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Issue 209, Sunday, October 31, 2010
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Magma Waves

On October 25, 2010 the tongue holding Indonesia was outlined by quakes, one as large as a purported 7.7 (although this was quickly downgraded to a 7.5). The area was hammered, with several quakes deemed magnitude 6+ along the edge of the tongue, and the shifting plates produced a modest tsunami.

Quake wave 'carried men 200m inland'
October 25, 2010
An Australian who runs a boat charter business in Indonesia says waves generated by an earthquake off the coast have carried bystanders up to 200 metres inland.

This newest quake occurred at 14:42 UTC. Per the Zetas, the Earth wobble at 18:00 UTC is the push away of the Earth's magnetic N Pole that dislodges the brake point there.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/11/2010: The daily Figure 8 roll caused by the N Pole of Earth being pushed away when it comes over the horizon continues. This occurs when Planet X is facing the central Pacific at 18 UTC and as would be expected hammers at the brake point near the Solomon Islands.

What was notable, from the standpoint of plate movement, was the magma waves generated. All live seismographs, worldwide, showed this wobble. Per the Zetas, this is a sign of rotational distress between the core and the crust, the effect of the globe being jerked around by the magnetic pressure coming from Planet X. This was also apparent after the great December 26, 2004 quake in Sumatra.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/28/2004: Global wobbles followed both the Tasmanian quake and increased after the Sumatra quake, showing that the magma flow was irregular after the quakes. The Earth's crust is in an equilibrium with the normal magma surges driving the rotation. Now things have changed, and this change will accelerate. The magma is not stable. Those parts that are getting a double hit, from passive magma trying to flow in the normal rotation and charged magma suddenly changing direction to move in the direction the core has assumed, are getting a double whammy.

Wobble in the Media

The Inuit's observations that the Sun and constellations were not in the right place broke into the news last November 25, 2009, as outlined in Issue 166 of this newsletter.

Film Festival Brings Inuit Perspective to Climate Conference
December 9, 2009
A festival of films documenting the impact of climate change by Indigenous filmmakers from around the world opened Wednesday in Copenhagen in conjunction with the United Nations climate conference currently underway. The UN-sponsored Indigenous Voices on Climate Change Film Festival will screen 22 short documentary films by filmmakers from Tajikistan, Panama and other areas affected by climate change. One of the filmmakers featured is Canadian Inuit filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, who produced and directed the critically acclaimed films Ataranjuat and The Journals of Knud Rasmussen. He will screen a 15-minute portion of his new film, Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change.

The producer moved forward to create a full length documentary on the Inuit observations, which is now premiering on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV station on October 20, 2010. This will include their observations confirming the Earth wobble, specifically that where they find the Sun rises in the east in the proper place, it sets to low in the west each day.

Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change: The official trailer
Oct. 19, 2010
The trailer for "Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change", the new documentary by acclaimed Nunavut filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk

Per the Zetas, that this issue is being allowed wider coverage in the media, moving to a major TV station, is indicative of the Puppet Master's desire to see cracks in the cover-up over the presence of Planet X.

Comment 10/30/2010: The Earth wobble, which the Inuit are documenting, takes the form of a Figure 8, which Nancy has often documented in her Orbits section. A Figure 8 will place the view of the Sun not just high and low, at various times, but also from a tilted position to one side or the other. This is the Sun moving in a snakelike fashion, during the day, and depending upon where one is on the globe it will either too high in the sky or too low, or too far to the east or too far to the west. What one sees from their position on the globe will be different for sunrise than for sunset, etc. We suggest those puzzling over this take a moment to research all the Figure 8 documentation that Nancy has collected over the years, taking into account the azimuth and altitude where the Sun is viewed, as well as the viewers location and time of day.

The Inuit observations came out in the news in November 25, 2009 on Isuma TV. Winning an award at a film festival, this small independent newscaster was given some press and was not suppressed. But the coverage that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will offer is far greater, in the realm of major media. What has changed, and will this information be given coverage elsewhere? The timing of this broadcast goes hand in hand, released on the same day, with another press article on the erratic position of the Sun and Moon. Can the fact that this formerly suppressed subject is given media attention on the same day, October 20, 2010, be coincidence? It is not. Were one to look for the finger of the Puppet Master, pressing buttons to get the media to break the firm hold the cover-up has on such news, one need look no further.

