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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 10, 2012

What are we now to expect from the European tsunami compared to the original prediction? [and from another] Regarding the last week statement about slower 7/10 pace and the shift to another battlefield, could Zetas clarify what can we expect of the remaining 7/10 predictions. Will South America and Japan be struck with devastating quakes (M8-9) or they will be of smaller magnitude? What about New Madrid adjustment and EU tsunami?

What happens when the pace of plate movement is slowed? The likelihood of tsunami is definitely reduced, as can be seen in the sinking on the Sunda Plate. The sinking occurred, and is almost complete, yet the possibility of tsunami we predicted for various regions on the Sunda Plate were avoided. The height and force of a tsunami is directly related to the degree of displacement in the sea floor, and if this happens in steps rather than all at once the displacement will be less for any given step.

This bodes well for the European tsunami. If the Council of Worlds is still imposing a slower pace on the 7 of 10 plate movements, this tsunami will definitely be lessened. The tear in the North Atlantic will be slight, each time. The amount of water pouring into this void will be less, each time. And the rebound toward the UK will likewise be less, each time. But our prediction is the worst case situation, and it also reflects what the Earth changes, unabated, would produce.

But what does a slower pace do to land masses where jolting quakes are expected? Does this reduce the overall magnitude of the quakes anticipated? Large magnitude quakes result when a catch point along plate borders is highly resistant, but snapping of rock finally results. Usually there is one place, the epicenter, where this catch point resides and a long distance along the plate border where smaller quakes have prepared the border for easy movement. A point of resistance within the body of a plate, such as the New Madrid, can likewise resist and suddenly give.

There is no way to lessen the resistance at these catch points, though the tension that accompanies such points can be reduced so that the quake itself is delayed. What this means for a slower 7 of 10 pace is that large magnitude quakes will be spread apart in time, and their relationship to our predictions thus able to be camouflaged by the establishment. Where sinking (such as the Caribbean Island of Trinidad) or spreading apart (such as to the west of the Mississippi River) are to occur, these land changes will eventually arrive. But like the sinking of the Sunda Plate, a slower pace unfortunately allows the cover-up time to maneuver and develop excuses. .

African roll associated with floods in Tunisia? [and from another] Earth Observatory February 28, 2012 These images show the coastal region of northwestern Tunisia and northeastern Algeria. Multiple water bodies appear enlarged on February 28, and two lakes-one near the city of Tunis and the other west of the Tunisia-Algeria border-are clearly higher.

Why would land along the coastline of Tunisia be drawn down as Africa rolls? As Africa tears away, dropping to the south, the Mediterranean floor loses support. We have explained how the coastline of Algeria will lose 12 feet in elevation as a result of the African roll, as the border of the African Plate slices across the coastline there. Where this is the final result for the Algerian coastline and where Morocco can expect significant stretching at its tip as the African Plate drops, the drop is not uniform across the boundary with the Mediterranean Plate.

As has been noted by the tearing Internet cables at Kenya and the Red Sea, the eastern top of Africa is dropping while western top of the African Plate is holding. Africa will tilt toward the east as it drops, as we have explained. What this does for Tunisia is pull some of the land along the border with the Mediterranean Plate down. This is an uneven drop, as the thickness of the plate is not even, so that some parts may lose elevation while others continue to float at their current level.

8000 scientists from 50 countries have attended an annual science summit in Vancouver. What is the real intention of this meeting? Based on this article, it sounds like people have stopped believing scientists or beginning to question such as their scientific explanations for global warming. If the trends continue, the common man would figure out that something is not right and it would eventually lead them to ZetaTalk and hence the approaching Planet X and the pending Pole Shift. Are they desperately trying to warn the scientists to continue with their cover-ups or else there will be consequences? [and from another] A stark theme emerged from an annual scientific get-together in Vancouver: The world must be helped to believe in science again or it could be too late to save our planet. Science is "under siege," top academics and educators were warned repeatedly at the meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as they were urged to better communicate their work to the public. Experts wrangled with thorny issues such as censorship, opposition from religious groups in the United States to teaching evolution and climate change, and generally poor education standards. Skepticism and denial of climate change still run strong in the United States, with polls showing a nation divided on the threat posed by global warming.

This annual meeting is showing the bruises from the failure of the Global Warming theory. Global Warming was put forth to explain many of the Earth changes the establishment anticipated would be caused by Planet X. The establishment was aware that the ground was heating from the bottom up, due to a roiling core. They could certainly anticipate volcanic activity creating a continuous El Nino, with more violent weather. And in step with what NASA planed to emphasize, a terrible solar cycle, they anticipated a highly active Sun caused by the disruptive presence of Planet X nearby.

Thus the establishment set out to dupe the public, asserting Global Warming and blaming the Sun for magnetic problems. As is well known, the Global Warming fraud imploded and this fraud was revealed to the public in November of 2009. This pulled the UN into the fraud, along with Al Gore. Scientists who had been bullied into cooperating vented their anger, and the public certainly did not get the impression that they should "trust science".

