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Issue 461, Sunday August 2, 2015
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Dark Clouds

The red dust in the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, has been wafting the Earth since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system 2003. The tail is vast, and the red iron oxide dust is fine, wafting afar. Reports began arriving in early 2003. But prophecy and legend mentions more than red dust in relation to the return of Nibiru. For instance, the Book of Revelations in the Bible also mentions dark clouds.

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; and the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains.
Bible, Book of Revelations

Indeed, dark clouds heavy with gray dust and gravel and debris arrives with the tail. To date, Nibiru has been far enough away that this gray dust had not managed to waft to Earth, but as Nibiru steadily approaches, this changes. The dark clouds have arrived! Both Egyptian records in the Kolbrin and Chinese texts speak of these clouds during prior passages.

When a world cycle is destroyed by wind .. First it raises a fine dust, then coarse dust, then fine sand, then coarse sand, then grit, stones, up to boulders as large as trees.
Visuddhi-Magga,a Buddhist text
Then, with the dawning, men saw an awesome sight. There, riding on a black rolling cloud came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the heavens, for it was her day of judgement. The beast with her opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke. It covered the whole sky above and the meeting place of Earth and heaven could no longer be seen.

Two Videos taken from southern Florida show mysterious dark clouds. One video was taken from Fort Lauderdale on the East Coast at sunrise on June 22, 2015. Another video is from Naples on the West Coast at sunset on July 10, 2015. There is no volcanic activity that can explain these dark clouds which are clearly flowing along CLOSE TO THE GROUND. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/18/2015: Where the red dust in the tail of Nibiru is a familiar sight, increasingly so over this past decade, the gray dust in the tail is not easily recognized. The red dust will intensify sunrise and sunset views, waft across the Moon on occasion, and land on snow or patio furniture to puzzle those who discover it. If there are moons and debris in the vast tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, there is also gravel sized particles and gray dust. During the Last Weeks and the hour of the Pole Shift, Egyptian records report hail so severe that fruit trees and crops were pummeled into the ground. Chinese legends report a fine gravel falling also. Being heavy, this sweeps down closer to the ground, and lands, unlike clouds which continue aloft.

Pope’s Rant

Pope Francis has been in the news frequently with his denunciations against capitalism. Now he’s at it again!

In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism
July 11, 2015
His speeches can blend biblical fury with apocalyptic doom. Pope Francis does not just criticize the excesses of global capitalism. He compares them to the “dung of the devil.” He does not simply argue that systemic “greed for money” is a bad thing. He calls it a “subtle dictatorship” that “condemns and enslaves men and women.” Francis’ increasingly sharp critique comes as much of humanity has never been so wealthy or well fed — yet rising inequality and repeated financial crises have unsettled voters, policy makers and economists.
Pope Rails against Unbridled Capitalism, 'Idolatry of Money'
July 11, 2015
Pope Francis appealed to world leaders on Saturday to seek a new economic model to help the poor, and to shun policies that "sacrifice human lives on the altar of money and profit."
It was the second time during his trip to South America that Francis, the first pope from the region, used a major speech to excoriate unbridled capitalism and champion the rights of the poor. In Bolivia last Thursday, he urged the downtrodden to change the world economic order, denouncing a "new colonialism" by agencies that impose austerity programs and calling for the poor to have the "sacred rights" of labor, lodging and land.
Pope Francis Ends South America Trip by Urging Young People to 'Make a Mess'
July 13, 2015
Pope Francis left for Rome at the end of a trip to South America during which he censured capitalism, championed the rights of the poor, warned of irreversible damage to the planet and urged youths to "make a mess." At a final rally in Paraguay, Francis urged tens of thousands of youths to look after their less fortunate peers and fight for a dignified life filled with hope and strength. "Make a mess, but then also help to tidy it up. A mess which gives us a free heart, a mess which gives us solidarity, a mess which gives us hope." The pope heard harrowing tales of life in a flood-prone shantytown and appealed to the slum dwellers, many forced from their farms and now squatting on city land, to stay united in their struggle for better living and working conditions.

Railing against capitalism is nothing new for this pope, as detailed in Issue 399 of this newsletter when he espoused wealth redistribution to the poor. Pope Francis was also in the news when he welcomed alien visitors from other worlds, joking that he would baptize little green men from Mars if they requested this, as outlined in Issue 397 of this newsletter. Recently Pope Francis has advocated allowing those who have divorced to find new love, allowing homosexual unions to exist in peace, and allowing priests to marry, as detailed in Issue 431 of this newsletter. Per the Zetas, he has the right message.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/30/2013: Pope Francis is astonishing the world by adhering to the teachings of Jesus, to love the least among you, practice the Golden Rule, and to discard rather than acquire wealth. He goes beyond preaching to practicing these ideals, in person, embracing the afflicted and walking among the poor on the streets. Now he has gotten specific in his lectures, citing corporations and their love of profit as having the wrong attitude. At a time when the world is experiencing increasing disasters, homelessness, and starvation, what impact will this have? Hopefully, many will respond with outreach and sharing, recognizing, as we have stated, that love is the only thing that lasts, and therefore the only thing that matters.

