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Issue 426, Sunday November 30, 2014
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Rosetta Revelations

Since 2004, the comet chasing probe Rosetta has been circling within the Solar System to get into position for a rendezvous with 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The comet is not on a collision course with the Sun, and comes just outside of the Earth’s orbit during its periodic swings through the Solar System. This spot is where the Earth normally rides in August, the August position. The Zetas have pointed out that there is a nexus with the anticipated position of the Earth during the hour of the Pole Shift, when Earth will likewise be in the August position

Formally designated 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko is a comet with a current orbital period of 6.45 years. It will next come to perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) on 13 August 2015. Churyumov–Gerasimenko is the destination of the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission, launched on 2 March 2004. On 10 February 2015, it will come to solar conjunction when it will appear 5 degrees from the Sun and be 3.3 AU from Earth.
Space Probe Successfully Lands on Comet
November 14 2014
Philae, a probe dropped from the Rosetta spacecraft, has successfully descended on a comet but its harpoons did not fire. Rosetta was launched in 2004 on a 6.5bn-km space trek that saw it enter 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko's orbit in August this year. The spacecraft reached the comet - a 3km-by-5km rock discovered in 1969 - after a journey of 6.4 billion km as part of a mission that cost close to $1.8bn.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: The Earth, as is known by astronomers and the elite, has been pushed back into the August position, a Zeta prediction that was made in 1995 when details of the ZetaTalk Triangle were published. It was clear in 2004, when Rosetta was launched, that the Earth’s orbit had been halted in December, 2003. It was also clear from the ZetaTalk triangle details that the Earth would end up in the August position for the Pole Shift. It has also been clear from the many attempts by the elite to launch the wealthy into space, to ride out the Pole Shift on the Moon or on Mars, that escaping Earth during the passage has been an elite agenda.

The August position for the Point of Passage was clear in 1995 when details of the ZetaTalk Triangle at the Point of Passage were established by persistent questions from someone with a US military background. The location of the constellation Orion is known, as was Nibiru’s approach from that direction, and with the technical details provided by the Zetas, the Point of Passage was established. Additional details since provided by the Zetas have confirmed this as the Point of Passage.

ZetaTalk Specifics 8/15/1995: When one is looking toward Orion, at this time, from above the Earth's orbital plane, the perspective human astronomers prefer, the Sun will be to the right. The Earth, Sun, and Planet  X will thus Form a Triangle in the Earth's orbital plane with a 23 degree angle at the Earth, an 18 degree angle at the Sun, and a 139 degree angle at Planet X. It is at this point, essentially, that Planet X is closest to the Earth, as with the angle of entry into the Earth's orbital plane being 32 degrees at this point, Planet X essentially dives up through the Earth's orbital plane and quickly passes on.

ZetaTalk Specifics 8/15/1995: The Earth's orbit forms a plane. The Moon's orbit forms a plane that bisects the Earth's orbit in a fixed place twice a year. Planet X's orbit, coming and going, forms a plane that also bisects the Earth's orbital plane. Planet X's orbital plane can be calculated if points are taken on the other two planes and used as a reference. The Earth's distance from the Sun is known. Take the placement of the Earth at the two points where the Moon's orbital plane lines up. Use these two points as two of three points in a triangle. The third point in an equilateral triangle will be on the plane of Planet X's orbit.

Rosetta was successful in its launch and journey, in process since 2004 and throughout the 2009 close pass when 67P again came close to the Earth. But it ran into problems in 2014 when it attempted to place its lander Philae on the surface of the comet. Philae’s harpoons did not eject, so the lander was not anchored, and then it bounced over a cliff and into shadow so energy from solar panels was lost. Then a lens cap on the spectrometer failed to come off.

