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Issue 619, Sunday August 12, 2018
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Venezuela Spiral

Venezuela has been a Case Study on what can go wrong in a society where the people have been allowed to rely on social services rather than be self-sufficient. Flush with oil profits, Venezuela had come to rely on imported food, so in 2014 during the oil price wars, starvation gripped the populace. Maduro has loyalists on the Supreme Court and in the Military, so has survived all congressional and legal challenges. Inevitably, the Venezuelan Bolivar collapsed. Without recourse, what was the populace to do? Apparently, send in the drones.

Venezuelan President Maduro Targeted with Explosive Drones
August 4, 2018
Several explosives-laden drones detonated as he was speaking at a military ceremony. Seven National Guard soldiers have been injured as a result of the failed assassination. Maduro pinned the blamed on the “Venezuelan ultra-right,” who collaborated with Colombian rightists. He also accused Colombia’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, of being behind the attack.
Venezuelan President Survives a Drone Assassination Attempt
August 5, 2018
Nicolas Maduro was addressing a military parade in Caracas on live TV this Saturday when he suddenly halted and looked to the sky after hearing an explosion. Attorney General Tarek William Saab said the attempted assassination targeted not only Maduro, but rather the military's entire high command on stage with the president.

Why did starvation become an issue in a country with good soil, good water, and a temperate climate? For decades, flush with oil profits, the populace pampered themselves with imported foods. Mismanagement #1. In 2010 Chavez nationalized the farms supply business. After the oil crash, the local farms were left to flounder without seeds, pesticides, fuel, replacement parts of their equipment. Mismanagement #2. Per the Zetas, this is an example of what will occur after the Pole Shift, when effective leadership will be lacking. Floundering and starvation result.

Agriculture in Venezuela
Agriculture in Venezuela has a much smaller share of the economy than in any other Latin American country. From the discovery of oil in Venezuela in the early twentieth century to the 1940s, the importance of agriculture declined rapidly. The country imports most of its food, mainly from Colombia and the United States.
Venezuela crisis: Farmers Struggle as People go Hungry
December 1, 2017
In 2010, the government nationalised the farm supply business. Agropatria is now responsible for supplying farmers with everything from seeds to pesticides. Timing is crucial and producers say the government is not delivering. Venezuela's currency gets weaker every day so the cost of his materials, which are mostly imported, keeps rising. In just two weeks, the price of a tractor tyre has doubled.

Venezuela’s Farmland Sits Barren During Hunger Crisis
December 1, 2017
As Venezuelans in cities scavenge for food, once-fertile farmlands are barren as well. In western Portuguesa state, which was the nation’s breadbasket, hundreds of arable acres were lost after seeds didn’t arrive until the rainy season. Slugs and snails overran fields after pesticides disappeared when the cash-strapped government reduced imports. Thieves forage by night and a “cemetery of tractors” waits for replacement parts that never arrive. As part of his economic war against the bourgeoisie, the late president Hugo Chavez expropriated food processors, stores and millions of acres of farms and ranches. Agropatria, the farm-supply business nationalized in 2010, holds a monopoly on everything from seeds to pesticides. Maduro has cut back on imports to shore up cash and pay back billions in debt for the country and its state-oil producer.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/19/2002: The Aftertime will find most of mankind in a dearth of government directives. Even small towns, governed by mayors well known on the city streets to all, and traveling bands governed by chieftains, will feel the lack. Insanity, depression, loss of life and confusion will remove the firm hand so familiar from governing. Families will look to their elders, the family man, the religious leader, and find them all staring, shaking their heads, and unable to speak. In these situations, leadership arises from the needy, natural leaders emerging.

ZetaTalk Expectation 12/6/2003: Leadership will have to be earned, not assumed based on former titles or rank. And the type of government that emerges will depend on the spiritual nature of the survival groups. The good hearted will find less need for rules, rules replaced by cooperation. The self-centered will adopt the rules of a prison colony, rule by the strong and ruthless.

