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Issue 772, Sunday July 18, 2021
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Dragons are Real

The little flying dragon from SE Asia was captured on film with its wings spread. They are not arms or legs, but additional wings, like the Dragons of yore The Zetas had stated that these dragons have evolved on many different planets, and this is proof. Earth is one of those planets.

Drago Volans
Draco volans, also commonly known as the common flying dragon, is a species of lizard in the family Agamidae. The species is endemic to Southeast Asia. Like other members of genus Draco, this species has the ability to glide using winglike lateral extensions of skin called patagia.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/15/1996: Mankind has many myths about dragons throughout the world. In the Orient the dragon is featured on pottery and in parades, and European myths are replete with Knights in armor going into battle against firebreathing dragons. The dragons invariable have wings and are shaped suspiciously like dinosaurs. Is there some basis in fact for this common human memory? Indeed there is. Where the dinosaurs died out long before mankind was engineered into being from ape stock, the Earth was not the only planet to give birth to such creatures.

Evolution follows similar patterns, and where your Earth brought forth dinosaurs with wings, just so did other planets compatible with the Earth. Your dragons were transplants brought to the Earth by early ambassadors from the Service-to-Self, who anticipated an increased harvest of lackeys from the Earth due to the fear and despair their dragons wrought. Were the dragons intelligent and incarnated with souls? No. On a scale of 1 to 10, where the average dog is a 10, a dragon was barely a 3. This is why, in spite of the massive size and capacity to fly as well as lumber over hill and dale, they were so easily slain.

New Madrid Footsteps

In mid-May, 2021 the New Madrid Fault Line did what the Zetas called the 1st wave of unzipping from the Gulf. At that time, in short succession, we had the Colonial Pipeline close down, a truss on the I-40 bridge to Memphis snap, a new sinkhole at St. Louis, a bridge collapse in Iowa, the Mackinaw pipeline closed, a plethora of crevasses at the tip of Mexico, and sinking land to the West of the Mississippi River. The first wave continued along the fault line to the headwaters of the Ohio River, and on to jolt New York City at the Ramapo Fault Line juncture. The Zetas had predicted that 2021 would be the year when the New Madrid would activate.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/2/2021: We said months, not years, but now we say weeks, not months. The New Madrid will start unzipping at the Gulf, then up the Mississippi River. Then following this first wave, another, further up the Mississippi and then higher up along the Fault. Bridges will be ripped and cities devastated. By the end of the year, duck and cover.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/16/2021: As we said on May 2, weeks not months, and this implied less than two months. What will proceed beyond the I-40 snap caused by a dropped elevation in Arkansas? Hard rock jolts in Indiana and Illinois, as the pulling away to the West in Illinois will release the land in Indiana, which will jolt in sympathy. Meanwhile a second wave will proceed up from the Gulf, this time tearing some bridges. This will be an iterative pattern.

We have not yet experienced a second wave from the Gulf, but we have certainly had first wave aftershocks further along the New Madrid and along the East Coast Fault Line. Sinking land to the west of the Mississippi River continues. Lately there have been additional first wave aftershocks.  A massive explosion took out a chemical plant in Rockton, just to the southwest of Chicago on June 1. Notably, Rockton is riddled with rivers, a thin point in the crust and thus vulnerable to stretch and rip.

Massive Explosion at Illinois Chemical Plant Prompts Evacuation and Potential ‘Environmental Nightmare’
June 1, 2021
A massive explosion and fire at a Chemtool plant in Rockton, Illinois forced the evacuation of residents within a mile of the facility.

Then after the Rockton explosion on June 1, there was a quake in the Wabash Seismic Zone on June 17 with another related quake on the opposite side of the SE United States off coast of Florida on June 18. Wabash was a magnitude 3.8 and Florida was a magnitude 3.9. If this seems like a synchronized quake fest, then the collapse of a pedestrian bridge along I-295 in DC on June 23 and the collapse of a huge apartment complex in SurfSide Miami on June 24 surely was synchronized.

