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Issue 377, Sunday December 22, 2013
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ISON Disintegrates

Like Comet Elenin in 2011, Comet ISON was to be used as a distraction, disinformation claiming the comets were Nibiru so that the real Nibiru, aka Planet X would not be noticed. Elenin was taken out by the Council of Worlds for this reason.

ZetaTalk Statement 9/3/2011: Although it is quite common for comets to disintegrate when they draw near the Sun, Elenin was assisted in this regard. The Council of Worlds allowed an interference to put an end to the campaign, which was considered a direct assault on the people of Earth and their right to be informed and to take steps to save themselves and their loved ones during the coming passage.

As with Elenin, these claims were again made for ISON.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/28/2013: Comet ISON is just another dirty snowball, just another comet, so why the hype? Comet Elenin was to be used as a distraction for the Earth changes when the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, was alive and well in 2011. Once again we have a distraction with Comet ISON, with all manner of claims about its potential impact on the Earth. ISON is Nibiru, is the cry. Why, when the admission that Nibiru is real and in the inner solar system for years is about to occur, is anyone pushing the ISON disinformation? There are those who hope the announcement does not occur, so once again a comet is the excuse.

Would the Council of Worlds step in to destroy ISON, as they had with Elenin? Going into ISON’s grand perihelion date on Thanksgiving Day it seemed ISON was on target to be the claimed Comet of the Century. But amid the hype, there were hints that all might not be well.

Comet ISON
November 25, 2013
On Nov, 28th, Thanksgiving Day in the USA, it will fly through the sun's atmosphere little more than a million kilometers above the surface of the sun. At closest approach, the temperature of ISON's core could rise as high as 5000o Fahrenheit--an existential challenge for an icy comet. No one knows if it will survive.
Comet ISON May Be Breaking
October 20, 2013
It's starting to increasingly look like Comet ISON, which at one time was viewed as potentially one of the most spectacular comets of the last hundred years, may not even survive long enough to make its rendevous with the Sun on November 28th of this year. There had always been a concern among astronomers and cometary experts that this might happen, since Comet ISON will be coming so close to the Sun, but there had been cautious optimism that the cosmic visitor might survive its encounter with the sun and provide us with an impressive show in the sky.

What was evident on November 25, 2013? Photos selected by official sites still showed ISON with an intact nucleus and glorious tail, but Alberto, the guru inspiring people worldwide to take photos of the Planet X complex with mylar or red filters, showed otherwise. Alberto is an amateur astronomer who has been taking images of Planet X since 2003. This Pole Shift ning blog has his ISON story in photos. Note that per Alberto’s superb photos, ISON is fragmenting in the days before its perihelion on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013.

Alberto’s photos rival the photos provided by NASA from its SOHO satellite view. NASA held a hangout on Thanksgiving Day, at the time when ISON should sling behind the Sun and emerge on the other side, a glorious sight. Official websites were still pumping the hype. But as ISON went behind the Sun and all waited for it to emerge, the comments from the NASA hangout told the tale. ISON was not re-appearing where and when expected. NASA reported it had exploded.

Comet ISON, so Far so Good
November 27, 2013
Comet ISON is hurtling toward the sun today at 148,000 mph and, despite the rising heat, the comet appears to be intact. Yesterday, reports of fading spectral lines from the comet's core raised concerns that the icy nucleus might be disintegrating. Current images from NASA and ESA spacecraft, however, show the comet still going strong.
1:10 EST: NASA Hangout says “Expected to survive”
1:19 EST: Nucleus of ISON is not as well defined as it was a few hours ago.
1:21 EST: Rumor is ISON has evaperated
1:40 EST: “There is no bright coma in the new pictures, ISON might have disintegrated.”
1:48 EST: “It’s not looking good for ISON. No bright dot where the solid part of the comet would be”
1:59 EST: News is slowing down. Thoughts are ISON evaporated. ISON should have passed the sun at 1:48 EST. It’s a waiting game now.
2:10 EST: “Nothing on SDO, and it’s strange. Possible coma never made it to corona of sun.”
Comet ISON 'Destroyed in Sun Pass'
November 28, 2013
Telescopes saw the giant ball of ice and dust disappear behind the star, but then fail to emerge as expected. Astronomers continue to search for the object, but it is almost certain the much vaunted "Comet of the Century" has gone out with a whimper. Despite its great size, ISON was probably torn apart in the immense heat and tidal forces so close to the Sun.

It had certainly fragmented and was rapidly disintegrating, despite the wails of those who were hoping to claim that ISON was Nibiru. Alberto’s photos proved this to be the case, as the Zetas had predicted going into perihelion. No hand of the Council of Worlds was needed, per the Zetas, as it was destined to fragment.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/25/2013: That ISON is already fragmenting has already been officially acknowledged.  Elenin was assisted in its breakup but ISON did not need assistance. Its multiple tails showed that the composition of ISON was such that voluminous outgassing was occurring even at a far reach from the Sun’s heat. The breakup of Elenin was considered necessary by the Council of Worlds to embarrass the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X. Though the same crowd is now backing all the hype about ISON, the much touted passage by the Sun will result in a dramatic fizzle just ahead of the announcement about the presence of Nibiru. The timing is such that it will be fireworks, a dramatic display during the death of the cover-up. A strong contrast between the truth and the lies that have been promulgated.

