV stations during the anxious hours it took the balloon to finally land, the truth came out. The 6 year old boy blurted out something about "for the show" on Larry King, and later became sick on TV when pressed to explain his statement.

Colo. Sheriff calls Balloon Saga a Hoax
October 18, 2009
The story that a little boy had floated away in a giant helium balloon was a hoax concocted to land a reality television show, and the boy's parents will likely face felony charges. The stunt two weeks in the planning was a marketing ploy by Richard and Mayumi Heene, who met in acting school in Hollywood and have appeared on the ABC reality show "Wife Swap". The Heenes have reportedly been working on a reality TV deal in Los Angeles. The stunt temporarily shut down Denver International Airport and caused the National Guard to scramble two helicopters in an attempt to rescue the boy, who was believed to be inside the flying-saucer shaped homemade balloon that hurtled more than 50 miles across two counties. The most serious charges are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

Per the Zetas, this was a case of a father using and abusing his wife and children to further his ambitions.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/17/2009: The evidence, discussed in the media, shows what this was all about. The father had ambitions for a TV show, and had failed on all his former attempts. The father enjoyed concocting hoaxes, putting them as entertainment on YouTube videos, as a means of selling his ability to host and entertaining show. A recent 911 call showed the father had struck his wife, who called and canceled her 911 call. Thus, the children had seen their father's rage when his ambitions were thwarted. Both boys were coached, and when the youngest faltered he became sick with fear. This has come to the attention of child protective services. This story is scarcely over. More drama yet, but not any that will further the father's ambitions.

If the media fell hook, line, and sinker for the balloon boy hoax, it had not learned its lesson. A week later that supposed meteor crater, complete with dramatic footage of the fireball burning in the crater, hit the press.

Meteorite-like Object Falls in Latvia
October 26, 2009
A meteorite-like object has created a crater after landing near a farm in northern Latvia, the nation's official news agency reported. The object fell Sunday in Mazsalaca, leaving a hole of about 65 feet wide and 32 feet deep. Scientists and armed forces from the northern European nation will inspect the crater and conduct an investigation. No further information was immediately available.

Yet another hoax, this time by school children. What's the lesson here? Don't believe everything the media reports, presumably!

'Meteorite' that Landed in Latvia is a Hoax, Experts say
October 26, 2009
It was the student prank that apparently fell to earth after experts dismissed a meteorite crash in Latvia as an elaborate hoax today. Dramatic video of a fireball at the bottom of an impact crater on farmland outside the town of Mazsalaca was shown all over the world, taken by a group of film students who said that they had heard the meteor strike. Setting aside the astronomical odds of a group of film students happening to be at the ready when a meteorite hits the Earth, several other tell-tale signs had given the game away. There was green grass inside the crater despite the intense heat supposedly generated by the meteorite. A ball of clay was burning. Somebody had dug the hole and burnt a pyrotechnic compound at the bottom to make it appear like a meteorite crater.

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