Rush to Closure

For the past few months the Obama administration seemed to be in a rush to closure on several issues – all of which had deadlines prior to the start of Jade Helm 15 in the US. These include the Trans Pacific Partnership arrangement pushed through Congress by June 29, 2015 and the Iran treaty, just finalized on July 14, 2015.  The pending Grexit reached a resolution just ahead of Jade Helm 15 also, with the parties hammering out the details during an overnight session on July 12, 2015. What is the nexus here? What was nipping at their heels?

On Trade, Here’s What the President Signed into Law
June 19, 2015
The program was set to expire on September 30, 2015, but thanks to the bill President Obama is signing, we will not only extend TAA, but restore key provisions that will help support tens of thousands more workers each year.
Obama Signs Bill giving himself Fast-Track Powers for Trade Deals
June 29, 2015
President Barack Obama signed a bill giving him "fast-track" powers to conduct and conclude trade legislation. The bill was approved by Congress last week after months of contentious debate and several difficult votes. In addition to the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), as the fast-track bill is officially called, the president signed the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) act, extending aid to US workers who might lose their jobs as a consequence of free-trade deals. The two bills were originally bundled together. The bills were voted on separately and approved last week. TPA clears the way for Obama to finalize the negotiations with 11 other Pacific Rim governments that are aiming to establish a free-trade area to compete with China, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/4/2015: We have resisted addressing the TPP, despite endless requests for comment, until the bill was passed and signed into law by Obama. There is more to all this than meets the eye. Obama was of course intent upon replacing the soon to expire Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), due to expire on September 30, 2015. But why include the carrot of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)? This had Republican’s salivating, as it seemed to open vast areas for corporations to plunder, the 1% seemingly given open season.

Yes Obama was demanding powers, where Congress could not alter the terms of any treaty, but free-trade deals are surrounded by lawyers on all sides, so how bad could it get? The Republicans are also assuming that one of their own would gain control of the White House, as Hillary is loaded with baggage and with over a dozen Republican candidates, surely one of them would catch fire. Most in Congress signed the bills without even reading them. So what is Obama up to with the TPA?

Where is it written what can and cannot be included in a free-trade agreement? One assumes no tariff, which traditionally balances wage differentials and tax burdens. What is to stop Obama from arranging cooperation among Asian countries to relocate citizens from drowning countries to lands better able to sustain them during and after the Pole Shift? What is to stop Obama from acting as a King Solomon, negotiating peace and immigration between countries, using free-trade with the US as a carrot? What is to stop Obama, within the laws granting the Executive Branch latitude, accepting immigrants from Asia as a condition of a free-trade agreement?

An Iran Deal, at Last
July 14, 2015
After nineteen days of marathon negotiations and four missed deadlines, Iran and the world’s six major powers announced a nuclear deal in Vienna this morning. The exhaustive and elusive diplomacy—sustained by an unsettling combination of Twizzlers, gelato, string cheese, and Rice Krispies treats—was dicey to the end. Secretary of State John Kerry wasn’t sure that the often volatile talks would succeed, until Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, showed up at Kerry’s working quarters, in Room 103 of the opulent Palais Coburg, just before midnight Monday.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/30/2013: Is there more to this agreement than meets the eye? Was the pending announcement admitting the presence of Planet X a factor? How could it not be?  The entire nuclear power plant issue will become white hot, after the announcement. The Earth changes that have already occurred since Planet X entered the inner solar system in 2003 have clearly created threats, Fukushima the prime example. There will be great pressure to close all power plants, and without delay.

So Obama opened trade with Asia and countries around the Pacific Rim and eased sanctions against Iran as though there were a deadline before him. He had pushed to normalize relations with Cuba also, just  months earlier. Per the Zetas, Obama was looking into the future, for a partner during chaos and flooding in the Caribbean. He was normalizing relations with Cuba ahead of the announcement.

Bells Ring in Havana, Anger Erupts in Miami
December 18, 2014
Word of the massive change was met with passionate opinions and some protests in the United States. And tearful celebrations erupted in the streets of the island after President Raul Castro announced the news in a televised address. A June poll by Florida International University found that more than half of Cuban-Americans surveyed in Miami support an end to the embargo and a solid majority of them also favor restoring diplomatic relations with Havana.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/20/2014: Why has Obama pressed to ease immigration rights for long-term residents in the US and normalize relations with Cuba, all just ahead of the complete takeover of Congress by recalcitrant Republicans? Both Cuba and Mexico are immediate neighbors to the South of the US. The increased violence of the Earth wobble and storms will soon make the coastlines of all three countries virtually unlivable. We have stated in the past that this time is coming, when coastlines are used to grow crops, but the farmers will live elsewhere. This and the anticipated rupture of the New Madrid Fault Line will create so much distraction among emergency response teams and government forces that the last thing they need worry about is whether the individuals they are pulling from the flood waters are legal or illegal. Cuba will in all likelihood help rescue drowning Floridians, for instance, as the lowlands in the southeast US surpass the lands that will be flooded in Cuba.