Indeed, the erratic position of the Sun and the erratic Moon orbit appeared in a recent article on the web, citing a gag order on the matter suppressing it in the major media. Panic in the people is considered a national security matter, and thus the Earth wobble, and its cause - Planet X in the vicinity - is a forbidden subject.

Huge Media Blackout Regarding Earth and Moon Orbital Changes?
October 20, 2010
An increasing number of people around the world have witnessed amazing changes in the location of Sun rise and set in summer and winter. Apparently this is being caused by the earth moving below the old ecliptic plane in summer and above it in winter! The moon is also playing rodeo all over the sky....and the media says nothing. I have read of reports (as yet unsubstantiated) that a "gag order" is in place and professionals dealing with the subject have had to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding these facts. The Inuit peoples of the high arctic have published several stories regarding the changes in sun position at their locations and were told by a meteorologist that it is an "optical phenomenon unique to the extremely high horizon". Yet these changes are visible all over the world. Ordinary citizens from all over the world are reporting their observations regarding the sun and moon changing their positions in the sky. And we're not just talking inches here. The changes are amazing to say the least! The furthest north the sun traditionally appeared for thousands of years, was the tropic of cancer which passes through central Mexico, yet now, at the beginning of summer, it can be witnessed to rise in the direction of Maine and set in the direction of Seattle. And according to the universities, the highest latitude that the moon reaches, is 28.5 degrees, yet for the last couple years at least, it has transgressed that number by a significant margin! One can watch the moon rise low in the south east and set in the southwest, at least from my position at 41 degrees north in the midwest U.S. and then, within two weeks time, it will rise high in the northeast and set in the northwest!

So the wobble, which has steadily become more violent and extreme, is being noticed, even by those who do not understand what is causing it! Per the Zetas, these types of initial volleys of truth are just the start. More is in store from the Puppet Master!

ZetaTalk Comment 10/23/2010: There are several reasons why we have predicted that Nancy, and ZetaTalk, will get a lot of exposure in the media in due time. ZetaTalk has won worldwide acclaim on its own merit, unlike the many other prognosticators who have tried to grab the stage. Despite the fact that the establishment targeted ZetaTalk and promoted others who supported the establishment lines, ZetaTalk is the source that is respected and sought. A great deal of this acclaim is due to the accuracy of the ZetaTalk statements, the proven validity of the predictions, and the great consistency throughout the vast body of ZetaTalk, which does not contradict itself. ZetaTalk has explained scientific concepts, and when contradicting mankind's precepts, been proven correct in time. This proves, to anyone who can think, that the message does not come from Nancy but from ourselves. ZetaTalk has international acclaim, and lives on the Internet, so it has proven to be impossible to stamp out. Her many detractors and competitors (Battros, McCanney, DiNardo), including those who have earned respect in their own right (Hoagland, Masters, Moore), have survived by avoiding the fact of Planet X near the Sun, arriving in 2003. They point to the Sun as cause, or point out into the night sky in their claims about the approach of Planet X. Meanwhile, the truth that ZetaTalk promotes rings forth, loud and clear.

But what does this matter when there is a cover-up? The establishment does not want the fact that Planet X is near the Sun to be a focus. NASA is given free rein to make claims about the Sun, and those that cooperate with this line are not harassed and suppressed as our message has been. Beyond the fact that ZetaTalk is considered to have integrity and accuracy, and would encourage the public to think of themselves as responsible for their own survival, is the reality of the Puppet Master's situation. It is the middle man who fears exposure of their participation in the cover-up, and the Puppet Master can always find new middle men to assist him in his asset management. The Puppet Master wants strong survival communities, and failure to inform the public, which thus cannot prepare, stands in the way of this agenda. As to the additional information the Puppet Master seeks from ourselves, for his own use, we have explained that this will not be provided until the information can also be disseminated to the common man, simultaneously. This requires something like a TV broadcast.

