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Issue 266, Sunday November 6, 2011
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Arabian Roll

One of the plate movements predicted by the Zetas is a rolling of the Arabian Plate, so that the pointed top crumbles and ruptures the oil fields of northern Iraq, creating an explosive situation. They have stated that this will not occur during the 7 of 10 scenarios.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/2010: We have described the churning that will afflict Iraq as a turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot. As the African Plate rolls, and drops its rounded top toward the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea pulls apart, the Afar Triangle in Africa pulls apart, and the boot rolls. This turns the pointed top of the Arabian Plate so it pushes through Iraq, which is what is building the mountains that separate Iraq and Iran. This takes Jordan and Syria for a ride, as they are in the rear seat and not where compression is occurring. But all of Iraq is crushed into the mountains along its border with Iran. This will explode the oil fields in northern Iraq, heave and split the ground, and make survival in this portion of Iraq very risky. The hills of western Iraq will be safe, and above sea level when the seas have risen 675 feet above today's sea level. Turkey evades the turning of the boot, except as living along a fault line affects those along its southern border.

A recent 7.2 quake in Turkey shows that the Arabian Plate is moving, in concert with the dropping of the African Plate, thanks to the excellent and prompt reporting on the Pole Shift ning. Note the simultaneous quake along the southern border of the Arabian Plate boot, at the bottom of the foot. Note that the 7.2 quake in Turkey is directly at the spot where the pointed tip of the Arabian Plate is pressed to the east.

7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Eastern Turkey, 50 Reported Injured
October 23, 2011
The earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.3 struck eastern Turkey at 1:41 p.m. (6:41 a.m. ET), the U.S. Geological Survey said. It said the quake had a depth of 4.5 miles, which is shallow and could potentially cause more damage.

Red Auroras

Per the Zetas, auroras are not light bent by the Earth's magnetic field or magnetic flux, but light bent by gravity.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995: Little understood by humans is the degree to which energy particles are affected by gravitational pulls. They look out into the sky, into the stars, and see a slight variance in light rays that come over the vastness of space, and assume a straight path, or nearly straight. What they are in fact seeing is the light rays that have not been deflected. The Northern or Southern Lights, happening at the equator, are lost in the glare. The Auroras, as we have stated, are not magnetic at all but light rays bent by gravity.

On the evening of October 24-25, 2011 red auroras were seen across the US.

Geomagnetic Storm in Progress!
October 25, 2011
According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the impact caused a strong compression of Earth's magnetic field, allowing solar wind to penetrate all the way down to geosynchronous orbit for a brief period between 19:06 UT and 19:11 UT.

Goddard tried to relate the dramatic red auroras to a CME on the Sun, which was nonexistent in the SOHO images. No CME. Where there was a blast of magnetons from the N Pole of Planet X, such blasts have been occurring regularly since 2009 with no auroras in concert, as a visit to the constantly popular Pole Shift ning blog on evidence of Planet X on SOHO and Magnetosphere Simulator images quickly shows.

These red auroras on October 24-25, 2011 were dramatic and unusual as the auroras were almost exclusively red in color, where auroras are usually predominantly green in color. Per the Zetas, we are likely to see more such displays, in red, as Planet X and the Earth are in a new gravity dance becoming evident as Planet X comes closer.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/29/2011: Red light rays are highly susceptible to gravity, which is why your sunrise and sunset are so orange/red when these light rays bend over the curve of the Earth. We have described the magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X, but a gravity dance also occurs. Gravity is strongest at the Earth's middle, a fact acknowledged by human scientists. As Planet X draws closer the drama causes Earth to both be drawn toward this giant planet (which has 23 times the mass of Earth though is only 4 times the diameter of Earth) as well as repulsed away from Planet X. Earth's gravity field morphs to thicken at the center when the repulsion force clicks in and pushes Earth away from Planet X, which is via a bombardment of gravity particles moving from Planet X toward the Earth. When the Earth is being drawn toward Planet X, this is by an even distribution of gravity particles drifting in the direction of Planet X, which has the effect of a more even distribution of gravity particles in Earth's field. Since this dance comes and goes, Earthlings may have such aurora displays more frequently, and they are likely to be red!

Wobble Sloshing

The Zetas have predicted that wobble sloshing will occur during the last weeks, when the Earth slings back and forth prior to the Lean to the Left and the 3 Days of Darkness.

9 day Severe Wobble
4.5 days static Lean to the Left
2.5 days progression toward 3 Days of Darkness.
3 Days of Darkness
6 days of Sunrise West
18 day of Slowing Rotation
6 (5.9) days of Rotation Stoppage

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/25/2011: The severe wobble that starts the Last Weeks is a flinging back and forth of the N Pole of Earth. Thus as the globe is pushed violently northward, the waters in the Pacific will slosh southward, and waters in the Atlantic will slosh in the opposite direction, northward. Then, 12 hours later, this reverses. The sloshing will be in a N/S direction, back and froth. The severe wobble slosh will be 200-300 feet high.

The sloshing at that time will equate to 200-300 foot high tides, depending upon tidal bore in geographical locations where bore is likely, but such wobble sloshing is already evident. On the night of October 24-25, 2011 Dublin flooded in an highly unusual "high tide" combined with rains. On October 24, 2011 flooding in Tasbasco, Mexico began, and by October 26, 2011 this flood was immense. A particularly violent wobble occurred, in one case seen and reported by an observer with a keen eye who noted the stars moving in the sky at a different rate.