Chavez did institute his Mission Vuelta al Campo, encouraging the poor to garden on small plots in the countryside. But it lacked government support, and floundered. Mismanagement #3! Maduro encouraged backyard and porch gardening, even touting his own pumpkin patch. But beyond words, there was no support for fledgling gardeners. No seeds, tools, or plot of land. The government under Chavez had also confiscated many small farms, nationalizing them. Rather than employ their expertise, Venezuela once again mismanaged it. Mismanagement #4. Per the Zetas, this is likely to be the scripted drama for most of the crowded cities on Earth.

Agriculture in Venezuela
A new Bolivarian Mission, Mission Vuelta al Campo was announced in 2005; it seeks to encourage impoverished and unemployed urban Venezuelans to willingly return to the countryside. The land reform program has nevertheless been the subject of criticism from a variety of sources, with farmers said to be lacking sufficient government support particularly in the case of urban residents moving to the countryside to develop farming cooperatives.
Congratulations to Bolivarian Socialism - Farming Doesn't Work in Venezuela Anymore
November 1, 2016
President Nicolas Maduro has asked, insisted even, that urban residents should be farming small plots to grow their vegetables. President Nicolás Maduro recounted how he and his wife grew pumpkins on their patio for a soup that tasted “like heaven.”
Venezuela is telling Hungry City Dwellers to Grow their Own Food
November 1, 2016
The government urged citizens to plant in every available space — private terraces, communal areas, jails and schools, among other sites — but did not itself provide the land. “How are you going to tell someone with no space for a plot to grow their own food?” asked De Leandro, whose family-owned farm was expropriated, like many other businesses, under former president Hugo Chávez's nationalization program.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2002: Those in the cities, who have lost or never had experience with gardening and herdskeeping, or fishing in the wild which requires skill, will have the rudest shock. First, they will be isolated in their cities by the destruction around them, such that they cannot easily travel to the country side. Second, food will run out in the cities, such that the starving survivors look about them, and even at each other, hungrily. Most will starve, getting weaker and sicker until death overtakes them. Those who give in to the urge to cannibalize will soon die also, simply because the food source will run out.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/2001: In countries where social services exist, those desperate for a rescue will begin to assume that the government will act, perhaps at the last minute but in time to rescue them. Announcements will be made to peacefully evacuate cities and coastlines, tents will be erected, and the populace resettled after it is all over with the worst of it the beans and rice endlessly served for supper. The military, politicians, and those holding stakes in the cities and coastlines being deserted will put selfish interests aside and become humanitarians, in the end. For those clinging to this hope for rescue, we would only point out that the governments today do not act in this manner, but leave many starving children and injustices in their wake, daily. Stressful times will not create heroes, it will create slamming doors.

What’s the answer? Self-sufficiency is the answer, but this is not attained overnight. The cover-up over the presence and approach and pending passage of Nibiru is firmly in control of the media and the wealthy establishment. Are you being advised to dry and save your pumpkin seeds? To start with container gardening on your porch if lacking a plot of land? Does your community allow free ranging chickens, or use goats and sheep to trim the hedge and mow the lawns? Per the Zetas, during chaos, new leadership may emerge.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/19/2002: Often they are children, to whom most of life is startling and strange, the unfamiliar presented almost daily. To the child, this is more an adventure, an opportunity to act without constant parental admonitions. They will make suggestions, and be allowed to proceed, and often lead their dazed and depressed parents and elders about like rag dolls. Beyond the children, who will be inventive and energetic in the main, women will assume command by doing daily chores. After the shift, women will wash and clean, gather and cook a meal, and thus be looked upon as someone who can direct activities. When the depression clears, and survivors begin looking about them, determining if they should seek out a government rep or make a report, perhaps seek help from their government, a different conclusion will arise. Initiating, observing, and offering to help, and sharing, has taken place. This is the Service-to-Other society of your future, and once established by survivor groups, should not be supplanted by ego driven directive by the power hungry. Tell them to sit back down and fall silent, as you did so much better before they found their tongue.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome occurs when the Deep State and the Hillary fans, both losers in the 2016 Presidential election, have no recourse but to wail and throw tantrums. The Democrats seem to have no platform other than #neverTrump protests and the Deep State is steadily being removed from the federal government, kicking and screaming all the way. CNN reporter Acosta’s face shows a pout lately, but he is not yet in a full Trump Derangement Syndrome fist pounding tantrum.

