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Issue 363, Sunday September 15, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

In S. American, prophecies about the coming passage were assisted by the entity Ramatis. The passing planet was known as Hercolubus. These channeled works were produced during the last century, by known channels Chico Xavier, Hercilio Maes, and Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, all of whom lived to a ripe old age, and died within a decade of each other at the turn of the century. As with the ZetaTalk message, many claimants are producing books and making false claims, looking for fame and profit.

Chico Xavier
Xavier believed he was only a channel for the work of the spirits and that he was not able to produce any miracle such as healing people. He believed he could not contact someone that was dead, unless their spirit was willing to be contacted. He would only reproduce whatever the spirits dictated to him. Reason why; he never accepted the money generated from selling books. During mediumistic trances, electroencephalograms showed that Chico Xavier presented common characteristics of epilepsy, but clinically, he was never epileptic. Born April 2, 1910, died June 30, 2002 (aged 92).
The medium and Brazilian lawyer Hercilio Maes (1913-1993), who allegedly contacted via psychographic with extraterrestrial Hercobulus Ramatis-names in his astral Messages (1956). They prophesied that the most catastrophic effects on the Earth would notice in 1999.

Died Astronomer Famous for his Predictions Seismic
In our country there have been only three people who have the privilege of having announced the accurate prediction of large earthquakes and destructive earthquakes with numerous casualties and damage: they are the Captain Middleton and Officer Nuño, the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy of Chile, for the great earthquake of 1906, and the scholar Carlos Muñoz Ferrada for Chillán earthquake of 1939, with 40 000 deaths.
Astronomer Carlos Munoz Ferrada
March 23, 2012
The first news of the approchement an intruder planet in our solar system, from the self Chilean astronomer Ferrada Carlos Muñoz (who died in October 2001 at the age of 92 years). On 11 June 1940 he announced to the world the existence of this planet he called "Planet-Comet" because it has the mass of a planet with the orbit of a comet. His astronomical and geophysical predictions made ??him famous. Carlos Muñoz Ferrada developed the theory of geodynamics, which is based on the attractions of the heavenly bodies, large explosions in the Sun and the cycles of geophysical disturbances. With this method he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climate change, he discovered new planets and comets, deciphering their trajectories and other features. He had a special gift: the gift to enter into a trance when he was researching and that, in this state, he wrote and drew what he received, and that it gave him much success as enemies throughout his life.
Nostradamus Prophecy re Herculobus
The star Hercólubus already been detected by the Earth Science, although almost all scientists have hidden. In the Channel 4 television Puerto Rico, on June 28, 1999, Mr. Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, renowned astronomer, scientist seismologist and Chile, announced the features of this "Comet Planet": It elliptical orbit as comet mass as a planet, or a planet with a tail; is about cosmic energy loaded; does not meet established celestial laws; his arrival will cause a human and geophysical change, bringing change and destruction (it is said that only 10% of humanity will survive).

ZetaTalk Comment 11/2/2006: In S. America, the primary prophecies relaying the coming pole shift have been from an entity known as Ramatis, who used several channels, relaying the same message from each. All the channels Ramatis used were sincere, with the message essentially being relayed unpolluted by the human vehicles. That the message of a 90° shift, due to the passage of a large planet with a long orbital period, which orbits two Sun's, one of which has never lit and thus is invisible, remarkably parallels our description of the orbit and passage of Planet X. However, all channeled work suffers from the limitations of the human to relay the intended message, or confusion among those hearing the message. Bearing this in mind, these are valid prophecies, and should be carefully read with an open mind that looks for similarities with other valid prophecies, rather than dwelling on the differences.

With a proven track record as a geologist able to predict the 1939 earthquake in Chile and as astronomer able to predict an altered orbit for Haley’s Comet, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada was perhaps the most weighty of the Ramatis channels. As ZetaTalk has done, he attempted to be very specific on the trajectory and dynamics of the passage of Hercolubus. (Hercolubus is the same planet of the passage known by many names – Wormwood, Niburu, Marduk, Planet X, etc.) At the age of 90, two years prior to his death, his prophecies were recorded on video. Per the Zetas, there are significant differences between information received from a channel and information received via a telepathic conversation such as ZetaTalk utilizes.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2013: Some misinterpretations that emerged were an orbit period of 6,666, due to Biblical influences. Another is that Hercolubus must be larger than Jupiter, which was an attempt by some channels to explain the size being relayed during passage, when it will loom as large as the Sun in the swirling dust cloud. Ramatis, using Carlos Muñoz Ferrada, attempted more precision due to Ferrada’s astronomical skills. Nevertheless, his message as received is not 100% accurate. Ferrada worked as a channel, as did others receiving the Ramatis information. A channel allows the entity to use the body and mind, and thus is limited by what the mind of the channel can encompass. Channeled work is thus often vague, or if precise, the precision is inserted later by the channel who is attempting to record the message received. How else to explain differences in channeled work from the same entity?

