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Issue 900, Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Petrol Funnels

Methane Towers appeared in 2008 in Iraq, and in subsequent years in the Urals and in Michigan. The Zetas explained that these were composed of Methane gas released during ground movements and set afire by lightning or friction in the clouds. Methane gas is lighter than air so rises rapidly. These early Methane Towers appeared to be clear or a light blue color.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/22/2015: Light towers were noted in 2008 by soldiers in Iraq, who sighted these burning methane spires while wearing night vision goggles. Photos of twirling smoke drifting upward during the day in Canada showed that these towers were occurring during the day, also. Recently in Escanaba, Michigan a transformer exploded during a lightning storm, lighting a methane spire that had been released during an earthquake. And in late 2014 a methane flash in the Urals turned a highway into day for a few moments, in front of astonished commuters. The recent methane tower captures are close at hand, in low lying clouds, so the lit methane is under pressure and blowing out of the ground where seen, thus the tube appearance.

But recently these Methane Towers have appeared to be an orange color. This occurred in Russia in 2022, and now in 2023 in Sweden where these orange Methane Towers were side by side with light blue towers. The Zetas explain that the orange color is Petrol from the tail of Nibiru, which has permeated the Earth's upper atmosphere. These gases are comingling now, and returning in a funnel shape to Earth as tornados do, in a swirling funnel.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/30/2023: Methane Light Towers have been sighted since 2008 in various countries such as Iraq due to Plate Movement, but they always took on a clear or pale blue color or assume the background color of the sky. Colorless. In 2022 photos from Russia showed towers in an orange color, and now in 2023 photos from Sweden show orange as well as the pale blue color. What causes this color variance and why the funnel shape?  

Methane towers emerge from rotting vegetation trapped between rock layers, and because Methane is lighter than air it rises quickly and when it starts afire due to lightning or atmospheric friction it burns and can be seen from afar. But the route is always up, not down. Tornado funnels occur when cold air drops rapidly through warmer air, resulting in a swirl. This process is down, not up. What could cause even pale blue Methane Towers to take the funnel shape?  Petrol in the tail of Nibiru is increasingly in the atmosphere, and when it encounters the Methane in a burning Methane Tower it too is set alight. Petrol is orange, and by the swirling motion in the tower as these two burning fuels mix the Methane Tower turns orange.

Beijing Pneumonia

Asia has lot of platelets at Korea, Japan, and the China coastline. An obvious platelet formation is happening due to the unrelenting pressure on China to move eastward into the Pacific. This Thumb shape encompasses the ripping rock region, which is burning underground with CO emissions produced.  In the recent past, China has even had melting roads from this activity. One can see the CO increase from March through November of 2023.

The SO2 from Methane and CO smoke have now resulted in Methane poisoning in school children in Beijing and Liaoning. Where the media is trying to build a new virus story, this lung inflammation is obviously not from a virus. It fits the description for Methane poisoning.

Acute Respiratory Distress Due to Methane Inhalation
Inhalation of toxic gases can lead to pneumonitis. It has been known that methane gas intoxication causes loss of consciousness. In this report, we described the first case of acute pulmonary toxicity from accidental inhalation of methane in a medical gas supply room. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of acute pulmonary toxicity related to methane gas inhalation. In this case report, we highlight that even a short exposure time to a high concentration of methane gas can be sufficient to cause a serious problem.
Another Pandemic? Mystery Pneumonia Sweeps Through Chinese Schools
November 22, 2023
In Beijing and Liaoning, hospitals are struggling with an influx of sick children, while both students and teachers are affected. The affected children present with unusual symptoms, including lung inflammation and high fever, but noticeably lack the typical cough and other signs associated with flu, RSV, and other respiratory illnesses.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/22/2023: Beijing has been the center of Methane from ripping rock and its associated CO from the burning of this Methane underground. Notably news of school children in Beijing and the Liaoning region to the northeast of Beijing across the bay being affected are dated at the same time that Beijing has turned a deep red from the burning Methane on CO maps. The prevailing Westerlies blow these gasses across the bay to Liaoning, which is often afflicted with Methane gas as well.

For years China has been pushed toward the Pacific by the Eurasian Plate stretch, to the extent that their roads at times melted and boiling water bubbled up in the swamps.  This new Methane pneumonia is notable in school children and their teachers, who reside in cramped rooms with inadequate ventilation. Trapped in the rooms, the gasses irritate the lungs. The immune system cannot resolve this as there is no germ to be addressed.

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
Mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria commonly cause mild infections of the respiratory system (the parts of the body involved in breathing). Sometimes these bacteria can cause more serious lung infections that require care in a hospital.
Children all over the United States are Starting to Develop “White Lung Syndrome”
November 30, 2023
Last week, we were getting reports that hospitals in China were being absolutely overwhelmed by sick kids that had developed a condition known as “white lung syndrome”.  Unfortunately, now we are learning that large numbers of children in the United States and Europe are also developing “white lung syndrome”.

