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Issue 862, Sunday April 2, 2023
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Mississippi River Bridges

A long standing ZetaTalk prediction made in 2006 was that bridges over the Mississippi would fail during the New Madrid process. We did have a snap of the I-35 in Minnesota in 2007 and a truss snap on the Memphis bridge in 2021. And now we have a bridge down near Cairo, Illinois. This is where the Ohio River branches off, and close to where the hard rock Bridge which the Zetas say must snap for the New Madrid Rupture to be on its way. Significantly, land was notably sinking in nearby Arkansas just to the SW of Cairo on that same day, March 23.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/10/2006: This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. A widening seaway also does not affect just those land masses bordering the seaway, as buckling occurs inland and afar. What does man assume caused the Black Hills to be so rumpled, with the appearance of a recent buckling and heaving? This is the center of a land plate! The tearing of the seaway does not end at Duluth, Minnesota. It travels underground to S Dakota!

ZetaTalk Prediction 8/16/2006: What does this do to the N. American plate? It pulls it at a diagonal, ripping the rock fingers along the New Madrid fault such that the land to the East of the Mississippi moves up and to the East, toward New England, and the land to the West of the Mississippi moves down and to the West. This does more than tear most of the bridges along the Mississippi.

U.S. 60/62 Mississippi River Bridge Closed after ‘Critical Issues’ Found during Inspection
March 23, 2023
The Illinois and Missouri Departments of Transportation announced the U.S. 60/62 bridge over the Mississippi River will be closed to all traffic. According to a release from the Missouri Department of Transportation, IDOT reported critical issues were found during the routine inspection that started on March 13. They said the bridge will stay closed until a plan can be developed and implemented. The bridge connects Missouri and Illinois. It’s frequently used by farmers.

ARDOT closes Clay County Bridge
March 23, 2023
According to ARDOT, the bridge on Highway 139 has been closed because, during a routine inspection, they found structural deficiencies.
Highway back Open after Emergency Repairs
March 23, 2023
A Clay County highway is back open after crews made emergency repairs. ArDOT shut down State Highway 139 southeast of Rector on March 23 following a drain pipe failure and partial collapse.

On May 12, 2021 the bridge to Memphis was closed due to a snap. The ZetaTalk conclusion was that the West side of the Mississippi had dropped, putting stress on the truss. 

I-40 Bridge over Mississippi River remains Closed after Structural Crack Discovered
May 12, 2021
The I-40 bridge has been shut down indefinitely. The bridge is closed because of a structural infrastructure crack in the bridge. The crack was found in the “bottom side of the bridge truss” or support beam.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/31/2021: It is no coincidence that the I-40 was forced to close just 3 days after the Colonia Pipeline was forced to close. We predicted that the New Madrid Fault Line would start unzipping in the Gulf, near New Orleans, and thence proceed up the Mississippi. The Junta closely monitors the angle of alignment of both banks of the Mississippi to determine motion, and noted a torque or twist. The metal and concrete in bridges and pipelines cannot tolerate this before snapping or leaking, thus the Colonial was closed where it crosses at Alabama. Not 3 days later the I-40 at Memphis and Arkansas was cracking. This process will not abate.

On August 3, 2007 the I-35 bridge over the Mississippi River to Minneapolis snapped, dramatically. The NTSB reported that the Wisconsin side of the bridge had shifted 50 feet to the East during the snap, showing the stress the I-35 had been under preceding the snap.  Residents noted symptoms of Earth movement, methane smells associated with rock layers pulling apart, algae blooms on the methane released under water, and a vibration!

Bridge Collapse Probe Focuses on Unexplained Shift
August 3, 2007
Investigators trying to figure out what caused Wednesday's massive bridge collapse are focusing on the southern end of the span, which "behaved differently" as it fell, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday. The NTSB says one part of the bridge shifted 50 feet as it fell, while other sections collapsed in place. What's getting investigators' attention is the way the southern part of the bridge fell in a video they've already examined -- recorded by a security camera near the bridge's north end -- and the way the section settled after the collapse. It appears that it has shifted approximately 50 feet to the east and when we compare that to what we've seen in the rest of the bridge -- the rest of the bridge appears to have collapsed in place.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/2/2007: We have predicted that bridges crossing the Mississippi will be affected when the New Madrid and related fault lines adjust, going into the pole shift. Was this bridge collapse which crossed the Mississippi in Minnesota caused by such an adjustment, the footings on one side of the bridge moving in an opposite direction from the footings on the other side, or perhaps the bridge being pulled apart? The Mississippi River is born in Minnesota, tumbling out of the headwaters in the highlands of Minnesota over a series of natural falls. This is a clue that adjustments in the rock strata could be involved. The highlands of Minnesota come to a point at Minneapolis, with lower land lying to the East along this point. What caused the land to the East to drop, unless this land was stretched in the past?