Matters have only gotten worse, as official science cannot explain the Earth wobble, the changing ocean tides, the weather extremes, the rising earthquakes and trembling and roaring ground, nor the signs in the skies. NASA is in the pits in this regard, as is the USGS. NASA of course is an absolute pawn of the establishment, and the USGS has long been forced to deny the increase in quakes. Any scientists pointing to evidence of the presence of Planet X finds his funding taken away and his evaluations vicious. Does this build trust in the public? What science needs to do, to rebuild the public's trust, is refuse to be intimidated. En mass! Get a backbone and tell the truth!

Greetings from Russia. I would like to ask Zetas about voting of new president of Russian Federation. Was there falsification? I think that it was. I would like to hear your opinion. [and from another] Russia's opposition has vowed to continue protests alleging widespread irregularities after a tearful Vladimir Putin claimed victory in an election that will see him return for a third term as president. Preliminary results on Monday, with nearly all precincts reporting, gave the former spy who has dominated Russian politics for the past dozen years 63.7 per cent of the vote. That represents a comfortable victory with no need to go into a second round. [and from another] Certainly the last elections in Russia greatly helped us to determine the orientation. I see a great change compared to previous presidential elections. Everywhere is bribery and coercion of voters. In this situation, there are those who decide to make money and those who decide to start a fight. How strong was the effect of these elections. Did they gave a large and massive jump in determining the orientation? What are our achievements as a student?

In Russia, there is always election fraud, but Putin did win the election. There was more fraud for the opposition, frankly. The populace has been disappointed in the current president, and found themselves longing for Putin's strength. Politics is considered very much a game of posturing, presenting strength not only within the country but in negotiations with other countries. Putin presents the right persona in that regard. Putin also has a background in the KGB, and understands how the various tentacles of the Russian government work. The current president was losing control in this regard, the former KGB doing as they wished. .

The Zetas stated that oil companies attempted to get Republican John McCain elected president of the United States by lowering the price of oil/gasoline. The critical 2012 presidential election is eight months away. Are oil companies and/or others trying to lower President Obama's chances for re-election by damaging the U.S. economy via artificially high gas prices? Can the Zetas tell us if something untoward is going on behind the scenes with the price of oil? [and from another] The nationwide average for gasoline prices continued its march toward the $4 mark, hovering at $3.77 a gallon, according to the motorist group AAA. The average price is 34.7 cents, or about 8.4%, lower than the record high of $4.11 on July 17, 2008. But some economists worry that high gas prices could be the tipping point that brings on a new economic downturn. As gas prices soar, Republican presidential candidates have tried to tie President Obama's policies to the increase. Also last week, Obama delivered a speech in New Hampshire that stressed that domestic oil and gas production is at its highest point since 2003. But he also emphasized the need to develop new energy sources, as domestic production alone is not enough to keep up with U.S. demand. [and from another] The fact that oil production has remained relatively flat since 2005 is the primary reason oil prices have continued to rise. The amount of the oil shortfall is huge. It is far more than the amount of oil taken off-line by Libya, and more than Saudi Arabia's supposed spare production capacity. Given the high price of oil, most of the missing oil seems to be oil that we do not have production capacity for. In recent years, emerging markets such as China and India have been increasing their demand for oil. [and from another] Retail gasoline prices rose for the 22nd consecutive day to a national average of $3.73 per gallon. Demand for gasoline over the four weeks ended Feb. 24 was 6.7 percent lower than a year earlier, averaging 8.3 million barrels a day.

Looking at a chart of the oil prices over the years, there can hardly be a doubt that the US presidential elections are a factor. The massive spike peaking in July, 2008 followed by a dramatic drop just prior to the presidential elections was certainly an attempt to influence the outcome. Now the US is experiencing another spike, a steady rise throughout 2011 while the Republicans were searching for an alternative to Obama, and rising sharply into 2012 when it is clear they have no viable candidate. Is this an accident? The government increased the amount of oil in the US and the price at the pump increases. This is the opposite reaction expected. The oil companies are corporations. The Republican's are corporate friendly. That is the explanation for the current rising oil prices in the US.

Just this past week there have been a number of problems with the ZetaTalk mirror sites. First in Kazahkstan was under a DDOS attack and had to limit ftp access. Hosting is still being provided. Then I noticed while testing the links in my latest newsletter that in India was not hosting, though later this link worked so the site was back up. Then I got a Pingdom report on the main site,, that a 23 minute outage had occurred! Where brief outages of a few seconds or minute or two have happened, such a thing as a 23 minute outage had never occurred before. Then proved to be timing out, and was like that for an hour with a default page presenting. Then the static IP address for the website was down, presenting a default website page for a day. In the opinion of experts, this was a DDOS and ZOMBIE attack and not some kind of problem with the Internet in general. That this is so specific to ZetaTalk sites speaks volumes! Someone does not want the public reading the truth!

