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Issue 773, Sunday July 25, 2021
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Mexico Connection

When first describing the New Madrid Adjustment, the Zetas repeatedly mentioned that it would emerge from Mexico. How could this be when the New Madrid Fault Line is known to rise up the Mississippi River and thence along under the Seaway, with the sister East Coast Fault Line and Ramapo Fault Line well within the continental US? There are known fault lines in Mexico, one running up from Mexico City along the west side of the Gulf, but no direct lines to the New Madrid Fault Line.

ZetaTalk Description 2010: The New Madrid will rip from Mexico to the Great Lakes, on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains. The New Madrid adjustment is most devastating to land to the west of the Mississippi, which will drop slightly in elevation along the river and slide to the SW. There is a sister fault line that connects with the New Madrid cluster of fault lines in the Gulf, and then runs up along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This reaches all the way to Boston, the reason for church bells ringing.

Is there a clue to Mexico's role in the Pemex underwater pipeline explosion? This gas pipeline broke and burned with a stupendous fire, underwater, just North of the Yucatan Peninsula. Draw a line from this region - Mexico City past the Pemex gas fields and on to New Orleans - and this might be the route for the separation of the SE United States from the rest of the N American Continent. Looking at a relief map of the Gulf, we can see that the rip point from the tip of Mexico to the mouth of the Mississippi will follow along the deep Gulf waters that run above the Yucatan Peninsula. The Zetas comment.

Fire Breaks Out Near Pemex Offshore Platform
July 2, 2021
A fire has broken out near Pemex's Ku Maloob Zaap offshore platform complex after a submarine pipeline valve broke, leaking oil into the country's Gulf Coast.
Video shows Flames Boiling in Gulf of Mexico after huge Pemex Gas Pipeline Rupture
July 2, 2021
Mexico's state-owned oil company said Friday it suffered a rupture in an undersea gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, sending flames boiling to the surface in the Gulf waters.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2021: We have alluded to Mexico's role during the New Madrid adjustment in process. The tip of Mexico is pulled West while the SE portion of the US is held in place by a snag point East of the Caribbean. It is in the process of being ripped from the remainder of the N American Plate at present, which the DC pedestrian bridge and the SurfSide collapse show. There is a known fault line that runs from Mexico City along the west side of the Gulf, and a suspected platelet in the Gulf spanning from New Orleans to Houston and beyond.

If one examines the subterranean relief map of the Gulf one can envision the next step as the N American Continent is torn apart. The Yucatan Peninsula will side with the Caribbean Plate and Florida and Alabama. Solid rock all around. There is a ridge under the Gulf, with the deepest parts of the Gulf on either side of this ridge. Note that the Mexican fault line running up from Mexico City has a nexus at the Ku Maloob Zaap pipelines. The N American Continent is being torn apart there, parts going East, and parts going West.

Is this a new phenomenon, for gas fields underwater to explode in a raging fire? This happened at Pemex on July 2 and lo, on the other side of the globe in the Caspian Sea, it happened there too on July 2!  Per the Zetas heat or a spark is needed to set a gas field underwater afire. For Pemex, it was plate movement, rock ripping apart on either side of the New Madrid rupture line. For the Caspian Sea, it was rock being pulled apart during the Eurasian stretch. As the 7 of 10 Plate Movements pick up the pace, we may see more gas field explosions.

Video: Massive Explosion Seen in Caspian Sea, Linked to 'Volcano Eruption'
July 4, 2021
While the official cause of the explosion remains to be determined, Azerbaijan's Ecology Ministry said that the blast may have been caused by a volcanic eruption. A massive explosion was spotted in the Caspian Sea on Sunday, with some reports initially suggesting that it could have been connected with a nearby coastal oil platform. This, however, was later debunked by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), which released a statement saying that there had been no accidents registered on offshore platforms.
Romanian Black Sea Refinery Blast kills One, Injures Five
July 2, 2021
A blast and fire at Romania's biggest crude oil refinery killed one person and injured five others. Rompetrol Rafinare(RORRC.BX), part of KMG International Group, said the explosion was inside the diesel hydrotreating unit.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/31/2021: Mexico's Pemex offshore gas field erupted with a subaquatic fire on July 2. A day later on July 3 Romania had an unexplained refinery explosion. And this was followed yet another day later on July 4 with another subaquatic gas explosion in the Caspian Sea. All three explosions are either in a stretch zone or on a plate border on the move. Pemex is just to the East of the New Madrid Fault Line, and the Caspian Sea and Romania are in the Eurasian Plate stretch zone. In addition, the dropping of the Africa Plate has started to pull open a void in Eurasia above the drop point.

Exploding refineries are nothing new, but gas fields exploding and burning under the water is unusual. Under normal circumstances, gas or methane merely rises to the surface and drifts off. Where is the spark that causes such an explosion?  Pemex had a pipeline explosion so metal being pulled apart could spark. Even though under water, the spark has a life that lives long enough to start combustion, and oxygen is available in water molecules. And the Caspian Sea mud volcano had sufficient volcanic heat coming up from below.

