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Issue 755, Sunday March 21, 2021
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Just after the 2020 election CCP soldiers were encountered trying to sneak over the Canadian border into the Michigan Peninsula. They had been filmed in October, 2020 marching in Vancouver. The Zetas also confirmed that CCP soldiers had been discovered in underground bunkers in northern Maine. Per the Zetas, they were intent on helping the Blue States to secede, and the New England states and the Midwest were considered to be those which would be willing to secede.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2020: As is known, Trudeau capitulated to China, allowing Chinese troops to be stationed at Vancouver in case the crops they purchased from Canada were threatened. As is known, Trudeau was executed and is now a Double, but others within Canada were happy to take Chinese Yuan for their assistance, and thus the US recently rebutted Chinese troops coming into the US in Maine and the Michigan Peninsula.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 12/31/2020: Insider Hal Turner reports that armed Chinese troops were seen disembarking from boats on Lake Superior and entering the Hiawatha National Forest in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, thus a shootout with a US F16. This is true. Likewise what Turner reports on a bunker of Chinese troops in northern Maine being blown up 12 hours later, likewise true. These incursions were in preparation for a Blue State secession, because the Mid-West states and the New England states would be expected to participate.

But did these incursions of CCP soldiers end at the border? When the National Guard was called up to defend DC after the Capitol Building was invaded during a nearby Trump rally on January 6, this was assumed by the public to defend Biden during his forthcoming inauguration. But in fact, President Trump had signed the Insurrection Act on January 11. DC was under Martial Law during the Biden inauguration, just one more reason Biden is not a valid President. The National Guard was there to arrest traitors.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2021: Why was it necessary to have 65,000 National Guard troops in DC on January 20, Inauguration Day? This was an invasion of DC by troops loyal to President Trump, reporting to President Trump directly. Consider the nexus between the foreign control of the 2020 election process, and the foreign ownership of the National Debt, and President Trump's EOs wherein he allows seizure of assets if foreign interference with the election process is discovered. This means DC, and specifically the Treasury, has changed hands. President Trump and the true Republic of the US now owns the Treasury, which resides in DC, so there is no more National Debt owed to foreign entities.

While rounding up traitors who had come to DC to celebrate the supposed inauguration of Biden as President, the National Guard checked the tunnel system under DC. As has been reported in the alternative media, they found small children in cages, waiting to be sacrificed in celebratory Moloch rituals. This was captured on video at 2:30 am being led out of the tunnel systems that connect to the White House. They also found CCP soldiers waiting to help seize DC as the capitol for the Biden crowd. Months later, they are still smoking them out.

Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children from Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill
February 7, 2021
US Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and at least a hundred surviving children from a tunnel system beneath the White House and Capitol Building in Washington DC on Fri. 29 Jan. In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered, multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow.
Rescued Children. White House, Epstein, Tunnels, Assassination Attempt
February 9, 2021
There are new updates to the operation to rescue children from the tunnels under the White House, Epstein escapes, and new intell on Assassination attempt.

Smoke Barreling Out of White House Lawn in Several Places as DC Is a Ghost Town
March 3, 3021
Why Is Smoke Barreling Out Of The White House Lawn In Several Places?
Breaking News: Marines, Chinese Soldiers, Mass Gunfire, Arrests, Trump!
February 28, 2021
Tunnels and DUMBS found under capital and Marines still cleaning them out and rescuing children. CCP soldiers found hiding in maze of tunnels and being hunted down.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2021: We have confirmed that CCP soldiers were confronted on the Michigan Peninsula and in northern Maine just after the 2020 election. These CCP troops were prepared to defending Blue States should they secede from the US, forming a split United States. Secession did not occur, but CCP plans went beyond supporting Blue States. They intended to seize the District of Colombia, the seat of government, to give the seceding states legitimacy. This is how close the USA came to becoming a puppet of China. But the Cabal and the Democrats did not succeed.

It has been obvious to even the casual observer that something is amiss in DC. Biden is not in the White House, despite claims by the well-controlled media. The Internet is alive with rumors and leaked information from insiders with connections to the military. If it was necessary to have 65,000 National Guard troops stationed in DC for the supposed inauguration of Biden, who is a White Hat Double, why has this occupation continued? The National Guard did indeed participate in the arrest of traitors who were attending the invalid inauguration of Biden. But the inauguration is now long past.

Videos of the White House published on January 30 show children being escorted out of the White House in the dead of night amid reports that tunnels under DC were being used to stage children in cages for Moloch worship. These claims are true, but more than children were found in the tunnel system, which was being guarded at all exits by the National Guard. Recently rumors have emerged in the alternative media that CCP soldiers were found in the tunnel system, and this is true. For those who question why it is taking the Junta so long to reinstate President Trump, this is the reason. They are still literally smoking out the CCP under DC.

