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Issue 888, Sunday September 17, 2023
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Burning Man

The annual Burning Man festival hit the media this year because of rain and mud. Clay soil could not absorb the deluge and soaked and freezing attendees were getting sick. The festival promoters asked the attendees to take care of each other, share resources and if they had a large car or RV perhaps they might offer a warm bed or place to sleep. The roads in and out were closed so vehicles would not bog down in mud and inhibit future traffic.

Burning Man 2023: With no Estimate of Reopening Time, Burners Party in the Rain and Mud
September 2, 2023
Burning Man has closed its entrance and exits gates and told its approximately 73,000 attendees to conserve food, fuel and water as continuing rains make driving off the Black Rock Desert near-impossible and authorities investigated a death at the event. Rain over the last 24 hours has created a situation that required a full stop of vehicle movement on the playa.  All vehicle traffic within the encampment has been halted, including servicing for the thousands of portable toilets that make the event possible.  Even walking was treacherous as thick, slimy mud clung to shoes and anything else it touched.
Roads out of Burning Man may Reopen Today for the Tens of Thousands still Trapped there after Rain Deluged the Area with Mud
September 4, 2023
Roads out of the Burning Man festival may reopen Monday for the tens of thousands of people trapped for a third day in the Nevada desert after heavy rains covered the grounds with ankle-deep mud too thick to drive on and forced organizers to impose shelter-in-place orders. As roads in and out remain closed, attendees were stepping up and offering food and shelter to those who need it. Burning Man also described high morale among attendees who were sharing resources.
Revelers are Catching HYPOTHERMIA and Fleeing to Local Bars for Warmth as Torrential Rain and Biting Winds cause Havoc at Nevada Hippie Festival
September 2, 2023
Normally a sun-soaked extravaganza of art and self-expression, Burning Man 2023 has instead been hampered by freezing sleet, dust clouds and swamp-like conditions. Sources told unexpected issues have seen organizers urge attendees with RVs and large vehicles to offer shelter to tent campers, and have advised people to conserve food and water.

Then things dried out enough for a mass exit – 10 lanes wide on a dirt road.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/4/2023: Despite its ghoulish origins, the Burning Man celebration is just a big party. Of course the Drought and deluge we predicted in 1995 does not honor celebration dates, so the desert became a mud hole. The lesson to be learned here is that sharing resources and caring for others who are wet and shivering is a reward on its own. Forget the party, love and empathy bloomed. This is lasting and this is what grows the soul, as the Grinch story states. That night his heart grew to be 3 times larger.

He then realizes that the holiday has a deeper meaning that he never considered. Inspired, he stops the Whos' belongings from falling off the edge of the mountain, and in the process, his heart grows "three sizes". He returns all the gifts he stole and gladly takes part in the Whos' Christmas celebration.

But the basis of the Burning Man festival is not so kind and loving. It was a real Celtic practice and criminals and even the innocent were burned alive. The evil overtones seemed to follow this practice like a curse. The Wickerman Festival in Scotland was halted in 2015 after the sudden death of the founder. And it is of record that the Burning Man festival had 7 suicides to date among its staff members.

Wicker Man
A wicker man was purportedly a large wicker statue in which the druids (priests of Celtic paganism) sacrificed humans and animals by burning.  There is some archaeological evidence of human sacrifice among Celtic peoples, although it is rare. In the mid-1st century BC, Caesar wrote in his Commentary on the Gallic War that a large wickerwork figure with limbs was filled with living men and set on fire. He says that criminals were the preferred victims, but that innocent people might also be burned if there were no criminals.
Wickerman Festival
The Wickerman Festival was an annual music festival held near Auchencairn in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. This was due in large part to the surrounding area featuring various locations used in the cult British horror film The Wicker Man (1973). The 2015 festival, which had a capacity of 18,000, took place six months after the unexpected death of Jamie Gilroy, and his widow and daughter later announced it would take a hiatus for the following year. However, after failure to find a third-party promoter, in November 2016 they took the decision to end the festival altogether.
Seven Burning Man Employees have Died by Suicide
August 27, 2018
Nevada’s premier desert gathering is starting to take some heat after multiple reports of suicide are slowly beginning to surface. Between the years of 2009 and 2015, seven Burning Man employees have died by suicide.

Pandemic Plans

Yes, they are planned. Scamdemic? Despite statistics on Sudden Death and huge worm like clots in the veins of those dying after getting the “Clot Shot” the vax is being pushed. The vax is more dangerous than just tolerating Covid-19 and its variants as a type of flu. Trump pushed the Zelenko Protocol which cured Covid-19 without the need for a vax. But this is not the goal of those in the establishment who fear the public making demands and rioting when they learn that they have been lied to about Nibiru. They want the public weakened and in lockdown.

President Joe Biden says he will Request more Funding for a new Coronavirus Vaccine
August 25, 2023
People should be able to start rolling up their sleeves next month for what officials hope is an annual fall COVID-19 shot. Pfizer, Moderna and smaller manufacturer Novavax all are brewing doses of the XBB update but the Food and Drug Administration will have to sign off on each, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must then issue recommendations for their use.
Sudden Deaths Skyrocketed Among Working-Aged People in 2021 and 2022
April 10, 2023
Sudden death among healthy working-age people worldwide skyrocketed over the last two years. Here in the U.S., it was up 40% during the third and fourth quarters of 2021.