In Europe, the rush to resolve the Greece issue seemed to be driven by looming payments to the IMF and the European Central Bank. Greece had elected a new President who wanted more money for less belt tightening, and had entered a staring contest with the EU Troika. Who would blink first? Greece blinked, when it became clear they were not going to be given a handout.  But bridge loans to continue deliberations into the future were flatly refused! It seemed very important to settle this issue before July 15, 2015.

Greek Bailout: Europe Strikes Deal after Marathon Talks
July 12, 2015
The rescue -- Greece's third since 2010 - should secure its place in the euro, for now. The country's potential exit from the currency union would have shaken Europe to its core. Greece agreed to significant economic reforms: Pension cuts and higher taxes, as well as the sale of some government assets. Greece's Parliament must approve these measures by Wednesday [July 15].
Greece Debt Crisis: Where Next for Athens if it Doesn’t Pay?
June 29, 2015
Greece will become the first developed country in history to fail to repay money owed to the International Monetary Fund. Greece will also become the first eurozone country since the single currency was formed in 1999 to miss a sovereign repayment.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/4/2015: In the short term, for Greece, the outcome is written. The Euro is itself in danger, having been unpegged from the Swiss Franc recently and falling in value. With 28 member states, it cannot simply hand out money endlessly to a profligate when many of its member states have a lower standard of living. After decades of being coddled, the citizens and politicians of Greece are assuming that being stubborn is a winning stance. The shock has not even started. The suddenly called referendum is to save face for Tsipras, who can then claim he gave the people what they wanted. It will certainly not sway the creditors. Why should it?  

And what of the Queen’s sudden rush to leave Buckingham Palace, along with her Parliament having to leave their historical meeting place. All this announced in June, 2015. Where the disrepair had been present for decades, it suddenly became an issue the month before Jade Helm 15 was to begin.

Buckingham Palace Repairs may Force Queen Out
June 24, 2015
The 775-room building — which has not been renovated since she became monarch in 1952 — needs around $237 million of work including new plumbing and wiring, and asbestos removal, royal officials said Wednesday. The 89-year-old monarch is unlikely to become homeless as she has several other residences, including Windsor Castle near London, Balmoral Castle in Scotland and Sandringham House in eastern England in Norfolk. The Queen's treasurer, Sir Alan Reid, said maintaining the royal estate "and in particular Buckingham Palace will present a significant financial challenge" in the coming years.
Falling down? British Houses of Parliament Repairs could Total £7.1bn, Take 32 Years
June 18, 2015
British taxpayers face a whopping renovation fee of up to £7.1 billion to save the crumbling mother of parliaments from irrevocable damage. MPs could be forced to vacate the whole building for six years while essential repairs are carried out to the beleaguered structure. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is in a state of major dilapidation, with crumbling stonework and leaking roofs. The Commons debating chamber would still be closed for a period of two to four years while urgent repairs are carried out.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/4/2015: Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster (parliament) have been crumbling for decades but suddenly renovations cannot wait! This, of course, requires the Queen and the UK government to shift out of London into other quarters elsewhere. Just in time for the announcement riots. Just in time for the eventual flooding that will come from any European tsunami, however moderate, as a result of a start to the New Madrid adjustment in the US. Yes, they read ZetaTalk. Yes, the Queen intends to desert her subjects, and well ahead of the Pole Shift, and no, her public will not be told the truth. They will be handed the repair bill so the Queen can have her royal excuse.

Conspiracy forums have been afire with theories on why the Jade Helm 15 is being conducted, with the prevailing theory that Obama plans to declare Martial Law. Per the Zetas, Jade Helm 15 is primarily in place for the expected start of the New Madrid adjustments, but in that the announcement is also pending, Obama anticipates secession attempts from some parties during the announcement process. All these preparations, all this rush to closure, was a rather obvious indication that the announcement indeed had once again been scheduled.

Fully Armed Military Vehicles In Montana Convoy With US Government Van As Tyranny Takes Control Across America
June 25, 2015
The military vehicle seen in the photo above was one of several recently sent by a reader in Billings, Montana who saw a convoy stopped at a rest stop and the thing that immediately jumped out to him and us is the fact that these killing machines are fully armed with the words 'security forces' written on each of them. The Malmstrom Air Force base is located 200+ miles away from where these were seen.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/4/2015: Reports from many northern states within the US have some alarmed that the movement of military personnel and equipment is beyond participation in the southern states in the Jade Helm exercises scheduled for late Summer 2015. Is this surreptitious preparation for Martial Law? It is indeed, as the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru is still planned and firmly in the schedule. The simultaneous participation of 5 Wal-Mart stores, and their location, shows that Obama is also concerned about the New Madrid adjustment, likely to start within this year. But why would Montana be a focus? It is not rioting among the common man, in panic over what the announcement might mean for their survival, that is the concern. Obama is anticipating trouble from Texas, where talk of secession is almost overt, and trouble from Wyoming, where Dick Cheney’s lair lies.