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Issue 214, Sunday, December 5, 2010
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Magnetic Eddy

A new appearance of the Earth's magnetic field made an entry on the Magnetic Simulator on November 24, 2010 - what the Zetas called an eddy flow of magnetons coming from the N Pole of Earth. Planet X is steadily moving closer to the Earth, and thus the increase in strength and in particular, the large area covered by these blasts from the N Pole of Planet X. Thus, the eddy flow appeared.

The eddy flow was clearly setting up to happen on November 22, 2010, as the image from that date shows, and by November 27, 2010 the pressure being exerted could be seen.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/24/2010: We have often referred to the Earth as being caught in an eddy flow in front of Planet X as it moves outbound from the Sun and toward the Earth. Particles, flowing from the Sun and coming around behind Planet X, tumble into the void in front of Planet X and roil. This tumbling action keeps the Earth and the other planets caught in the eddy flow from leaving this trap. Something similar has happened this day to the Earth's magnetic field, where an eddy flow has developed behind the Earth due to the strong flow of magnetons coming from the direction of Planet X. Earth is trapped in a magnetic dance with Planet X, which is the basis for the Earth wobble which started in early 2004 after Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. Consider the Earth to be a mouse trapped in a narrow tunnel, from which it cannot escape. The wind blows, and at first the mouse tries to seek shelter by turning sideways, or in this or that direction, but the wind continues to pick up.

Finally the mouse crouches down, ears flattened against its head, facing the wind which it has no choice but to endure. That an eddy flow of magnetons has formed behind the Earth, for the first time, shows that the blast coming from Planet X is stronger, covering a vast area around the Earth, so these magnetons have no escape! Like the mouse, they are trapped. What will the wider blast of magnetons coming from the N Pole of Planet X mean? As with the mouse, who might dash about and try different positions as the wind picks up, the Earth has been more mobile during the early dance with Planet X. She might have leaned into temporary opposition or a temporary lean to the left, but this was slight. Now, these positions will be more violent, and more extreme, and this is what will cause increasing plate movement, the 7 of 10 scenarios. It is no coincidence that the entire eastern side of the Indo-Australia Plate was outlined in quakes during this first eddy flow blast.

Greased Plates

The plate tongue holding Indonesia and the S America Plate are moving, in accordance with the 7 of 10 predictions. Note the IRIS chart from November 28, 2010. The entire Caribbean Plate is outlined with quakes, as well as the Cocos Plate, as well as the S American Plate up and down the Andes where it is rolling over the Nazca Plate, and to the east along the Atlantic Rift. The S America Plate is showing the trend expected for the S America roll.

Is it a coincidence that a mining accident in Peru occurred on the same day a magnitude 4.8 quake occurred? The location of the southern Andes where the quake occurred is not far from the slopes of the Santa Maria glacier where a mining accident killed 3 women.

Peru 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake
November 22, 2010
An earthquake measuring 4.8 degrees on the Richter scale struck early this morning the department of Arequipa, in southern Andean country.

Three Women Die Buried in the Mines.
November 22, 2010
Three women were killed while collecting mining material, were literally devoured by the earth, when a crack opened at their feet, in the snowy Perpetual Santa Maria glacier area, on the slopes of Cerro Condor Project (Lunar Gold mining center) in San Antonio de Putina province in the Puno region. The zone was declared danger of imminent rockslide zone, so contractors and other miners were notified and asked to leave the area.

Nearby in Ecuador, on this same day, the Tungurahua volcano erupted.

Volcano Activity in Ecuador on 24.11.2010
November 22, 2010
A sudden eruption of the Tungurahua volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes sent a column of ash more than 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) into the sky. The eruption was soundless and was perceived as an earthquake. For several weeks there have been the seismic phenomena of rocks breaking up and the movement of fluids that have not been very powerful but showed internal activity. Tungurahua began erupting in 1999 and since then has alternated periods of great activity with spaces of relative calm.

The entire region encompassing the curve and eastern edge of the Indo-Australia Plate, including New Zealand, is likewise outlined in quakes. It is no surprise that repeated methane explosions in the Pike River mine have occurred, starting on November 19, 2010 when earthquakes started hammering the region along the eastern border of the Indo-Australia Plate.

28- Nov-2010 5.0 North Island, New Zealand
20- Nov-2010 4.2 North Island, New Zealand
19- Nov-2010 4.2 North Island, New Zealand
19- Nov-2010 4.0 Off E. Coast of N Island, N.Z.
16- Nov-2010 4.0 South Island, New Zealand

This accident was considered the worst New Zealand mining accident within the past 100 years. This plate is lifting and tilting in preparation for the 7 of 10 scenario in Indonesia.

New Zealand Mine Explosion: All Miners Believed Dead after Huge Second Blast
November 24, 2010
A massive second explosion at the Pike River mine in New Zealand has extinguished all hope of bringing the 29 missing miners back to the surface alive. The enormous blast was more violent than the first and was believed to have been caused by a large build up of methane within the mine over the past five days. The 29 men, including two Britons, have been missing in the coal mine since a powerful underground blast on [November 19]. While police had initially insisted they would bring the men out alive, hope had dimmed in recent days.

The plate tongue holding Indonesia and the Philippine Islands was also highly active and outlined with quakes, particularly on the eastern side where the pressure to fold and sink is being applied.

23- Nov-2010 6.0 New Britain Region, P.N.G.
22- Nov-2010 4.6 Mindanao, Philippine Islands
21- Nov-2010 4.6 Mariana Islands Region

Bulusan volcano in the central Philippines rumbled to life again on November 21, 2010, and yet another Indonesian volcano, Mount Bromo, rumbled to life on November 23, 2010 and finally blew on November 28, this time in eastern Java. Note the relationship in dates to activity in S America and New Zealand!

