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Issue 483, Sunday January 3, 2016
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Instant Karma

2015, the year in review, shows that 2015 was a year of stolen elections abroad, well documented and confirmed in Israel in March.  What are the facts? Netanyahu was losing in the polls going into the election, losing in all the polls, and this was the steady trend just days ahead of the election. Historically accurate exit polls, taken by numerous Israeli media, showed a tie between Netanyahu and Hertzog. Netanyahu was desperate early in the day on election day. He was pleading with the ultra-right to help him. He was making firm promises to deny the Palestinians their land rights but to rather increase Israeli settlements. He looked crest-fallen, but then hours before the polls closed, he suddenly brightened and despite what the exit polls showed, declared victory. Per a post-election review, the election was rigged for Netahanyahu, the worst case of election fraud Israel had ever suffered.

Massive Voter Fraud, Intimidation Uncovered in Israeli Election
March 19, 2015
The review’s findings show that a staggering 23.4% of ballots were submitted illegally. “Roving gangs” were intimidating voters at various polling stations as well, particularly in districts that showed heavy support for the opposition Zionist Union party, who were running against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative Likud party. The most we’ve ever seen prior to this was 8%. This is nearly three times as bad as that election was.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/21/2015: Of course there was fraud. Netanyahu was furious and frantic on election day, but then this was replaced by a confident swagger even before the results swung to his favor, even as the exit polls absolutely showed a tie between he and Herzog. What did he know that his desperation was suddenly replaced by arrogance? How difficult would this be for the Mossad, which is famous for their skill? Those who refused to cooperate could look forward to a painful death or maiming if they refused.

So where was Netanyahu after this great success? Begging and pleading with Obama in November, as the videos and photos taken during their joint presser show. What could the issue be? Since the stolen election in March, Russia entered the fray in Syria, halting the illegal oil trade that funded ISIS. This illegal oil trade also benefitted Netanyahu.

ISIS Oil Trade Full Frontal: "Raqqa's Rockefellers", Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, and the Israel Connection
November 29, 2015
Israeli refineries and oil companies imported more than 19m barrels of Kurdish oil between the beginning of May and August 11. A handful of oil companies ship the oil from the Turkish ports of Mersin, Dortyol and Ceyhan to Israel. Some buyers took tankers to Ashkelon, Israel, where it was loaded into storage facilities to be resold later to buyers in Europe.

Another stolen election in 2015 was in Britain in May, when it was clear that Cameron had not legally won his Prime Minister post. Per the Zetas, Cameron and his associates took care to tweak the exit polls as well as the vote.

Pollsters another Casualty of Stunning UK Election
May 8, 2015
It's extraordinary that 11 polls on the eve of the election should get it so wrong. For months, the main survey-takers had the two parties neck-and-neck, flatlining at around 35 percent each.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/16/2015: Clearly the recent elections in the UK were fixed, as can be seen by the long running polls showing the tight race, virtually even between Labor and the Tories. The election fraud in the UK took a page from Nethanyahu’s election fraud, where the race was likewise a dead heat. There exit polls showed that Netanyahu had not won, so Cameron took pains to ensure his exit polls matched the fraudulent result. How is this accomplished when the pollsters are running about like mice in a grainery on election night? If there are many pollsters, the point where the exit polls are consolidated is a single point, usually at a computer, usually with a single person at the controls, and the threat of a painful maiming or the offer of a substantial bribe seals the deal.

But Cameron’s victory was short lived as 2015 was also a year when a “revolution of the heart” occurred, per the Zetas. Within days of each other in September, two astonishing and unexpected election results occurred in Australia and England - both Commonwealth countries. Tony Abbott was replaced as Australia’s Prime Minister by the very liberal Malcolm Turnbull, and the very liberal Jeremy Corbyn was elected to represent the Labor party in England.

Malcolm Turnbull ousts Tony Abbott to become Australia's 29th Prime Minister
September 14, 2015
One minute you are in the office, and the next you are not.

Labour Leadership: Jeremy Corbyn Elected with Huge Mandate
September 12, 2015
Election of backbench MP and anti-war campaigner means party now has one of the most leftwing, anti-establishment leaders in its history. Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the British Labour party, in a stunning first-round victory that dwarfed even the mandate for Tony Blair in 1994.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/19/2015: The conservative establishment, used to supporting their cronies over the rights of the many, is finding they can no longer enforce control. Wealth and the influence wealth brings bought control, as for instance an election could be rigged if enough money crossed sufficient palms, or an official could be convinced to look the other way if the inducement was sufficient. If money did not pave the way, then subtle threats would be used, peppered with an actual “suicide” or maiming of a loved one as an inducement. What was never expected, among the conservatives assuming they are in political control, was a rebellion of the heart! It is the spiritual Transformation we outlined at the start of the ZetaTalk sage.