Meanwhile, yet again in the same week ending on October 23, 2010 we have this report that Glen Beck from Fox News has suddenly started advising his listeners to get emergency food-stuffs for End Times preparation! Seems the Puppet Master has been busy!

Question: This week the controversial TV personality Glenn Beck abruptly shifted from advertising gold to advertising emergency food-stuffs, and talking about "being prepared". I only know this because I watched a clip of him courtesy of Fox News' arch-nemesis, MSNBC, who jeered at the whole concept of preparing for "end times". It was so saddening; here is Fox, the mouthpiece of the conservative elite who are already halfway to their bunkers, letting one of its stars publicly encourage "end-times preparation", while the choice of the "mainstream" media (CNN and MSNBC in the US) is to jeer at such preparation. What's wrong with this picture?

ZetaTalk Comment 10/23/2010: Making the leap, is one way to describe what Beck has done. As he is considered by most of the world to be somewhat crazy, making statements without basis and extreme statements at that, highly emotional, this is not anticipated to be a shock. How does one move from being ultra-right, supporting the cover-up and the former Bush administration to the nth degree in the past, to being an advocate for the truth! Murdock has been asked by the Puppet Master to do so, as Nancy knows as she met with him re this. Get crazy Beck to make the leap. Avoid explaining how you got from here to there, as crazy Beck never explains himself. Mission accomplished.

Great Lakes Cyclone

On October 26, 2010 the N American continent suffered a land cyclone, called the "Great Lakes Cyclone". The barometer reached the lowest point ever, worldwide, in northern Minnesota at 5:00 pm that day.

Record Minnesota & U.S. Storm Rages: Wind, cold and snow next.
October 26, 2010
The deepest low pressure system on record continues to rage with fury over Minnesota. The storm has already smashed the all time state record for the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in Minnesota. It also appears to have set the record for the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in a non tropical storm in the continental United States! As posted here earlier, these pressure readings are what we would expect to see in Category 3 hurricanes! The previous record low barometric pressure in Minnesota was 28.43" in Austin & Albert Lea on November 10, 1998.

Yes, a tropical cyclone over Canada! Per the Zetas, the daily Earth wobble pushes the N American continent over warm air, forcefully, on a daily basis. The ingredients for a cyclone!

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/22/2010: The Earth wobble does several things to the N American continent. As we have mentioned, most of the time the magnetic N Pole is trying to avoid facing the Sun and the approaching Planet X, so in general the northern hemisphere is colder than usual. This will be the case until the pole shift. In addition to this tilt, there is the daily Earth wobble. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is more centered over Siberia than north of Canada as in the past. Thus when the Sun is overhead in the Pacific or India or Europe, the magnetic N Pole is pushed back over the horizon. When the Sun is overhead in the Americas, the N American continent bounces back, as it is under tension to align with the Sun's magnetic alignment too. When doing so, the globe is pulled under warmer air, suddenly and forcefully.

Webbots Twist

Since HalfPastHuman has a prediction accuracy track record, the Zetas have commented on their predictions. The Webbot reports have avoided any mention of Planet X or a pole shift, however, except for a brief mention and this always includes the opinion that any information from aliens is not to be trusted. Humm, I wonder who they could be talking about?

Question: The latest interview with Cliff High the Webbot guy on Jeff Rense, and Jay Weider's show gets into the changes occurring with the Sun. He says nothing about Planet X, even though he very much alludes to the math and such for the pole shift coming soon. All seems to verify what the Zetas have explained.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/21/2009: We have explained that although the webbot project has a certain degree of accuracy, it is not infallible. They are looking for word frequency and association. If the collective conscious is thinking this or that, then their predictions will reflect what the collective conscious is thinking! The establishment has long planned to blame the Earth changes on the Sun, which failed to cooperate and had a lack of sunspots and a drop in the solar wind this past year. Nevertheless, their plan is proceeding, with movies such as 2012 and Knowing which released this year having the Sun as the cause of catastrophe. No wonder the common man thinks the Sun is the cause, and the webbot guys chirp this same disinformation line!

Have Cliff High and George Ure been leaned on to avoid that controversial subject? Or is the Planet X theory purported by ZetaTalk since 1995 so little known that it has not become fixed in the collective conscious that the webbot servers research? The HalfPastHuman reports allow reporting from the collective conscious on general ZetaTalk predictions, but simply would not give credit to ZetaTalk! That sounds like cooperation with the cover-up!