Trump Derangement Syndrome
Trump Derangement Syndrome is a buzzword used by its adherents to describe a reaction to United States President Donald Trump by liberals, progressives, and Never Trump conservatives, who are said to respond to Trump's statements and political actions irrationally, with little regard to Trump's actual position or action taken.
Trump Derangement Syndrome
Trump Derangement Syndrome is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason. Symptoms for this condition can be very diverse, ranging from hysterical outbursts to a complete mental break. TDS can also often result in the sufferer exhibiting violent, homicidal, or even genocidal desires.

The Democratic 'Party Is Dead': Tucker Examines Drastic Transition from Liberal to 'Say No to Trump'
July 30, 2018
Carlson blamed "Trump Derangement Syndrome" for the change to the party once identified with economic populists such as John F. Kennedy and wartime leaders like Franklin Roosevelt. "They were the party that fought McCarthyism. Now it's the party that engages in McCarthyism," he said, pointing to claims from Democratic bureaucrats like former CIA Director John Brennan who claim Trump committed "treason."

Meanwhile, awareness of the Q phenomena has gone mainstream. In horror that the public following Q has exploded, the well-controlled American media, nominally called the Main Stream Media, lurched into action. In what was obviously a coordinated attack against the Q phenomena, over 50 publications simultaneously reported the same fake news story line – Q is a cult, and a conspiracy. Never mind its phenomenal accuracy and ability to predict what is coming. Never mind that the public senses the ring of truth in the Q revelations, and is connecting the dots.

Why the fear? Q is peeling back the onion layers on the crimes committed by the Deep State and the Bush/Hillary criminal Cabal, who use pedophilia blackmail to control politicians. Trump appears to be out of control, for this crowd, thus is constantly demonized by the media which is also owned and controlled. At base, the fear is that the cover-up over Nibiru will break, and that Q will migrate to telling the truth about Nibiru. Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord. Trump has a private summit with Putin, when Russia is more open and honest about Nibiru. Connect the dots. Trump Derangement Syndrome and control of the media is about Nibiru!


ZetaTalk Description 8/23/2004: In a world where corporations are owned by few real major stockholders, including corporations in the media business, and where politicians are selected and promoted based on the certainty that they will cooperate with those essentially running the world on the basis of their immense wealth, the blanket of the cover-up is almost complete. The media simply does not report anomalies. Questions asked of scientists are deflected, as these scientists routinely work for grants, universities reliant on grants, for corporations directed by their major stockholders, or for government agencies under national security rules. Odd death rates among such scientists are not reported, or under reported, as is the increasingly erratic and frightening weather worldwide, the alarming number of earthquakes that rattle buildings and spit the earth open, and the threatening condition of volcanoes near urban settings.

Jomon Pottery

Does ancient Jomon pottery from Japan depict past Pole Shifts? Per the Zetas, indeed they do. They certainly show waves assaulting the Japanese main islands from all directions, and they show the magnetic swirls that have been found on cave man walls, on Annunaki landing strips in S Africa, and in dramatic fashion in the skies over Norway in 2009.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/18/2013: The spirals and Nazca-like lines carved into rock near Verneukpan, S Africa are genuine and were done in the past by the Annunaki. These are, as with the Nazca lines, landing guides. But why the many spirals, which are seen in recent crop circles as well as on cave walls? Spirals are seen in the sky prior to a passage, due to magnetic tornados formed in the atmosphere. Thus, early man drew them to warn future generations. But in S Africa they adorned landing stripes to indicate an escape route for those Annunaki left in harm’s way as the Pole Shift approached. The Flood was caused by a displacement wave from half-melted Antarctic ice, and those trapped at the tip of S Africa were vulnerable.

