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Issue 623, Sunday September 9, 2018
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Russia Purge

Russia has done one of its periodic purges of its Military, done in 2016 and 2017 and now again in 2018. But this time, almost simultaneously, Russia is conducting a huge Military exercise, the largest since World War II ended, in conjunction with its close neighbor China. But wait, there’s more. There was a fire in Peresvet Bank, the Central Bank headquarters, and the day before a fire at the Mint. But wait, there’s more. Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, went missing for two weeks, supposedly due to a sports injury, and when he returned, he looked a bit younger than before. What does this all mean? The Zetas explain.  

Vladimir Putin Fired Military Generals as Russia Launches Biggest Military Exercises in Four Decades
August 28, 2018
Russian President Vladimir Putin fired 15 Russian generals as the country prepares to launch its biggest war games in over four decades.
Russia to Stage Biggest Military Exercises Since Cold War
August 28, 2018
Russia is to hold its biggest military maneuvers since the height of the Cold War next month, mobilizing about 300,000 troops and including the participation of thousands of soldiers from China. The Vostok-2018 exercises in Russia’s eastern and central military districts -- spanning from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast -- from Sept. 11-15 will involve almost a third of the country’s soldiers.
Vladimir Putin Fires Russian Military Generals
August 28, 2018
20 percent of Russia’s State Duma, the Russian legislative body, simultaneously act as lobbyists for the military and other law enforcement. Many lawmakers also have deep connections to the Russian intelligence services and interior ministry.

Russia's Central Bank Is On Fire
August 24, 2018
Firefighters arrived at 12 Neglinnaya Street, where a fire broke out in the administrative building on the fifth floor.
Fire Extinguished at Russian Central Bank building with No Casualties
August 28, 2018
The fire started at around 8:30 p.m. Moscow time (1730 GMT) and it was extinguished within half an hour.
Nabiullina could Destroy Documents with a Fire in the Building of the Central Bank
August 28, 2018
August 24 in the building of the Central Bank on Neglinnoye there was a very strange fire, if not suspicious. In the traditional Friday "short working day", on the eve of the weekend, on Neglinnaya after 20:00 there were both Nabiullina herself and her two first deputies: Dmitry Tulin, and Sergey Shvetsov. It is noteworthy that the main event of the day - the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank, which was preceded by a long and tense preparation, was supposed to end in the first half of the day. Usually, after it, the Central Bank's tops try to take a break and leave work early. But this time Nabiullina and her deputies for some reason were late.

Putin in Constant Contact with PM Medvedev, Kremlin States amid Reports of Injury
August 24, 2018
The Russian president and prime minister remain in close contact during the latter’s absence from public events, a Kremlin spokesperson said after the government press service revealed Dmitry Medvedev had suffered a sports injury.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2018: What is the nexus between a Central Bank fire, a fire at the Mint, huge Russian military exercises in conjunction with China, Medvedev’s mysterious disappearance for two weeks, and a purge in the Russian military – all ostensibly at the same time. There are parallels in the US, where Dunford removed private Jewish bankers from the US Federal Reserve Bank in 2015, Trump is planning a flashy military parade, McCain disappears into a supposed death by cancer and the FBI and DOJ are being purged, and members of the military involved in the theft of a US nuke from a Dakota air base in 2007 under Bush were finally dismissed.

Putin deals with Deep State agendas as does Trump and his Junta. That Putin seems to be in a rush, the steps he is taking are so intertwined that to move slowly puts his cleanup at risk. Funds can be moved and hidden, papers can be destroyed, and witnesses can be eliminated. But when the purge is done simultaneously the rats are snared. Russian’s Central Bank is privately held, thus not under Putin’s control. The attempts to destroy evidence by fire did not succeed, and a Medvedev double now compliant. Is there a reason that Merkel and Macron are suddenly embracing Putin warmly? The Soros agenda to gain control of Russia has failed.

Were there signs that this was coming? Neglinnaya, the head of the Central Bank, appeared to be doing an excellent job, controlling the number of client banks and holding inflation down. The Central Bank is still privately held, however - always a recipe for mischief. Russia is otherwise comfortably independent from financial disaster, a member of the BRICS consortium, not relying upon the SWIFT payment system, and establishing a Russian credit card, the MIR.

