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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 8, 2017

Could Zetas comment that recent occurrence in St. Petersburg? As we know, it was terrorism, but what was the reasons? What message or any useful information from Zetas? [and from another] At around 2:40pm local time on April 3, an improvised explosive device went off inside a train car as it was moving between the underground transit system’s Tekhnologichesky Institut and Sennaya Ploshchad stations. [and from another] [and from another] City authorities did what they could to address the logistical nightmare, rolling out some 150 additional municipal-owned buses to compensate for the Metro’s shutdown. [and from another] St. Petersburg Metro blast aftermath & investigation
April 3, 2017. An explosion in the St. Petersburg Metro has left at least 14 people dead and 51 injured. Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a terrorist probe into the incident. Another explosive device has also been found and defused.
[and from another] St. Petersburg Metro bomber, identified as 22yo Dzhalilov, planted another bomb. April 4, 2017 The Russian Investigative Committee has identified 22-year-old Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, a Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen, as the suspect believed to have carried out the terrorist bombing in the Saint Petersburg Metro. According to the Investigative Committee, the same suspect planted a second IED at Ploshchad Vosstaniya station, which did not explode.

Why would a Russian born citizen from the Kyrgyz region be interested in risking death in St. Petersburg, which is firmly nestled in the midst of NATO countries and as far West in Russia as one can go? If he is striking at the heart of Russia, the government, why not Moscow? This begs the question – was he in someone else’s employ? The Soros family and those wanting the West to go to war with Russia have billions at their disposal, and such funds have been known to bribe activists when it is promised that the family, or the cause, will be rewarded regardless of the outcome.

The bomber, Dzhalilov, did not expect to die. He planted one IED and was in the process of planting the second when he fumbled the timer. Why was St. Petersburg targeted? The location is within the realm of NATO countries, which lie on all sides – Finland to the North, Estonia and Latvia to the South, and the Baltic Sea to Sweden and Poland to the West. Soros and his partners expect Russia to react by an increased military force by land and sea, thus triggering war with these NATO states. Who did the bombing? Soros, and others within NATO who were sympathetic with this cause.

Having lived in Atlanta, I know that the very wealthy, such as Newt Gingrich’s 6th District, live NORTH of Atlanta, in the Roswell section between I-400 and I-85. If Altanta were going to be vacated, suddenly, by people in a panic over news about Nibiru, for instance, they would be forced to take all roads except those leading to the rich enclaves! Was this an accident, or deliberate to sculpt migration? [and from another] Representative, GA 6th District (1979–1999) [and from another] An elevated section of northbound Interstate 85, a major north-south artery for the Southeast, collapsed in Atlanta after a massive fire. All five lanes of the highway in each direction were blocked and will be closed for the foreseeable future. An estimated 250,000 vehicles drive daily through that stretch of I-85. [and from another] The Thursday evening fire happened on I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400 near Piedmont Road. [and from another] Why would somebody blow this up? Terrorism maybe, hurt the economy. If somebody did do it to hurt the USA, did they/would they, send a note to the media outlets to take credit? Who knows, they may be doing it and keeping quiet, but the authorities will catch them eventually, sooner the better. [and from another] Atlanta I-85 Bombing. April 4, 2017. The federally published fire codes and ratings undeniably prove it could not have happened any other way! [and from another] I-85 Collapse: Three Arrested after Major Fire under Atlanta Highway. April 1, 2017. A man has been arrested on suspicion of intentionally setting a huge fire that brought down part of an elevated interstate highway in Atlanta, a collapse that is expected to complicate traffic for months in one of the nation's most congested cities.

Are the elite nervous? Evidence of Nibiru’s presence is abundant – increasing earthquakes and moaning from distressed rock, EMP disrupting mankind’s electronics, the wobble causing a wandering Sun and unpredictable weather. What is likely to happen soon, in the Atlanta area, is a New Madrid earthquake that will panic the residents of Atlanta, who will flee the city. As is known for the Atlanta area, the poor live to the South but the wealthy enclaves are in the Roswell area directly to the North. Is this migration sculpting? Absolutely, and since this worked so well, it will be followed by similar route sculpting in other cities.