Waves on all four sides as depicted in Jomon pottery would occur due to the ocean sloshing that can be expected during a crustal shift. The initial slosh occurs as the Earth moves suddenly under the ocean, the waters remaining in place while the land plates follow the direction of shift. Then, as described by the Zetas, the ocean slosh would return in the other direction, water seeking its level. For Japan, there would be independent sloshing at the Pacific Ocean side, and yet another sloshing action in the Sea of Japan between Japan and the mainland.

Jomon Pottery
Jomon pottery vessels are the oldest in the world and their impressed decoration, which resembles rope, is the origin of the word jomon, meaning 'cord pattern'. Jomon pottery, in the form of simple vessels, was first produced c. 13,000 BCE around Shinonouchi in Nagano, making them the oldest such examples in the world.
Jomon Pottery
The pottery vessels crafted in Ancient Japan during the J?mon period are generally accepted to be the oldest pottery in Japan and among the oldest in the world.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2018: Where Jomon pottery covers a multitude of periods, and primarily represents the marking with string, those pieces that come from a Pole Shift era dramatically show not only waves coming from all four directions but show the magnetic sky swirls known to be drawn on cave walls by very early man. Are the waves tsunami or the Pole Shift sloshing to be expected? Of course tsunami occurred, but this comes from a single direction. Pole Shift sloshing will occur on all sides of the Japanese islands, due to the attempts of the Pacific Ocean to return to an even sea level wherever there is a void.

During the Jomon pottery period from 3,000 to 4,000 BC, the Jomon pottery included statues of what appear to be aliens in space suits. They are predominantly female, with obvious breasts and even female genitalia. Are these human? The appendages do not appear to be the fingers and toes of man. Nor did mankind in Japan wear such hooded space suits at that time. Per the Zetas, these are indeed depictions of alien visitors assisting the survivors of the last Nibiru passage 3,600 years ago.

Ancient Astronauts? The Fantarchaeology and the Importance of the Context
If we take one of these sites as an example, the "astronautical" features of the dog? statuettes are described as 1) a helmet with a shaped visor to shield the passage of sunlight; 2) a breathing filter at the level of the mouth; 3) a collar connecting the helmet and the suit; 4) small manipulating tongs mounted on articulated heads, instead of hands; 5) connection valves for pipes arranged on the chest of the suit. Neolithic men would certainly not have been able to imagine and put together such a large amount of technological details of space suits, if they had not observed them directly and closely. The hypothesis that the dog? represented ancient astronauts was made famous by Russian authors like Alexander Kazantsev and Vjaceslav Zajtsev in the sixties. The oldest are very small and very simple; around 4000 B.C. They begin to have arms, legs and heads, and starting from 3000 BC. The faces are completely formed.
Dogu are made of clay and are small, typically 10 to 30 cm high. Most of the figurines appear to be modeled as female, and have big eyes, small waists, and wide hips. They are considered by many to be representative of goddesses. Many have large abdomens associated with pregnancy, suggesting that the Jomon considered them mother goddesses. Some theorists also suggest that some of the dogu can represent aliens in space suits. There is, however, no scientific evidence to support this.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/31/2018: The Dogu statues in Japan emerged during the last passage of Nibiru, approximately 3,600 years ago. This was a period of great trauma in Japan, so there is no written record of these visitors. Only the Dogu statues remain as a record of what the populace saw. The Dogu were hominoid, and assisting the Japanese survivors at that time. They are often depicted as female, with breasts and even female genitalia, as the Dogu visitors often focused on pregnant women for special care. The Dogu appeared during a time before the rule on recording visitations only in the subconscious was imposed by the Council of Worlds, thus the detail found on the statues.