ZetaTalk Response 12/1/2023: What is the nexus between pneumonia in school children and high Methane release from ripping rock below their feet and the start of the cold season in the Northern Hemisphere? Clearly this is not the pattern for a bacteria spread, which would not skip continents and target children while skipping over adults entirely. Adults travel and would be the likely first carriers. The pattern follows high Methane release over an extended period of time, which is confirmed by Methane SO2 maps. The only bacteria identified is an opportunist mild lung bacteria, which is taking advantage of lungs congested by Methane. This is not another pandemic, however much those wanting to impose lockdowns would like it to be.

AI Agenda

Mankind in general and the elite in particular want a slave class. If not human, then robotic slaves. Movies such as Star Wars and Eva depict thinking and feeling robots, that can act on their own intuition. But is this realistic?

November 23, 2023
Forget the four-day week Microsoft founder Bill Gates is anticipating a three-day work week could be possible thanks to artificial intelligence. Amid fears that mankind will struggle to compete against computers leading to mass unemployment, Gates is refreshingly predicting a utopian world where  machines can make all the food and the stuff, and we don't have to work as hard.

ZetaTalk Insight 1995: A goal of research scientists is to create robots so effective at running matters that all of mankind in essence becomes akin to the upper class - waited on hand and foot. To be effective in these roles, robots would have to repair and reproduce themselves, or each other, i.e. propagate; be able to adapt to changing circumstances, i.e. learn; and, since mankind can't be bothered, make logical determinations, i.e. think. Mankind, in short, is too dumb to create a handy-dandy version of intelligent, sentient life. One, per their desires, which would never break down or talk back, would always look good, be compliant in bed, foresee one's needs, repair the car, be infinitely loyal, smart as a whip but never look down on the master, and never suffer from neglect. The child's dream.

But robots, as those operating under Artificial Intelligence, are only following their programming. But the lure of an intelligent and sentient machine, programmed to handle an extensive array of choices or many different situations, produced movies such as Terminator and the Droids in Star Wars. Per the Zetas, they can never have souls or be sentient as they are not alive. They can only follow their programming.

ZetaTalk Insight 1997: Robots were first thought of during human development as workers, other humans. With the advent of programmable machines such as computers, the thought of having machines as slaves is irrepressible. They don't require wages, never demand a day off, and can be relied upon to be consistent and do what they were told to do! Such a cooperative slave. Robots are developed and used up to but not beyond the point where they could be considered sentient or conscious, as the Council of Worlds does not allow thinking machines, in essence biorobots, to be developed and enslaved by other intelligent species. The line is drawn where including the components of life would enter in - DNA capable of self-initiated thought, emotion, and most particularly a conscious sense of the self as separate from the surroundings.

ZetaTalk Insight 1997: Computer programs are not considered brains by most humans only because they can gaze at and understand the program, and can see that the computer is simply following instructions. Robots, however, are bounded in what they can address. Even where robots are designed to repair themselves and make minor adjustments to their surroundings, they are still operating within their original programming.

Upgrading animals to the level of being a slave class likewise will never be allowed by the Council of Worlds. But mankind keeps trying.

ZetaTalk Insight 12/31/2021: The new fascination with Transhumanism is due to the elite facing the near future of the Nibiru passage with white knuckle fear. The populace will no longer listen to the establishment, who failed to warn them or to arrange a shelter for them. Machines such as Drones can be used by the Military for surveillance or even in combat, but drones do not cover all the functions the elite need under their control. The Manchurian Candidate concept - whereby hypnotic suggestion directs human drones has been tried and failed. Telepathy is innate and natural in humans, despite the efforts of Remote Viewers to control the soul or the innate agenda of the human.

Now what? The popularity of the TV series Planet of the Apes is based on a real desire of the establishment to increase the intelligence of non-human animals to the point where they would be a controllable slave class. Thus Transgenic Monkeys where human tissue is inserted into monkeys, or Frankenrobots - putting living tissue into machines. Our use of implants in our human contacts is akin to an on-board phone system, not to control the human. And where we use living tissue in our sky computers this is akin to mankind's use of cow leather for shoes.

The elite, who desperately want to create a human slave class, are stuck with the human body and brain. Mankind is not intelligent enough to genetically engineer a super race. Mankind cannot even eliminate genetic diseases or increase intelligence. Outside of selective breeding, whereby the defective genes are blocked or the desired genes encouraged, there is little mankind can do at present. The elite cannot cage or capture the human soul, nor can they direct the human will. Instead, a time of perfect karma for the elite awaits.

Now in 2023 we suddenly have a panic over the possibility of Artificial Intelligence eliminating 300 million jobs. Why the panic? Per the Zetas this is a panic in the elite, who fear the death rate due to pending catastrophe during the passing of Nibiru will leave them without a slave class, and are pushing to increase the rate of AI drones as a result.