I notice in my Southern California mountains at night, a star seen through the trees would drop 3 feet in the sky over an 1.5-2.0 hour period. This has been happening the last 8 weeks. Now [October 29], this week, I noticed it is only taking about 45 minutes. I assume this is the figure 8 wobble and it is speeding up?

Note that Dublin is in a pinch, where water rushing north up into the Irish Sea has nowhere to go! Trapped, the water rose in Dublin, which is closer to the water line than Belfast which lies just at the pinch.

Dublin on Emergency Footing as Floods Cause Chaos
October 24, 2011
Two rivers which run into Dublin, the Dodder and the Camac, have overflowed. Authorities said further problems could be caused by an unusually high tide which was expected on Monday night [October 24].

The Tabasco region on the Yucatan Peninsula is at the bottom of a bowl formed by the Gulf of Mexico. Where it is lowland there, the beaches at Cancun are at the same elevation, and the tropical rains come from the direction of the Caribbean. Why aren't there similar reports of flooding at Cancun?

The wobble slosh in Tabasco started on October 24, 2011, the same date that Dublin had high tides. By October 25, 2011 Tabasco was deep under water, so aptly captured by Earth Observatory satellite images.

Rains Affect 256,000 in Mexico's Tabasco State
October 24, 2011
The torrential rains in the southeastern Mexican state of Tabasco.
Flooding in Mexico
October 25, 2011
Several rivers in southeastern Mexico spilled over their banks in late October, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune. The Usumacinta River alone damaged homes and croplands in multiple cities, and isolated rural areas by washing out roads. The governor of the state of Tabasco estimated that regional floods had affected 90,000 residents.
Floods Tthreaten Mexico and Central America with Famine
October 26, 2011
In the Mexican state of Tabasco alone, over 250,000 people have been displaced.

The Zetas, who introduced the concept of an Earth wobble in 2004, have consistently predicted that the wobble would worsen as the time of the pole shift approached.

ZetaTalk Statement 11/5/2011: There was a violent Earth wobble on October 24-25, 2011. This brought red auroras to the skies across N America and a wobble slosh to Tabasco on the Yucatan Penninsula and Dublin, Ireland. When we first introduced the concept of the wobble in 2004, we predicted it would steadily get worse, increasing in violence. We described the process. At first the S Pole of Earth being grabbed and held by the N Pole of Planet X. And then as Planet X turned in space during its 270° roll, the N Pole of Earth being pushed violently away by the N Pole of Planet X, turning increasingly to point directly at the Earth. Now a gravity dance, a push-pull, has also started, and this affects the wobble too. All this will get increasingly worse.

Good Samaritan

China and the world learned in horror that a toddler was run down in a market place, and then run over by others, all the while ignored by passers by. This was captured on video, with the perpetrators brought to justice, but the question remained - what does this say about human society?

China Shocked as Hit-Run Toddler Ignored by 18 Passers-By
October 18, 2011
A man who identified himself as the same driver told local media: "If she's dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3200, but if she's injured it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan." Both drivers have since been arrested. Many remember a case in 2006 when a 65-year-old woman fell in the street and broke her hip. Peng Yu, 26, rushed to help, took her to hospital and gave her 200 yuan for good measure. She later sued him, winning an award of 45,000 yuan because the judge decided that Mr Peng's gift was evidence that he had caused her fall. Since then the fear of litigation has increased.

These cases are not unknown. One famous case, the Kitty Genovese case in New York City, involved a woman being stabbed to death on the street while people peered out their apartment windows and did not even call 911. The attacker return, for more stabbing, and still no help of any kind. Per the Zetas, due to the large number of undecided souls, and the even larger number of humans with unsparked souls, such incidents can be expected to increase as want and deprivation increase in the Aftertime.

ZetaTalk Statement 10/22/2011: We have stated that out of the 6 billion plus humans on Earth, that only about a billion have incarnating souls, and of these only about 30% are Service-to-Other, good hearted. Another billion are incarnated at present by Star Children, Service-to-Other all. That leaves the vast majority as unsparked souls, or undecided souls, or those souls who have chosen the Service-to-Self path. What is the process by which an immature soul is presented with a dilemma, to save himself from involvement or to get involved out of empathy, and makes the decision to not get involved. For those who have not developed their sense of responsibility, based on empathy, to a sufficient degree, the decision is simple - do not get involved!

Bangkok Goes Under

Bangkok is steadily going under, amid constant disinformation on the cause. The rainfall statistics do not support the degree of flooding. Per a report from a Thailand resident, on the ground, the amount of rainfall they have sustained does not historically support such flooding, and certainly does not support the largest flood in 50 years, as it has been termed. The daily reporting on the Pole Shift ning shows the steady influx, and tracks the lies and assurances given by the establishment and how rapidly the sinking in the region has overtaken this city of 12 million. As reported in Issue 265, last week, this is water which had been trapped in the highlands by an accordion fold, now released, combined with direct sinking in Bangkok.

Announcement on Flooding Situation in Bangkok
October 30, 2011
Governor of Bangkok said that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has declared the areas of the Taling Chan District and the Lak Si District to be the areas requiring evacuation for the sake of safety of their lives and properties since the influx has inundated extensively the total area with an increasing trend of its scope.

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