Yet another stolen election in 2015 was in Turkey in November. This election was clearly stolen by Erdogan’s AKP. Faced with rising support of the Kurds by Russia and the US, Erdogan’s administration feared losing control of the country.

Turkey Election: Why do these Polls Matter and will there be Another Hung Parliament?
November 1, 2015
According to, a blog which covers Turkey and elections extensively, an average of the polls on October 26, AKP will win 41.7 per cent of the vote, only 0.8 per cent more than in June.

But right after Erdogan smugly stole the election, he and his son were in the media, worldwide, for funding ISIS via brokering oil stolen from Syria and Iraq!

Meet the Man who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, the Son of Turkey’s President
November 26, 2015
Turkey is either not fighting ISIL at all or very little, and does not interfere with different types of smuggling that takes place on its border, be it oil, phosphate, cotton or people. One name keeps popping up as the primary culprit of regional demand for the Islamic State’s “terrorist oil” – that of Turkish president Recep Erdogan’s son: Bilal Erdogan.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/28/2015: Russia, France, and the US have lately been a coalition against ISIS. Enter Turkey. The Kurds, a Turkish minority, have been the most effective boots on the ground fighting force against ISIS.  Erdogan stole the last election and resents the rising Kurdish minority in Turkey. The Erdogan family has been profiting from acting as a broker for ISIS oil trucked into Turkey from Syria and Iraq.  The US had been looking the other way as they have a base in Turkey, a NATO member, and did not want yet another fight among allies. Russia has entered the fray against ISIS, aggressively attacking them on all fronts. Turkey expected their oil profits to continue.

And it is not just the new international military press against ISIS, the bombing and blocking of their oil revenue flow. It is also Anonymous working against them. Erdogan’s profits be damned, says Anonymous, who took out 20,000 ISIS twitter accounts in a single whack in November. Per the Zetas, Anonymous cannot be located as they are using contactees, who are working with the Council of Worlds. In most cases, these contactees are not even consciously aware that they are doing this work, nor are they at home on their PCs when they do this work. Untraceable!

‘You’re a Virus, We’re the Cure’: Anonymous Takes Down 20,000 ISIS Twitter Accounts
November 20, 2015
The international hacking group Anonymous claims to have taken down 20,000 Islamic State-linked Twitter accounts as it wages “total war” against the terrorist organization. Their #OpParis operation is in revenge for the deadly attacks on November 13. While Russia, French and US bombers are targeting Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) positions from the sky, Anonymous are carrying out their very own devastating campaign against the terrorist organization. They are using computer code rather than high-powered weapons and say the hacktivist group has built tools that “might be better than any world government's tools to combat ISIS online.”

ZetaTalk Insight 11/28/2015: Is Anonymous acting under the auspices of the Council of Worlds? They are indeed, hand in hand so to speak, team members, and given protection by the Council too. To qualify, the top leaders and those in control of the actions that Anonymous takes must be highly Service-to-Other, battle hardened and trustworthy. Individuals who do not qualify are simply not accepted into the organization, regardless of claims that might be made by braggarts. There are also contactees, highly Service-to-Other individuals, who assist during campaigns but do not know consciously that they are part of anonymous. The network, thus, is utterly off the books. Will they have a role during the coming announcement? Without a doubt.

Obvious Intervention

When Malala survived her assassination attack in 2014, the Zetas stated her survival had been assisted, the trajectory of the bullet slightly altered so her brain was not damaged nor her brain stem severed. Injury yes, but recoverable. Malala went on to be the brave saint she is in the media, worldwide, a force against the brutality of the Taliban. Did something similar happen in the recent aborted massacre aboard a high speed train in France by Spencer and his buddies in August? Those fearing ISIS infiltrating Europe and the US are overwhelmed anxiety. Thus, per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds granted an exception to the Rule of Non-Interference. Spencer and his crew were assisted.

US Soldier: How We Stopped Train Gunman
August 22, 2015
We just did what we had to do. You either run away or fight. We chose to fight and got lucky and didn't die.

ZetaTalk Admission 8/29/2015: Were the heroes assisted? Intervention is not unknown, as we recently reported on the matter of the apparently miraculous rescue of infants, or protection of some individuals from assassination. The world is polarizing, with acts of sadistic control such as ISIS displays and touts almost daily balanced by heroism. The four heroes on the French train did not think of themselves, but knew that unless the attacker were disarmed all on that train would be massacred. Unlike the train staff who barricaded themselves and turned a deaf ear to the passengers they left to be slaughtered. Now we will have Spencer’s light. An example for others to follow.  

Was the rescue of an infant, the only survivor of an accident in Utah last March, assisted? Without a doubt, say the Zetas, as this infant desires a role during the Aftertime, and as a highly Service-to-Other soul is entitled to an assist. Assistance is given to a highly Service-to-Other soul, regardless of age. Such intervention seems to be on the increase lately, or at least is more obvious in 2015.