The Robbery of the Central Bank
February 19, 2002
The struggle of deputies that has been going on for almost two years against the independence of the Central Bank has moved to a decisive stage: in the near future the Duma should consider amendments to the Law on the Central Bank in the second reading.
Putin’s Central Banker is on a Tear
February 13, 2017
In Russia, Peresvet Bank had an edge no other big private financial institution could match. Its largest shareholder was the powerful Russian Orthodox Church. In a 2015 pitch to investors, Peresvet said the backing of the church and the bank’s other big owner, Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave it a “quasi-sovereign” status. For more than two decades, big state companies stashed their cash with the bank, whose ponderous full name—Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Charity and Spiritual Development of Fatherland—suggested its grand standing.
Annual Inflation in Russia hits New Record Low
November 10, 2017
Prices in Russia are rising at their slowest pace this year since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The first week of November saw inflation further slow.

Is it time to go dancing? Russian oil and gas fields are secure, despite the Soros network trying to insert its tentacles and assume control. Russia has prepared for the coming Pole Shift by developing the Russian Far East, and gradually migrating its peoples there. Trump likewise is defending the US borders, and drawing the troops home. Funds to NATO and the G7 show this trend - no longer defending allies, but the home front. The weakened grip of the New World Order crowd shows. Even Europe is embracing Putin!

Macron says EU can’t Rely on US for Security, calls for more Cooperation with Russia
August 27, 2018
French President Emmanuel Macron has called for involving Russia in the process of providing security in Europe.
Cossacks and Flowers as Putin Dances at Austrian Minister's Wedding
August 18, 2018
Russian President Vladimir Putin danced arm-in-arm with Austria’s Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl at her wedding, after receiving an invitation that opposition critics said undermined the West’s stance against Moscow.

Magic Sword

McCain’s extensive funeral and memorials ran for days the week ahead of Labor Day in the US, with a private “viewing” for the family in Arizona and then a public “viewing” in Washington DC and then a formal funeral and then a burial with honors. During all of this, it was a closed casket affair, not a viewing of the body at all. Compare this to Aretha Franklin’s funeral and viewing, wherein even her feet were on display. Of course McCain’s casket did not contain his body as he had been tried for treason and is now serving a life sentence at Gitmo, per the Zetas.

But over in Syria, his buddies among the Syrian rebels and ISIS remnants were resentful. They had planned a celebration, but their party favors, a weapons depot at Idlib near Damascus, was blown up on September 1, on the Labor Day weekend in the US. Who did this? Certainly the Russians did not want Assad hassled and the US did not want a conflagration in Syria and the always nervous Israel could not be ruled out. But per the enigmatic Q, it was done by a “Magic Sword”.

Syria Blasts at Mezzeh Military Airport 'not Israeli Strikes
September 2, 2018
Syria has denied reports that a series of blasts at a military airport near Damascus on Sunday were from Israeli air strikes. The loud blasts, reported at the Mezzeh airport, were caused by an explosion at a munitions dump. The incident was the result of an electrical fault. Israel has launched air strikes against Syria in the past and was accused of targeting Mezzeh airport last year. The airport is believed to house Syrian Air Force intelligence.
Russia Ready to Boost Military Contacts with US — Lavrov
August 31, 2018
The Russian Defense Ministry and the US Department of Defense have been maintaining contacts on Syria in a real-time mode. "There is an agreement on a mechanism to prevent unintentional accidents and it works," Lavrov added. Lavrov says US attempt at ‘regime change’ in Syria failed.
Pompeo says 'World is Watching' the Situation in Idlib
September 1, 2019
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov of "defending the assault" by Syrian government forces on the last rebel stronghold in Idlib province. Forces loyal to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have been massing around Idlib, which borders Turkey, for days and seem ready to launch what could be the last major battle of the civil war that has torn the country apart since 2011.

'US Wants Terrorists to Stay in Idlib
September 3, 2018
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Moscow and Damascus of escalating the Syrian conflict by seeking to clear terrorist groups from Idlib province. He said the civilian population will end up as victims of any offensive. Now, we've got the Syrian government saying they are going to retake all of Syria – which is their right under international law and the UN – but what is going to happen with the terrorists?

ZetaTalk Opinion 9/30/2018: This attempt to spark war between the US and Russia in Syria should be seen in the context of John McCain’s “death” and funeral, in order to encourage the remnants of the Cabal still hoping to spark a war beween the US and Russia. McCain was a known supporter of the anti-Assad rebels, as he was fervently anti-Russian. He was charged by the US Junta in a military tribunal for helping to supply the anti-Assad rebels with poison gas, which was to be used to frame Assad for a chemical weapons attack. At that time, these rebel depots were openly bombed by the US.