Question: There is a webbot prediction about global coastal events. And this seems to correlate with what the Zetas said about sloshing, the wobble, tidal waves. What about this prediction, any comments. Does this prediction has ring of truth to it without saying yes or no or when?

ZetaTalk Comment 3/14/2009: We have addressed HalfPastHuman webbot predictions in the past, as they do have a documented accuracy track record. What should be born in mind is that the collective conscious not only picks up information from the minds of others, it also picks up information from the Internet, and that includes ZetaTalk predictions as well as other predictions. There are those who say that ZetaTalk has few fans. This is evidence that the opposite is the case, and the predictions made by ourselves are broadly known and discussed.

Up until the present, there was no proof that they were being leaned on, and cooperating! But on October 12, 2010 their website was suddenly taken down! Then they returned two days later on October 13, 2010 with this explanation:

We're baaaaack! Ok, so not all the way, but as of today, October 14, 2010, the new halfpasthuman server site has a page. Unfortunately for y'all, it is this page. Damn. Nothing here! But soon we will rebuild all the whozeewhatizits and such. So, if you care, check back in a small time, perhaps something will have changed. Ooohhh playing with universe. It is only when we remember that we are individually quite mad that universe makes any damn sense at all. Ain't pi peachy?

Rumors abounded and of course the Zetas were asked.

Clif's Website Taken Down
October 12, 2010
Clif's website has been taken offline by his internet provider, although there is no known financial reason for this to have occurred. Clif has been stonewalled by the ISP as to reason for the site doing down. His next anticipated release was scheduled for this weekend, but at this point in time, it is unclear whether it will be able to be posted because of the ISP issues.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/16/2010: The blame for downtime on the HPH website is that some kind of misunderstanding or malfunction with the ISP occurred. Bills paid, public interest, HPH planning to continue and poof, the website is offline! Perhaps the accountant failed to register payment. Perhaps someone at the ISP secretly plotted to bring them down or embarrass them. Since such an occurrence is extremely rare, in fact literally unheard of in today's Internet world, no one is actually buying this excuse. What happened? HPH prides itself on relaying the future with enough accuracy that its clientele continue to pay generously for the reports. But they have deliberately stayed away from any predictions on the crustal shift which is in mankind's future. In fact, they have gone out of their way to cast aspersions on ourself, as aliens who could not be trusted.

Meanwhile, all our predictions keep coming true! There stands Planet X next to the Sun, displayed on SOHO images almost daily. The plates are starting to move in accordance with predictions we gave to the public almost a year ago, when such plate movement was not in evidence. What will become of HPH when the Zetas strike it big, and there is no question that our predictions, provided to the public for free, were accurate but they, HPH, missed entirely? Why is HPH staying away from what is obviously on the public's mind? It is not that they cannot pick this up in their pattern analysis of word frequency and association. They discard this information on purpose, and ascribe any public anxiety to other causes. They are leaned on, and told that support of the ZetaTalk message, in any manner, is not to occur. If a lack of compliance with these orders are sensed, a warning is sent. This was a warning!

Yes, their next report came out on October 16, 2010 as hoped, and it shows the heavy hand of the cover-up! Do they discuss our 7 of 10 predictions? The sinking of Pakistan and Jakarta? Not at all. Just more disinformation about the real object in the inner solar system, the one that has been showing up on SOHO images for the past couple years now. Just what the cover-up ordered!

The data sets accruing in support of [alien wars] also have growth in the [officialdom] sub set which suggests that the [NASA (and other space 'authorities'] will be making an [announcement] about an [incoming mystery] in 2011. Our data sets show that this sub set of [alien wars] is describing some form of [officially sanctioned (by TPTB) announcement] that will be [globally broadcast] in which [officials (and engineers)] will [present (discuss)] an [incoming object (of unknown nature and type)], though they will apparently know and [tell] that it is ['this' big], and is [under intelligent direction]. The data suggests that the [officialdom] will provide a [curious and spurious 'due date'] for the [arrival] of this [mystery object].

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