There was recently a gas attack on civilians in Syria. It has been blamed on Assad.  However there was an article that suggests that this was in fact carried out by another group including the Clintons. Can the Zetas shed any light on the Nerve agent attack on civillians in Syria? [and from another] Putin claims that the leak was intentionally planned by rebels to blame Assad regime and the mastermind behind the operation is Hillary Clinton. Bashar had no reason to gas his own people when he is winning the battle without much effort. Rebels are the one's who are loosing ground and are desperate. [and from another] A day prior to the attack, Gulf-based Orient TV announced “Tomorrow we are launching a media campaign to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including the usage of chemical warfare against civilians.” This shows clear foreknowledge that the rebels were going to stage an attack by Orient TV. It is known 250 people were kidnapped last week from the nearby city of Hama, which is the same number as the current body count of wounded and killed civilians. According to award winning journalist Seymour Hersch, intelligence reports show the rebels smuggled in chemical weapons from Libya through Turkey with the approval of Hillary Clinton. ISIS is also known to be in possession of chemical weapons having conducted attacks on Syrian forces in Deir Ezzor. [and from another] Survivors of a deadly airstrike in Syria have described chemical bombs being dropped from planes, in accounts that directly contradicted the Assad regime's version of a dawn attack that drew condemnation around the world. The White House and the UK blamed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime for the attack that struck the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun while many were still asleep. Amnesty International said evidence pointed to an "air-launched chemical attack." International agencies are investigating the origin of the agents used in the strike. At the United Nations, Western powers lambasted Russia for standing by the Syrian regime. [and from another] FALSE FLAG: US announces removal of Assad is no longer a priority, 4 days later nerve gas attack is blamed on him. Seems awful convenient, doesn't it? The US announces it will no longer try to overthrow Assad. Four days later he allegedly does the only thing that could possibly change their minds. Using the "never let a good crisis go to waste" protocol, they turned it into a chemical attack by Assad, since there is probably forensic radar/satellite evidence of his jets dropping ordinance in the area at the time of the incident. [and from another] The US representative to the United Nations has said that the US is no longer prioritizing the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. March 30, 2017.

Almost simultaneously, St. Petersburg has a terrorist attack and yet another suspicious chemical weapons attack happens in Syria. Can this be a coincidence? The US had just days earlier announced they were no longer going after Assad. Connect the dots! Those trying to start World War III – and this includes the Soros and Hillary crowd – see themselves losing and are making desperate moves. It is all quite obvious but Western media backing the Hillary crowd shout fake news, once again. Of course Assad did not gas his own people, just when he was obviously winning against the formerly US backed rebels.

Putin and Seymour Hersch agree. Hillary was setting the stage for this type of False Flag event during her tenure as Secretary of State, and her crowd is still playing to the script. The rebels then joined with ISIS, thus coming into possession of US weapons and support. On a day when Syria was going to be conducting air raids in the area, gas some kidnapped civilians. Meanwhile Trump is stuck acting indignant, as to do else would put his leadership in question and raise the claim of collusion with Russia once again. This will eventually sort out, but meanwhile, the public is once again being misled by CNN.

It appears that the US military has just attacked a military airfield and planes in Syria. Can the Zetas pleease tell us what's really going on? [and from another] Trump and his top aides had acknowledged in recent days the “reality” of Assad being in power, saying his ouster was no longer a priority. But the chemical weapons attack seemed to spur a rethink. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said of Assad: “There’s no role for him to govern the Syrian people.” [and from another] Two U.S. warships fired 59 Tomahawk missiles into the Shayrat Airfield near the Syrian city of Homs. That is the airfield Assad is believed to have used to undertake the attack that killed so many innocent civilians.  "Either Russia has been complicit or simply incompetent in its ability to deliver," Tillerson continued. [and from another] The Trump administration called the chemical attack that killed 80 innocent civilians a serious matter than required a serious response. There were not Russian forces at this particular air field. An area of the base was used to house Russian personnel. Russia was given advance warning of the strike, and the U.S. deliberately avoided the area of the base where the Russians live.

Both Tillerson and Trump are privy to the US intel on the 2013 chemical weapon attack in Syria, and know that Israel, not Assad, was responsible. They are well versed in the various agendas at play, and see how illogical it would be for Assad, when winning his war against rebels, to deploy chemical weapons. Those in the West beating the war drums for war with Russia are clearly responsible, though the exact perpetrators as yet unknown. So why then launch an attack against Assad?

It has always been admitted by Putin that after ISIS is defeated, that Assad must go. The US had recently acknowledged that Assad was necessary until ISIS was defeated. Then all the Syrian refugees could return home, Erdogan be dealt with more firmly, and Syrian elections held. But everyone was running out of time. The Earth changes and awareness of Nibiru were increasing. The Middle East – Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Kurdistan – needed to be under settled governance or chaos would result and explode over neighboring regions.

Both the US and Russia were trying for a united front against ISIS at this time, but it was difficult while Assad was in power. For too long the anti-Assad rebels had US support, and when they merged with ISIS the US weapons flowed to ISIS. Assad will now be toppled, resigning, and with his absence any US sympathy for the anti-Assad rebels will be under attack. This includes influential US politicians like McCain. The full force of the new Syrian government will be turned against ISIS, while those trying to start World War III with Russia will be identified quickly by their actions.

In short, Assad was a lightning rod, allowing the anti-Trump and anti-Russia agenda to flourish. Assad’s presence allowed McCain and the Soros and Hillary crowd to box Trump in. If he defended Russia and Assad, he looked weak and as though he were cooperating with Russia.  In that Assad was in charge for a large portion of Syria, these arranged chemical attacks could and would continue. With Assad gone, McCain and his ilk will be countered, solidly. Then Syria can be divided, as has been the plan, giving Kurdistan its own country.