Moment 'Miracle' Baby was Saved from Car Wreck after 14 Hours by Cops who Heard her Dead Mother 'Calling from Beyond the Grave'
March 14, 2015
Did a dead mother save her baby from beyond the grave? Three US cops claim mystery 'woman's voice' called to them from flooded car where they found baby alive beside her mother's body. The four officers who rescued an 18-month-old toddler from the wreck of a submerged car said they launched into their heroics when they heard desperate pleas for help coming from a woman inside.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/14/2015: In that the quality of the soul is known, and a human infant can hold a mature Service-to-Other soul, an infant can and will be given the offer of a lift during the hour of the Pole Shift so their physical life not be ended.

The Veil Drops

In 2015, the veil dropped, exposing long-kept secrets about how 911 was an inside job orchestrated by the Bush Administration, in particular Cheney, and how Tony Blair in Britain cooperated. 

‘The Attacks Will Be Spectacular’
November 12, 2015
Over the past eight months, in more than a hundred hours of interviews, I talked with Tenet and the 11 other living former CIA directors for The Spymasters, a documentary set to air this month on Showtime. Tenet, who is perhaps the agency’s most embattled director ever, can barely contain himself when talking about the unheeded warnings he says he gave the White House.
Tony Blair could face war crimes trial over 'illegal Iraq invasion'
August 4, 2015
Tony Blair could be made to stand trial for war crimes.
Bush Administration Gave 'False Presentation' of the True Intelligence
September 20, 2015
It wasn't that the intelligence community was giving the administration wholesale faulty intelligence. It was that the administration was lying to the American people about what the intelligence actually showed. In two key areas Cheney gave out false information, both on the connection between Saddam Hussein's regime and al Qaeda, and on Iraq's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The veil continued to drop on pedophiles in 2015. From Pope Francis’ steady resolve to prosecute pedophiles in the church, to the continuing patter on forced sex with underage girls by Epstein associates such as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrews, to the rape of young boys by associates of Margaret Thatcher in the UK in the past – investigations were in the news and no longer hush-hush and under wraps.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/25/2015: When we announced that the Council of Worlds would be going to war with the elite over their blockage of the announcement, the tools available to the Council were not immediately apparent. Exposing pedophile activities by Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton required nothing more than encouraging contactees to step forward.

Jozef Wesolowski: Former Catholic Archbishop found Dead ahead of Child Sexual Abuse Trial
August 28, 2015
The former ambassador to the Dominican Republic would have been the first church official to go on trial for child sexual abuse. His case, which had attracted a significant amount of international attention, was the first under a Vatican system reinvigorated by Pope Francis following widespread accusations of abuse within the Church.
Leaked Docs Prove MI5 Covered Up for Pedophiles Among Thatcher Government
July 23, 2015
Britain’s MI5 security service covered up for pedophile members of the UK government under then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to avoid political embarrassment, local media reported, citing a recently unsealed trove of Cabinet files.
Royal Household Scrutinized in child sex Abuse Inquiry
July 10, 2015
The Royal household has come under scrutiny in recent years following several allegations of child sexual abuse. The Duke of York (Prince Andrew) came under the media spotlight in January after being accused of having forced sexual relations with an American teenager who was underage at the time.

In October, 2015 Jewish bankers lost control of the US Federal Reserve. Per the Zetas, this was a result of a behind the scenes war against the cover-up. The website was down. This represented the private management of the Federal Reserve. The US government management of the Federal Reserve, on was firmly in place. Numerous banking scandals were also in the press – HSBC, Swiss accounts, and Forex – contributing to the loss of control by the bankers.  

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/17/2015: What is going on behind the scenes? Like most quiet revolutions, the public only sees the tip of the iceberg. A shark moving in the water shows itself only by its fin. And thus in this manner the Council of Worlds has destabilized the corruption in control of the western banking system.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/25/2015: This was likewise the case for a stepped up prosecution of off-shore tax havens and Swiss bank accounts. New information in the hands of contactees, threatening to go public, pushed prosecutors to act.

SEC a Stumbling Block in Banks' Forex Guilty Pleas
May 14, 2015
Banks want assurances from U.S. regulators that they will not be barred from certain businesses before agreeing to plead guilty to criminal charges because criminal pleas trigger consequences such as removing the ability to manage retirement plans or raise capital easily.

If Anonymous was behind the scenes, stripping away the veil, so was Wikileaks, doing their part. The Transformation is a time when there will be no secrets, and we are well on the way to that point.

WikiLeaks Releases 500K U.S. Cables from 1978 on Iran, Sandinistas, Afghanistan, Israel
May 28, 2015
WikiLeaks added more than half a million U.S. diplomatic cables from 1978 to its Public Library of US Diplomacy database. The documents include diplomatic cables and other diplomatic communications from and to U.S. embassies and missions in nearly every country.