ZetaTalk is a telepathic conversation. There is feedback where Nancy relays what she has understood, and we correct the interpretation. Material is repeatedly addressed, over the years, and the readership has noted a remarkable correlation from one piece of ZetaTalk material to another, years later. Consistency is a hallmark of ZetaTalk because of this feedback mechanism. The message is not scrambled. ZetaTalk was accurate enough to pinpoint in 1997 where Planet X, aka Nibiru, would appear in March, 2003 some 6 years later. This prediction was so close to the RA and Dec on arrival that it was astonishing.

How do the descriptions by Carlos Muñoz Ferrada compare to what ZetaTalk has relayed?

Astronomer Carlos Munoz Ferrada
March 23, 2012
These data are as follows:
- 92 km / s = speed of the planet Hercolubus turning around the Black Sun.
- 76 km / s = speed of the planet Hercolubus when it revolves around the Sun in the solar system.
- 300 km / s = speed of the planet Hercolubus halfway two suns.
- 14,000,000 km = closest to the Earth in the path of the planet Hercolubus Point.
- 32 billion km = distance from the Sun Black Earth.
- 300,000 km / s = speed of light. 9 460 800 000 000 m = distance traveled by light in one year.
This star pass inside the orbit of the Earth with a satellite speed of 66 kilometers per second, and at the same time, on that date, its perihelion only 139,100,000 km from the Sun. It is also in the scope of probabilities, determining that this new and attractive gigantic cosmic body can get to straighten the axis of the Earth with great gravity and geophysical disturbances. Both poles removed at the same time, as in the days of the equinoxes in spring and autumn.

Regarding Planet X traveling at the speed of light between its foci suns, there are similarities.  There are similarities in the description of how close to the Sun Planet X comes during the passage. There are similarities in the Repulsion Force, the anti-gravity force, though Ramatis channel Ferrada implies this rather than stating it.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2013: Both  ZetaTalk and Ferrada state that Planet X is a planet acting like a comet, and is a planet with a tail. Both describe a Pole Shift. Both state that the Earth’s axis may change as a result. Both ZetaTalk and Ferrada state that Planet X moves at the speed of light between its two suns.  ZetaTalk describes the orbit of Planet X as a sling orbit, overshooting the Sun for a turnaround some distance away, where Ferrada predicts perihelion at the Sun. ZetaTalk also described the passage coming within the orbit of Venus, where Ferrada states perihelion occurs barely within the orbit of Earth. Nevertheless, they both bring Planet X close to the Sun during the passage, and within the orbit of Earth.  Ferrada describes a slower pace for Planet X when it is near one of its suns, which can only be understood as a version of the Repulsion Force as why else would the gravity pull lessen during a passage when the body goes at the speed of light between the suns? Thus the Ferrada version is incomplete, but not in conflict with ZetaTalk.

On some points there appears to be a conflict, but upon closer examination, no conflict and in fact a remarkable correlation.  ZetaTalk has stressed that at its closest point, Planet X will be no closer to Earth than 14 million miles, with the Moons Swirls of Planet X staying within 5 million miles of Planet X. This is detailed in the ZetaTalk Point of Passage descriptions. But the 9 million miles to the Moon Swirls is remarkably similar to the 8.6 million miles that Ferrada cites.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2013: Thus, the Moons will be at no time closer than 9 million miles from the Earth. Ferrada states that the closest it will come is 14 million km, which equates to 8.6 million miles. Where this seems to be a difference, Ferrada is describing the distance between Earth and the Moon Swirls. Thus, both agree.

There is likewise an apparent difference in the distance to the Sun’s dark unlit binary, though both agree that it is a dark unlit binary sun. The Zetas detail this dark twin to be 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away. Ferrada has it much closer, but the Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/31/2013: Both ZetaTalk and Ferrada describe a dark twin of Sol, but differ on the distance between the two. ZetaTalk describes this as 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances, with the dark twin in the direction of the constellation Orion. Ferrada’s distance is only a third of this distance as Ramatis was describing the location of Planet X at the time of the channel, when it was already on the move for the passage past the Sun, and this point was confused by Ferrada.

On a couple points the Ramadis channels were often confused. An orbital period of 6,666 was cited, which the Zetas state was confusion due to Biblical influences. Ferrada states that the last passage was 13,000 years ago. The truth of the ZetaTalk version (3,657 years on average), and the ancient Sumerian texts translated by Zachariah Sitchin (3,600 year period), can be shown by the date of the Jewish Exodus approximately 1,628 BC and the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003.


On February 12, 2012 the Agulhas current past the tip of S Africa, where water rushes from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, produced a whirlpool estimated to be 90 miles wide. This was detailed in Issue 283 of this newsletter.  Now satellite imagery has shown that these whirlpools also form deep beneath the waves, and act like voracious black holes moving ocean water at great depths and at a powerful rate. These whirlpools, often not seen on the surface, gain a life of their own and live for months, moving into the South Atlantic. These have only appeared since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, and since the Earth wobble caused by the near presence of Planet X has been in effect.

