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Issue 177, Sunday, March 21, 2010
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Blood Falls

Taylor Glacier in Antarctica is oozing blood red water, supposedly due to red colored microbes which can live in the high-iron content of a lake beneath the ice. Whether the red color comes from the color of the microbes or the iron does not matter, as iron is the essential ingredient. This begs the question, where did the red iron come from?

Blood Falls
February 24, 2010
This five-story, blood-red waterfall pours very slowly out of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys. When geologists first discovered the frozen waterfall in 1911, they thought the red color came from algae, but its true nature turned out to be much more spectacular. Roughly 2 million years ago, the Taylor Glacier sealed beneath it a small body of water which contained an ancient community of microbes. Trapped below a thick layer of ice, they have remained there ever since, isolated inside a natural time capsule. Evolving independently of the rest of the living world, these microbes exist without heat, light, or oxygen, and are essentially the definition of "primordial ooze." The trapped lake has very high salinity and is rich in iron, which gives the waterfall its red color.

There is immense evidence that red dust in the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, was dropped on planet Earth during the periodic passages of Planet X. Velikovsky documented some of this in his book Worlds in Collision.

In the middle of the second millennium before the present era (approximately 3,500 years ago), the earth underwent one of the greatest catastrophes in its history. A celestial body ... came very close to the earth. The account of this catastrophe can be reconstructed from evidence supplied by a large number of documents. The comet .. touched the earth first with it's gaseous tail. .. Servius wrote, "It was not of a flaming but of a bloody redness." One of the first visible signs of this encounter was the reddening of the earth's surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. In sea, lake, and river this pigment gave a bloody coloring to the water. Because of these particles of ferruginous or other soluble pigment, the world turned red. The Manuscript Quiche of the Mayas tells that in the Western Hemisphere, in the days of a great cataclysm, when the earth quaked and the sun's motion was interrupted, the water in the rivers turned to blood. Ipuwer, the Egyptian eyewitness to the catastrophe, wrote his lament on papyrus, "The river is blood", and this corresponds with the Book of Exodus 7:20: "All the waters that were in the river were turned to blood".

Where did this red dust come from? Per the Zetas, it was collected by Planet X from the Asteroid Belt when Planet X passed through that zone in the past.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/11/2003: The red dust cloud evolved as many planets in the solar system are heavy in this element, Mars, for instance. There are portions of the Earth that exhibit a red clay soil, Australia and the Southeastern US, but this is not a native soil as much as an accumulation of deposits. During the breakup of the Asteroid Belt, many planets that had this element, heavily, were pelted to pieces. Molten lava spewed into space became the asteroids. Iron ore is magnetically configured to pull out of any soup it is free to move within, and does so particularly in space. Thus, the dust, during poofing off into space during demolition derby's as Planet X and its complex of Moons moved through what is now the Asteroid Belt, moved, and became part of the Planet X tail. Planet X, like a big magnet, swept through the area during the poofing phase, and emerged with a larger dust cloud, each time. A tail swirl, moving like a slow moving tornado, approaches Earth which has magnetic as well as gravity attraction. Thus, it is not simply a head-on hit, tail to Earth, as it is also a sideways hit from swirling matter coming from this or that side. Then there is the motion of a tail swirl being curled toward Earth, continuing the curl. Like a whip that curls around what it is thrown against, the tail can wrap all around the Earth during such a lick. There are no parts of the globe that do not report red dust, frankly. It is perhaps more extreme on those sides of the globe that will be facing the approach, but elsewhere is not exempt.

Pyramid UFO Warnings

A seeming blitz of pyramid UFO sightings around the world have been captured on video recently, from the UK on Febrary 21, 2010 to China on February 28, 2010 to Columbia on March 9, 2010. The China and Columbia displays had multiple pyramids, at times floating through each other.


Black Triangle over West Yorkshire, UK
February 21, 2010
UFO sighting - Triangle UFO sighting supposedly recorded in Leeds - West Yorkshire, UK this Sunday - 21st February 2010 at 2:30 pm.