Another Indonesian Volcano Threatens to Erupt
November 23, 2010
Indonesia is on alert again for a possible volcanic eruption, this time from Mount Bromo, located on the eastern end of the Indonesian island of Java. The eruption red alert comes just a couple weeks after Mount Merapi's relentless erupting killed more than 300 people. Bromo started rumbling to life on November 8, and plumes of smoke and ash were rising from the summit crater on November 23.

Bulusan Spews Ash Anew; 12 Quakes Recorded
November 21, 2010
Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon continues to be restive as it spewed a grayish steam and ash column that reached an approximate height of two kilometers above its crater rim. Prior to the ash ejection, Phivolcs said its seismic network detected a total of 12 volcanic earthquakes. Bulusan is the fourth most active volcano in the country after Mayon in Albay, Taal in Batangas and Pinatubo in Zambales, having erupted 15 times since 1886.

Trimester Approaching

The concept of magnetic trimesters was introduced in this newsletter a year ago, in Issue 156. That NASA has recently discovered a magnetic ribbon passing the solar system, as deailed in Issue 206 of this newsletter, confirms this outside magnetic influence. The great Sumatra tsunami quake occurred in fact toward the end of the December trimester, on December 26, 2004. The Zetas recently detailed the precise ends of the trimesters, as they do not fall on the last days of the month as might be presumed. For the December Trimester, it falls on December 17.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2010: These are of course approximate dates as the cosmos does not act according to the Gregorian calendar. However, the magnetic trimesters are echoing what we have frequently referred to as particle crowding, occurring elsewhere in the Universe in such a way as to influence the flow of magnetic particles in the vicinity of your solar system. Your Sun is dominant in his little neighborhood. The planets align with the Sun but in their own little backyards are likewise dominant. But the solar system is swayed by a larger magnetic field which encompasses the solar system. In fact, your human scientists have discovered this, finding the solar system delineated by what they termed a magnetic ribbon.

Why should this divide into three phases, when magnets on the surface of Earth have no such phases? This is a pulse, from afar, and not relevant to mankind's future on planet Earth. Suffice it to say that this pulse is divided into 3 parts, and they line up remarkably well with a 4 month period, each being a third of an Earth year. Did the Earth arrive at her orbit of 365 days in a year in part because of this magnetic pulse? Indeed, and this also relates to why the Earth and the Sun both tilt in a certain direction, magnetically. Were we to estimate more precisely the point when the pulse changes, it would be more akin to December 17, April 20, and August 12. But there is a slight period after the end of a phase when a particle crowding has not yet subsided, or an increase in particle flow has not yet registered. Thus, the end of those months is most accurate as a guide.

What might the approaching December 17, 2010 hold in store for the predicted 7 of 10 scenarios? The Zetas have certainly gone on record, undeniably, that the 7 of 10 will occur by the end of 2010.

On 11/28/2009
Nothing has changed since November 7, 2009 when this question was last asked. You will know when we have arrived at a 7, without question.
On 2/27/2010
This will not be a single quake or a series of quakes, it will be plate movements that are strong enough, significant enough, that shock would be the word to use in describing the reaction of the populace.
On 3/27/2010
Beyond the fact that we have confirmed this holographic presentation to be valid, in the steps it relayed, and beyond stating that to move to a 7 of 10 one or more of these described catastrophe's must happen, we can say no more.
On 4/3/2010
What will be the biggest event of the year 2010 A.D? One of the events that was presented in the holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November will surely occur. Just what else might occur, or which of these events we are referring to, we cannot say.
On 5/15/2010
The 7 of 10, which we said would occur by the end of 2010, will include one or more of the disasters that Nancy was presented with during her November, 2009 holographic presentation.
On 6/19/2010
We were only allowed to state that one or more of the plate movements described would happen by the end of 2010, when a 7 of 10 would have arrived, and that a 7 of 10 would shock the world.

For those nervously watching as we move into the month of December, the Zetas have this to say.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/16/2010: If you are nervous, imagine how Nancy feels! She was there during the 2003 white lie, when Planet X so clearly came inbound as we said it would, right on track according to our coordinates and arriving in the evening sky just where we said it would some 7 years earlier. But it did not pass, as the word "passage" implies, nor did the pole shift happen "shortly after May 15, 2003". We did this deliberately to fool the Bush administration, which had stolen the White House in order declare martial law in the US, to negate all future elections there, to plant the US military in the oil rich Middle East and thus own black gold in the Aftertime. None of this happened, in great part due to our white lie which caused Bush to accelerate his agenda and thus stumble. But what would be the advantage of a failure on the 7 of 10 prediction? As you so amply point out, this would devastate those following and putting faith in the ZetaTalk predictions. There would be no gain. Follow what is going on in Asia, to see evidence of the drama soon to occur.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/30/2010: We take thousands of factors into consideration when making estimates and predictions. The wiggle room on the 7 of 10 is not whether the tongue holding Indonesia will be sinking, but whether it will be followed within the 2010 calendar year by the S American roll. There are few predictions that we have made that involve a timeline. 2003 and the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system was a notable one. We predicted the RA and Dec where the inbound Planet X would be sighted during March, 2003 some 7 years earlier in 1997. That was the degree of our precision based on the thousands of factors we took into account for the speed and trajectory Planet X was likely to attain based on the interference it was likely to encounter. In this case, for the 7 of 10, the elements are all known! It is no longer when the wrestlers are going to step into the ring. They are already locked in combat.

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