Elated Scientists Show off Latest Pics from Historic Rosetta Comet Mission
November 13, 2014
The lander is relying on solar energy to operate over time, and the panels are receiving a lot less sunlight than hoped for. The probe is only getting about 1 1/2 hours of sunlight a day, versus the 6-7 hours scientists had anticipated. The spaceship is named after the Rosetta Stone, an inscribed piece of volcanic rock found in Egypt in 1799 that allowed scientists to decipher hieroglyphics and thus understand the ancient Egyptian culture. The lander is named after an island in the Nile River where an obelisk was found that helped decipher the Rosetta Stone. Led by ESA with a consortium of partners including NASA, scientists on the Rosetta comet-chasing mission hope to learn more about the composition of comets and how they interact with the solar wind: high energy particles blasted into space by the sun.
Philae Comet Lander goes into Hibernation Mode after Batteries Fail
November 14, 2014
Scientists confirmed Philae sent back all of its sensor data before batteries finally died. Spectrometer onboard failed - and lens cap did not come off.

An intriguing YouTube video released last August 11, 2014 when 67P came into view of the comet chasing Rosetta probe, purports to be a leak from an anonymous ESA employee, and claims that the public is not being given the true photos. The ESA leakster claims that 67P was chosen because radio signals were detected from the comet.  The ESA released recording of 67P “singing” as Rosetta approached the comet. Per the ESA leakster on the surface of 67P are structures, buildings, and a circular dome that looks much like the Space Port dome seen by Google Earth in Antarctica. Per the Zetas, this leaked ESA imagry is legitimate. ESA also announced that Philea was able to detect carbon based organic molecules on the surface of 67P before it died.

AUDIO: 67P Sounds

Philae Lander ‘Sniffed’ Organic Molecules on Comet before Hibernation
November 19, 2014
The Philae lander has managed to discover carbon-based organic molecules on a Comet 67P. Analysis of the spectra and the identification of the molecules are continuing.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: The anonymous video from an ESA employee is legitimate, and indeed 67P was chosen because radio and other signals had indeed been traced coming from 67P, signs of intelligent alien life. Why not allow Philea to land and snoop around? If this were something the ESA and their partners were planning to do, it would increase awareness of the alien presence, intelligent life elsewhere, as the Mars Rover and even Google Earth has been doing. But in August, when Rosetta came close enough to 67P to send back detailed photos, a decision was made to air brush out the dome and structures that appeared in the images. 67P is projected to swing close to the Earth orbit on August 13, 2015.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/27/2012: What is the clearly manufactured entrance into Antarctica rock, in the shape of a space ship? It is what it seems to be, an entrance for space ships. This port is not currently in use, nor would curious man find anything laying about that might be useful or educational.

Would aliens have a space port on an asteroid, a comet such as 67P? Per the Zetas 67P is more solid rock than ice, and indeed aliens residing in 3rd density look for gravity anchors.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: What is the nexus between the Rosetta comet mission and the series of failures during Philea landing? 67P rounds the Sun at a distance that ensures it will not plunge into the Sun nor evaporate. It has a frequent period, every 6 or so years. And it appears to have a solid rocky structure.  Aliens have used the Earth, the Moon, Mars and various other gravitational bodies in the Solar System as residences or to anchor their space ships. Being anchored in some way is an issue for Mother Ships, which otherwise are subject to floating about and potentially bumping into things, so utilizing the existing gravitational neighborhood for anchoring is a logical move.

Launch and landing failures are a message to the elite, who per the Zetas learned in 2003 that any promises from Service-to-Self aliens to be rescued by escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon were empty promises. Those in the Service-to-Self lie. Launch failures have been occurring with pointed regularity since 2009, to NASA, the ESA, the Russians, and to private industry such as Space X. The recent rash of disasters such as the Virgin Galactic disaster show this trend has not reversed. It is very much related to the message to the elite that they will not escape the Earth during the Pole Shift, a message explained with great clarity in ZetaTalk in January, 2004. Per the Zetas, the Rosetta failures are yet another message, as the elite were once again trying to step ahead of the common man, setting forth to make contact with the aliens on 67P in 2004 despite the ZetaTalk warning. 

