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Issue 912, Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Nibiru Visible

Dramatic views of Nibiru and its two Dominant Moons forming the Helix are on the increase lately. With the Nibiru Coverup in full force, so the subject is not on the mainstream media, the astonished public does not know what to make of the sight. This drama was on display on March 31, 2022 in Israel, the video capture showing Nibiru and its two Dominant Moons when the video is zoomed. There was triple confirmation on Nibiru’s size at this time - a photo from Alberto and another from Idaho both show the Nibiru body 4-5 times the diameter of Earth, just as the Zetas stated.

Another dramatic capture was the photos from Siberia on June 15, 2023. The usual red dust and petrol that shrouds Nibiru had been blown away, temporarily, so the features on Nibiru could be discerned. Another similar photo from Slovenia on September 21, 2023 also showed this clarity.  With a 90 degree turn due to the Daily Wobble, the 4 o'clock position would be the 1 o'clock position. We get the Polar Push when the Sun is over the Pacific, then a big lean to the Right (East) then a big lean to the Left (West) so sunrise in Slovenia is when the lean East is happening, pushing the view of Nibiru up from 4 o’clock to 1 o’clock.

But not all presentations of the Nibiru Complex are obvious. Some are confused with UFO displays, as was this display in Turkey on February 15, 2024. The Zetas explain. The West will use any excuse to avoid saying the Nibiru word.

Exclusive: Russia Attempting to Develop Nuclear Space Weapon to Destroy Satellites with Massive Energy Wave
February 16, 2024
Russia is trying to develop a nuclear space weapon that would destroy satellites by creating a massive energy wave when detonated, potentially crippling a vast swath of the commercial and government satellites that the world below depends on to talk on cell phones, pay bills, and surf the internet, according to three sources familiar with US intelligence about the weapon.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/15/2024: This video capture of Nibiru and its Dominant Moons along with minor moons in the Helix is a view that will become more common now so that the public will understand the truth in Putin’s reveals likely to emerge shortly. The coverup over Nibiru is being challenged by NASA and the Biden Administration who are issuing lies about the National Security threat under discussion in secret SCIF meetings with Congress. Leaks at that time implied the threat involved Russia and space and loss of satellites and potentially nukes, which fits the lies now being pushed but also fits the Nibiru narrative. Putin has engaged the US in discussions about how to protect the Earth from the large debris that will accompany Nibiru during its passage, in the manner they used to protect Chelyabinsk.

And indeed, signs in the skies have increased. For example, Skyfire after sunset in Germany on February 15, 2024. This is clearly Nibiru in a Second Sun posture.

In Israel last October 11, 2023 there were 3 orbs in the sky, interpreted by the media to be UFOs. Were they warning about Nibiru and its Dominant Moons, or were these indeed Nibiru with its Dominant Moons again?

And in China recently the Debris and Petrol ridden tail of Nibiru was seen wafting across the sky.

AT&T Outage

On February 22 AT&T and several other cell phone providers experienced a widespread outage, which was intermittent and only lasted a few hours. Oddly, all networks affected declined to place blame. Speculation on the Internet included China hacking, Russia space weapons, and the Days of Darkness constantly predicted to occur. Per the Zetas, it was none of the above. It was Nibiru and the pending New Madrid Rupture.

AT&T Customers Report a Massive Outage. Verizon and T-Mobile are Also Down for Some
February 22, 2024
AT&T did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company has been responding to customer complaints online but has not yet acknowledged a network outage.
Customers of Major Cellular Services Experiencing Outage Nationwide
February 22, 2024
Customers of cellular services, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, have reported to Downdetector and social media that their phone service is down. The companies themselves have not put out any official confirmation of the troubles.
AT&T Among Phone, Internet Services Reportedly Impacted by Nationwide Outage
February 22, 2024
The most reported problems are in Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, Houston, San Antonio, Honolulu, Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta. is also showing more than 2,800 outage reports for Verizon services as well. A spokesperson said it is not impacting Verizon customers. This outage is mostly said to be impacting Philadelphia, Chicago, Brooklyn, Houston, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Spokane, San Ramon. There also have been about 1,000 outages reported by T-Mobile customers, as well.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/22/2024: AT&T and other cell phone companies have been reluctant to explain their outages because these outages were caused by massive EMP with arcing to Nibiru due to the stress of the SE Portion of the US being pulled eastward toward Africa during the African roll. There is currently a coverup over the presence of Nibiru, and thus a coverup over any massive Plate Movements caused by the Daily Earth Wobble. Until Nibiru is admitted, Black Swan events such as the AT&T outage will occur.

This is not hacking by China, nor is it a software glitch nor a mechanical failure, nor is it a test of a Days of Darkness routine. It is the rock screech in the SE Portion and the Mainland Portion reluctant to release its connection to the SE Portion. It is the near presence of Nibiru, a huge magnetic planet, causing EMP arcing. But the blame will likely be placed on the Sun, or on a Russian space weapon, or China hackers. The rule during the Nibiru coverup is to never say the Nibiru word.

The insider Shadow of Ezra alluded to Nibiru being the cause at the end of the outage, citing the movie Leave the World Behind. The outage site Thousand Eyes has for some time been showing more outages in the US than elsewhere in the world. This falls in line with what the Zetas said about the SE Portion being stressed.  By February 22, 2024 AT&T had landed on an excuse for their outage – it was a software glitch in an upgrade.

AT&T Outage Caused by Software Update
February 22, 2024
A temporary network disruption that affected AT&T customers in the U.S.  was caused by a software update, the company said. AT&T told ABC News in a statement ABC News that the outage was not a cyberattack but caused by "the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network."

Buoys Blinded

On February 19 all the buoys protecting N America and Europe were blinded. They displayed as inactive on the NOAA web site. In that these buoys are owned and operated by numerous entities, this indicates a maneuver by NOAA. What are they hiding?

