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Issue 225, Sunday, January 23, 2011
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20 Foot Elevation Drop in Java Confirmed by Google Satellite

During the normally scheduled and computer programmed refresh cycle, the island of Java in Indonesia was re-imaged by Google satellite very recently, since the sinking in Java started. A 20 foot elevation loss is evident, absolutely. Other parts of Indonesia, and Australia, show no flooding and are still operating with older Google satellite images. But this was a gift, as it proves a media cover-up.

This Issue 225 is going out to those subscribers who can accept a newsletter with graphics included. Please save these graphics and post them on message boards and share them with your friends. The media in Indonesia is utterly suppressing this news, in cooperation with media outlets elsewhere. This is not drainage from flooded rivers, not a temporary wave striking some part of the coastline. This is sinking. The depth is consistently 20 feet, on all side of Java. In an attempt to bury this information, I may be instructed to not use Google Satellite images in my newsletter. So its out the door early this monring in an addendum newsletter. The Internet can overcome a media blackout, as Tiananman Square showed. Get the word out, please, in many places. Start a fire.

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