New Zealand Quakes

The MegaQuakes that began pounding New Zealand on March 4 were far worse than reported, because the USGS had dumbed down the magnitude on their reports just days earlier. On February 28, the USGS database was taken offline for 12 hours while they did the deed. Per the Zetas, all quakes since that time are 3.3 higher in magnitude than the USGS reports. Thus the 8.1 quake in New Zealand was in fact a magnitude 11.4. Notably, Greece and Iceland had also been pounded by continuous quakes. The Zetas explain – this is the 7 of 10, on steroids.

Powerful Quake Hits off New Zealand, Prompting Evacuations
March 4, 4021
One of the biggest earthquakes to hit the South Pacific in modern history forced thousands of people in New Zealand to evacuate and triggered tsunami warnings across the world.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2021: What is the nexus of massive quakes in New Zealand and the pounding that Greece has been getting, plus a recent quake in the Indian Ocean? As we have repeatedly emphasized, the Indo-Australian Plate is the brake which holds back all other plate activity worldwide. When this lifts near New Zealand, the other scripted dramas are all allowed to take a step. The 7 of 10 Plate Movements have yet to complete at the African Roll and the New Madrid adjustment, which are likely to progress simultaneously.  

For Africa to roll its top part to the East the plate needs room to drop into the Indian Ocean. This requires the Indo-Australian Plate to tilt. It has just been nudged out of the way by the massive series of quakes on March 5, which are well above a magnitude 10. Greece is riddled with fault lines, and any separation of the African Plate from the Eurasian Plate at that juncture would register as earthquakes. Thus both these regions – New Zealand and Greece – have a nexus for their activity. Africa is starting a serious roll.

'Utter Devastation' after Major Quake, Aftershocks Hit New Zealand
November 13, 2016
Powerlines and telecommunications were down, with huge cracks in roads, land slips and other damage to infrastructure making it hard to reach the worst-affected areas. Christchurch, the largest city on New Zealand’s ruggedly beautiful South Island, is still recovering from the 6.3 quake in 2011 that killed 185 people.

The Africa Roll devastates more than Africa. The Zetas predicted that the Straits of Gibraltar will widen by 125 miles and Sinai will gain 50 miles too. They have predicted that the Arabian Plate will rotate due to the Africa Roll, turning its pointed tip like a sword through Iraq so that the oil fields explode in flames. Notably, as the Africa Roll heats up, with quakes in the interior of Africa and along the Indian Ocean border, Croatia suddenly finds itself riddled with sinkholes. Africa will roll, and the Eurasian Plate will stretch, with endless disasters for Eurasia.

Dozens of Sinkholes Pock Croatia's Quake-hit Villages
March 11, 2021
A cluster of around 100 sinkholes has opened up across farmland in central Croatia, some of them just metres from homes, in the aftermath of a deadly quake that rocked the area in December. The holes, many of which look like small round ponds as they have filled with emerald groundwater, have emerged in farm plots around the villages of Mecencani and Borojevici.
Topography of Croatia
Karst topography makes up about half of Croatia and is especially prominent in the Dinaric Alps, as well as throughout the coastal areas and the islands.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/21/2011: The Straits of Gibraltar will widen by 125 miles, as Africa drops, and Morocco will move 50 miles further east. Where the Sinai Peninsula is considered part of the African Plate, the Red Sea is clearly ripping open. Thus both the Red Sea at the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba tearing up into Jordan will rip open, leaving the Sinai Peninsula positioned like an island with few direct attachments.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/2/2011: We have described the churning that will afflict Iraq as a turning of the Arabian Plate, the boot. As the African Plate rolls, and drops its rounded top toward the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea pulls apart, the Afar Triangle in Africa pulls apart, and the boot rolls. This turns the pointed top of the Arabian Plate so it pushes through Iraq. This will explode the oil fields in northern Iraq, heave and split the ground, and make survival in this portion of Iraq very risky.

Sky Fire

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, the Zetas have warned that blankets of fire would drop from the sky during the hour of the Pole Shift. This was recorded by Velikovsky in this book Worlds in Collision, wherein he recorded the mythology of the West Coast Indians and reports from the Mediterranean. Both these regions are near volcanoes, which per the Zetas set the Petrols in the tail of Nibiru afire. Recent history shows that this has started again.

