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Issue 515, Sunday August 14, 2016
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Nibiru Visibility

The visibility of Nibiru has increased dramatically over the past months, so that it is being seen, naked eye, from many parts of the globe now. This is well documented on the Pole Shift ning blog dedicated to image captures. It no longer takes special filters in order to see the monster on its approach, as webcam captures show. Let’s take a trip around the globe. 

A Second Sun was captured in Laval, Quebec in Canada on June 1 during sunrise.  Note the Second Sun stands somewhat behind a street light, thus proving this is not a lens flare. Note due to the angle of the Ecliptic that Nibiru appears to be at the 2 o’clock position. If the Ecliptic were straight across the sky Nibiru would stand at the 4 o’clock position. The Second Sun is only one of Nibiru’s personas, occurring when the angle is optimal, usually at sunrise or sunset, so that sunlight bouncing off the vast dust cloud giving the appearance of a Second Sun.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/12/2009: The Second Sun sightings occur when Planet X is not directly in the line of sight from the Earth, but slightly to the right so that there is an angle from which sunlight can reflect off the dust cloud thence to Earth.

A similar phenomena was captured on a cam in Greece during sunrise on August 4. A blaze of light rises over the horizon from two different sources. 

Moon Swirls appear as bright orbs around the Sun. They are often confused with Nibiru itself, but are a separate phenomena. Nibiru has a vast entourage of Moons and debris and red dust. These Moons do not go round and round Nibiru, as Nibiru is a traveling planet, but drag behind it, forming swirls. As sunlight funnels down the long tube formed by the swirl, it intensifies and comes out the end like a flashlight. Thus Moon Swirls are far brighter than the light from Nibiru itself.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/29/2004: How do the Moon Swirls in the massive tail position themselves? While traveling out in space, they stream behind Planet X, in a dance where the moons caught in a moon swirls create long tubes. Seen in filtered photos they appear either as an odd tube when seen sideways, or as an intense focused light when the view is of light bounced down the tube.

Moon Swirls often appear in multiples, clustered around the Sun, when the wafting of the vast tail of Nibiru blows in the direction of Earth. Using a heavy Mylar filter, James of Idaho captured several Moon Swirls visible on April 15. They are more evident when the Sun is behind clouds, reducing the Sun’s glare, and can be seen quite clearly in a color inverted image. Note there appears to be a third, dim Moon Swirl just above the Sun. This is likely a Monster Persona, where the pale light does not indicate the true size of the object, but reflected sunlight from this object first bent out and then back toward the Earth.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/16/2003: The Monster Sun is light that has moved in all directions, bent back toward Earth by the gravity trap it represents, from a broad area, so when arriving at the viewer represents a broad orb.

Moon Swirls were also captured in a video taken on July 19 in Maui, Hawaii. The glare of the full Sun hides these Moon Swirls but when the Sun goes behind a cloud, they emerge and are visible. Here also there seems to be a Monster persona above the Sun. This is not a ghost of the Sun in the camera lens, as its shape differs from the Sun’s shape as clouds drift over both the Sun and the Monster. Nor it is the Earth’s Moon, which was on the other side of the globe.

Where Second Sun sightings and brilliant orbs clustered around the Sun have been evident since Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, actual naked eye sightings and captures of the corpus of Nibiru itself have only recently become common.  The Pole Shift ning supports a blog called Nibiru Daily, showcasing images captured at sunset from Italy and France. These have been evident for over a year.

Alaska cams have joined this bonanza, showing Nibiru not only at dawn but also at Midnight when the tilt of the globe during the daily Earth wobble allows the Sun to rise and quickly set again at Midnight as seen from very northern sites. These cams are provided by the FAA for local pilots. This was first noted for a cam at Selawik, but other cams provide the same views. This Alaska cam at Kivalina is looking East toward Azimuth 105 just after sunrise at 8:19 am and 8:39 am, and again at Noon at 11:39 am one sees Nibiru making an appearance. Note the slant of the Ecliptic turns and rotates as the day progresses, and thus Nibiru is seen at the 4 o’clock position at dawn but at the 7 o’clock position at noon. 