Small 3.8 Quake hits near Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, USA
June 17, 2021
A very shallow magnitude 3.8 earthquake was reported near Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, USA. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake hit on 17 June 2021 at 3:18 pm local time at a very shallow depth of 1.9 miles. Shallow earthquakes are felt more strongly than deeper ones as they are closer to the surface.
3.9 Magnitude Earthquake Measured off Florida’s East Coast
June 21, 2021
A reported 3.9 magnitude earthquake off the Florida’s east coast was actually an “experimental explosion,” the U.S. Navy confirmed. Shock trials test a ship to see how it holds up in an undersea explosion. This is to test strength of the ship’s hull, making sure it can perform in battle.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2021: Is there a relationship between the 3.8 quake in the Wabash Seismic Zone along the New Madrid Fault Line and a 3.9 quake off the outer banks of Florida the next day? The Wabash quake was just more adjustments from the 1st wave that traveled the length of the New Madrid Fault Line, starting with the closure of the Colonia Pipeline and I-40 bridge snap. These post-wave adjustments are equivalent to aftershocks after a big quake. But the US Military has asserted that the supposed 3.9 quake off coast of Florida was a deliberate move, done by the military.

Why would the military not pre-warn the populace of this planned test? Why wait until the public was alarmed? The Wabash quake broke a rock connection, allowing the SE portion of the N American Continent to drop, slightly, thus the sister quake on the opposite side of the SE portion. Why would the US Military rush to assert that this was not a quake? Beyond testing the alert system that would warn the public that a tsunami might be coming, the Junta feels it cannot take steps to alarm the public as yet.

What are they to say? We might have a New Madrid quake equivalent to the 1811-1812 quake? We might find all the bridges that cross the Mississippi broken? We might find cities from Memphis to Cleveland and including Chicago collapsing into rubble without warning?  The public would demand hourly updates, and in addition to heart attacks and broken families rushing in different directions and workers not reporting for essential jobs, there would be no warning the Junta could provide other than a strong sign of unzipping at the Gulf. That has not yet occurred.

Pedestrian Bridge Collapses Onto 295 in DC; 6 Hurt
June 23, 2021
A pedestrian bridge collapsed onto DC-295 in Northeast Washington, D.C., Wednesday, leaving at least six people injured and trapping a truck that leaked gallons of diesel fuel into drains, officials say. Information wasn’t immediately released on what may have prompted the collapse or whether anyone was walking on the bridge at the time.
4 Transported after Pedestrian Bridge Collapses in Northeast DC; Traffic being Diverted
June 23, 2021
The incident happened around 12 p.m. along Interstate 295 just prior to Polk Street.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2021: Bridges are designed and constructed to be both rigid and flexible, as due to traffic they must endure vibration as heavy trucks go by or due to winds that blow against any flat surface. For a bridge to collapse it must thus be subjected to torque, which is a factor not taken into consideration during design or construction. What causes torque? Rather than both sides going up and down in synch, the rock holding one side or the other drops or heaves while the other either moves in an opposite direction or does not move at all.

I-295 runs along the Potomac River, which puts it on thin crust and thus sinking ground at the start. Then add in the N American Continent bow, caused due to the inability of the plate to roll as it has a flat top in the Arctic. Then add in the recent quakes along the SE portion of the plate in the Wabash Seismic Zone and off-coast of Florida that have stretched this SE portion into a different shape. The pedestrian bridge over the I-295 will not be the last casualty as the land on either side of the New Madrid Fault Line and its sister faults shifts about, heaving and falling and twisting.