Excerpts from Worlds in Collision, Naphtha
by Velikovsky, pp 53-55
Crude petroleum is composed of two elements, carbon and hydrogen. The inorganic theory (of the origin of petroleum states that) hydrogen and carbon were brought together in the rock formations of the earth under great heat and pressure. The tails of comets are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen gases. Lacking oxygen, they do not burn in flight, but the inflammable gases, passing through an atmosphere containing oxygen, will be set on fire, binding all the oxygen available at the moment.
The descent of a sticky fluid which came earthward and blazed with heavy smoke is recalled in the oral and written traditions of the inhabitants of both hemispheres. Popol-Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayas, narrates "People were drowned in a sticky substance raining from the sky .. and then there was a great din of fire above their heads". The entire population of the land was annihilated. A similar account is preserved in the Annals of Cuauhtitlan. The age which ended in the rain of fire was called "the sun of fire-rain"
In Siberia, the Voguls carried down through the centuries and millennia this memory. "God sent a sea of fire upon the earth. In the East Indies, the aboriginal tribes relate that in the remote past "water of fire" rained from the sky. With very few exceptions, all men died. The (Egyptian) papyrus Ipuwer describes this consuming fire. "Gates, columns, and walls are consumed by fire. The sky is in confusion". The papyrus says that this fire almost exterminated mankind.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: With the atmosphere scattered, chemicals in the comet's tail similar to your petrol chemicals do not flash in a quick consummation into water and carbon dioxide, but descend close to the surface of the Earth before bursting into flame. A fire storm, killing all beneath it. All this has been reported in ancient times, as humans observed accompaniments to the cataclysms. This type of activity sets forests afire. Where vegetation regrows, from seeds and roots, many areas will nevertheless be denuded of vegetation for some time.

In 2016 a greasy tarlike substance dropped from the skies, bewildering everyone. Per the Zetas, this was the residue from a blanket of fire that had burned up earlier. Since 2016, the petrol in the tail of Nibiru has been captured on film almost daily, causing sky glow at times, or smoking orbs that drop through the clouds.  In 2020 a puzzling sky glow was captured by a garage cam in Ohio.

ZetaTalk Explanatio2/27/2016: This tar-like substance is akin to ash, from petro elements in the tail of Nibiru, burning in the atmosphere above Harrison Township (near Detroit). It is not flammable anymore, as it is, like ash, those portions of the burn that are not combustible. In parts of the world where rock stress and methane release are intense, as is occurring along the Seaway which is tearing apart, there will be the foundation of sky fires. Beyond the incidence of Light Towers which have been in evidence since 2008, methane alit, there will be blanket fires, where the methane and greasy elements in the tail are afire laterally in the skies. These incidents will be on the increase.

Now the Petrol Bubbles dropping to the Earth have become larger, and more obvious. Where not afire, these blobs filmed in Denver were puzzling to those who saw them. Assumed to be UFOs, the blobs gradually dissipated as they dropped. Per the Zetas, they lacked a spark to set them afire.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2021: These objects seen recently over Denver and elsewhere are not UFOs or any of mankind’s craft. They do not seem to have a solid form at the tip of the dropping matter, and for a reason. These are dropping Petrol Masses, not set alight because there has been no friction or spark to set them alight. They are dissipating into the air around the mass, thus seeming to disappear. The Petrol Masses can ignite and burn, or burn slowly and release smoke, or fail to burn and simply dissipate. During the Pole Shift, when the oxygen in the atmosphere has been consumed, these Petrol Masses will drain into cracks in the ground and form what mankind calls oil reserves underground.

What to do during the passage of Nibiru during the hour of the Pole Shift to avoid a blanket of fire? The Zetas advise simply laying in a shallow trench, covered by a sheet of tin roof or a board covered with sod will protect you. Neither will burn, and the shallow trench will protect you from flying debris and being tossed about by earthquakes. This is a solution available to the common man. 

ZetaTalk Advice 12/1/2007: One should have protection from firestorms even though rare yet when they do occur they are devastating. We have recommended a low trench, 2 feet deep and 3 or so feet wide, covered by sod covered boards or a metal roof well secured on the edges. Leave the ends of the trench open for escape, and perhaps allow an alternate escape. Being able to push the roof off is a good plan, so there is no entrapment due to debris landing on the roof.

Feet to the Fire
May 30, 2004
Develop a Plan, research your Location and plan your Route to safety. A Trench during the shift, Temporary shelter, and short term Supplies for the week of rotation stoppage and the months after. Garden with Seed supplies, low maintenance Flocks and Herds, and Fishing and Hunting as the area will support. Get into Short Wave radio, expect to be On Foot or boat when traveling, and keep your Bearings.
Trench Shelter
There are several variations possible for a trench shelter. The key is to have a smooth metal roof that winds will pass over, to be at or below the surface of the earth. The key to survival, both for folks and the mechanical equipment one hopes will not shatter, is to not have to move more than a few feet. Think of falling in gravity. In the air, you fall 200 feet and die. If you only fall 2 feet, you don't normally die. If one doesn't have far to roll or fall when the jolt comes, rolls along the ground only 2 feet or so, then one only gets a bruise. Dig a wide trench, cover with a metal sheet for protection from firestorms and hail, and put earth over that so that there is no edge the winds can pick up.