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Issue 882, Sunday August 6, 2023
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Africa Roll Disasters

Is there a nexus between the wildfires consuming the Greek islands of Rhodes and Sicily and the sudden road rupture in Johannesburg, S Africa? They are both caused by the roll of the Africa Plate. Africa is dropping on its NE side, opening a void in the Mediterranean as happened last February when vast waters suddenly disappeared and the Venice canals went dry.  The resulting lack of support on the Eurasian Plate border creates heat from ripping rock.

Greece Fires in Maps and Satellite Images Show Extent of Damage
July 26, 2023
Tens of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and abandon holidays on Greek islands including Rhodes and Corfu as fires spread across the region. In Rhodes a black scar has been scorched across the middle of the island to the southern town of Kiotari.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/26/2023: The recent Greek Island fires are most intense in Rhodes and Sicily, where the plate border between Africa and Eurasia gives these islands a glancing blow. Just as Canada was a holocaust due to stretched and ripping rock releasing Methane that burned underground, this region is reacting to a void being created above the NE corner of Africa as Africa rolls. There have been fires inland in Turkey and Europe, but only the island fires seem out of control. Why are the islands most affected by the sudden drooping of the Eurasian Plate on the edge of the border with the Africa Plate.

If a plate suddenly loses support on one edge, it is more than a loss of elevation that afflicts the plate edge. Lava emerges in the void that is suddenly opened between the plates. Normally, a spreading plate border will fill with lava which then quickly hardens, similar to a volcano flow. One could equate the hot lava that emerges and rushes to fill the void to having these islands on the brink of a volcano, exposed to the heat. For those who claim arson was involved, we would point to the plate border that runs along these Greek islands.

Johannesburg, S Africa is being scrunched when the foot of Africa is forced to bend during the Africa Roll. This can be seen on the SO2 (Methane) maps and the resulting CO (Carbon Monoxide) burn maps.

Dramatic Moment Entire Road Explodes in Mystery Blast leaving one person Dead and Dozens Hurt as it Sends Buses Flying
July 20, 2023
An explosion from a so far unknown origin ripped through a street in Johannesburg on Wednesday July 19, killing one person and injuring dozens. Egoli Gas which manages the pipeline under the street, denied the blast was a result of their network and said that investigations had not uncovered any sign of a leak. It pointed to the fact that its gas pipes run at extremely low pressure to the side of the road, and were left intact when the tarmac split from the centre. In a tweet, it said: "It is unlikely that the explosion in Johannesbury CBD, Bree Street, was caused by a gas pipeline or leak. "Our network has experienced no pressure loss which indicates the gas pipelines are intact. Our customers in the area continue to receive gas uninterrupted."

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/20/2023: Our predicted African Roll is in process, dropping the NE corner of the Africa Plate so that squeezed container ships in the Suez Canal have become a regular headache. As the Atlantic widens and the Pacific compresses, the foot of Africa slides into the void that has opened up in the S Atlantic. The foot is forced into a bend during this process, as can be seen in the CO maps of underground burning from the Methane released during this crunch. Weak rock connections snap during such times, as was shown in the Johannesburg rupture.

New Madrid Pending

On July 24 the south end of Lake Michigan at Chicago turned red on the Methane maps from ripping rock! Zetas had long predicted Chicago would be affected. Jack Straw reported that air traffic over most of Lake Michigan was being halted, due to "national security". What could that be? Note that the Seaway is ripping open and if it continues on a straight line when it encounters Michigan, it lands on Chicago!  The Junta is obviously conducting surveillance there.

Jack Straw @JackStr42679640
United States closes airspace over parts of Lake Michigan, NOTAM states "national defense airspace.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: It is known by man that the New Madrid Fault line runs beyond the immediate area of New Madrid. When we stated that "Chicago will rupture and adjust" and "Ohio will be pulled in places" this should not be news to man. Why should Chicago be affected? There is a natural break in the rock strata between the New Madrid and Chicago also, a weakness, which will rupture with the New Madrid. When the Seaway pulls apart there will be a drop in support formerly present during rock attachments. Chicago has long been predicted, by ourselves and others, to be devastated. Much of the infrastructure will rupture, causing buildings to crumble and freeways to be worthless and irreparable. One need only follow the geology of the region, to predict what will happen.