Replacement Homes

With the Earth changes on the increase and the flooding and earthquake damage just starting, replacement housing will be a concern for rich and poor. The Zeta prediction for the hour of the Pole Shift includes hurricane force wind worldwide, tidal waves along the coast lines of 500-600 feet, and a rise in sea level within two year after to 675 feet above the current level.

ZetaTalk Description 7/15/1996: Massive tidal waves roll slowly up into the coastal areas, first on one side of a body of water and then, later when the water sloshes back, on the other side. Both tides are equally as devastating. The earthquakes are devastating. All but the flimsiest of housing is wrenched so violently that it collapses, crushing and trapping those inside.

It is thus no accident that tiny houses, those which can be cheaply built or built even from trash are increasingly in the news. Rich and poor alike may be looking for homes afloat, which can move to the  best locations and coincidentally fish for supper along the way. Would this monster boat for the wealthy survive the hurricane force winds? The Pole Shift flood tides are not a large violent wave, per the Zetas, but a steadily rising tide. Essentially, a high tide! Houseboat living is highly recommended, especially for those regions of the world which will flood to an immense degree after the Pole Shift, such as Siberia and the Amazon and Mississippi River regions.

Florida Man’s $10 Billion Plan to Build ‘Floating City’ for the Wealthy
November 29, 2013
The ship will be 25 stories high, over one mile long, and will feature an airport to ferry passengers and residents on and off the boat. Because of its size, it will not be able to enter ports, and will have to be moored off the coastlines of the cities it travels to. According to Sarasota, Florida engineer who designed it, Norman Nixon, the Freedom Ship would circumnavigate the globe once every two years. When Nixon first proposed the project in 1999, many accused him of attempting to create a mobile tax shelter for the wealthy. Condominiums on the ship will be sold once the initial funding for its construction has been secured. One bedroom units will start at $150,000, with luxury units selling for anywhere between $7 million and $10 million.

ZetaTalk Advice 2001: Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

Survivors based on land should also take note of how cozy and cheap tiny houses can be. Designs being featured lately include those built, literally, from trash and dirt. Just the stuff survivors are likely to find in abundance when they can no longer go shopping and paper money is in any case worthless. Other designs tout transportability, so you can build it now and haul it to a secluded valley in the country at the last minute.

The £150 Hobbit Hole
November 25, 2013
This cottage cost just £150 to build, using only natural or reclaimed materials, and is now rented out for a fee of fresh milk and cream. And with no mains electricity, gas or water, the bills don’t come to much either. The 300 sq ft of floor space features floorboards rescued from a skip, while an old windscreen from a lorry provided glass for the windows. Cob houses are built according to a method thought to date back to prehistoric times which uses only earth, clay and straw.  The water supply is free as it comes from a diverted natural spring which gurgles out of a pipe outside, while the ‘natural’ fridge is a shallow well a few yards away from the front door and hidden from view by towering cow parsley.  The WC is a composting lavatory in a separate thatched outhouse with a panoramic view of the Oxfordshire countryside, and the ‘bathroom’ is a tin tub hanging on the wall outside which can be brought in and filled as needed.

Molecule Tiny Homes
July 17, 2013
It’s 17-feet long and has a few notable features: a staircase to the loft, a bathtub, and a fold up porch. The porch at the front door is hinged and folds-up when the house is being moved.

Military Purge

Obama has recently been accused of “purging” the US military. Never mind that the sequester requires the military to reduce its size and cost, in step with the reductions in spending that the rest of the US government must endure, and never mind that ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has created a glut in the already bloated US military. The US military equals the rest of the world combined – Russia, China, Europe, and all other countries combined on one side, and the US on the other, and the scale balances. That’s how big the bloated USA military is. One does not just terminate the grunt soldiers and leave all the good ol’ boys in the officer’s club, presumably. One selectively reduces, and those officers who have shown themselves to be either incompetent or insubordinate or openly breaking the rules or untrustworthy are obvious candidates. But there are other reasons for termination of top officers. We last addressed this matter in Issue 349 of this newsletter on June 9, 2013.  Let’s go down the list.

General Petraeus was forced from the head of the CIA over infidelity. Having an open affair with his attractive biographer, in front of the troops, was flagrant, but working against Obama behind the scenes was likely the real reason for forced retirement.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/24/2012: Petraeus hoped to make the Obama administration look inept, and the truth is only now coming out. Thus as soon as Obama had won the election, those within the administration who knew this approached him about replacing Petraeus, with the information they had in hand for some time – the affair.

General Allen suddenly retired after being cleared of charges. Per the Zetas, he had been traced as part of a group that was blocking Obama’s plans to admit the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X. JFK was assassinated by the DOD and CIA for his plans to inform the public about the alien presence. Would some in the military do any less to block Obama?  