The Kivalina cam also provides a Midnight capture of Nibiru. Looking NW toward Azimuth 312, at the midnight Sun seen these days in northern Alaska, one also sees Nibiru to the right of the Sun. The Sun should not be visible at this time of night in Alaska, but due to the Earth wobble, which tilts the globe toward Europe at this time, it makes a brief appearance. Proof of the Earth wobble, as well as proof of Nibiru.

Of course no discussion of image capture of Nibiru and its complex is complete without Alberto’s photos, taken with Mylar and various filters that select the red light spectrum. Recently, Nibiru itself, seen here at the 4-5 o'clock position, has become undeniable.

Clinton Body Count

Among the many stories about the Clintons is the body count. Dead men tell no tales. The body count goes back to the Clinton history in Arkansas. Now in 2016 the Clinton murders have started up again, just as the Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny for money laundering and Political Corruption. Bill rakes in the money via speaking fees, and Hillary as Secretary of State granted US assets in return.  Anti-Clinton books are best sellers, and the well documented list of Clinton murders is long. The body count started in June after the Panama Papers were released. Were the Clinton’s involved in money laundering? Apparently yes.

Another Mysterious Death Surrounding Hillary Clinton - Scheduled to Testify in Corruption Trial Drops Barbell on His Neck - 'Bigger Than Vince Foster'
June 29, 2016
What do you think the chances are that, while lifting weights soon before you're scheduled to testify in a corruption trial involving Hillary Clinton and others, you accidentally drop the barbell and the weights you were lifting upon your neck, ending your life and preventing your testimony? If you were the former President of the United Nations General Assembly John Ashe from Antigua and Barbuda, the odds became 100% just days ago after the former President, awaiting a bribery scandal trial, was killed during a weightlifting accident after he was allegedly 'accidentally asphyxiated' by the dropped weights. How is it that the Clinton family has been surrounded by so many mysterious deaths? As of June of 2015, at least 46 people who were close to the Clinton's have met their untimely end.

In 2016 those who might testify, those who have a propensity for investigative journalism, those who have been instrumental in bringing lawsuits against the Clinton interests – all met a sudden and violent death. It is this pattern that has brought Hillary Clinton the nickname of being the Black Widow of Politics. We have three new deaths, in short order, in July and August, 2016. Seth Rich, a DNC worker whom Assange states was a Wikileaks source, Victor Thorn, a popular investigative reporter and author known for his anti-Clinton bent, and Shawn Lucas, who had served the DNC with papers on behalf of Sanders. Add these three latest to John Ashe who died of a supposed barbell accident on June 22, 2016. Per the Zetas, this time around, due to the circumstances, it is the Clinton’s themselves who may end up dead.

Still No Clues in Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich, As Conspiracy Theories Thicken
July 31, 2016
Washington DC’s up-and-coming Bloomingdale neighborhood remains gripped by fear three week after the murder there of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich — with still no reported leads, suspects or arrests in the killing. At the same time, conspiracy theories surrounding the murder have reached a new frenzy, especially after the hacking of DNC e-mails led to the resignation of its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Rich was beaten, shot and killed early on the morning of July 8 while he was walking home and talking on the phone to his girlfriend. Police have said they haven’t determined if his murder was a botched robbery or something else. The killer or killers appear to have taken nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.
Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead
August 1, 2016
Prolific author, American Free Press writer and seasoned Clinton researcher Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home, the apparent victim of a gunshot wound. Thorn had reported for this newspaper for over a decade, writing thousands of articles on myriad subjects from conspiracy to health-related topics. Best known for his investigate research on the Clintons, Thorn wrote the Clinton trilogy—three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.
DNC Lawsuit Process Server Shawn Lucas Has Died
August 5, 2016
Lucas was known to many frustrated Democrats as the young man who served the Democratic National Committee (DNC) with a lawsuit in early July 2016 charging that the DNC had committed "fraud" in favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary process. Lucas was found lying on the bathroom floor by his girlfriend when she returned home on the evening of 2 August 2016. Paramedics responding to her 911 call found no signs of life.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/6/2016: The obvious assassination of Seth Rich in DC was a warning to others to keep their mouths shut. A DNC employee, Seth knew more than the compilation of Democratic voter lists. He knew how election theft was being conducted, the plans for this during the general election. Electronic voting machines are not secure, as the Diebold theft for the Bush family in 2000 and 2004 showed. Does no one wonder why Sanders won the caucus votes during the primary, but lost in the general when the votes were collected by machine? How could this difference exist? A caucus is hard to steal, when monitors are present and recording the votes, but electronic numbers can be quickly switched or erased.

