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Issue 811, Sunday April 17, 2022
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Airplanes Grounded

Early Sunday morning on April 3 Internet forums were chattering about the number of flights in the US that had been grounded. These included Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, Jet Blue, Spirit, and Alaska Airlines.  Excuses were given, such as the weather, lack of staff, but the sudden spate of last minute cancelations begged the question – why so sudden?  Were staffing and weather issues not known days earlier?

Alaska Airlines Continues to see 'Significant' Flight Cancellations as Pilots Picket
April 1, 2022
More than 100 Alaska Airlines flights were canceled by the airline, including 66 in Seattle, 20 in Portland, Oregon, 10 in Los Angeles and seven in San Francisco, according to the flight tracking website Pilots held a rally and picket line in all those cities, according to a union website.
Spring Break Travel Mess: Airlines Cancel, Delay 10,000 Weekend Flights
April 3, 2022
Airlines canceled and delayed more than 10,000 Saturday and Sunday flights because of storms in Florida and a technology issue at Southwest Airlines, stranding travelers across the country and creating long wait times to reach airline customer service. More than 3,200 flights have been canceled and 7,000 flights delayed this weekend, according to flight tracker FlightAware.
Airlines Cancel More Than 3,500 US Flights Over Weekend
April 3, 2022
Airlines have canceled more than 3,500 U.S. flights this weekend and delayed thousands more, citing weather in Florida and other issues.

ZetaTalk Insight 4/3/2022: Airlines in the US are suddenly canceling flights. A map from the FlightAware site shows that the preponderance of canceled flights worldwide are within the US, and by airport the preponderance is at airports that would be affected by the New Madrid rupture – Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and DC. The airlines are putting up excuses but all the major airlines in the US are canceling flights. What’s up? The Junta and their puppet Biden Administration have issued a cautionary order to ground flights that may go over the New Madrid area.

The major rupture we have been predicting is anticipated momentarily. The Junta has installed underwater seismographs and they indicate that the separation and rupture has moved through the Gulf all the way to New Orleans. The airlines are sworn to silence because they do not want to prematurely alarm the public. But flights in the air must land, and to land they need a stable airport and smooth landing strip. We recently predicted that the quake swarm in the Loyalty Islands would result in a compressed Pacific with S America and the Caribbean given enough room to slide West, so that in 1-2 days the action would return to the New Madrid rupture. That time is now.

And sure enough, the airplane grounding happened just days after the Zetas issued a warning during the Loyalty quake swarm on March 31. They stated the New Madrid drama would soon return to center stage. This then occurred  with a series of quakes in the hard rock of the Ozarks on April 4.

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/31/2022: The Indo-Australian Plate is considered the “brake” as its reluctance to push under the Himalayas holds back all other plate movements. The Indo-Australian Plate lifts the eastern edge above New Zealand, and this allows the Pacific Plate to slide under that edge. There of course will be a reaction in the posture of S America, which eases westward along with the Caribbean Plate which is firmly attached to the S America Plate. This will intensify the Mainland Portion of the N American Plate’s slide to the SW.

By the Caribbean and Central America easing into the Pacific, the tip of Mexico is being PUSHED into the Pacific. This will accelerate the Mainland Portion’s slide to the SW, as any motion will result in this dominant drama in the scripted drama taking place. It is as though a loud singer in a choir dominates so any other cannot be heard. Thus within a day or two at most the large quake swarm at the Loyalty Islands will translate into this scripted drama, and the New Madrid finale will again take center stage.

New Madrid Creep

On March 28 Quincy, Illinois had a train derailment for no apparent reason. The train was empty and just fell over. Quincy is right on the Mississippi River which hosts the New Madrid Fault Line in the lower Mississippi and nearby in the Wabash Seismic Zone in Indiana.  A lot of rock and roll is happening.

Crews Clean Up Train Derailment in West Quincy
March 28, 2022
Crews worked Monday to clean up a train derailment in West Quincy. The train derailed north of the BNSF rail yard near the Hwy 24 overpass over the weekend. Two auto carrier rail cars tipped on their side.

On March 30 the quakes in West Mexico, caused by the continuous slide of the Mainland Portion to the SW, is fracturing the Cocos Plate again on the Albatross Plateau. In addition to the Rivera platelet, this area of the Cocos Plate can be seen to have many more candidates for a fracture into a platelet. And indeed, they are being hammered by the Mexico slide. Meanwhile, Maine (near the New Madrid exit at the mouth of the Seaway) is totally black on the Heliplots.

On March 31 we had action and distress at the Wabash Seismic Zone, which is right on the New Madrid Fault Line as it rises to meet the Seaway. 8 counties in Central Indiana reported a large explosion from an unknown source. Then an unconfirmed earthquake or seismic-like event occurred near Bloomington, Indiana.

