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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 6, 2012

During the severe compression of Earth's magnetosphere on Sept 25 / Sept 26, Earth's magnetic dipole axis visibly begins tilting clockwise in the below BATSRUS animation at approximately 05:00 UTC Sept 26.  There also appears to be a magnetic field external to Earth that is being asserted from the lower left during this tilt (see bottom image).

  1. Does this tilt of Earth's magnetic dipole portray a temporary lean to the left?
  2. Are the magnetic field lines in the lower left of the bottom image a depiction of Planet X's magnetic influence or perhaps the Dark Twin's presence behind Earth?

We have depicted the twisting magnetosphere of Earth as due to the presence of Planet X. Magnets want to go side-by-side (as the planets do with the Sun) or end-to-end.  They can temporarily form a single field, the smaller magnetic field being absorbed into the larger field, or the smaller one can appear to twist if not directly end-to-end. If not allowed to go end-to-end and too close for a side-by-side arrangement, the lesser magnet can go into opposition or attempt to form a T arrangement, which for the Earth is a lean to the left.

For the effects the Council of Worlds wanted, to force the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, there were temporary changes to the magnetic blast coming from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X toward the Earth. On September 15, 2012 and the week following, light rays were bent to enhance the viewing of the corpus of Planet X. On September 21, 2012 and the week following, the charged tail was disbursed and the Moon Swirls illuminated. That the dipole of Earth’s magnetic field tilted toward the Sun and the approaching Planet X was directly due to the need to disburse the charged tail of Planet X. This was done by increasing the magnetic particle flow hosed toward Earth so the charged tail blew outward to the sides.

What can those watching the Earth’s magnetosphere expect as Planet X continues to point its N Pole directly at Earth? We have predicted a great deal of switching about, as this occurs. Magnetic fields are not rigid, they are plastic, and also ebb and surge in waves. The 7 of 10 plate movements have much to do with the switching about the Earth does, from one posture to another. We have termed this a wobble within a wobble. If the Earth leans its N Pole away from Planet X during the daily wobble, when the Earth’s magnetic N Pole comes up over the horizon, but then the Earth decides to go into opposition to meet a particularly harsh blast from Planet X, that is as Elvis used to say “shake, rattle and roll” – a back and forth and side to side effect almost simultaneously.

Think you all have the attention of all of us who appreciate your enormous efforts to create a level playing field and with the suggesting that the Pending Announcement is prepared and ready-to-go.  On the other hand, there must be tremendous resistance to allowing the Announcement before the Presidential Debates, as they would surely skew the debate in possibly unknown ways.  Is it possible for you to comment on what's going on behind the curtain without altering it too much?

Once again the announcement is in human hands. But because of the sense of purpose that those in charge currently have, the determination not to be deflected or stalled, the Council of Worlds has held back with yet another punch. What is different this weekend from the last two weekends when the announcement was aborted? There have been personnel switches, so that those who personally were reluctant to see the announcement happen were removed from the crew. There have also been some changes in plan, so that stations will actually alert the public of the pending announcement an hour ahead of time. This is expected to be less of an alarm, thus, to the public, than the use of the emergency broadcast system. This also allows stations to position their advertisements and breaks in their programming, experiencing less resentment for the interruption.

What was discovered Saturday was that the manager of the EAS had not even loaded the announcement in the system, and had so complicated the coordination with the hundreds of networks involved that the hour would never arrive. This was on purpose, as he was well in bed with those in the US government who did not want the announcement to proceed. On Sunday they discovered that the system had also been diverted so that the messages would not be delivered as expected. Swapped wires, transmissions that went nowhere, equipment that was not electrified or connected as expected, this type of thing had been inserted in dozens of places. The tapes that had been delivered to the major TV networks had been under military guard, so no one could steal them or learn the content. These tapes were retrieved, with a promise to take up the effort on the following weekend. Meanwhile, over a half dozen traitors are jailed and being interrogated aggressively.

Would Nancy and Zetas consider the following as another tactic to fool people, from the expected dusts and storms and asteroids with the approach of Planet X. [and from another] Researchers at the Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory, at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, are saying that it's possible to lower the amount of solar radiation we receive from the Sun by enveloping the Earth with a cloud of space dust blasted off a captured near-Earth asteroid. This could lower Earth's temperature by 2 degrees Celsius, thus offsetting the projected rise in temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions. The proposal is to find a near-Earth asteroid large enough to create the required cloud of dust, use a space vehicle to direct it to Lagrange Point 1 (L1) — a point in space between the Earth and the Sun where any object placed there will stay at that relative position, orbiting at the same speed as the Earth — and blast off a cloud of dust that would act as a shade for the Earth.

Having announced the falsehood claiming the Earth has a Trojan Asteroid floating between the Earth and the Sun, supposedly continually in place as the Earth orbits, those determined not to have the public informed of the presence of Planet X are continuing their lies. The Trojan Asteroid was to explain the moons of Planet X, increasingly visible between the Earth and Sun. This new asteroid dust proposal is to explain the increasing fireballs and debris in the atmosphere from the wafting tail of Planet X, which increasingly points toward the Earth. They will announce that this proposal was implemented, voile, dust at the hands of man protecting the Earth. Viva la cover-up!

Planet X: Is a Public Announcement from President Obama Imminent? October 4, 2012 Pundits are amazed and dismayed at how distracted President Obama seemed to be during the recent debate. What’s up with that? Perhaps it has to do with a pending public announcement. Do the world’s heads of state know of the presence of Planet X in the solar system? Yes. Why else would so many world leaders abruptly cancel out-of-country meetings during the same period last week? According to Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk, a pre-taped announcement about Planet X been ready to go on early Saturday or Sunday morning for the past three weekends.

The networks were aware of last weekend’s attempts, and have been poking around to find what the content of the tapes under guard at their broadcasting centers might be. The word “announcement” and “Obama” in a Google search of course brought up the ning and the ZetaTalk site. The rumor mill has it.