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Issue 867, Sunday May 7, 2023
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Starship Grounded

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas have stated that the elite will try go to the Moon or Mars to escape the crustal shift of Earth during the passage of Nibiru, but that the Council of Worlds will not let them succeed. They must stay on Earth and bear the brunt of the passage, along with the common man whom they blind by withholding information. The Zetas state that “technological failures” would be used to block the elite from escaping. But despite their failures, the elite keep trying anyway.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/1996: From its inception, NASA was attempting to secure, as much as anything, an escape from the forthcoming cataclysms. They still have that as a dominant agenda. The members of NASA and JPL who have been watching Planet X approach in accordance with our predictions some 50 years ago, have come to nervously accept the reality of our exact predictions. They wish to find a safe haven during the shift itself. The thought of being on an Earth that will slip about with sloshing water and crashing plates is unsettling. They would like a vantage point on Mars, and from that when the rock and roll is over, they would settle down at the best looking agricultural setting in the world and walk off well prepared to take over as kings. This escape route would be for the elite of not only the US government and US military but other elites around the world. This is well disguised in talk about science research in the skies and exploring the universe, but this is all to camouflage the real plans which would be to take dozens and even hundreds of individuals away.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/1996: As mankind is scarcely able to live in space, and has not mastered maintaining mankind in this environment, there are many obstacles to getting to and living on Mars in the first place. Thus, we hardly have to step in, as they are failing already! But should they appear to be succeeding, technological failures will occur. The series of mishaps that occurred in 1996 and accompanied the rush to place man on Mars are not accidents, as those at NASA are aware.

Musk proposed colonizing Mars in 2016, and now in 2023 Starship is his latest endeavor.

SpaceX's Largest Rocket ever Built Explodes four Minutes after Launch
April 20, 2023
SpaceX's Starship, the largest rocket ever launched, exploded four minutes after takeoff. SpaceX described the event as a "rapid unscheduled disassembly before stage separation" on Twitter as the launch and short flight played out. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk appeared optimistic about the test launch, framing it as a learning experience.
Elon Musk’s Starship Explodes Minutes after First Test Flight’s Liftoff
April 21, 2023
SpaceX’s next-generation Starship spacecraft exploded minutes after liftoff in an uncrewed test flight from South Texas, cutting short a key step in Elon Musk’s development of a rocket vessel to eventually take humans to the moon and Mars. While SpaceX officials were heartened by the outcome, the mission fell short of reaching several objectives. The plan was for Starship to soar into space at least 90 some miles (150 km) above Earth before it would re-enter the atmosphere and plunge into the Pacific near Hawaii.

ZetaTalk Warning 4/20/2023: From the start of the ZetaTalk saga we have consistently warned that the elite on Earth would not be allowed to escape to the Moon or Mars to avoid the pending passage of Nibiru. We also stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga that the Council of Worlds would block such attempts by technological failures. When Musk touted his plans to colonize Mars in 2016 we stated that this was just hucksterism, as Musk knew this would be the result. So what is Musk up to in this latest venture?

As we have reported, Musk plea bargained at Gitmo and thus provided his fortunes for a Twitter buyout. Given that the Junta is in control of Musk at present, and using Space X for trips to the ISS, why are they pushing Musk into what would be certain failure? The SpaceX Starship operation has been in process for some years, under the direction of General Milley, the soon to “retire” head of the Joint Chiefs. Milley was not a fan of ZetaTalk, and in fact recently died while fuming over ZetaTalk accuracy, a victim of chronic high blood pressure. Scheduled to “resign” this Fall, those working under Milley who wanted the Starship to succeed pushed forward with the mission, which is destined to fail.

Making Soap

So you’ve survived the Pole Shift but now you’re really weary of those sweaty, greasy, dirty clothes to say nothing of your sweaty, oily, sticky body. What you need is hot water and soap. If one cannot simply dash off to the store and buy what’s needed. Ashes from the fire and animal fat best kept out of human arteries - those are the essential ingredients! Word of caution when making lye from wood ash water, protect the eyes from splashing.

Making Soap
There is no mystery to making soap - it's simply lye and grease or oil, mixed and cooked with a little water added until it thickens to where it holds its shape for a moment when dripped back onto the mixture with a wooden spoon. If made from a commercial lye such as a drain cleaner, the proportions are 9 parts grease and/or oil, 1 part lye, and 3 parts water. If made from lye water made from ashes, the proportions depend on the strength of the lye water, so one goes by the consistency of the mix to determine when enough lye water has been added.