The Severe Wobble in effect at the hands of the Council of Worlds to keep the Earth on schedule re its Plate Movements can be seen by the Azimuth of the Sun at sunrise in N America. Way too far to the NE.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/13/2023: The Earth is currently being subjected to an increased Daily Wobble, as the Council of Worlds will use a Severe Wobble thrust to trigger the New Madrid Rupture which was delayed when they installed the Humming Boxes and Monoliths along fault lines. These delays impacted other programs in the Universe so the Council was ordered to return to the original schedule. This is in process. Like a pitcher winding up to make a pitch, the Wobble is increasing in its range and tilt. The establishment, frantic to deny that Nibiru exists, continues to come up with yet more bizarre excuses to explain the wobble.

Of course the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru is frantic to deny, and comes up with ridiculous excuses for the tilt of the Earth. During the early ZetaTalk days, in the sci.astro debates, the matter of why planets rotate and do not slow down to stop their rotation (they are reaching for an attractant out in space, continuously), why they all rotate in one direction in synch with the Sun (the Sun has sweeping arms), and why the Sun, Mercury, and the Earth all point their magnetic N Poles in the same direction (the solar system has a fixed magnetic orientation) were addressed. No, the Sun does not reverse its poles every 11 or so years. NASA's own Ulysses probe told them that, but like the Flat Earth theory, this is still being taught in schools.

Earth Has Tilted 31.5 Inches
July 13, 2023
Thanks to a new study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters we can see that, in less than two decades, Earth has tilted 31.5 inches as a result of pumping groundwater.   Like adding a tiny bit of weight to a spinning top, authors say, the Earth spins a little differently as water is moved around.  Thanks to a study from NASA published in 2016, we were alerted to the fact that the distribution of water can change the Earth's rotation.  The study included data from 1993 through 2010, and showed that the pumping of as much as 2,150 gigatons of groundwater has caused a change in the Earth's tilt of roughly 31.5 inches.
Has Earth's Inner Core Stopped its Strange Spin?
January 23, 2023
Thousands of kilometres beneath your feet, Earth's interior might be doing something very weird. Many scientists think that the inner core spins faster than the rest of the planet  but sometime in the past decade, according to a study, it apparently stopped doing so. Differential rotation of Earth's inner core relative to the mantle is thought to occur under the effects of the geodynamo on core dynamics and gravitational core mantle coupling. This rotation has been inferred from temporal changes between repeated seismic waves that should traverse the same path through the inner core. Here we analyse repeated seismic waves from the early 1990s and show that all of the paths that previously showed significant temporal changes have exhibited little change over the past decade. This globally consistent pattern suggests that inner-core rotation has recently paused.
Making Heads Spin: Scientists say Earth's Inner Core has Changed its Rotation
Feb 10, 2023
It is generally believed that the core rotates counter-clockwise when viewed from the North Pole, like the rest of planet Earth. But a study analysing seismic wave data over the past 60 years by researchers at Peking University in China has concluded that the core's rotation stopped around the year 2009, and then restarted in the opposite direction.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/31/2023: Do the seismic waves passing through the core show the rate of rotation of the Core? Yes and No. The Core is magnetic, and subject to having parts of it pulled in various directions, especially now that the very magnetic Nibiru is close at hand and inflicting EMP on mankind's infrastructure at an increasing rate. If your compass malfunctions because you walked past a magnet, does this mean that the N Pole has moved?  Add this latest theory to the list of excuses that will be forced on the common man by the Nibiru cover-up. Not based on truth, but based on the establishment's desperation to maintain control.

But despite all the action fronts on the New Madrid theatre being intensely active, the Bridge holding the hard rock of the Ozarks connected to the hard rock of the Appalachian Mountains still holds. Africa is rolling, with a quake swarm at Tasmania and a quake in the mid-Atlantic. China is also having quake swarms in its western regions and along its main Fault Line - all due to the Eurasian Plate pulling into the Pacific. And the SE Portion likewise continues to move toward the East, along with Africa. The SE Portion's toe is full of quakes at the isthmus while new quakes appear on the SE Portion in Florida and along the eastern Caribbean Plate border.

Political Duplicity

Confusion over the cocaine discovered at the White House continues, with the investigation dropped as the DOJ and Secret Service say they can't figure it out. No one believes that. Hunter Biden is a known coke head and is in the public eye now trying to get a plea deal on many of his crimes.