We have stated that the ripping apart of the St. Lawrence Seaway ends in the rumpled Black Hills of SD. Run a line from Montreal, at the mouth of the seaway, to Rapid City, SD and the line runs through Minneapolis. Why would an adjustment be made in the middle of this stretch zone while the seaway itself did not part? When we described the diagonal pull the N American continent is enduring, and just how this will snap when adjustments are made, we did not intend that this process would occur smoothly, all at once as described. Weak points along the rip lines give way one by one, each such adjustment placing stress on other points in a domino manner. The I35W bridge, being the larger of the bridges crossing the Mississippi at this point, was less able to adapt to a change in position vis-a-vis its footings on either side of the river, as it was an interstate bridge supporting several lanes, and thus had massive and thus rigid supports. Smaller bridges have more flexibility as they are built to withstand uneven loads on either end, thus are more springy by design.

Will there be more such disasters along the Mississippi and in the cities that will be affected by the New Madrid and seaway rip? This is just the start, and when the pace picks up, there will be no question that something other than Global Warming is the cause.

Swirl Swarms

Colorful Petrol swirls have appeared in the past. China recorded one in 1988, and a Pink Neon Cloud in London was captured on camera in 2008, and then of course there was the bright blue Norway Swirl, which grounded while on camera in 2009. But the evidence of Petrol in the vast tail of Nibiru has been on the increase, with rainbow clouds and now Petrol Swirls worldwide.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/8/2009: As with all swirls that develop in nature, they start with a small movement in one place that creates a vacuum pulling matter behind it, and thus builds. Galaxies swirl. Water going down a drain swirls. And these large charged atmospheric swirls are chasing after some part of the tail waft that is more or less charged than the surrounding atmosphere.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/25/2008: This has been explained away by the authorities as a reflection of city lights on a high cloud. But don't high clouds and city lights occur often, around the world? We have stated in the past that occasional neon clouds or light pillars were due to atmospheric changes from the tail of Planet X. Light pillars were flames of gas in the atmosphere, quickly burning out. Neon clouds are not seen at night, as they are highly reflective of sunlight primarily during dawn or dusk. This is not due to water vapor reflections, such as rainbows, but other chemicals in the atmosphere. This recent pink cloud over London was similar to a neon cloud, but was reflecting the lights from the city, as explained in the article. However, this would not be occurring without chemicals from the tail of Planet X mixing into the atmosphere. Such displays will become more common.

March 15, 2023 Portual
Hello, I need your help, what is this? Appeared in the skies of Portugal, thank you very much.
March 6, 2023 Thailand
Spinning burning Petrol. Strange sky observed during yesterday's sunset in Thailand.
March 16, 2023 Russia
Looks like Spiral or burning Petrol captured on night-vision.
March 15, 2023 Florida
Biblical Fire in the Sky, petro-chemical elements from the tail of Nibiru entered Earth's atmosphere and caught fire! Much more headed our way!
March 3, 2023 Brazil
Clouds on fire caused by Nibiru petrol elements. More on the way!

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2023: Burning Petrol has been on display for several years, usually above the clouds where it is set alit by lightning. Neon clouds are also a chemical reaction within the air caused by the Petrol. Dramatic spinning Petrol masses, alit, have been seen since the blue Norway swirl in 2009. They are now on the increase.  Hurricanes are swirls that encompass large areas. Will the Petrol swirls, powered by heat during burning, develop to that size? This is possible and likely. But petrol burns tend to dissipate into smoke, regardless of size.

Another sign that Nibiru is a real and present danger and that the New Madrid Fault Line separation through the Gulf of Mexico is not your imagination is the Red Tide swamping Florida along its West Coast.  

Gigantic 5,000-Mile Blanket of Rotting Seaweed Dubbed the 'Red Tide' Invades the Coast of Florida
March 13, 2023
Florida's southwest coast is experiencing a flare-up of the toxic red tide algae setting off concerns that it could continue to stick around for a while. The current bloom started in October. Red tide, a toxic algae bloom that occurs naturally in the Gulf of Mexico, is worsened by the presence of nutrients such as nitrogen in the water.  High levels of sargassum in coastal waters have been observed in recent years.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2023: Given the activity in the Gulf of Mexico during the setup for the New Madrid Rupture, it is not surprising that an algae bloom would develop. The separation of N America into the SE and Mainland Portions tears rock which releases Methane from trapped vegetation in the rock layers being ripped apart. And when this happens under the waters of the Gulf this results in an algae bloom. Within the past few years the Sargassum bloom also arrived in the Gulf, due to the Red Dust from Nibiru’s tail which provided the iron needed for a Sargassum resurgence.