Liar Liar

The alien presence is real and present on Earth, as many mummies and photos attest. From the physical evidence of a Pointy-Head's visage in stone in Antarctica to the Snake Man mummy bones in Peru to the Night Walker caught on video to the Little Blue Alien who floated and was captured on video and camera and witnessed by many. So when Jason Rice is featured on Gaia, claiming he has been living on extraterrestrial worlds among intelligent insects and a race he calls the Cyclopeans, what proof does he provide? Zero proof, and for a reason. Per the Zetas, he is a 100% liar.

The Genetic Creation of Hybrid Creatures Are Taking Place and They Are Scary!
Feb 12, 2021
Throughout his career within the secret space program, Jason Rice had direct encounters with seven different extraterrestrial species. He details the physical appearance, behaviors and strengths attributed to each of these beings.
Jason Rice the New Insider
September 25, 2018
For the first time ever, he divulges events from his childhood that led to his induction into a recruiting arm of the MILAB programs, where he was identified as an intuitive-empath. The training he received was merely preparation for the true ordeal to come, serving in a 20 & Back program which took him to distant worlds.
Jason Rice Secret Space Program and its Effects
February 2019
Jason Rice was recruited into unacknowledged classified programs at a very early age. After graduating in 1996 with a bachelor of science in engineering, he served as a ground forces officer in the Interplanetary Defense and Reaction Forces (IDARF) fleet. His career in that unit took him to distant planets, training and serving alongside indigenous populations defending their home-worlds against false-flag interstellar invasions.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/31/2021: Jason Rice, who comes before the public with zero evidence to support his claims, is a colossal hoaxer and doing this for personal gain. Beyond the false claims made in previous interviews with Gaia, his latest is fraught with obvious falsehoods. Evolution is not slipshod, but structured on the survival of the fittest to provide for a successful outcome. We have stated that Earth's creatures having two eyes, two ears, two brain halves, two kidneys, two testicles or ovaries is not a mistake. This is to allow the creature to live despite the loss of one. Thus the Jason Rice claim that the 'Cyclopeans' had only one eye is absurd. Evolution would have eliminated this mutation.

Likewise the conflict with the dominant species theory. Jason Rice has one of his planets having three dominant species - an 'insectoid' a 'Cyclopean' and a hominoid.  It is no accident that genetic engineering assists are only allowed on a planet such that a single species is allowed to become dominant at a given time. The reason for this is obvious. To allow for multiple dominant species would allow for the hunting and enslavement of one species over another.

Yet another clue to the hoax is Jason's description of communications between the dominant species - via telepathy. This suggests that insects and humans can communicate via telepathy. They cannot. Telepathy is based on brain wave activity, such that the brain waves become synchronized. The message sender and the message receiver are both experiencing the same brain wave pattern, thus the same brain wave thought. Insects have an entirely different brain wave structure from humans. Jason Rice fail.

Drawings of fetal Cyclops show a nose above the eye, lobbing out like an elephant proboscis. Since these deformed infants are aborted or born on occasion, this would have fit in with the ancient dwarf elephant skulls found in caves around the Mediterranean. The Deinotheres died out 2 million years ago, but their skulls are found in caves. The elephant proboscis opening was centered in the forehead. Another origin for the Cyclops myths stems from the blacksmith practice of wearing a patch over one eye as insurance against being blinded by sparks.

Typically, the nose is either missing or not functional. This deformity (called proboscis) usually forms above the center eye or on the back, and is characteristic of a form of cyclopia called rhinencephaly or rhinocephaly. Most such embryos are either naturally aborted or are stillborn upon delivery. Although cyclopia is rare, several cyclopic human babies are preserved in medical museums.  Some extreme cases of cyclopia have been documented in farm animals (horses, sheep, pigs, and sometimes chickens). In such cases, the nose and mouth fail to form, or the nose grows from the roof of the mouth, obstructing airflow and resulting in suffocation shortly after birth.

The Origins of the Gruesome, One-Eyed Cyclops
May 27, 2019
Skilled, muscular workers able to handle those heavy hammers turning iron into blades, were always on demand. However, the job was dangerous. Accidents did occur where a worker would lose their eyes while working with iron and fire. Therefore, workers began to cover one of their eyes with an eye-patch. Protecting one of the eyes with a patch assured them they will still have one eye even in case an accident at work happened to them.

Bank Failure

The banking industry is one of the main tools the elite use to create a slave class. Charging interest for a loan is also used by gangsters, so the debtor never gets out of debt, always forced into financial servitude. Houses and land are required for collateral, so the creditors can gain these assets too, increasing their wealth and control over the common man. As the Earth heads into the End Times, when bankruptcies are expected to increase exponentially, how will the banks fare? The Zetas have often addressed these times, and the mechanisms the banking industry will use to survive.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/4/2002: Struggling companies, worldwide, will find they must shrink or die and this activity affects the economy worldwide, with teetering economies collapsing in stages, as we have predicted. Once this process starts, there will be domino effects, with a rapid collapse of the markets and banks.