Making lye water from ashes is similar to making drip coffee. Place paper or corn shucks to act as a filter along the bottom of a V or funnel shaped container and simply pour water in the top until it drips out the bottom into a pail. The Foxfire Book series, which is highly recommended, contains diagrams and instructions on how to do this. Quoting from the Foxfire Book "And then we'd carry th' water - nobody ever had running water in those days - we'd carry th' water and throw over th' ashes and drip th' lye. Then we'd put th' grease and lye in a pot and boil it down 'til it got hard; and then we'd use that for soap."

The mixture, which is stirred continuously, should turn white or whitish and thicken. The mixture should be stirred while lye or water is being added. When using lye water made from ashes, the soap mixture must boil longer before the water is reduced to where the mixture will make solid, rather than soft soap. Pour the mixture into a pan lined with cloth and let it sit for a couple days. This curing is an important step, as uncured soap can contain free lye in places that will irritate the skin. The cured soap may be covered with a white powder, which should be brushed off as it likewise may irritate the skin. When hardened the soap can be cut into bars or blocks and stored indefinitely.

Wood Ash Soap - Clean stove, Clean You!!
April 22, 2019
Wood Ash mixed with water produces lye, which can then be mixed with animal fat to make soap. You simply have to add boiling soft water to your ash, allow it to sit for a few days, and drain the lye out of the mixture. You know that it’s alkaline enough to go forward with the soap-making process when an egg will float in it. Once you’ve extracted the lye, it’s just a matter of cooking it down with rendered animal fat. Softwood ash produces a soft soap and hardwood ash produces a firmer soap. Add salt to make it even firmer.
The Thrifty Homesteader
While I think it is fascinating that our ancestors made their own lye from ashes in their fireplace, it was a very inexact science, and it took years to get the experience to make a decent batch of soap. Yeah, if an egg floats in the lye solution, it's "good enough" to make soap, but how much of the egg should be floating above water? A floating egg is not exact. And if the egg didn't float, you're supposed to run the water through the ashes again.

In most countries, and in times past, toilet paper was not available and not used. If cotton cloth is not available, moss can be used as a diaper, and for mama, as a tampon. Suggestions on Troubled Times for cleaning up after toileting include: running your hand along a branch to collect a bunch of leaves; pull a cattail or other stalk backwards; using thick soft moss; dried corn cobs; pine cones; sitting on a pine branch and letting it spring backwards; using a personal rag and soap and water; or using one's hand and stream water and then cleaning the hand in the fire ashes (similar to a soap wash), or if in the desert, using sand to clean the hand.

Wood Gas Wheels

What to do when the petrol runs out, gas station pumps are empty, and even the electric cars halted because the grid is down. Wood gas to the rescue.

Wood gas driven cars are in operation today. They are the fallback in the outback in Australia, and during WW II were used in Finland and Australia. All the specs are available from the Troubled Times  pages, provided by the owner of a working 1974 Volvo in Finland.

If one heats wood in a closed container you get water coming off first, then wood gas, and ultimately you are left with charcoal in the container. Wood gas is a highly flammable vapor and includes CO, so good ventilation and pressure valves are important.

Common materials are used except for a woven glass cloth to filter the gas going to the engine, but fiberglass cloth is not that uncommon. Fuel requirements are dry wood chips or straw pellets and charcoal to start the process. Tar buildup, mostly from idling too long, needs to be burned off. Slow to start up but chugging along nicely once going, this may be the only alternative fuel when black gold and refineries are out of the picture.

Talking Heads Demise

Almost simultaneously, the popular Tucker Carlson and the fake news king Don Lemon were fired. Tucker worked for Fox and his only crime was telling the truth. Lemon worked for CNN and was notorious for passing Fake News. Is there a connection? Yes, per the Zetas.