Was Sam Altman's Sacking by OpenAI's Board over 'Q-Star' Breakthrough Seen as Threat to Humanity?
November 23, 2023
In the days before Altman was sent off into exile, several staff researchers penned a letter to the board about a significant breakthrough - called Q* and pronounced Q-Star - that allowed the AI model to "surpass humans in most economically valuable tasks."  The AI milestone was one of the significant factors that led to the board's abrupt firing of Altman last Friday. Another concern was commercializing the advanced AI model without understanding the socio-economic consequences. AGI has the potential to surpass humans in every field, including creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, language understanding, etc., raising concerns about massive job displacement. A recent Goldman report outlines how 300 million layoffs could be coming to the Western world because of AI.
Goldman Sachs Predicts 300 Million Jobs Will Be Lost
March 29, 2023
Goldman Sachs maintains that if generative AI lives up to its hype, the workforce in the United States and Europe will be upended.
OpenAI Researchers Warned of AI breakthrough that could Threaten Humanity' ahead of CEO Sam Altman's Ouster
Ahead of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's four days in exile, several staff researchers sent the board of directors a letter warning of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery that they said could threaten humanity, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

ZetaTalk Insight 11/23/2023: During the Industrial Revolution there was panic over lost jobs, as there had been prior to that when farm labor was replaced by tractors and combines. The panic at present is due less to the possibility that more repetitive labor will be replaced by robots than it is to what is being revealed about the pending death rate likely to occur during Nibiru's passage. We have explained that even apparent Thinking Machines are only following their programming. Unlike the movie Terminator, no AI to date can fully replace human workers.  

AI could affix two pieces of lumber together, adjusting lengths to widths and inserting screws for the resulting hold needed, but could not raise an Amish barn. AI can examine the components of a blood sample but cannot insert a needle into every arm of every patient without creating injury. The panic over Sam Altman's statements was due to the elite fearing their expectations had been revealed. Why the rush when there is already a job shortage during a time of food and materials shortage? The elite envision a time of riots and societal collapse, and plan to shield themselves from the populace by AI workers and militia.

Bridge Slips

Since the Zetas stated that the Hard Rock Bridge linking the Ozarks to the Appalachian Mountains must snap and break for the New Madrid Rupture to complete, we have been watching the Bridge for signs. The Zetas described the release of the rock clasp at the Bridge as a silent stretch, so any release would not be a jolt. So what would a release look like? We watched as SO2 Methane from ripping rock climbed up the Mississippi River and lingered around the Bridge, but the CO smoke from underground Methane burning seemed to jump above the Bridge to the Wabash Seismic Zone and the Chicago Bend of the New Madrid Fault Line in Indiana.

Another closely watched feature was the small quakes always peppering the little town of New Madrid and the Reel Foot Lake region of the Mississippi River. This is the heart of the New Madrid Fault Line, where the crust is thin and the epicenter of the quakes in 1811-1812. This area had quakes daily for years ahead of the present day, then a rush of quakes on November 14 and then suddenly, on November 26, they disappeared entirely! Why the sudden relaxation of tension there?

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/26/2023: No jolt will occur. Where the separation of the Portions has occurred all the way up from NOLA to the Bridge, this will drift wider as the SE Portion starts to move, causing bridges to go down and areas without support drooping so that structures collapse. At the Bridge itself there will be no clues at all, beyond the Ohio River passage through the Bridge area widening.

Above the Bridge where the fault line climbs along the western side of Indiana, and on under the Seaway, there will be structures collapsing and roadways rupturing. These will at first be considered regional or local matters but when the Montreal location is reached and the Seaway widens it will be obvious that the SE Portion is on the move. Martial Law will already have been called in anticipation of all these disasters accelerating.

Instead of watching the Bridge area we are now watching Montreal. The smoke that beset Indiana is now creeping along the Seaway to Montreal! This is a significant location as in 2022 there was a UFO sighting and analysis by the Zetas linking Montreal to the wide opening at the Azores that would cause the European tsunami predicted by the Zetas. The Seaway would clap at Montreal, temporarily pulling the void at the Azores open.

ZetaTalk Analysis 4/30/2021: The St Lawrence Seaway rips open during the New Madrid adjustment, and rips further during the Pole Shift. These rips during a Pole Shift have happened in the past, ripping all the way to the Black Hills which are rumpled because of this tearing. The Green Bay Peninsula in Wisconsin shows the tearing that Wisconsin has had and will endure again. The coming Pole Shift will change the course of the Seaway at Niagara too, which will no longer be the dramatic falls they are today. Thus it is no surprise that Montreal, a rock in the center of the Seaway, finds the rock beneath the city tearing.

Booms are heard worldwide as rock strata snap during the 7 of 10 Plate Movements. The jolts can be felt and vibrating rock causes the sound. The UFO display seen overhead and recorded on video is depicting the wild ride that Montreal residents will take during the New Madrid adjustment soon to occur. The spread of the Seaway is clearly shown, with some closure at the end. During the New Madrid adjustment the tension before the major unzipping of the Fault Line will cause a large spread, which will prove to be temporary.