ZetaTalk Message 1/30/2004: It has been no secret that the elite hoped to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon during the cataclysms. In this they were not relying entirely on human efforts, as Service-to-Self aliens whom the elite had given the Call to during their obsession with themselves promised to carry them there. Of course, the Service-to-Self lie, and the lie has lately been put to the test. No delivery, despite demands that now is the time for migration to well-stocked and secure Mars and Moon enclaves. Despite endless failures, such as disabled probes and the dramatic disintegration of the Columbia and a leaking Space Station, renewed efforts to put humans on the Moon and Mars are seemingly optimistic. Why? This is a false front, whistling in the dark, akin to a bridegroom stood up at the altar but refusing to let the family and guests know the situation.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: Rosetta was sent forth as an exploratory probe, to make contact with aliens that might be amenable to saving the elite, as their prior arrangements with Service-to-Self aliens to be taken to the Moon or to Mars were being ignored. As can be seen from abandoned space ports in Antarctica, the dome shaped cap next to a cavern can remain long after the port is inactive. But In 2004, it was not clear to the elite that the Council of Worlds would prevent their escape from Earth. Their goal in 2004 was to find a cooperative alien group. Thus Rosetta and Philea were laden with communication equipment ready to make contact. That the landing has suffered mishaps is yet another message to the elite. You will not escape the Earth during the forthcoming cataclysms.

Public Face Confusion

The Zetas have proclaimed that Obama, Putin, and Xi are determined to announce the presence of Nibiru, and that many Heads of State and wealthy people take the ZetaTalk predictions on the Pole Shift and the Aftertime flooding seriously. If this is the case, then why does the public face often show otherwise? Russia, China, and the US have shown by their actions and official statements that they are preparing to migrate their populations to safe locations, and that these locations are not those regions anticipated to be flooded, as documented in Issue 417 of this newsletter. Yet other public pronouncements seem to contradict these actions. For instance, long-range plans in Russia to loft their own version of the ISS in 2017. Don’t they know that the tail of Planet X will increasingly dash satellites out of the skies, including the very vulnerable ISS? Per the Zetas, the public should ignore such long-range plans that do not seem to take the passage of Nibiru into account. Governments are currently hiding their disaster plans from the public.

Russia Going to Bring into Space its own Space Station
November 17, 2014
Russia in 2017 can begin to deploy their own high-latitude space station. Launch of the own station is registered in the project development of manned spaceflight for the period up to 2050. Operation of the station will be provided by a ship "Progress-MS" and "Soyuz-MS." "In the period of 2020-2024's possible testing of energy and transformed modules used in the lunar program”. Inclination own station should reach 64.8 degrees, and the flight to the elimination stage will pass over land. In addition, it will be conveniently located, with its own station will be seen 90% of the land of Russia, while the ISS is visible only 5%.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: The Russian people are intelligent, as technologically advanced as the US and China and in fact have led the way. Sputnik was first into space, and the Russians are currently the means by which the ISS is serviced. They do not “need” another space station. One should not read into a long-range plan put into print when the public fully expects the future to be the same as yesteryear. Plans for the Pole Shift and the Aftertime are not published, nor will they be. Such plans will be slipped in front of the public bit by bit, likely after some disaster that make a move to the country, to a rural lifestyle of self-sufficiency, seem like the logical move. In this way a difficult sales campaign is facilitated.

Then there is confusion over the purported agreement between Obama, Putin and Xi. If they are, as ZetaTalk insists, “friends” as well as partners, they why do they publically fight? Why do they disagree on so many points? Obama does not state that Russia shot down MH 17 but insists, in concert with the EU, that Russia is “responsible” for the conflict by encouraging former Russians living in eastern Ukraine. Has Obama not seen the 30 MM holes in the cockpit of MH 17 where the migs from Kiev shot it down? This is increasingly admitted as the only scenario supported by the evidence.  China and Russia are in the BRICS banking network, undercutting the dollar, as Issue 414 of this newsletter details. If they are friends and partners, why not show this publically?  Per the Zetas, such situations are not simplistic, but complex, the leaders needing to maintain many alliances at once.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: We are forever being asked to explain complex situations in simplistic terms. Nancy gets email asking why Obama does not simply stand up in front of the cameras and make a statement. It seems so simple to them. If he is being blocked in some way he should simply order that the block be removed. Lift his pen or phone and place the order. It is so simple, why is this not done? The idea of every individual having their own agenda, of orders selectively followed or subtly sabotaged, of the potential of bribes or intimidation, of witness elimination or false accusations, and of stalling or passive aggressive maneuvers never entering the picture. Agreements between leaders of large, multi-cultural countries can be in place without requiring these leaders to drop or resolve every other conflict between these countries as a consequence!  