Breaking: Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News as they 'Agree to Part Ways'
April 24, 2023
Carlson's show was frequently the top-rated show on cable news, often surpassing 4.5 million viewers per episode.The show premiered in November 2016, and took over the coveted 8 pm EST time slot in 2017.The decision to part ways with Carlson comes less than a week after the broadcaster and Dominion Voting Systems reached a $787 million settlement. Carlson's show was not a main focus of Dominion's lawsuit.
Breaking: Don Lemon Terminated by CNN
April 24, 2023
In Late February, Lemon said of presidential candidate Nikki Haley saying politicians over the age of 75 should undergo mental competency tests, "I think that—I think it's the wrong road to go down, she says people—you know—politicians or something, are not in their prime. Nikki Haley isn't in her prime, sorry." Lemon went on to say women were in their prime "in their 20s and 30s and maybe 40s." Lemon was notably absent the day after the comments were made, but the absence was reportedly pre-planned for a weekend vacation. In September, Lemon was removed from his long-held primetime slot to the morning show.
Fox’s Settlement with Dominion Unlikely to Cost it $787.5M
April 23, 2023
Fox Corp.’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems over defamation charges is eye-popping, but the ultimate cost to the media company is likely to be much lower. Fox settled with Dominion over charges that Fox News baselessly accused the company of rigging its voting machines against former President Donald Trump in 2020. It was the most-watched media libel case in decades.

ZetaTalk Analysis 4/20/2023: What is the nexus between two major networks (Fox and CNN) firing popular talking heads at the same time? If this were related to Fox losing a defamation lawsuit over Dominion’s hand in the 2020 election fraud, then why would CNN react at the same time? The cause is not politics or settlement costs but how the US will adapt to widespread devastation during the coming Plate Movements and the resulting New Madrid Adjustment. The US has bragged about their freedoms but has not had to face widespread starvation or rioting, and the Junta fears being overstretched.

The collapse of the banking networks in the West is also a factor. To hide the bankruptcy, Digital currency and IDs will be issued while everyone pretends that the funds have valid backing. NATO has become a hollow puffery, unable to win in the Ukraine which will quietly go to Russia. India has a large, starving population but rioting is held in check by the prevailing religion – the fatalistic Hindus. China also has a large starving population, restrained only by their Communist consensus practices. They repress their media to control their restive population.

With the death of General Milley, who will be officially replaced as head of the Joint Chiefs this upcoming Fall, there has been more open discussion within the US Military. By following China’s example regarding repression of the media, the citizens of the US can expect less controversy in the news, and more stability in politics such that an existing leader will be allowed in place even if incompetent or a Double. The US is already under Martial Law but will now be more open about it. The exploding crime rate will be controlled by brutal measures, with prison farms emerging.

Dark Twin Approaches

The Earth has a Dark Twin, which normally rides on the opposite side of the Sun, was known to the ancients and has even appeared in comic books. The Earth was halted in her orbit in December 2003 when Nibiru passed through the orbit to round the Sun. Thus the Dark Twin became visible along their shared orbit. It has come closer and is regularly seen from Arctic FAA cams. Now it is startling people who look to the West back along the orbit shared with the Earth and Dark Twin.

Distance in 2018
Kojima of the Pole Shift ning has computed the distance of the Dark Twin in these recent ISS image captures, as the Earth’s size is known, the Dark Twin’s size is known, the Moon’s size is known, and the Moon’s distance from the Earth is known. Using the curvature of the Earth in the images, Kojima computes the Dark Twin to be 12 Earth diameters distances away. That’s close!

ZetaTalk Confirmaion 4/26/2023: We have long described the Dark Twin’s approach from the West, along the orbit shared with the Earth. When the Earth halted in her orbit in 2003, the Dark Twin became visible in the skies in 2004, seen as a blue/yellow orb. Due to the Repulsion Force it cannot pass the Earth, but it will eventually slip behind the Earth to move along in their shared orbit.

Meanwhile as it came closer to the Earth, it appeared in the Arctic skies as a Monster Persona, a distorted image which makes an object appear larger than it is in reality. In 2017 the Dark Twin was close enough for surface features to be discerned.  In 2018 the distance between the Earth and the Dark Twin was computed to be only 12 Earth diameters distance from the ISS.

Has it now come closer? Yes, closing the gap and fighting to pass the Earth. One can see from the sunlight reflected off the side of the Dark Twin and the detail from recent Monster Persona photos taken in the Arctic that it has closed the gap. Formerly the sunlight reflected from the entire Dark Twin orb but now the reflection shows that the Earth and Dark Twin are almost side by side. As with the presence of Nibiru, the Dark Twin will not be admitted by the establishment, leaving the common man to wonder.