ZetaTalk Insight 2/23/2013: The team assigned to arrange the announcement have conducted dozens of false starts to sweep for the opposition, who often lay in powerful positions within the government.  The parties were identified, communicating with each other, and the announcement team can go up the ladder to those at the helm. General Allen was one such leader at the helm.

The prior resignation of General McCrystal’s in 2010 was due to his interview with the Rolling Stones magazine, wherein he questioned Obama’s judgment for closing down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another clear military rule broken, as the rule is that one does not publically disparage the Commander in Chief.

McChrystal on Resignation: 'I Wanted to Stay in the Job'
January 7, 2013
McChrystal said he met President Obama with resignation in hand when he arrived at the White House immediately after the June 2010 publication of the article, “The Runaway General.” The article depicted McChrystal and his close aides disparaging the president and administration leaders, and not only ended his post as commander in Afghanistan but prematurely concluded a 34-year military career for the West Point graduate.

Then there is the matter of the nuclear arsenal at Minot Air Force Base. In 2007, under Bush/Cheney, several nukes were removed and put on a plane headed for Louisianna. None of this official, and only a slight military rebuke occurred for this supposed “accident” though several servicemen who were witnesses suddenly lost their lives in what the Zetas state were assassinations. In 2013, Obama removed 17 officers from Minot Air Force Base for sloppy operations. Was this purge unjustified or was more mischief afoot?

Air Force Sidelines 17 ICBM Officers at Minot AFB
May 8, 2013
The Air Force stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control - and, if necessary, launch - nuclear missiles after a string of unpublicized failings.  The trouble at Minot is the latest in a series of setbacks for the Air Force's nuclear mission. In 2008, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates sacked the top civilian and military leaders of the Air Force after a series of blunders, including a bomber's mistaken flight across the country armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. Since then the Air Force has taken numerous steps designed to improve its nuclear performance.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/18/2013: In an unprecedented move, 17 officers in charge of nuclear missiles at Minot Air Force Base were removed from their commands. Is it just, as reports suggest, that their morale was low due to sequester cuts, and chances of promotions in the future slim? Minot was the base where nuclear missiles were stolen in 2007 and transported by plane to a Louisiana base, thence to be slipped out of the country. This plot was foiled, but not before several airmen were assassinated before they could cooperate with the investigation. Is this purge related?

Following the theme of ensuring that the nuclear arsenal is in good hands are the 2013 terminations of two top generals in charge of the arsenal. Generals Giardina and Carey, both in management over the nuclear arsenal. Gambling debts and heavy drinking were implied or asserted, both indicative of personalities that could be blackmailed or at least prone to bad judgment. Especially when in management over the nuclear arsenal!  Per the Zetas, this was indicative of good oversight on the part of the Obama administration. If one has to reduce the size of the military, only the best should be retained.

No. 2 US Nuke Commander Suspended Amid Gambling Probe
September 28, 2013
Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, the deputy commander of Strategic Command, was suspended from his duties on Sept. 3, pending the outcome of a Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation. STRATCOM is the command that oversees all U.S. nuclear war-fighting forces.
General In Charge of America’s Nuclear Arsenal To Be Relieved Of Command
October 13, 2013
There has been a shake up in the top echelons of U.S. military leadership. Two-star Maj. Gen. Michael Carey is to be relieved of his command over the 20th Air Force. The unit is responsible for the Air Force’s entire nuclear arsenal.

Two Marine Corps Generals Are Forced to Retire Over Fatal Security Breach
September 30, 2013
Two senior Marine Corps generals have been ordered to take early retirement after being found responsible for errors in judgment and failure to provide adequate security at a base in southwestern Afghanistan that was the scene of a deadly — and humiliating — insurgent attack last year that killed two Marines and destroyed six Harrier attack jets. Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus  and Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant will take early retirement.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/5/2013: Forcibly retiring three high level officers in the Navy and Marines, just days apart from each other, is an indication that the orders came from above. Contrary to past decades and administrations, where the old boys club among high ranking officers allowed transfers to avoid retirement, there seem to be new rules in place. Those in leadership positions are expected to earn their rank, else leave. These terminations are putting the rest of the officers in the DOD on notice, to shape up or prepare to be retired. Gambling is an addiction that leaves one open to blackmail, and incompetent leadership endangers troops. This will no longer be tolerated.

And that goes for Navy Commanders giving out confidential information on ship routes in exchange for ladies of the night. So much for Obama’s uncalled for purge of the military!

Navy Commander, Accused of Selling Secrets for Prostitutes, Lady Gaga Tickets
November 3, 2013
Nicknamed "Fat Leonard," the gregarious Malaysian businessman is well known by U.S. Navy commanders in the Pacific, where his company has serviced warships for 25 years. But prosecutors in court papers say Leonard Francis worked his connections to obtain military secrets by lining up hookers, Lady Gaga tickets and other bribes for a U.S. commander, in a scandal reverberating across the Navy. Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz passed confidential information on ship routes.