As if a Bomb went off in Surfside near Miami Beach, Florida
June 24, 2021
The building was beginning its 40-year recertification, and the building’s roof was being redone, but it is unknown if any construction activity contributed to the disaster. Cause unknown as to the partial collapse of the building.
Collapsed Miami Condo had been Sinking into Earth as Early as the 1990s
June 24, 2021
A Florida high-rise that collapsed early Thursday was determined to be unstable a year ago, according to a researcher at Florida International University.
Earthquake Lights
Earthquake lights may be classified into two different groups based on their time of appearance: (1) preseismic earthquake light, which generally occur a few seconds to up to a few weeks prior to an earthquake, and are generally observed closer to the epicenter and (2) coseismic earthquake light, which can occur either near the epicenter (“earthquake-induced stress”), or at significant distances away from the epicenter during the passage of the seismic wavetrain, in particular during the passage of S waves (“wave-induced stress”).

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2021: Earthquake Lights are not generated during a building collapse, which does not induce the electronic screech that compressed rock produces. Thus, there is no such term for structural collapse. Does one hear about Demolition Lights? Earthquake Lights are produced when the rock in a broad area is compressed so that air pockets are eliminated and the electricity normally coursing through rock can find a path, and thus arcing to the sky with lightning. This alone proves that the Surfside condo collapse was a result of deforming rock along the East Coast.  

The SE United States is starting to separate and drop, as these critters show. The SE United States is snagged to the East of the Caribbean Plate so the elephant cannot get his foot out of the snag. So as the N American Plate is pulled to the West, the flying squirrel must lose his wing. Then on June 29 a significant quake North of Cuba, solidly on the N American Plate. The SE Portion of N America has been steadily traced by stretch zone accidents and quakes. It will tear off soon.  

Another related incident showing the stress along the upper New Madrid Fault Line and its sister the East Coast Fault Line are the mystery bird blindness and death. This phenomenon emerged in mid-May and has lasted through to June 21. The states affected are DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The map showing states affected by Sulfur Dioxide from the Ohio River and other stressed rock up to and down the East Coast are these states! It is known that birds are sensitive to Methane gas, and likely they react to Sulfur Dioxide too.

Unexplained Deaths of Zombie Birds in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia Concern Scientists
June 21, 2021
In late May, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources began receiving reports of sick and dying birds with symptoms of eye swelling and crusty discharge, as well as signs of neurological problems. Wildlife biologists in Indiana, Ohio, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia have documented similar cases.
Panic among Wildlife Experts as unusual Number of Birds are suddenly going Blind and Dying around Washington DC
June 6, 2021
An unusual number of birds are suddenly going blind and dying in the area around Washington DC, puzzling wildlife experts.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2021: There is an overlap between the states where birds are dying and going blind and the Sulfur Dioxide emissions from the Ohio River and fault lines associated with the New Madrid path. There is also an association with sudden and unexplained disasters along this path, including the Ohio River headlands refinery explosion and the DC pedestrian bridge collapse. Birds and fish are sensitive to methane gas, and thus the use of canaries in the mine to warn of the presence of Carbon Monoxide. These dying and blinded birds are warning the people in the SE United States that disaster is coming, and soon.

Secrets Revealed

The Zetas have described this time on Earth as a Transformation period, when the Earth will change from being a schoolhouse for young souls, a mixture of Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self souls, to become a home only for those solidly in the Service-to-Other. This gradual changeover takes at least 100 years. One sign that this is the trend is the number of Democracies on Earth, which are growing in number. Another sign is the Pointy Headed aliens vacating Antarctica and leaving the Earth. Another sign is the number of Service-to-Self secrets that are being exposed. We have the Imperial College lockdown murder plans, McAfee’s dead man’s switch, and a Roswell cover-up admission from the FBI.

