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Issue 395, Sunday April 27, 2014
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Ancient Maps

The Zetas have described the position of the N Pole and S Pole over the past several Pole Shifts, stating that Greenland was the last N Pole, thus still heavy with ice at the current time.  The Zetas also place the S Pole close to Australia. Tip Greenland back into the N Pole position, and the S Pole shifts toward Australia. 

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/15/2002: As we have stated in ZetaTalk, the prior shift moved the North Pole from Greenland to its present location. Prior to that, it was over the East Siberian Sea, having pulled Siberia northward where the largest number of mammoth dieoff occurred.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/15/1998: But the prior North Pole should leave no doubt, as the Island of Greenland, with volcanoes melting the glaciers away in great floods, is still more heavy with ice than all that has accumulated over the current water born poles to date, within the past 3,600 years. Prior to the last pole shift there was a slightly colder Europe, a slightly warmer Russia.

The Piri Reis map has been dated to a time 4,000 years ago based on the ice-free appearance of islands off the coast of Antarctica. The Piri Reis may itself have a more recent date, but is assumed to be a copy of the original map, now lost.  Note that the Atlantic side of Antarctica would have been warmer, ice free, per the Piri Reis map, confirming the Zeta description of the placement of the poles prior to the last Pole Shift. Per the Zetas, such solid proof that the Earth’s crust shifts every 3,600 years or so terrifies many, so they discount the evidence, preferring denial.

The Controversy
The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC.  Charles Hapggod, in 1953, wrote a book called "Earth's shifting crust: a key to some basic problems of earth science", where he made up a theory to explain how Antarctic had been ice-free until year 4000 BC. The theory summing up is as follows: The reason Antarctic was ice-free, and therefore much warmer, it is to be found in the fact that, at one time, its location wasn't the South Pole. It was located approximately 2000 miles further north. Hapgood says this "would have put it outside the Antarctic Circle in a temperate or cold temperate climate".
Technological Subjugation In Our Nuclear Age
January 17, 2014
Piri Reis Map showing Antarctica’s coastline 4,000 years ago before the ice.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/15/1997: An unanswered puzzle that cartographers struggle with is the presence of ancient maps that indicate the equator and the poles were not always where they are today. The accuracy of these maps, detailing land masses and their placement as they are essentially known today, cannot be denied. These were not fantasy maps, but were drawn with markings that relate to the placement of stars and compasses, the guides sailors use when far out at sea. There is no ready explanation, as the detail and consistency do not indicate confusion, and a matter as central to map making as the placement of the equator and poles would not likely be confused. The obvious answer is staring these cartographers in the face, but the reason they fail to consider the answer is due to the anxiety it engenders. Pole shifts occur often, have occurred in recent time, and could occur again!

China maps drawn since the last Pole Shift clearly show Greenland to the side of the current N Pole region, in the current global position. This is true of the Zheng He map, dated 1418, and the Shanhai Yudi Quantu map, dated 1607. In both these maps, Greenland is shown both to the side of Quebec on one side and to the side of Europe on the other side.

China Beat Columbus to it, Perhaps
January 12, 2006
It seems more likely that the world and all its continents were discovered by a Chinese admiral named Zheng He, whose fleets roamed the oceans between 1405 and 1435. In Beijing and London, fresh and dramatic evidence is to be revealed to bolster Zheng it is a copy, made in 1763, of a map, dated 1418.

Shanhai Yudi Quantu
The Shanhai Yudi Quantu is a Chinese map which was published between 1607 and 1609 in the geographical treatise Sancai Tuhui. Greenland (Wòlándeyà)

But what of Chinese maps that are dated prior to the last Pole Shift? The Harris Map is dated 4,000 years back, and lo and behold, Greenland is shown as the N Pole! For example, on this David Deal interpretation of the classic Chinese symbols on the map. Per the Zetas, this is yet more evidence that a crustal shift occurred during the last Pole Shift, as they have stated.