Victor Thorn, at the peak of his highly successful career, did not commit suicide. Alone in the wilderness, there were no witnesses except for those who were tracking and hunting him. He was killed, also as an obvious warning to others, to stop pushing the Clinton crimes in the media. As an investigative reporter, Thorn did more than write books, he was a frequent guest on talk shows. The Clinton crime family is obviously feeling threatened, despite seemingly having the election sewed up. Investigations into Public Corruption - quid pro quo while Hillary was Secretary of State - are ongoing.

We have recently detailed the possible means by which Hillary could be prevented from grasping control of the White House. The second strongest deterrent would be the death of Bill and Hillary themselves, killed at the hands of their many partners in crime in order to stop the continuing investigations. Kill the Clintons, kill the investigations, is the logic.

ZetaTalk Inference 7/30/2016: Then there is the possibility of either Hillary or Bill or both being murdered because this would halt the Clinton Foundation prosecution. This has a strong likelihood of happening because the FBI investigation into Public Corruption is moving aggressively, was the threat if Hillary did not withdraw, and the threat was not idly made.

Hillary’s Dementia

Lest there be a pause in the constant drama that is the US 2016 Presidential race, there has been yet another leak exposing Clinton lies. This one pointedly focused on Dr. Lisa Bardak’s letter in 2015 stating Hillary was “fit to serve”. This despite repeatedly falling down, public seizures, eyes that refuse to track together, mood swings and rages, and blackouts and memory lapses and misstatement that cannot be denied as they occur on stage while the cameras are rolling. Dr. Lisa Bardak issued the statement, below, in 2015 purporting that Hillary was “fit to serve”.

A Letter from Hillary Clinton’s Doctor
July 31, 2015
In a letter, her doctor says Hillary Rodham Clinton is in “excellent” health and “fit to serve” as president.

But the truth has caught up with Hillary, and with Dr. Lisa Bardak. Hillary had a seizure on June 10 went viral on the Internet, as documented in Issue 513 of this newsletter. It is clear her eyes cannot track together and one but not the other is dilated.

Then a second seizure occurred during the DNC release of balloons, and played out before all the cameras. Again, her eyes cannot track together. This was followed by an obvious brain freeze on August 8, where she completely loses her train of thought and goes mentally absent on stage while campaigning. Once again, this was caught on video. Hillary has recently called Trump her “husband”, and stated that she would raise taxes on the Middle Class, forgetting to insert the word “not”. This, despite reading from teleprompters. All these incidents within just weeks of each other, and very recent.

Then there is the recent release of photos taken by both Reuters and Getty, showing Hillary having to be helped up the stairs while campaigning in S Carolina on February 24. Why it took so long for these photos to be released is not explained.

Now a leaked internal memo written by Dr. Lisa Bardak has gone viral on the Internet. This appears completely legitimate, even to the title claimed by Dr. Bardak. Where in 2015 the paper she issued bore the title Director of Internal Medicine, and under the newly leaked internal memo she bears the title Chairman of the Department of Medicine, her bio page shows that both titles apply.

Dr. Lisa Bardak has some explaining to do! Her report in 2014 says Hillary has dementia, caused by atherosclerosis cutting off blood to the brain, and this is rapidly getting worse!

Hillary Clinton Medical Records Leaked! "Dementia, Seizures, Black-outs"
August 8, 2016
Hillary Clinton's medical records have been leaked to the public and they are devastating.  According to her Doctor, Mrs. Clinton suffers from "Dementia, Seizures and Black-outs."  In fact, the Doctor made note that Clinton's conditions are "considerably worse" than in 2013.
What is Binswanger's Disease?
Atherosclerosis (commonly known as "hardening of the arteries") is a systemic process that affects blood vessels throughout the body. It begins late in the fourth decade of life and increases in severity with age. As the arteries become more and more narrowed, the blood supplied by those arteries decreases and brain tissue dies.  The symptoms associated with BD are related to the disruption of subcortical neural circuits that control what neuroscientists call executive cognitive functioning: short-term memory, organization, mood, the regulation of attention, the ability to act or make decisions, and appropriate behavior.  Other symptoms include forgetfulness, changes in speech, an unsteady gait, clumsiness or frequent falls, changes in personality or mood (most likely in the form of apathy, irritability, and depression), and urinary symptoms that aren't caused by urological disease.

