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The ZetaTalk Newsletter HOT
Issue 877, Sunday July 9, 2023
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New Madrid Getting HOT

We last published a Newsletter Addendum on January 29 when it became obvious that the USA and EU had the path of the New Madrid Fault Line and resulting tsunami under surveillance. Surveillance planes were covering the SE Portion of the US and all of Europe. And it had just come to light that the Deagel Report in 2014 aligned with the tidal waves predicted by the Zetas for the EU tsunami. They know. Yet the common man was not being informed.

The New Madrid Rupture has been one of the 7 of 10 Plate Movements detailed and predicted since 2010. But as with all predictions, the Zetas are not allowed to give a date, only a sequence of events, and thus from the start of the Rupture in 2019 when the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed in New Orleans along the MS River, there have been demands for a date. Points to watch were the rock hook under Turkey preventing Africa from dropping, but this snapped last December 13. Then the anxious public was directed to watch the hard rock Bridge joining the Ozarks and Appalachia Mountains. The wait seemed unbearable.

But then in the Fall of 2022 simultaneous UFO displays in Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing occurred, with a comprehensive analysis by the Zetas. There would be a blowout quake in the Beijing area, waggling Japan and turning Taiwan counterclockwise. This would compress the upper Pacific and waggle S America so the toe hook on the SE Portion of N America could escape and free the SE Portion to travel East with Africa, resulting in the New Madrid Rupture.

Meanwhile, China started to burn. Their roads were melting last September, and by the end of this April the country was bright red on the SO2 Methane charts and on the CO charts showing underground burning. Then Canada joined the conflagration as the entire Mainland Portion of N America was on the rack, attached to the Eurasian Plate through the Arctic and unable to shed its attachment to the SE Portion which was hooked at the Isthmus.

Proving the Zetas analysis of the Asian UFO display correct, in early April the Sunda Plate began to be outlined in quakes, which ran all the way up into China along its major fault line. This would surely be the source of the anticipated big China quake blowout, and the Zetas confirmed. Things had gotten hot!

The stretched land in China and Canada were then joined by the stretched land all the way down along the New Madrid Fault Line in the US. This was called a Heat Dome and blamed on the weather, but just look at the location! To add to the confirmation that Methane release and underground fires were responsible for the heat, there is Formaldehyde in the air. Methane is a component of Formaldehyde, and under the Seaway where the New Madrid Fault Line runs, it has been red hot with SO2 Methane emissions for many months. Methane smog galore, from New York City to Cincinnati to Michigan.

Heat Wave in Mexico Leaves at least 100 Dead
June 29, 2023
At least 100 people have died over the past two weeks in Mexico due to heat-related causes as temperatures climbed close to 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in parts of the country.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/1/2023: There is no explanation given by the authorities for this Heat Dome except for rain and normal Summer heat. Did Mexico have this rain, as well as Texas and now states up along the New Madrid? This heat is clearly coming from the continuing separation of the Portions. Where they had been separating all along, the separation is now more aggressive as the S Atlantic has pulled apart, allowing Africa to bend its foot into the void provided, and S America has waggled too, bending both into the Pacific and back into the S Atlantic to likewise move into the void provided. Thus, the SE Portion is loosening its footing at the Isthmus.

Meanwhile the snap at the Sunda Plate is showing intense activity, with Internet outages all along the China eastern seaboard and at the snap point in Thailand. Quakes are clustered along the eastern edge of the Sunda Plate where it is being pushed eastward along with the Eurasian Plate hosting China. When the Sunda Plate cannot move eastward, it will snap off, allowing China to suddenly lurch into the Pacific and set in motion the New Madrid finale. S America will waggle, the SE Portion of N America will free its foot from the Isthmus, and the SE Portion will move with Africa as Africa rolls further.

Partial Oxidation of Methane to Formaldehyde and Methanol using Molecular Oxygen over Fe-ZSM-5
Partial oxidation of methane to formaldehyde and methanol with molecular oxygen has been investigated.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/1/2023: For most of the past year the region under the Seaway where the New Madrid Fault Line runs has been red hot with SO2 Methane emissions. The Fault Line is pulling apart, separating the Mainland and SE Portions from each other, but the tearing open of the Seaway is part of the daily scenario. Michigan is ripping apart as the Seaway opens. Methane rises as it is lighter than air, but where socked in and trapped by city buildings will linger and mingle with other chemicals. It is a component of Formaldehyde, which has emerged in Michigan.

How long will these tortured Earth plates be on the rack before they can cool down? A pointed Crop Circle design laid on June 26 was analyzed by the Zetas who predicted that it would take 5 days from the big China quake blowout for the European tsunami to occur. A Severe Wobble, long predicted by the Zetas to trigger the New Madrid Rupture, would be involved.

But what is to occur during those 5 days? A UFO display from Brazil in early July held some clues. The Zetas had predicted that S America would waggle, allowing the toe of the SE Portion to escape - precisely what this Brazil display was presenting.

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/26/2023: Do you suppose the US Defense Department reads ZetaTalk? They have ZetaTalk at their disposal, and know what the outcome of a China lunge into the Pacific would mean. The Pacific is wide but some tsunami action would occur, but the major concern is that within days the China lunge would allow a waggling S America to shift so the SE Portion of N America could slide Eastward, bringing about the New Madrid Rupture.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/3/2023: This Brazilian UFO is warning those who see it of a coming S America waggle which will occur after the China lunge into the Pacific. The North Pacific will compress significantly, pushing the East Pacific portion of the Pacific Plate against the Cocos Plate and the bulbous top part of the S American Plate. S America temporarily lobs into the Atlantic, what we call a waggle, during which time the toe of the SE Portion of N America will find it can slide over the top of the Caribbean Plate. Thus free, the SE Portion can be pulled toward Africa, expediting the New Madrid Rupture within days.

The Brazil UFO is showing at first the normal lean of S America, which is to the West, lobbing its top part into the Pacific. Then the UFO halts and drops straight down, which is the push downward that S America will experience when the upper Pacific is suddenly and aggressively compressed by the China blowout. Then the bulbous top part of S America will attempt to return to its most comfortable position, a tilt to the West, but while the S Pacific adjusts to the new N Pacific will temporarily reverse direction and lob into the Atlantic, allowing the toe of the SE Portion of N America to escape.

So now the stage is set, the players identified, while the world waits. Meanwhile, much of the world is getting hot, so this news cannot wait!