This map and similar maps can be found in the book Secret Maps of the Ancient World by Charlotte Harris Rees (Dr. Harris’ daughter). In this ’round map’ of the world both China and Korea are located at the center. North of Japan (depicted as a single island) Asia arches around to what appears to be Alaska and the western coastline of the Americas. Some observers even contend that the eastern coastline of the Americas is on the far left of this map. By the time of his death in 1981, Dr. Harris had acquired seven similar map books and located 22 others in museums and private collections around the world (in London, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo).
Chinese Cartography
Hendon Harris map – English translation; Hendon Harris map – David Deal’s interpretation; Shanhai Yudi Quantu; Rolando Chacon map.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/12/2014: We have stated that prior to the last Pole Shift the geographic N Pole was Greenland, still heavy with ice from that period. Why else would ice have accumulated there to that degree? This fact is documented by ancient Chinese maps, comparing the Harris Map drawn prior to the last Pole Shift and the Zheng He map drawn in 1418. The Harris Map shows Greenland centered at the top, at that time the geographic N Pole, where the Zheng He map does not give Greenland this prominence. Greenland in fact in the Zheng He map is slid off to the side, confirming the crustal shift that Potsdam Institute in Germany hypothesized increased desertification in the Sahara.

Grassy Sahara Turned to Desert in a Few Centuries
July 16, 1999
A team of researchers headed by Martin Claussen of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research analyzed computer models of climate over the past several thousand years. They concluded the change to today's desert climate in the Sahara was triggered by changes in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of Earth's axis.


The 20th anniversary of the Rwanda massacre of the Tutsis by the Hutus arrived recently, putting the issue in the press once again. Approximately 1 million out of a population of 7 million were hacked to death with machete by Hutus, who were obeying a government mandated genocide. At base, the reason for this tirade appears to be jealousy, as the Tutsis were utilized by colonists for administrative jobs and were favored by the Catholic Church. The Tutsi were lighter skinned and considered more Caucasian, where the Hutus were primarily herdsmen, agrarian. Anyone refusing to participate in this genocide were themselves killed. The international community did not step in to stop the genocide.

Rwanda Genocide Anniversary: 20 Years Later, Flame Stirs Memories
March 28, 2014
Ethnic Hutu extremists killed neighbors, friends and family during a three-month rampage of violence aimed at ethnic Tutsis and some moderate Hutus. Rwanda puts the death toll at 1,000,050. The killing spree was a planned political campaign that came from an ideology called Hutu Power. Tutsis, the video says, were meant to be exterminated.
Rwandan Genocide
European colonists, convinced the Tutsi had migrated to Rwanda from Ethiopia, believed the Tutsi were more Caucasian than the Hutu and were therefore racially superior and better suited to carry out colonial administrative tasks. They oversaw a land reform process by the Tutsi chiefs, in which grazing areas traditionally under the control of Hutu collectives were seized and privatised, with minimal compensation. Tutsi supremacy remained, leaving the Hutu disenfranchised and subject to large scale forced labour.  The Catholic Church favored Tutsi enrollment in their mission schools, which taught French and other key skills required for civil service and leadership positions. Historians do not agree on the precise date on which the idea of a "final solution" to kill every Tutsi in Rwanda was first mooted.
The Hutu population, which had been prepared and armed during the preceding months, and maintained the long-standing Rwandan culture of unconditional obedience to authority, carried out these orders without question.  During the first six weeks, up to 800,000 Rwandans may have been murdered, which would represent a rate of killing five times higher than during the Holocaust of Nazi Germany. Most of the victims were killed in their own villages or in towns, often by their neighbors and fellow villagers. The militia typically murdered victims by machetes, although some army units used rifles. The Hutu gangs searched out victims hiding in churches and school buildings, and massacred them. Local officials and government-sponsored radio incited ordinary citizens to kill their neighbors, and those who refused to kill were often murdered on the spot.

Is government sponsored genocide rare? The Cambodian killing fields mandated by Pot Pol, is estimated to have eliminated 25% of the population of Cambodia in the 1970’s. Here resentment of the forces behind the Viet Nam war, which were viewed as capitalist, favoring US corporations, was a spur to Pol Pot’s policies. Capitalism, and its advocates, were to be eliminated so that a simple agrarian society might prevail. Once again, jealousy was involved, as “extremely young, poor, and envious cadres” were enlisted for the killing campaign. But once again resentment of colonialism was present, as the Viet Nam war was also being fought to preserve the right of colonialism against the incursion of communism. Per the Zetas, look to fear as a motivating factor in the genocide of Pol Pot.  