White House on High Alert! Secret Service Investigates Hazmat Incident! Cocaine Hydrochloride!
July 3, 2023
The White House was temporarily evacuated on Monday after a suspicious package containing a white powder was found on the premises. The powder tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride, a highly addictive and illegal drug.
Cocaine Found at White House D.C. Fire Crew
July 4, 2023
The substance was discovered by members of the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service conducting routine rounds through the building, Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Secret Service, told The Washington Post. A preliminary field test indicated that the substance was cocaine, according to a dispatch from a fire crew that responded.
Ted Cruz Makes Surprise Prediction About Who Brought Cocaine into White House
July 7, 2023
We know that Hunter has a drug problem. We know that he has used cocaine and use crack cocaine in the past. But I doubt Hunter Biden is going in the West Wing all that often and going in that entrance all that often. Cruz said that with all the cameras that Secret Service and other officials have monitoring the White House complex he had a hard time believing that they have not already figured out who the culprit was.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/7/2023: Was there any truth to the rumor on July 1 that Biden had died? In that he is a Double, one of many Doubles, and under the control of the Junta, many possible agendas exist. This could be a test, to see how the public and the Democratic leadership reacts. It could also be a delaying tactic, to clutter the path for a Trump reinstatement, as promoting VP Harris would be an alternative option the Democrats could cling to. It could also be impatient patriots wanting to hurry the announcement re SCOTUS and the Senate swearing in President Trump on Memorial Day weekend.

What is the relationship of the Hazmat visit to the White House on July 3? The nexus here is the Democrat wish to prevent a reinstatement of President Trump. Those in the Biden Administration who want their grip on power to continue are in a position to plant cocaine in the White House, and thus confuse the issue with a medical emergency. Moles in the Q and Anonymous channels with loyalties to the Biden Administration twisted the rumors to force a conflict with the Trump reinstatement. To clarify, no one died but the planted cocaine was found.

Then there is the matter of the Ukraine war, wherein the western media loudly proclaimed that Russia was having devastating losses and the Ukraine was winning. Then the Western Media, en masse, did an about face and declared that the Ukraine is and had been losing. Hopelessly. NATO and western politicians likewise did a 180 turn. Did they all get the same memo? As Zeta Talk has reported some time ago, the Ukraine had lost almost from the beginning. But the MSM propaganda pushed a narrative in opposition to this.

Hal Turner Radio Show - WHOA! Mass-Media Begins Telling Public "Ukraine is Losing; Territorial Concessions to Russia" and "The West Can Do No More!"
July 20, 2023
Washington Post Newspaper: "Washington No Longer Believes in Ukraine's ability to Break Through Russian Defenses". In Germany, BILD Headline:  "The Losses are Colossal". The German Magazine BILD published a report in which it emphasized that the losses of the Ukrainian Army "are colossal; there is not enough equipment, and a counter-attack is not possible." The fact that ALL of these reports came out today indicates (to me) that the mass-media has been specifically instructed to start an effort to change the narrative on Ukraine, and to change it fast.
It's Over... Now, Stop Crying and Find Yourself a New Friend...
July 12, 2023
When your best friend leaves you by yourself at a party. Narrator: "It was at that moment, he realized he was being used and would soon be thrown away like every other ravaged war torn country 'helped' by NATO before him" It seems that Zelensky's whole closet is olive drab. Yep! That's the thing with camouflage, the others just don't see you. Let's hope this awful war and bloodshed ends soon.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/20/2023: In remarkable lock-step, the Main Stream Media in Europe and the US suddenly decided that Zelensky had failed and his efforts to retake Ukraine were hopeless. What changed? As is known, NATO did not have the reserves to push back against Russia, and Biden stated from the start that the US would not join the NATO battle. Still, minimal aging weapons left over from World War II were sent to the Ukraine, to show support. Why have the Ukraine backers suddenly admitted defeat? Because President Trump will soon be reinstated and the Biden crowd will lose control of the narrative.

Riddle this: How many Casualties are there, truly, on Both Sides of Ukraine War?
July 12, 2023
Up until now, extreme polarization, squeezed through the media distortion field and a black hole of non-verified government information and straight-up propaganda, has given us what? A ton of wildly disparate estimates, typically with Russian casualties very high and Ukrainian figures either much lower or non-existent.  The Ukraine defense ministry posts a daily report on its website which now lists a cumulative total of 234,480 enemy personnel liquidated, as of July 10. Russian government officials have only acknowledged 6,000 casualties since the war began.