Everything we know about an Explosion-like Noise that Rocked Central Indiana
March 30, 2022
Residents told WRTV they heard the noise from locations in Monroe, Brown, Bartholomew, Hancock, Johnson, Jackson, Hamilton and Marion counties. As you know there was a loud boom that shook not just Brown County, but counties as far away as Decatur County. Camp Atterbury has reported that there was not an explosion or fire on their property. Multiple agencies in multiple counties are looking for the source. If we receive a confirmed source of this afternoon's boom we will post it.

What is the exact path the New Madrid Fault Line will take as it rises up from the Isthmus and through the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico? One can almost see the path by examining relief maps of the Gulf floor. Prior ruptures have left their mark. Note where the fault line passes by the Pemex gas and oil fields, then through the depths of the Gulf, then swings to enter the Mississippi River at its outlet near New Orleans.

By April 2 it was apparent that the Mainland Portion was sliding as a heavy load down upon the Cocos Plate. From the top of the Mainland Portion at the Seaway through the midlands and down to the border with the Cocos Plate - the signs are everywhere.

And by April 3 more evidence as the Wabash Seismic Zone heard booms over several southern Indiana counties where the New Madrid Fault Line passes through. Breaking rock is obvious, in preparation for the New Madrid Fault line finale.

Price of Oil

It seems that only recently the price of oil surged, and indeed it is being blamed by the Biden Administration on the Russia/Ukraine conflict. It does seem that the price at the pump took a jump, but a careful look at the price over the past year, since Biden was sworn in as President, shows this has been a definite and steady upward climb. This is Biden’s oil price, and he and his administration should own it. Biden, who is a White Hat Double, reacted by announcing that he will open the Strategic Reserves. Per the Zetas, there is more to this than what is seen.

Biden Announces Plan to Lower Gasoline Cost, Release 1 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day for Next Six Months From Strategic Petroleum Reserve
March 31, 2022
The White House occupant took to the literal stage today to gaslight the American people and state it is not his energy policy that has created massive increases in gas prices.  Instead, chief of staff Ron Klain has convinced the puppet to claim Vladimir Putin is to blame for the increase in oil costs.
Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
March 31, 2022
So after 50 years of being virtually empty, I built up our oil reserves during my administration, and low energy prices, to 100% full. It’s called the Strategic National Reserves, and it hasn’t been full for many decades. In fact, it’s been mostly empty. It’s supposed to only be used for large-scale emergency or conflict. Now I see where Biden has just announced he’s going to take what we so carefully and magically built, and what will be a futile attempt to reduce oil and gasoline prices. They will soon bring it down to empty again. It just never ends!

ZetaTalk Revelation 4/30/2022: We have been warning about moving the Petroleum Reserves since 2012 when the Bayou Borne sinkhole revealed that the Salt Dome reserves stored near New Orleans were leaking. As a result of our warning It is our understanding that the Junta moved the majority of the reserves to another secret location. The remaining Salt Dome reserves are now being pulled to create the façade that the Biden Administration is responding to the current price of oil and gas by doing so, and President Trump's comments are just icing on the top of that cake. Biden takes the blame thus while President Trump returns to power.

Dollar Death

The fact that the Euro and US Dollar will lose value as time passes, while the BRICS members find their currency valued, has long been presented in this newsletter.

The Zetas have long predicted that all banks will fail going into the Pole Shift. There will be a process whereby weak banks will be absorbed by stronger banks, and currency will be churned out by the printing presses until it becomes worthless. Finally, the public will resort to the barter system. Comparing the IMF and World Bank to the BRICS system, it is the Western banks in Europe and the US that are failing. The banks push debt at high interest rates while they themselves have no substantial reserves.

ZetaTalk Conclusion 11/30/2019: How do banks fail, softly or with a hard crash? Central Banks are at present pumping more liquidity into their banks. This process can continue until the Central Bank can no longer risk running the currency at its base into insolvency. As foreclosures increase, banks will find they do not have the resources to monitor these properties, and they will be repossessed by their former owners or by strangers. Stocks and bonds will lose their value, with the Stock Markets being considered a joke.

Brazil is an example when it was helped by BRICS. Brazil’s fortunes turned around when it turned its back on IMF debt slavery, refusing to pay the draconian interest rates and instead joining BRICS. Brazil negotiated new terms for itself with the IMF. Since then its economy has been stable and successful. Throughout all of these events, the western banks and leadership have tried to demonize and blame Russia. Now it appears that Russia will have the last laugh.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2018: Brazil has had leadership by the Worker’s Party since 2010 and the economy does well and is steady, the 8th largest in the world, despite President Rousseff being impeached for corruption. Brazil is a member of the BRICS banking network, likewise a success.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/7/2017: Why has the crime cabal - composed, in part, of the Hillary crowd, Soros billions, the Jewish bankers, Netanyahu, and various remnants of the Bush cabal such as McCain - been so intent on starting war with Russia? There are several reasons, one of which is to weaken BRICS, the alternative banking consortium to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The IMF created debt slaves out of Third World countries, where BRICS loans require barely any interest, setting them free. Russia is central to the BRICS consortium.