Another Flying UFO Pyramid - Over China
March 10, 2010
On January 28 at 8.40 am multiple witnesses saw a giant pyramid shaped UFO briefly hover above the city of Xi'an. The UFO was seen for no more than two minutes and one witness, Mr Yu managed to film around 15 seconds of footage of this historic event. Mr Yu described the UFO as being covered in uneven patterns and shapes as well as having glowing purple light coming out of its underside. Another smaller UFO was seen at one stage move in the vicinity of the larger craft. Both UFOs were seen by more than one witness despite their brief appearance.


The UK and China locations are inland, and notably at the edge of where the rising water after the pole shift will meet dry land, on average 675 feet above today's sea level. Columbia has been warned, in the Safe Locations documentation, that drowning survivors from Central America will climb their shores.

Is there a common message being delivered to those below? There is indeed, per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/12/2010: What is characteristic about the holographic triangle UFOs captured on video lately is that the locations are inland, on land at the edge of where the rising sea level will force survivors to scramble in the Aftertime. Survivors will be forced to move, repeatedly, as the sea level steadily rises, so at the edge of where this rising water ends is where a crowd will locate. This crowd is likely to be angry, exhausted, discouraged, and certainly starving. This was the telepathic message being given to those below.

Cloud Signs

Circular holes in the clouds, or a halo cloud, first made a well-publicized appearance over the O'Hare airport on November 7, 2006, accompanying a UFO that astonished United personnel. Such halo clouds were also noticed in South Carolina on March 10, 2007. The Zeta explanation at the time was that these were holes left by departing motherships, as was featured in Issue015, of the newsletter.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/10/2007: Such a hole was also noticed during the O'Hare airport sighting of a large ship by United employees on Nov 7, 2006. We have stated that such sightings, over places that will be shortly devastated by plate movements, are being warned not only by the sighting itself but by telepathic warnings given to the populace. South Carolina was one such place to report a UFO blitz during this same time period. What causes the holes? The recent evacuation of a mothership or large ship, which was there, but concealed by the bending of light rays around the ship. Once the ship leaves, on a cloudy day, the hole in the clouds is at first apparent!

Then one appeared over Moscow last October 8, 2009, as was featured in Issue 156 of this newsletter. This time the Zetas stated it was an an aborted tornado that had formed.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/10/2009: Air updrafts or downdrafts are not uncommon, the most common form the tornado. Here cold air is above warm air, capping the warm air, so that it is only allowed to rise in weak spots in the capping cold air layer, causing a swirling tube of warm moist air rising through the cold air layer - the tornado. The circle in the sky over Moscow is an incomplete tornado, in fact the remnant of an incomplete tornado. The cloud cover has been broken as rapidly rising air broke through a cold air cap. The reason the cloud cover seems broken, revealing light, only at the edges of the circle is due to the rapid movement of swirling air at the edges. As is known, a tornado has a calm in the center of the swirling tube, the high winds at the edges of the tube. The calm in the center of an incomplete tornado allows the cloud cover to remain in place, where at the edges of the swirl the cloud cover is torn away.

Now a cloud hole, or halo, has appeared over Mexico on February 10, 2010.


And then a glowing halo cloud over Chile on February 26, 2010, the day ahead of the 8.8 earthquake. Earthquake clouds are a series of parallel lines in the clouds, not a circle. And what would cause the glow? During the Norway spiral, when a neon blue corkscrew emerged from the center of the hole, the Zetas explained the matter as a magnetic maelstrom, grounding to Earth.


The answer to a recent question posed to the Zetas regarding orange glowing clouds seen in Texas would seem to indicate that not only a magnetic maelstrom but also greasy elements in the atmosphere are causing neon clouds, rainbow clouds, neon corkscrews, and a swirling cloud. I suspect more displays are to come!

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/6/2010: This is neither red dust nor the bending of light rays that occur in rainbow displays. This is a change in the chemistry of that portion of the atmosphere. Just as neon clouds or those portions of swirls affected by magnetism (such as the Norway swirl) can assume a color, temporarily. There are many chemicals in the atmosphere, due to the tail of Planet X, causing halos around the Moon or Sun, and neon clouds and the like. This is one more such phenomena from these chemicals..

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