ZetaTalk Prediction Nov 15, 2003: Insecurity translates to autocracy, so strong arm tactics against the working class are the first armament. This of course backfires when cities are collapsing and the leadership proven inept, so the working class becomes the rebelling class, and is absent even more.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/7/2004: Stock markets collapsing under sudden sell orders in an effort to liquidate cash, and banks unable to meet the demands that bonds and savings accounts be liquidated. Access to stock markets and banking would be controlled, so that the system never reaches collapse due to liquidation demands it cannot meet and the populace feels they must continue to honor their bills and obligations, as the monster lives and has not died.

Banks desperate to maintain their profits have resorted to such tricks as negative interest rates, where rather than pay interest on savings accounts, the patron is charged a fee for allowing the bank to hold his money. Bankers not cooperating with the plan have been killed, such as the swarm of banker 'suicides' in 2014. Most curious was the death of one who died from multiple nails in the head, from a nail gun. How did he manage to pull the trigger after the first nail landed?

Wall Street Sequel not as Bad as Original
July 28, 2007
Wall Street extended its steep decline, propelling the Dow Jones industrials down more than 500 points over two days after investors gave in to mounting concerns that borrowing costs would climb for both companies and homeowners. It was the worst week for the Dow and the Standard & Poor's 500 index in five years. Although the market has often rebounded after a steep drop -- and has done so in recent weeks -- investors appeared unable to set aside their concerns about a weakening housing market and tightening credit.

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/22/2007: If banks frankly shut their doors, the panic would set in, in earnest. The banks are using various "braking" mechanisms such as delayed payments, all the while making claims of computer or system problems. Various other techniques will be tested on the public to see which ones meet with the most cooperation among the public. The point at which restricted banking hours and restricted withdrawals is reached is a long road, with many twists and turns.

JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks
February 12, 2014
Two weeks after the suicide of a JP Morgan banker who jumped to his death from the top of a building, another of the firm's employees has died, with 37-year-old Ryan Henry Crane becoming the 5th banker fatality in just the last few weeks alone. Crane was an Executive Director in JPM's Global Program Trading desk based in New York and had been with the firm for 14 years. Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old senior manager at JP Morgan's European headquarters, jumped 500ft from the top of the bank's headquarters in central London on January 27, landing on an adjacent 9 story roof.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/1/2014: One of the first reactions in a populace taken by surprise by the announcement would be to stock up on food, gasoline, and cash. The banks are anticipating a run on their ready cash, which frankly is not in hand! To issue loans they must have backing for the loans, and savings is one of the pillars their house of cards stands upon. For both those reasons, a run on a bank, whereby depositors try to pull out their savings, would be sharply limited during a panic.

China's Yuan has begun to look more attractive than the US Dollar, another worry for western banks. The Zetas have predicted that banks will limit cash withdrawals, using limited hours and ATM amounts to control withdrawals. Attempting to replace currency with plastic is yet another mechanism of control. This can also limit migration because the Credit Card might not be honored afar from home.  Meanwhile, during the threat of rising inflation, Central Banks in the west are printing money with no thought to the future. They know what is coming.

Europe's Central Banks are Starting to Replace Dollar Reserves with the Yuan
January 16, 2018
For the past 70 years, the US dollar has been the world's dominant currency. Two-thirds of the world's $6.9 trillion allocated foreign exchange reserves are held in US dollars. The yuan took a major step towards broader international adoption in 2016 when the IMF decided to include it in the basket of currencies that make up the Special Drawing Right, an alternative reserve asset to the dollar.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/30/2018: What will become of the wealthy if Nibiru is announced? We have predicted that the common man will abandon their debt slavery, their Credit Card payments and mortgages, and leave their jobs for the safety of rural areas.

World Record in Negative Rates has Bankers Testing No-Man's Land
October 31, 2019
After more than seven years of negative rates, some of Denmark's biggest banks are resorting to uncharted territory in order to cope with the extreme monetary regime. Life below zero makes it increasingly difficult to run a bank. It's already led to dramatic adjustments in the banking world, with more lenders relying on other revenue streams besides traditional lending to stay profitable.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/30/2019: How do banks fail, softly or with a hard crash? Politicians and the wealthy would prefer the system survive the coming passage of Nibiru, and thus will do all they can to disguise the distress that banks are experiencing. They hope for the common man to learn of Nibiru late, preferably during the Last Weeks, so they have no time to stop paying their mortgage, else foreclosures would increase. This is anticipated to be a temporary burden on the banks, though they can then auction the properties off. Governments will at first respond by printing or producing more money, though fragile countries will be forced to declare bankruptcy. Weak banks will be closed to be absorbed by larger and stronger banks, but this process does have an end point.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/31/2021: Yes, money is being printed with no thought to inflation, because the central banks know that money will be worthless in due time. The wealthy will be looted of their goods, with society leveled so that wealth is replaced by skills and resourcefulness.