A second reason is to incite Martial Law in western countries, including the US and Europe. War with Russia would be the excuse. With Martial Law, those in charge - presumed to be Hillary and her counterparts in Europe – would seize control and never let go. A third reason is that even without Martial Law, the Military Industrial Complex could return to their profitable occupations - making war machines. And yet another reason is that population sculpting plans, killing off billions of what these elite consider worthless human beings, could be put into play.

The Dollar will Die… and the Ruble will Dominate as “Commodities-Based” Currencies make Paper Fiat Obsolete
March 24, 2022
Based on things that have been set into motion right now, the US dollar goes to zero. And the Russian Ruble emerges as a dominant, commodity-backed world currency that gives Russia long-term economic strength and competitiveness.  the Russian Ruble is suddenly backed by hydrocarbons. That’s because Russia is now demanding payment in Rubles for natural gas sales to most countries. That’s the ruble backed by hydrocarbons in natural gas. These hydrocarbons not only run Europe’s cities and industries, they are also used to create nitrogen-based fertilizers that literally feed about half the world population. Every nation on Earth needs hydrocarbons. If you don’t get them, your economies collapse and your people starve.
Will Joe Biden Oversee the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar?
March 17, 2022
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appears to think it’s a possibility, based on his recent quip: “It’s possible to have more than one reserve currency.”  Given the $30 trillion-and-counting federal debt, Powell’s comment should come as no surprise. Reserve currency status means central banks around the world hold dollars in reserve, as an enormous amount of global trade is priced and conducted in dollars.  Reserve currency status also gives the United States a great amount of power and influence over world affairs.  For decades, reserve status has helped allow the Fed to inflate the supply of dollars. These are dollars backed by nothing, as President Richard Nixon severed the dollar’s convertibility to gold in 1971.
A New World Financial Order is Coming and the West won’t have much to Say Anymore
March 30, 2022
After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine in late February, the US and EU froze nearly half of Russia’s foreign currency reserves, worth $300 billion. Washington created a special Task Force, KleptoCapture, to oversee the implementation of sanctions against Moscow and seize the assets of individuals and entities who violate them. Russia said that from March 31, it will only accept payments for gas in rubles from “unfriendly countries,” which include the US and EU. Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the process of switching to ruble payments for Russian gas export deliveries will take time and won’t begin immediately this week. China and Saudi Arabia have been discussing switching to the yuan in their oil trade.
Gold-backed Ruble could be a Gamechanger
April 2, 2022
The Bank of Russia has resumed gold purchases this week, but more importantly, the regulator is doing so at a fixed price of 5,000 rubles ($59) per 1 gram between March 28 and June 30, raising the possibility of Russia returning to the gold standard for the first time in over a century.
China, Russia Stand Firm In ‘New, Fair, Multipolar World Order’
March 30, 2022
The two sides also made very specific comments about a ‘new world order’, hinting that the Ukraine conflict and the sanctioning of Russia is going to have farther-reaching consequences than previously thought.

ZetaTalk Comment 4/30/2022: We have long predicted that the world will return to the barter system as a result of the Pole Shift devastation. We have described the concept of a currency or the banking industry as a Paper Promise, wherein moving figures around on a Spread Sheet constitutes worth. A country may print money endlessly and float it out under their flag, but unless confident in their ability to stand behind their dollar, it can quickly become worthless.

The accuracy of our prediction is being demonstrated by the Russia/Ukraine conflict. The Satanist Cabal in Europe attempted to capture Ukraine in 2014 and proceeded to murder any Russia sympathizers. Corrupt to the core, they anticipated pushing into Russian oil and gas fields when the Earth changes unsettled the region. Russia pre-empted this and has now won that war. The arrogance of the Cabal can be seen in their expectation that payment for the gas and oil they need for survival can continue to be provided in western Euros or US Dollars.

Russia is demanding payment in Rubles or demanding payment in a “thing” of substance, such as Gold.  This thus increases the value of a Ruble as it will be held by other countries as part of their currency reserve. Any attempt to blackmail Russia by seizing its reserves will backfire. Russia and China have stated that the future is not the New World Order anticipated by the Cabal, but a Fair World Order. In that both are members of BRICS, one can see where this is leading. The old banking system is kaput.

Biden Rebuffed as US Relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE hit new Low
April 3, 2022
As Joe Biden moved to open US strategic oil reserves, his two biggest oil-producing allies have kept their tanks firmly shut. The UAE and Saudi Arabia continue to rebuff the US president as he attempts to counter soaring oil prices prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Plug gets Pulled on Khazarian Mafia Fraudulent Financial System
April 4, 2022
The international alliance fighting to liberate humanity from the Satanic Khazarian mafia scored a series of major victories in the past week. The biggest is a growing international boycott of their fraudulent financial system. Russia, China, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are all joining this boycott. Once the KM loses control of money, it is truly game over.