The Killing Fields
The Killing Fields are a number of sites in Cambodia where large numbers of people were killed and buried by the communist Khmer Rouge regime, during its rule of the country from 1975 to 1979, immediately after the end of the Cambodian Civil War. Analysis of 20,000 mass grave sites by the DC-Cam Mapping Program and Yale University indicate at least 1,386,734 victims of execution. Estimates of the total number of deaths resulting from Khmer Rouge policies, including disease and starvation, range from 1.7 to 2.5 million out of a 1975 population of roughly 8 million.
The Killing Fields Museum - Learn from Cambodia
Pol Pot declared 'Year Zero' when Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh on April 17, 1975. He immediately directed a ruthless program to "purify" Cambodian society of capitalism, Western culture, religion and all foreign influences. He wanted to create Cambodia into an isolated and totally self-sufficient Maoist agrarian state. Crimes punishable by death include not working hard enough, complaining about living conditions, collecting or stealing food for personal consumption, wearing jewelry, engaging in sexual relations, grieving over the loss of relatives or friends and expressing religious sentiments. 1969 US President Nixon and national security adviser, Henry Kissenger, authorize secret and illegal bombing raids on Vietnamese communist sanctuaries and supply routes inside Cambodia. By 1973, US dropped a total of 539,129 tons of bombs in Cambodia and 600,000 Cambodians were killed. A military failure for the US during its war with Vietnam, the bombings served to increase support for the Khmer Rouge among Cambodians that were outraged at the US bombings.
Cambodian Genocide
What emerges as the explanation for the terror and violence that swept Cambodia during the 1970s is that a small group of alienated intellectuals, enraged by their perception of a totally corrupt society and imbued with a Maoist plan to create a pure socialist order in the shortest possible time, recruited extremely young, poor, and envious cadres, instructed them in harsh and brutal methods learned from Stalinist mentors, and used them to destroy physically the cultural underpinnings of the Khmer civilization and to impose a new society through purges, executions, and violence.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/19/2009: Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, all were tyrants who were intent upon killing many of their countrymen. At the base of such actions is fear, the tyrant wanting to sculp the population so that they fear revolt less and can sleep easy. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case, as the more killed, the more the tyrant fears revenge, thus yet more are killed - a never ending cycle. This is why such massive numbers are murdered.

Rwanda in Africa and Cambodia in Asia certainly have a mate in NAZI Germany, who perpetrated the Holocaust. If 1 million were hacked to death in Rwanda and upwards of 2 million were shot or bludgeoned to death in Cambodia, then it is an estimated 6 million who were gassed to death by the NAZI. Per the Zetas, Holocaust denial is an attempt to excuse the self from any guilt. Once again, jealousy was involved, as the Jews were successful, often wealthy and educated, and Hitler needed a scapegoat to funnel anger over a depressed economy and his loss during World War I. Once again, it was not the extermination of millions of innocents that incited countries to become involved in World War II, it was the fear that Germany/Japan would become strong enough to invade the UK and the US and Russia that prompted involvement.

The Holocaust
The universities refused to admit Jews, denied degrees to those already studying, and fired Jewish academics; government transport offices arranged the trains for deportation to the camps; German pharmaceutical companies tested drugs on camp prisoners; companies bid for the contracts to build the crematoria; detailed lists of victims were drawn up using the Dehomag (IBM Germany) company's punch card machines, producing meticulous records of the killings. The killings were systematically conducted in virtually all areas of German-occupied territory in what are now 35 separate European countries. It was at its most severe in Central and Eastern Europe, which had more than seven million Jews in 1939. About five million Jews were killed there, including three million in occupied Poland and over one million in the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands also died in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, and Greece.
The Holocaust: An Introductory History
After its defeat in World War I, Germany was humiliated by the Versailles Treaty, which reduced its prewar territory, drastically reduced its armed forces, demanded the recognition of its guilt for the war, and stipulated it pay reparations to the allied powers. With the German Empire destroyed, a new parliamentary government called the Weimar Republic was formed. The republic suffered from economic instability, which grew worse during the worldwide depression after the New York stock market crash in 1929. Massive inflation followed by very high unemployment heightened existing class and political differences and began to undermine the government.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/15/1997: The more horrible the event, the more guilt one bears toward this or similar situations, the more likely denial will be used to deal with the discomfort the event engenders. Denial of horrific events is so common as to be almost an everyday event in human lives. The ease with which the conscious mind of humans can sever memories so the mental pathways are not traveled readily adds to this, as it is a ready route to be taken by those who want to forget or put an alternate story into place. Those responsible for an accident begin to think that the victim himself caused it, thus relieving themselves of responsibility. Those responsible for a crime likewise excuse themselves by blaming the victim. The holocaust is often explained away as something the Jews brought down upon themselves, due to being financially and professionally successful. They engendered jealously, so they had it coming to them!

