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Issue 276, Sunday January 15, 2012
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Codex Alimentarius

How can something so benign as an attempt to eliminate food poisoning, to ensure food safety, be turned into an instrument of evil? First, what is the Codex Alimentarius?

Codex Alimentarius
Developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Commission's main aims are stated as being to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade. In addition to standards for specific foods, the Codex Alimentarius contains general standards covering matters such as food labeling, food hygiene, food additives and pesticide residues, and procedures for assessing the safety of foods derived from modern biotechnology.

Sounds benign, right? But what it has become is a vehicle to close down organic farms, family gardens, and the sharing of produce from family gardens. The rationale? Only large corporate farms can be expected to comply with government regulations. Amish farms that sell raw milk are targeted. Legislation to force vitamin sales to be under prescription control are related. And attempts to control seed saving on small farms and family gardens are likewise related. If the only entity holding seed is a corporation, then the common man has become a slave. Genetically engineered crops, which can pollinate nearby fields, have resulted in court cases where nearby farmers are prevented from collecting seed from their own fields. Per the Zetas, this is the hand of the New World Order crowd.

Comment 7/15/1995: Where people can grow and market their own crops, set their own prices, and travel about they are given freedom from repression, not what the elites desire, but where they fear to move else they starve, and are not given travel permits anyway, this shows the heavy hand of the elites. Those attempting to establish the New World Order seek to keep man ignorant, but most importantly they seek to keep man nervous and despairing.

To see the techniques used to control food production, to control the populace, just examine the Monstanto corporation. They were thwarted from perpetrating the Terminator gene, whereby seed they produce and sell could only produce sterile seed. This would ensure that farmers would need to buy seed from Monsanto each year, but more importantly would remove forever the ability of these farmers to save their own seed! Monsanto's hand of evil stretches into many realms.

In June 2007, Monsanto acquired Delta & Pine Land Company, a company that had patented a seed technology nicknamed Terminators. This technology, which was never known to have been used commercially, produces plants that have sterile seeds so they do not flower or grow fruit after the initial planting. This prevents the spread of those seeds into the wild, however it also requires customers to repurchase seed for every planting in which they use Terminator seed varieties.
The World According to Monsanto
The documentary traces a wide range of controversies involving the use and promotion of genetically-modified seeds, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), Agent Orange, and the bovine growth hormone.

Now Codex Alimentarius is being used again to close down small farms in New Zealand. At least this is the legislature that is pending. The World Health Organization (WHO) is being used to promote and enforce such tactics. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is being used as an arm to promote and enforce such tactics also.

NZ Food Bill to Make Growing Food a Government Privilege
December 7, 2011
The God-given human right to freely cultivate food is under attack in New Zealand (NZ) as special interest groups and others are currently attempting to push a "food security" bill through the nation's parliament that will strip individuals of their right to grow food, save seeds, and even share the fruits of their labor with friends and family members. In accordance with the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Codex Alimentarius scheme for global food control, the NZ Food Bill, if passed, will essentially transfer primary control of food from individuals to corporations under the guise of food safety.
Community Warning: Govt's Food Bill Poised To End Food Markets
December 13, 2011
On top of that, it appears that the Food Bill is being pushed by the US Food and Drug Administration via its involvement in Codex Alimentarius (the "Food Book"), which is a decades-in-the-making initiative being foisted upon all World Trade Organisation member countries.

Where will this end? Per the Zetas, it is absolutely imperative that families get into gardening, save seed, and do that now. Ultimately, after the pending pole shift, this will be necessary for life itself, for survival. If you want survival outside of slave camps run by the elite, learn to garden and save seed like your life depended upon it!

ZetaTalk Comment 1/7/2012: Those wishing to promote the New World Order agenda will look for any vehicle that will carry their baggage. A 1963 standard, espoused by agencies (WHO and FAO) promoting the general welfare of mankind, has become shackles and whips in the hands of the New World Order crowd. How did this happen? The New World Order crowd sees opportunities everywhere, and in fact prefers to hide behind ostensibly well intended and helpful legalese. This not only hides their agenda, it makes it more difficult to counter.