Trump asks COVID Vaccine Makers to Share Safety Data
September 5, 2023
Former President Donald Trump called upon the makers of COVID-19 vaccines to share their safety data with the public.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/31/2022: The Pfizer mRNA vaccine is implicated in sudden heart attacks in healthy young people, massive clotting seen by morticians, triggering abortions even in healthy full term pregnancies by shriveling the placenta, AIDS caused by depressed and exhausted immune systems, and autoimmune diseases such as Guillain-Barre. But this information does not appear in the Main Stream Media.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2023: At a time when the Pfizer Covid-19 vax is being revealed as a virtual death jab - causing blood clots and heart attacks and aborted babies and the Sudden Death syndrome – those who were proponents and facilitators are being exposed. The depopulation agenda shared by many WEF members is putting them at risk for retaliation. Is there any truth to the rumor that Schwab and others were to be arrested, thus Schwab potentially absent due to being sick? Are WEF members that worried? Yes.

Is Nibiru more visible these days? Visible enough that the establishment is lining up an excuse. Now instead of a Planet 9 out past Orion, we have Planet 9 hiding in the Kuiper Belt! Larger than Earth is the theory being pushed. When the real thing – Nibiru - appears in the sky in an undeniable fashion, they will say “oh there it is!” Hiding in the Kuiper Belt all this time.

Hidden Planet ‘9’ found in the Kuiper Belt? One of the Main Sources of Comets in our Solar System may also Harbour an Earth-like Planet
September 2, 2023
In their paper published in The Astronomical Journal, Patryk Sofia Lykawka and Takashi Ito describe properties of the Kuiper Belt that they believe are consistent with the existence of a planet not much bigger than Earth. The simulations showed that the most likely explanation for their observations was a Kuiper Belt planet. The simulations also showed that such a planet, if it exists, would have a mass 1.5 to 3 times that of Earth, an inclination of approximately 30 degrees and an orbit that would take the planet to between 250 and 500 AU from the sun.

Severe Wobble

We have been privy to regular GPS satellite readings showing movement day-to-day of key sites around the world. These readings routinely show the expected drift and direction of Plate Movements, but on September 7 a shock occurred. Two disparate locations, one on the Bay of Beijing and the other Evansville, Indiana along the New Madrid Fault Line, reversed direction. Per the Zetas this was due to the Earth having the Severe Wobble they predicted with the Earth moving under the GPS net so the locations were not where expected.

Sept 5: Shandong China: 3.69km S <0.1km E
Sept 6: Shandong, China: 6.47km S 166.5km E
Sept 7: Shandong, China: 167.4 km N 1.1km E
Sept 2: Evansville, Indiana 1.85km N 2.15km W -36' elev. loss
Sept 5: Evansville, Indiana: <0.1km S 1.84km W
Sept 7: Evansville, Indiana: 1.85km S 2.8km E
Space Segment
The GPS space segment consists of a constellation of satellites transmitting radio signals to users. The United States is committed to maintaining the availability of at least 24 operational GPS satellites, 95% of the time. To ensure this commitment, the U.S. Space Force has been flying 31 operational GPS satellites for well over a decade. GPS satellites fly in medium Earth orbit (MEO) at an altitude of approximately 20,200 km (12,550 miles). Each satellite circles the Earth twice a day.
Global Positioning System
A GPS receiver calculates its position by precisely timing the signals sent by the GPS satellites high above the Earth. Each satellite continually transmits messages containing the time the message was sent, precise orbital information (the ephemeris), and the general system health and rough orbits of all GPS satellites (the almanac). The receiver measures the transit time of each message and computes the distance to each satellite. Geometric trilateration is used to combine these distances with the location of the satellites to determine the receiver's location.

ZetaTalk Explanation 9/7/2023: We predicted that the GPS Satellites would falter back in 2009 when many people reported false readings. The wobble has a slight influence on GPS readings day to day but the extreme change from S to N etc in both China and Evansville indicates something else going on. The GPS satellites, which Google Earth uses, are geostationary, a network that is positioned over set spots on Earth below. If the wobble pushes the globe outside of the expected locations, then such readings would occur. Thus, these readings, happening in both China and N America, show the globe being pushed beyond what has been happening. The Severe Wobble in process.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/20/2023: There are several factors causing the scrambled GPS return from the waters just off coast from Israel. The Daily Earth Wobble has become more extreme, and where the GPS satellites are geo-stationary, this connection to the ground has limits.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/28/2009: It is an effect of the wobble, affecting the position of the GPS satellites. Elevation is determined by GPS satellite networks, which are supposed to operate as though geostationary. When the distance to a spot on the Earth changes due to the wobble, increasing in distance for instance, the network assumes a lower elevation. Distance is determined by the GPS equipment based on the time it takes for a signal to travel to and from one of the satellites in the network.

If the wobble has been increasing, are there other signs that this is in process? How about the increase in Hurricanes and Typhoons?

Hurricane Season Running Ahead of Schedule
September 7, 2023
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari has a midseason Atlantic tropics update.
Atlantic Hurricane Season to Spawn more Powerhouse Storms
September 6, 2023
The season has already been pacing ahead of the historical average, and AccuWeather forecasters now expect more major hurricanes to develop this season.