Take the mayor of a small village, who must encourage the villagers to work with each other. He must politic to get elected, convincing voters he will work in their interest and following through on promises else face recall or failure to get re-elected. He must work within his budget. He must be clever at finding compromise. He must be aware of religious sensitivities and political allegiances, so as to honor them without committing himself. He must be aware of legal implications, the laws that apply, and any contracts or judgments affecting his actions. He must have good relations with the law enforcement in the region, or potentially suffer harassment. Will troublesome vocal residents insist on dominating the village forums, and if they are pushed aside, will this impact the mayor’s ability to govern on other matters? Now take these matters, which a mayor of a small town of a few hundred must consider, and multiply them by a million. This is what the leader of a large country must consider.

And where the wealthy are watched closely to see when they leave their penthouses in coastal cities to disappear into the hinterland, safely away from coastlines, they are also watched as to their buying habits. How can it be that Bill Gates, the wealthiest man on the globe, is buying farmland at low elevations? Surely he has heard the ZetaTalk predictions. Surely he was inducted into MJ12 at some point. What is wrong with this picture? Per the Zetas, this is once again a complex picture, and the ability to enslave mankind via food between the present and the time of the Pole Shift a factor in the mix.

I was researching some recent transactions of Bill Gates, the wealthiest man on earth, to "follow the money" and see what he is buying these days.  He does most of his purchasing through his private firm Cascade Investments, LLC run by Michael Larson.  Turns out they have purchased over 100,000 acres of farmland/farms in California, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Georgia and most recently 4500 acres in north Florida for $28 million. My question is two fold.  First, is there an alternate reason for Mr. Gates to be purchasing all of this farmland beyond general investment? Second, why would his recent purchases include 4500 acres in Florida @ 98 ft above sea level, Coggins Farms in Lake Park, GA @ 167 ft above sea level and Stanley Farms in Lyons, GA @ 234 ft above sea level.  Am I wrong to assume that the richest individual on the planet is not aware of the future sea level rise reported by the Zetas?
The Wealth Gap Preoccupies Wall Street
November 14, 2014
Bill Gates, the founder and chairman of Microsoft, is the richest man in the world, with an $81.7 billion fortune that places him atop the staggeringly rich 1 percent of human beings who own nearly half the wealth on planet Earth.
Buffalo Bill’s Ranch Among Holdings of Bill Gates’s Cascade
September 19, 2014
Microsoft (MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates owns more than 100,000 acres of farmland. His money manager Michael Larson began investing in agricultural land in 2006 and continued buying up farms through the recession. Mr. Larson has placed a long-term bet on farmland, tying it to growing global demand for food from emerging markets such as China. These assets were among Cascade’s best-performing during the economic downturn.
Bill Gates Gobbling up Florida Farmland
October 22, 2014
The investment company that manages the wealth of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, has been acquiring gobs of farmland in north Florida the past two years, real estate records show.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/22/2014: To assume that a $28 million dollar purchase in North Florida by a Gates manager indicates Gates does not read or consult ZetaTalk is not a valid conclusion. In the first place, $28 million is less than a penny in the pocket of a millionaire. Insignificant. In the second place, as one of those articles clearly states, this is viewed as a shrewd investments given crop shortages elsewhere and the consequent increase in food prices. A third factor is the power that food production places in the hands of the owner, who is thus in a position to control others via food when money ceases to have value. A fourth factor is that the amount of time until the Pole Shift is not a known entity, and thus a number of years could be assumed to pass until the time when the lands would be pulled down and flooded. A fifth factor is the element of doubt, in which our prediction on the devastation is doubted by many, who suspect or adhere to the theory that the passage will have scant effect on the Earth. And lastly, it would be naïve to assume that the wealthy would create a buy list for their investment managers that adhered so closely to ZetaTalk predictions that it would confirm that Nibiru exists. The cover-up crowd still hopes to fool the populace, and this would be a dead giveaway.