The desire to enslave and control the populace is aimed undeniably at food production and distribution. He who is hungry and watching his family starve will be compliant, is the logic. The New World Order seeks to have all buying their produce from corporations, which they control. The next step would be limiting distribution, so that eventually only the slaves will be fed and rebels will be starved out. Watchdogs in the populace are acutely aware of this agenda, and sounding the alarm. This desire to control food production, to control the availability of seed, has been behind Nancy's emphasis on family gardens and the practice of saving seed from family gardens. There can be no gardens without seed, and when the Last Weeks arrive, shopping for seed will no longer be possible.

A related New World Order tentacle is to prevent survival groups from stocking up on supplies, the better to starve them into compliance. The Zetas have long warned about such maneuvers, and recent reports of house-to-house searches have started to emerge!

Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Mormon Food Storage Facility
December 9, 2011
Federal agents recently visited a Later Day Saints (Mormon) Church food storage cannery in Tennessee, demanding customer lists, wanting to know the identity of Americans who are purchasing food storage from the Mormons.

The Zetas have long known such maneuvers, under the guise of preventing starvation, would be used. Their advice - grow food and save seed, rather than hoard supplies! Supplies will be taken from you, but plants in your garden will likely not be ripped up, nor will your seed be confiscated. Such search and seizure is looking for bags of potatoes, tubs of grain, and canned or frozen food.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/7/2012: Why would food storage be considered a threat to national security? The tenuous link is to Waco-type cults or anti-government militia groups wishing to secede from the US government and wanting the ability to outlast a long seige. The Mormon Church has long preached that families should have a year's supply of food on hand. Are the Mormon's terrorists? Since Utah tends to be ultra-right, politically, for the New World Order crowd it is apparently only non-Mormons who are suspect in this regard. Despite terrorist claims, this recent trend is designed to locate food caches, large stores that can be confiscated by the government when future food shortages might arise. We have long warned of these times, and advised family gardens and small herds and flock as the alternative to hoarding.

Africa/Australia Land Grabs

A corollary to forcing all food production onto corporate farms are the land grabs ongoing in Africa and eastern Australia, as mentioned in Issue250 of this newsletter. Corporate farms, due to stock ownership, are likely to be under the financial control of the elite. These land grabs are stealthy and obvious, as they are aiming for those parts of the world predicted by the Zetas to be above the waves in the Aftertime, with an Aftertime climate that would be tropical or temperate, and where a western takeover could occur without warfare. There is also an interest in African land by those countries where sinking is predicted to occurr.

Africa Succumbs to Colonial-Style Land Grab
January 7, 2012
It is being dubbed the second scramble for Africa: millions of acres of land are being snapped up by companies from Asia and the Middle East

ZetaTalk Comment 11/5/2011: How are the elite planning to carve up Africa, re-colonize it in essence, and will there be clashes? We have mentioned that France is clearly eyeing Libya which has oil reserves and a large aquifer. In the end, as the pole shift approaches, it will not be their plans that will paint the picture but the Earth changes and migration from the rest of the world. Imagine what will happen to survivors in Europe after the 7 of 10 European tsunami. They will be on the move, en mass, pushed from refugee camps by the lack of food and grim future prospects as well as just frankly told to move on by overcrowded countries in Europe. They will pour across the Mediterranean in anything that floats, overwhelming the ability of countries on either side to maintain order on the coasts.

Then there is the migration from SE Asia as the Sunda Plate sinks, and the eventual migration from India. Cargo ships will be diverted from their usual cargo to a more profitable cargo - desperate refugees. We have long mentioned that the country of S Africa will be a target of the elite, for several reasons. It is an ideal jumping off point for those wanting land rights on the new land to emerge near Antarctica and on Antarctica itself. S Africa will be invaded not by drowning immigrants but by the elite with entourage and security guards. All will be demanding service and barking orders at each other, with pecking order battles inevitable.

The Zetas also mentioned the Queen's interest in Africa during the recent Commonwealth meeting in Perth, Australia.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2011
The Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II, incorporated the CHOGM Official Opening into her official visit to Australia, accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/29/2011: The Queen and the wealthy in Australia, particularly the wealthy in western Australia, are interested in taking over Africa after the Pole Shift, and want China to cooperate. Africa is in the sights of many these days, being a continent that will remain above the waves and with a moderate climate throughout in the Aftertime. The Queen, hoping to represent the west, is trying to negotiate with China, carving up the new world that will present after the Pole Shift. Her authority was nil with the Chinese, who consider the west anachronistic, stuck in the past, and unwilling to acknowledge that China is now the worlds super power, rising fast..