Next Steps – Permanent Lockdown of UK
June 25, 2021
Leaked Today a Screenshot of a Memorandum allegedly by Neil M Ferguson (Imperial College London).  Page one revealed a serious plan to the next steps to a permanent lockdown of the UK. The author allegedly Neil M Ferguson reminds the recipients of this Memorandum that it was crucial to remain on track and for all of them to remember our common purpose behind this. For the population being subjected to this arouses a serious question: What is the common purpose?
Permanent Lock Down Coming to the UK in July
June 25, 2021
On the list- taking kids away from parents who refuse CV along with elderly parents, Stay at Home electronic bracelets using 5G tech. Any Anti-lockdown people to be arrested for incitement.
Correcting Misinformation - Fake 'Memorandum'
June 18, 2021
Imperial College said the document was not written by Neil Ferguson. "This totally untrue piece of disinformation was constructed and spread by extremists and has no association with Imperial College London, the UK government, or its scientific advisors".

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2021: Though of course this secretive leaked memo will and is being denied, it is legitimate. The memo raises the question – why is this rolling lockdown schedule necessary?  It is certainly not the Covid-19 variants listed, as they are not even in existence at the present time. Is there a confession in this memo, that the variants are manufactured by those who would prevent any travel? This indeed is what happened in India, as we have confirmed, so that Indian Emigrees would not be welcome anywhere. The Indian mutation was intended to be a death sentence for those unable to escape a sinking India.

The New Madrid adjustment has already begun in the US and is on target to create tsunami throughout the UK coastlines. London is being warned by UFOs repeatedly that the Thames will get a clash of waters from the North and the South. The “common purpose” the memo author mentions is to kill off a majority of UK citizens, who are aging and a drain on the UK coffers. We have mentioned that the UK government intends to seek refuge during the coming Pole Shift in Australia, moving their military to be headquartered there too. They do not intend to move the aging citizens. They intend to see them drown.

Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee found Dead in Spanish Prison
June 24, 2021
John McAfee, the creator of McAfee antivirus software, was found dead in his jail cell near Barcelona in an apparent suicide, hours after a Spanish court approved his extradition to the United States to face tax charges punishable by decades in prison. Spain’s National Court ruled in favor of extraditing McAfee, 75, who had argued in a hearing earlier this month that the charges against him by prosecutors in Tennessee were politically motivated and that he would spend the rest of his life in prison if returned to the US. Tennessee prosecutors had argued that McAfee owed the US government $4,214,105 in taxes before fines or interests for undeclared income in the five fiscal years from 2014 to 2018.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2021: McAfee had gathered extensive evidence on the corruption and crimes of the Deep State in the US and UK and various arms of this octopus. This is the group that is trying to legitimatize the Biden Administration, after having stolen the US Presidential election by massive and obvious election fraud. The Deep State, which operates in a secretive manner so they cannot be identified, is being hunted and cleaned up by the US Junta and their allies in Europe. Thus they have their backs against the wall and with no escape have become vicious.

McAfee claimed to have a dead man’s switch, and those he entrusted are not swayed by the claims that his death is suicide. The Cabal controlled media will of course not print any of it, but the alternative media will. There will be little that is new, but McAfee will provide proofs! No more conspiracy theories, but facts backed by proofs, including theft of public funds, utilizing the scamdemic to force unnecessary lockdowns, using the sex trade to gather blackmail material, and of course the reality of Nibiru and the alien presence.

FBI Releases Document with Detail of Alien Bodies, Spacecraft and Planet
June 17, 2021
The letter outlines the following: Part of the disks carry crews; others are under remote control. Their mission is peaceful; the visitors contemplate settling on this planet. These visitors are human-like but much larger in size. They are not excarnate Earth people but come from their own world. The disks possess some type of radiant energy. They do not come from any “planet” as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us. The bodies of the visitors, and the craft also, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter. They re-enter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without a trace.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2021: Disclosure is on the increase, but not because the establishment is comfortable with the public knowing the facts. They are being forced into admissions primarily by the uptick in UFO sightings and compelling photos of little aliens and the discovery of mummified remains in Peru. Such proofs, and especially UFO sightings, are not under the control of the establishment. Thus as a test, President Trump and the Junta have instructed the FBI to release Roswell proofs from its files. If the public does not run screaming down the streets, hair on fire, more will be forthcoming.