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/19/2024: Countries that can be affected by our predicted European tsunami and the predicted East Coast of US tsunami are set up to alert the public when and if this occurs. They are well aware of the clapping Seaway and clapping in the N Atlantic above the Azores, and their geologists have confirmed our predicted scenario of the final separation of the New Madrid Fault Line such that the Seaway and fault line do not clap in unison, but separate. The signs that this is imminent are everywhere.

In that countries affected are in the dead of Winter at present, the establishment does not want people unduly alarmed, thus sitting out in the cold if a false alarm has been given. Thus they want the public notified only if a serious possibility of the large Azores void predicted to set off the tsunamis occurs. The buoy array, available to the public, is watched intently, and thus to avoid a false warning there are toggle switches that shut down the public view quickly, and quickly re-establish what the public can see if a false-positive is concluded. This happened briefly on February 19.

AI Reliability

Artificial Intelligence is a term used to cover computer programs given options on what course to take. As with all computer programs, unless it is programmed to take this or that path, based on the data it is given, it will make a wise choice or falter. A recent scenario which I will call Duck Duck Goose shows what can go wrong.  This came to light while doing new ZetaTalk on evidence of the Severe Wobble, including strong winds over the Atlantic, sudden and severe cold in China, and a flock of water fowl in China freezing to death in the water.

Duck, Duck, Goose › wiki › Duck,_duck,_goose
Duck, duck, goose is a traditional children's game often first learned in preschool or kindergarten. The game may be later adapted on the playground.
Planes Top 800 mph as Near-Record Winds Sweep High over Mid-Atlantic
February 18, 2024
Winds roared to speeds of 265 mph high over Washington — at about 35,000 feet above ground, cruising altitude for airplanes — as a powerful jet stream swept over the region late Saturday. These winds allowed at least three commercial aircraft to reach speeds over 800 mph.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/21/2024: We have stated that the Earth is currently in a Severe Wobble so that the Council of Worlds can counter the New Madrid Rupture delays they inserted with their Humming Boxes and Monoliths which they utilized to allow Obama time to announce Nibiru. Obama failed but the delays put the Earth at odds with other programs in the Universe so now catch up is in process.  Signs that the Severe Wobble is in process are the strong Jet Stream winds over the Atlantic and the frozen ducks dropping from the sky in western China. The Jet Stream can drop suddenly, bringing cold air to lower levels.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2021: Severe Wobble has been detailed for the Last Weeks but episodes could occur before then too. The Council of Worlds feels the people of Earth need to be aware of the approach of Nibiru, and have formulated a plan to force the issue past the cover-up in place. The Cabal controlled media refuses to admit Nibiru, so all who say otherwise are ridiculed. The Council of Worlds has approved increasingly severe wobble, to increase gradually so as not to panic the people. This wobble will proceed to the extent that the Sun may rise in the North, or the globe turn upside down temporarily, with rotation seeming to move from East to West during that time. Nibiru visibility is already present but will be increased during this time.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 11/30/2021: We have mentioned that the Council of Worlds plans to allow a Severe Wobble on Earth to force the establishment to admit the reality of Nibiru.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/30/2023: As we mentioned the Severe Wobble will be a trigger to incite the Plate Movements necessary for the New Madrid event to occur.

I, Nancy, included a photo that was being passed around the Internet to show the effects of the severe cold in China. But the photos were of Snow Geese frozen on a lake in S Dakota. These photos had been posted on the web on the same day the cold weather in China hit the news. This Snow Goose video and photos were first provided by a China news outlet which claimed they were from China. Numerous news outlets confused this issue, including Nancy of ZetaTalk. Note that the Zetas, in their response, did not say “Snow Geese” or “Geese” but only said “ducks”. But this an example of how AI can mislead.

The Story Behind the Snow Goose Mass Die-Off Video
February 20, 2024
Nate Phinney filmed some 1,500 dead snow geese frozen into the surface of a lake in eastern South Dakota.
Watch: China's Xinjiang records -52.3 C: Birds Freeze to Death, Lakes Crack
February 20, 2024
China's Xinjiang region is facing an unprecedented cold spell, marking its harshest winter in over six decades. Temperatures plummeted to a staggering minus 52.3 degrees Celsius.  A significant number of waterfowl were caught off guard by the rapid onset of freezing temperatures, resulting in their instantaneous freezing in the lakes before they could escape.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/22/20224: In these days of artificial intelligence (AI) colossal mistakes can be made. This confusion over the Snow Geese video posted online on February 19 and the same day reporting on severe cold in China was caused by AI run by a popular China blogger who was seeking a visual of the mass death of China ducks caught in freezing water. The date and cause of death are right, but the country and type of bird was wrong. AI as a computer program will only do what is requested. A human would have noted that the wrong country and bird type was provided, but AI was clueless.

Nearly 50 News Websites are ‘AI-Generated’, a Study Says
May 8, 2023
The sites publish up to hundreds of articles daily, according to the report, much of that material containing signs of AI-generated content, including “bland language and repetitive phrases”. Some of the articles contain false information and many of the sites are packed with ads, suggesting they’re intended to make money via programmatic, or algorithmically generated, advertising. The sources of the stories aren’t clear: many lack bylines or use fake profile photos. In other words, NewsGuard says, experts’ fears that entire news organizations could be generated by AI have already become reality.
Tracking AI-enabled Misinformation: 713 ‘Unreliable AI-Generated News’ Websites (and Counting), Plus the Top False Narratives Generated by Artificial Intelligence Tools
February 22, 2024
NewsGuard has so far identified 713 AI-generated news and information sites operating with little to no human oversight, and is tracking false narratives produced by artificial intelligence tools.