ZetaTalk Comment 8/13/2016: The official diagnosis from Hillary’s New York State doctor of atherosclerosis leading to brain death, a condition known as Binswanger's Disease (BD), should be no surprise. In that she is wearing Fresnel lens glasses to correct the double vision caused by MS, she also has MS, as we have confirmed. Her poor balance and falling down can be caused by MS or BD. Her coughing fits are caused by the lungs filling with water on occasion, from heart failure, which she also is trying to contain.

Wikileaks has announced that it does not plan to release another tranche of emails before October, for what is called an October Surprise in the US. But what of the next two months?  It is not enough to merely wound Hillary in the public eye, so she limps forward to a stolen election. A drugged and placid Hillary could wave and smile. The VP, Kaine, was well vetted to be a proper puppet so that he in the White House could push the Bush/Clinton Crime family agenda. For the Democratic candidate to lose, and lose big, requires that Hillary be in place, but be so damaged in the public eye that the Democrats cannot recover.

Halting Hillary

How does one stop a political machine that has so many connections and so much blackmail on so many people that it seems impossible. Meanwhile, control of the powerful US military, which is larger than all other militaries combined is at stake. Where Dunford is in charge in the US, a quiet agreement between he and Obama that this should not be made public so as not to disrupt public life, Hillary would refuse to cooperate.

ZetaTalk Inference 7/30/2016: The ruthlessly ambitious Hillary has been in a race to reach the White House before justice can snatch this from her. The Clinton family has been a criminal enterprise for decades, always managing to buffer themselves from prosecution by sacrificing an underling or a handy assassination. We have repeatedly stated that Dunford, in charge of the US federal government, will not allow Hillary to gain the power of the presidency, but just what moves are being planned by Dunford is not something we will reveal. We have reported that on June 22 Hillary was offered, and accepted, a plea deal to drop out or have the Clinton Foundation and herself indicted for corruption. Once again she lied and went on to grab the brass ring.

What will stop the Clinton power grab? The possibilities in the past included indicting Hillary so her polls would fall, but it was known that Hillary would continue her campaign despite an indictment so this was not pursued. Calling martial law due to terrorism threats or race riots was another possibility, but unless a real and sufficient threat were present, martial law would not prevail for long. Given that the Clinton crime family planned for the 2016 power grab years ago, and was superbly well funded and connected, there was no chance that Sanders, despite his popularity, could counter this.

Hillary’s health could falter, with Hillary falling to the floor with a fibrillating heart or double vision or another seizure, this time too well documented to be discounted. But this is likely to be covered up by the media, as usual, and one cannot wait for this to happen. The Council of Worlds also does not strike people down. Then there is severely falling support for Hillary due to more Wikileaks releases and more public awareness of the now free movie, Clinton Cash. But even with Trump on the ascendance, allowing an election is risky.

Even given that Hillary might be killed or collapse due to her many health problems. Even in a coma, or drooling from the mouth and unable to think or speak due to a stroke, even in death, the Democratic Party would continue to run with Hillary on the ballot. This is in essence forced by the rules. Does anyone think Tim Kaine was not well vetted by the Clinton Crime Family machine? He was chosen because he would allow his strings to be pulled. Even splintered and hobbled, the Clinton machine could grasp control of the White House if elections were allowed to proceed. This is the dilemma facing Dunford and the Council of Worlds.

If Trump Drops Out, the Result will be a Horrible Legal Quagmire
August 3, 2016
The party’s internal rules permit the RNC to “fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination or otherwise of the Republican candidate for president of the United States. It hinges upon what 50 different state laws have to say. Although the presidency is a national job, each state has broad leeway to set procedures governing the presidential election in that state. Many of them enacted laws governing candidates who wish to withdraw from a race which can be quite unforgiving — especially as the election draws nigh. But that’s not the end of the confusion. Recall that, under the Constitution, voters do not vote directly for presidential candidates. They elect members of the Electoral College who themselves choose the next president. High stakes litigation would also ensue — with little, if any precedents to guide the litigants and judges — in order to determine how members of the Electoral College should behave.