And then there is eastern Australia itself, already in the sights of the US military who have opened a new base there.

They're Selling off the Farmer
January 4, 2012
Foreign investors are buying into Australian agriculture companies. Some of the country's best farms are also being snapped up by overseas investors who mask their identity with complex corporate structures. It is understood senior government ministers are drawing up plans to ensure foreign investment in Australia's prime farming assets is made more transparent.
War Game Test Run for Permanent US Base
July 27, 2011
A permanent base for US forces in northern Australia is a step closer to reality following a huge war game in the region involving 22,000 Australian and US troops.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/20/2011: If the Dubai elite recently made an investment in towns along the Queensland coastline, is this an indication of where they will be living in the Aftertime? Certainly they will want access to the Great Artesian Basin aquifer, which places them in the north to northeast of Australia. Clearly some of the USA military elite are planning to be located in Australia, with a quick jump to stake claims in Antarctica after the pole shift.

NASA Lies Again

We knew they lied about the artifacts found on the Moon, about UFOs that zip around the ISS, about the Face on Mars and certainly they are lying about Planet X, the elephant in the room. But since they control the Hubble and the SOHO and Stereo images, and the establishment-controlled media is instructed never to challenge their statements, there is seldom proof that they lie. On occasion they get caught, and here's another such occasion. A sharp eye'd Pole Shift ning member, who earlier discovered current NASA satellite images on Modis proving the flooding on the Sunda Plate, has now discovered yet another revelation.

Last week, in Issue 275 of this newsletter, we compared the Modis images to the loss of elevation predicted by the Zetas. This week we compare to yet another view - the NASA Experimental Science Project analysis. Do they admit to the flooding that their satellite images clearly show? Heck no! This is apparently an experiment in disinformation! Will you believe NASA or your own lying eyes? The Martapura region of eastern Borneo in particular is under water, as is the region to the west of Samarinda. This is ignored entirely by NASA in their January 6, 2012 analysis!

The region from the tip of Viet Nam inland to the northeast of Ca Mau is completely underwater per NASA satellite images, yet NASA portrays this as flood free above the latitude of Soc Trang.

Nearby in Cambodia, flooding covers the coastline from Rach Gia up to Kompong Trach and then inland, yet this area is coded in the NASA analysis to look 99% flood free.

In eastern Java the satellite images show extensive flooding to the east of Semarang, which is likewise confirmed by videos from the cockpit of planes taking off and landing from the airport there, as documented in Issue 273 of this newsletter. Nor does NASA admit to the extensive flooding to the west of Surabaya, plunging inland and the inland flooding above Surakarta, clearly visible on the satellite images.

And in western Java, from Jakarta eastward to the coastal city of Breges Regency, flooding is obvious on the NASA satellite images, as is the erosion of seawater inward from the southern coast at Kawungganten up toward Bandung. NASA admits to almost none of it.

Norway Stretch

What is the significance of two incidents, occurring almost simultaneously along the coastline of Norway? Per the Zetas, this is part of the European stretch zone.

Norway Landslide Pictures
January 2, 2012
A landslide that ripped through a rural area outside Trondheim, Norway, on 01 January 2012 in a valley west of the city of Trondheim.
Kvaenes, Tons of Herring found Dead North of Norway
January 2, 2012
The inhabitants of resin in Troms could hardly believe his eyes on the morning of New Year's Eve, the beach was a large amount, an estimated tens of tons, dead herring. No one knows for sure what's happened in the popular hiking area in Nordreisa municipality.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/7/2012: What is the relationship between both these incidents, occurring on virtually on the same day? From the singing reservoirs in Kiev to the mud volcanoes of Azov it is clear the Eurasian Plate is being put under a stretch. The Mariana Trench collapses, pulling the plate toward the east; the Arabian Plate rolls nudging the plate toward the east; and what happens to the western edges of the Eurasian Plate? They go into a stretch, releasing methane gas, deadly to fish, and tearing along existing tear points - the fjords. How do you suppose the fractured coastline of Norway got that way? It has been pulled apart in the past!

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