The surge in Sargassum in 2019 allowed the Humpback whale to make a comeback. What does this have to do with Nibiru, a proof of Nibiru? The red dust in the tail of Nibiru allowed the Sargassum to bloom. A long standing ZetaTalk prediction was that the Oceans will be lush. The red dust allowed the Sargassum to bloom, which the Krill eat, which the Humpback whales eat, and thus they all made a comeback.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2019: The Sargassum bloom is most intense in the Caribbean, in the Gulf of Mexico, where the red dust in the water cannot readily disburse because the Coriolis Effect must work within the circle of Caribbean Islands. The currents that circle the Sargasso Sea also pull this red dust back to the coast of S America. There will be many more such sea blooms around the world, which the establishment will struggle to explain.

Mainland Drop

Meanwhile the Mainland Portion continues to drop. Day after day some spot on the Mainland turns solid black on the Heliplots, while around the world no others are turning black. Yet huge quakes do not happen to accompany these black Heliplots in the Mainland. See the evidence at the bottom of this Newsletter as presented on the JOLT Timeline Blog on the Pole Shift ning. How could it be that the Mainland has black Heliplots with no other signs of action besides train derailments, building collapses, sinkholes opening up, and breaking water mains? This is a silent stretch. Since we last reported in this newsletter about the New Madrid process on March 19, there was a significant quake on the N Andes Platelet – caused by the Mainland Portion drop.  

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/19/2023: The March 19 quake on the North Andes platelet is at the point where a portion of the Nazca Plate is set to snap off. There is plate fracturing  at this location and along the Andes due to past S America Rolls and New Madrid Ruptures.  The Mainland Portion is dropping on the Cocos Plate. The Caribbean Plate is being pulled westward by its attachment to the S America Plate, so this is yet another push against the Cocos Plate. The Cocos is loath to fracture so pushes as a unit on the Nazca Plate which is held by a rock hook to the Panama Plate. This rock hook has now snapped to form a new platelet.

On March 20 we continue to see the Mainland drop, shoving westward against the Juan de Fuca Plate.  The start of the New Madrid Fault Line at the Isthmus continues to pull apart into the SE Portion and Mainland Portions, with deep quakes at the Isthmus. The path to the Bridge appears separated into the Portions, clear on the SO2 maps, with only Southern Indiana showing distress and tearing. And today, the cherry on the top of this mess, is a quake right at the Triplate Junction at the Azores.

On March 21 we see that the unzipping up the Mississippi River has traveled all the way to the Bridge. No more SO2 ripping of rock, on most days. The Isthmus also shows this pale SO2 signature, indicating separated Portions. This means the pressure is really on the Bridge, like a zipper that is stuck, the sides of a jacket would be pulled to the right and left during this process of trying to get the Zipper to move. Significantly, only Montana and Tiksi on the Arctic border are black on the Heliplots this day.

For those who doubt that the SE Portion is being ripped apart while being held between the Mainland of N America and its connection to the Africa Plate, just check out the CO and SO2 record for New York City and New Jersey on March 22. Red hot. As we know Methane kills birds and fish, and SO2 accompanies Methane. CO is lack of Oxygen, a killer. Thus the die-off of Dolphins and Whales along New Jersey beaches. Yes, NYC is becoming destabilized by rock movement too.

'Elevator Malfunction during Maintenance' caused NYC's New $3.3BN One Vanderbilt Skyscraper to Shake
March 22, 2023
Terrified workers fled a new Manhattan skyscraper after experiencing a huge 'shake' run through the building, after workers at the popular business and tourist site were repairing one of the elevators and, according to the managers, caused the shaking.
Eight Dolphins Die after 'Mass Stranding' on New Jersey Beach - as the String of Mysterious Sea-Life Deaths across the East Coast Escalates
March 22, 2023
The remaining six dolphins were euthanized several hours later, adding to the more than three dozen cetaceans that have washed up dead in recent months.

Here is the record of Mainland Heliplots turning black, while no others around the world did - the silent stretch leading to #5 on the Jolt Timeline.