Satellites Glimpse Ultra-Powerful “Black Hole” Whirlpools in Atlantic
August 21, 2013
The whirlpools - never witnessed before - would suck down ships, debris and even living creatures, moving 1.3 million cubic metres of water per second. The singularities, as they have been termed, last for months at a time, moving across the ocean without interference from other currents.  In addition, the maelstroms were found to occur four times deeper in the ocean than previously estimated; the study found examples as deep as 2000m below the surface.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/25/2012: The Agulhas Current normally flows from the Indian Ocean, which has relatively warmer water, to the South Atlantic. When the water pressure in the Indian Ocean is increased by the wobble, this of course increases the pressure of the flow, which would increase in force and speed. None of this in and of itself would produce a whirlpool, however. It is the reverse wobble effect, when S Africa swings to push under the South Atlantic, that produces the whirlpool. When this happens, there is a clash in the currents, and the Coriolis Effect as with all water and air in motion on Earth clicks in and creates a whirlpool. The Earth wobble, and only the Earth wobble can explain the Agulhas whirlpool.

Whirlpools are not unknown on Earth, and are well documented where tides rush through narrow straits.  Old Sow at New Brunswick, Canada has reportedly killed 10 people and is considered the largest whirlpool, but is still under the 90 mile diameter of the whirlpool measured off the coast of S Africa in 2012. The Saltstraumen outside Bodø in Norway is considered the most powerful, based on speed, followed by another Norwegian whirlpool, the Moskenstraumen off the Lofoten islands.  The tidal whirlpools at the Naruto channel in Japan are considered the fourth fastest in the world.  But the size and longevity of these world famous tidal whirlpools are a fraction of the wobble whirlpools now recorded in the South Atlantic.

The "Old Sow" Whirlpool Largest in the Western Hemisphere - Possibly the World!
Whirling on the Canadian side of the international border in waters called Western Passage between Eastport and Deer Island, the Old Sow whirlpool boasts currents of more than six knots, tides reaching 26 feet and chartered depths of 405 feet. Coastal information has repeatedly called Old Sow the world's largest whirlpool, while a few conservative texts call her the largest whirlpool in this hemisphere. From 1817 to 1995, a number of boats and at least 10 people have met their end as a result of Old Sow, which is most dangerous on the flood tide, especially for small boats.
10 Facts About Whirlpools
September 15, 2012
Saltstraumen is the most powerful whirlpool in the world.  It’s located off of Norway, and it is caused by the tremendously strong tide in the area.
Naruto Whirlpools
Due to the narrowness of the strait, the water rushes through the Naruto channel at a speed of about 13–15 km/h (8–9 mph) four times a day, twice flowing in and twice flowing out. During a spring tide, the speed of the water may reach 20 km/h (12 mph), creating vortices up to 20 m (66 ft) in diameter. The current in the strait is the fastest in Japan and the fourth fastest in the world after the Saltstraumen outside Bodø in Norway, which reaches speeds of 37 km/h (23 mph), the Moskenstraumen off the Lofoten islands in Norway (the original maelstrom), which reaches speeds of 27.8 km/h (17.3 mph); and the Old Sow whirlpool in New Brunswick, Canada, which has been measured with a speed of up to 27.6 km/h (17.1 mph).

The Zetas, who had foreknowledge of the Earth wobble that would be caused by the arrival of Planet X in 2003, predicted ocean whirlpools a decade ago. The wobble is producing them, and the Pole Shift will too. Large heaping waves, sudden tsunami, and whirlpools – ships beware!  This is another example of Zetas right again!

ZetaTalk Insight 9/15/1996: These giant whirlpool have been recorded by the ancients, as their ships on occasion were caught in them during a pole shift. When one of the fleet managed to escape, the tale was told and recorded. However, as with many pole shift generated tales, these tales are taken to be myths.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/12/2000: We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans.

Urban Gardening

Since approximately half the world’s population lives in cities, and cities are going to starve after the Pole Shift due to a lack of food distribution (and failing crops), what is someone who simply cannot leave the city to do? In a word, start gardening! Lack of space is no excuse! If you have access to a vacant lot, or a porch for container gardening, you should be gardening. Practice. Learn to save seed! Form support groups and share produce.

Great Tips for Urban Landscaping
Vertical Garden. Another thing that you can add to your yard is a vertical garden wherein you line hanging pots on top of each other to create a vertical orientation of plants. These structures must be placed against a strong wall.
Food and Farming: Eating Local & Urban Gardens
Growing some of your own food is an economical and rewarding way to help our environment.  So is patronizing restaurants and groceries that practice sustainable farming and use/sell locally grown foods.
Save Money Growing Vegetables and Herbs
If space is limited, containers are an ideal way to start veggie and herb gardening. All you need is sun and a source of water. From a small apartment balcony to the deck of a retirement-community home, containers can be productive, fun, and easy. Combining vegetables and herbs in containers gives you an attractive planting as well as a nice variety of edibles. An easy combination is a leafy plant such as Swiss chard or lettuce with rosemary, or a tomato with a basil plant in a 20-inch or larger container.
Urban Gardens Galore
July 11, 2011
There are community gardens if you prefer to bring the bounty of vegetables home and share with neighbors.

Use the compost for earthworm bins as they make nitrogen rich soil from compost and guess what, earthworms are 82% protein and there is no better food for chickens. What are you waiting for? Just do it!