Despite being themselves victims in the past, the Jews in Israel are now reversing the situation and practicing virtual genocide on the Palestinians – a land grab maneuver.  A land grab was also at the center of the genocide of the American Indian, per the Zetas, a barely concealed motive of the Bureau of Land Management destructive policies continuing today.  

Israel's Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine
November 26, 2008
Israel is a serial human rights international law abuser. The UN Human Rights Commission affirms that it violates nearly all 149 articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention that governs the treatment of civilians in war and under occupation and is guilty of grievous war crimes. According to Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, Israel has conducted state-sponsored genocide against the Palestinians for decades and intensively in Gaza.
Genocide and Denying It: Why We Are Not Taught that the Natives of the United States and Canada were Exterminated
Las Casas, the primary historian of the Columbian era, writes of numerous accounts of the horrendous acts that the Spanish colonists inflicted upon the indigenous people, which included hanging them en masse, roasting them on spits, hacking their children into pieces to be used as dog food, and the list continues. This did not end with Columbus’ departure, the European colonies and the newly declared United States continued similar conquests. Massacres occurred across the land such as the Wounded Knee Massacre. Not only was the method of massacre used, other methods for “Indian Removal” and “clearing” included military slaughter of tribal villages, bounties on native scalps, and biological warfare. British agents intentionally gave Tribes blankets that were intentionally contaminated with smallpox.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/1/2012: Israel has been squeezing Gaza, preventing travel to jobs and the ability to secure food and medical services. Meanwhile, they occasionally shoot Palestinian children or abuse Palestinians at checkpoints, inciting riots which allow more killing. All of this is genocide in disguise. Meanwhile, Israel takes more land, building settlements where the UN has declared they should not, and then refusing to leave the settlements. All this is a slow moving land grab.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/15/1995: One of the strongest ulterior motives that governments possess is genocide. The American Indian suffers so brutally at the hands of the bureaucracy that is designed to bring salvation that the assault scarcely needs to be explained as it is common knowledge. The taxpayer's dollars go not to support and assist American Indians but to the bureaucrats, who do everything in their power to keep their charges dependent, unemployed, and drunk. If technical or vocational training looks like it might succeed, it is stifled and replaced with social science and crafts.

Can and will this happen on Earth as the Transformation proceeds? Per the Zetas, it is the knowledge of what the elite of the world would do to the common man that keeps the Council of Worlds from stating the date of the coming Pole Shift.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2012: With a date certain they would expand to include mowing down unwanted members of the populace in the streets with cooperative members of the military. Mothers with babies in their arms, old men, all would be shot dead and left to rot in the streets. At point of gun, the remainder would be sorted out into camps – the healthy or skilled to work, the rest to be fed to dogs as entertainment.  Anyone who thinks that mankind cannot stoop so low should explore what history reveals. The NAZI death camps. Genocide by machete in Africa. And the torture chambers that oppressive regimes so love to use. Given a date certain, those who are held back by the fear of prosecution would not feel constrained.  The date will thus not be known until the Last Weeks approach, as by that time each individual will have their own agenda in action, and the minions the New World Order counts on to do their bidding will no longer be listening. Soldiers will not be concerned about Court Martial and imprisonment for disobeying orders when the end of the world seems at hand. Nor will bribes work when money seems to have no value when the Earth is splitting open and moaning. The New World Order crowd will retreat into their bunkers, to snarl at each other in frustration. Then the date can be known, for certain.