Clearly there were explosions at the munitions depot at the airport near Damascus, hardly caused by an electrical short. This was not a nuke, but there were a variety of bombs and missiles the anti-Assad forces intended to use. Who cleaned them out, so that any conflict between Russia and the US would ease? Q called this a “magic sword”, and there the truth will remain. It was Magic. The war against ISIS had a united front, but maintaining peace within Syria and between Israel and Palestine is still bumpy. Meanwhile, instigating conflict will not be allowed.

Antarctica Reveals

As the ice and snow in Antarctica melt, evidence of the Annunaki, who used Antarctica as an outpost in the past, is revealed. Buried cities, launching pads, desalination devices, and ports for space ships have been revealed. Now more artifacts have been uncovered, and can be located on Google Earth for verification. One spot inland on Antarctica appears to be another launching pad, and a site on the nearby Scotia Plate is, per the Zetas, where cargo was offloaded and stored.

75° 0’46.98” S 0° 4’52.71” E
A strange protrusion from the snow was discovered and explored - middle of nowhere Antarctic. This video is well done in that it shows the imagery of the site back to 1998, then an airstrip built in 2013. Why was the protrusion getting more noticeable over time? Ice melt? Would be awesome to know from Zetas what’s under the snow and why the red coloring in parts.

54° 39’44.6” S 36° 11’42.4” E
It seems to be a ship that crashed into a mountain, skidding to rest in the snow. Was it space junk or a ship? It’s been discovered years ago on an island near Antarctica but I don’t see it addressed in your archives. If a ship, I thought the technology of a ship is so advanced as to not be affected by any of earth’s weather, esp lightning.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2018: This newly discovered site, which appear to be a rack with a nearby entry to an underground port, is another launching site, which of course has a control booth nearby. Since it is not similar to mankind’s launching mechanisms, it is not recognized for what it is. This may be a new site for Internet aficionados but known to the establishment which has clearly visited to inspect. What is interpreted to be a crashed ship on the Scotia platelet near the tip of S America is not a crash at all but a routine port. The track marks are in fact rail lines used to tow a ship’s cargo to a nearby storage vault.

The Annunaki were quarantined from Earth several thousand years ago by the Council of Worlds who used inclement weather and storms at sea to drive them from the Earth. The Annunaki, per the Zetas, have always been uneasy with the many large predators on Earth, as their home planet, Nibiru, does not have such predators. They retreated to mining for Gold elsewhere in the Solar System, in particular on Phobos, a moon of Mars. Matching monoliths have been found on both Mars and Phobos, likely communication devices. An attempt to send a probe to Phobos resulted in the probe being shot down.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/15/2002: They cannot shuttle to Earth at this time, as it has been deemed by the Council of Worlds to constitute interference with your free will because their interaction with humans sprang from their agenda for conquest. In times past, other rules were in place and interaction did occur. The quarantine was put into place some thousands of years ago, but close enough in your recent past that contact with these alien life forms remains in your legends. The Earth in their memory is full of carnivors, rebelling slaves, and accidents related to wild weather.

The Phobos Incident
In July 1988, the Russians launched two unmanned satellite probes - Phobos 1 and Phobos 2. The last transmission from Phobos 2 was a photograph of a gigantic cylindrical spaceship - a huge, approx, 20km long, 1.5km diameter cigar-shaped 'mother ship', that was photographed on 25 March 1989 hanging or parked next to the Martian moon Phobos by the Soviet unmanned probe Phobos 2. After that last frame was radio-transmitted back to Earth, the probe mysteriously disappeared; according to the Russians it was destroyed - possibly knocked out with an energy pulse beam.

ZetaTalk Description 7/15/1995: Eventually, after being quarantined from Earth, they learned how to create and maintain their own atmosphere in air tight chambers, and thus relocatable they have continued their mining operations within the Solar System, on this spot or that, and are here still.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/15/1996: What occurs when one of NASA's probes drifts close to this moon? Monitoring equipment stationed on the surface of Phobos by these visitors alerts them to the approach of something other than space trash. Not wanting to be observed or to become the object of curiosity, the giant hominoids simply put the eye out of the probe. This is done with a laser, the same mechanism they use to send signals to one another at great distances but devastating to delicate electronic equipment at close range. Send a probe to Phobos and oops, the probe stops working! Any attempt to fly a manned shuttle to Phobos to explore the operation would also meet with disaster and death, and such an attempt is therefore ill advised.