A DOS attack was initiated and intended to take down all the ZetaTalk mirror sites, this process to be continued until the mirror sites were no longer welcome. It was very professionally designed, not done by amateurs, and not expected to be traced to the source which of course would be US government agencies. We allowed some evidence of this attack to come through to Nancy, who had been alerted and was subconsciously aware of what to expect. She thus could take advantage of the opportunity to let the world know that ZetaTalk was considered to be such a threat that all the mirror sites would be attacked at the same time. A DOS attack against a single site is considered a statement, but against a conglomeration of sites would be taken for what it is, a deliberate takedown.

This had not been considered before because of the ZetaTalk popularity, as it would be too obvious. But now that the public is taking notice of the signs in the skys, and can see the Planet X complex with nothing more than the plastic from a floppy disc, and the Earth wobble has placed the Sun in the wrong place for much of the world, they do not want the public reading the ZetaTalk material. However, in that the public has been encouraged to download a full ZetaTalk website for some months, this would not have succeeded. Alternate ZetaTalk websites would have sprung up! The public is now even more determined to do so since this attack.

A DOS attack or even a ZOMBIE attack is nothing more than electrons on networks, which can be identified as to source and target. They are best stopped at the source, which is what we did. Of course we knew when and what was going to be involved, as we read minds easily. Since this failed, and succeeded only in giving Nancy her PR opportunity, this is unlikely to be tried again. The handwriting on the wall for this crowd is to anticipate a plethora of mirror sites popping up around the world, from the hundreds of individuals who have either web wacked or downloaded ZIP files of the site. It is a hydra, such that cutting off the head will make it worse. Nancy's newsletters are spread like water, in all directions, flowing under and around barriers, likewise.

People often wonder if they are Star Children, as they feel different from others or have other such clues. Is this a special status, and what does it mean, on a day to day basis, to be a Star Child?

The Earth is awash with Star Children, incarnating on Earth or acting as Walk-Ins, their numbers equaling those of terran born reincarnating souls - one billion each. They are in all walks of life, all cultures, and their history is as diverse as their current incarnations. There is an expectation and aura surrounding Star Children, who are expected to be as gentle and wise as Gandi, as profound and courageous as Jesus, and as long suffering and humble as Mother Teresa. Yet they come to Earth with their own sets of frailties and history of failed lessons, and with vastly different approaches on how to handle life's challenges.

In short, in any given arena, a Star Child or a terran sparked human, both having a plethora of Spirit Guides and/or incarnated visitors, may not operate that differently. Here is the challenge, and here is the human reincarnated with a young or old soul, and here is the prevailing lesson for that soul, and the situation thus is similar. The challenge, and the outcome, speaks to the wisdom and strength of the soul based on how that soul handles the challenge, not because of any label assigned. It matters not whether a soul came from another world or is terran born, and to dwell on that detracts from the issues at hand!

Obviously, Spirit Guides are from higher densities than the soul involved and obviously, their advice comes with immense history and thus wisdom. It is also true that Spirit Guides can move where they are most needed, so that where a given incarnated soul has them one day, they may be gone the next. But in life's lessons, this is the one true fact. Both a young soul and an old soul stand naked before the challenge. Both can rise to face the challenge, doing so with caring and wisdom and courage, promoting the better welfare of all, or floundering. Labels mean nothing..

There's been talk of an event happening this month which has been dubbed as a surefire sign - one that will not be misunderstood by many - relating to the Pole Shift. I understand that TPTB are ready to blame the Sun for a lot of things related to Planet X even though at this time the Sun is rather inactive in their respective acquiescence. Does this have something to do with Planet X coming into full view and is this BBC News article simply part of cover up for such a thing? [and from another] Radiation from the flare has already caused blackouts of high-frequency radio frequencies used by aircraft flying over the north and south poles, according to the center. The flare is categorized in the X-5 class, and X is the strongest category on scientists' scales. [and from another] Solar Storm Passes without Incident so Far [Mar 8] A solar storm in the Earth's magnetic field has largely passed, but adverse effects could still occur. [and from another] The most powerful flare ever observed was the first one to be observed, on September 1, 1859. The flare was visible to a naked-eye (in white light), and produced stunning auroras down to tropical latitudes such as Cuba or Hawaii, and set telegraph systems on fire. In modern times, the largest solar flare measured with instruments occurred on November 4, 2003.

It is the Solar Maximum. For those who don't know what this means, the Sun has 11 year cycles, sometimes extended by a couple years, during which it goes through what is called the Solar Minimum where sunspots and solar flares are diminished to the Solar Maximum where the opposite is expected. This past solar cycle has seen little activity, a remarkably low sunspot count, and any solar flares developing now during the maximum desperately anticipated by NASA who planed to blame the Sun for Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X. Compared to the last Solar Maximum in 2000, the 2012 show has been a disappointment.

But wait! An X class solar flare has arrived! Breathless to divert the vague unease of the populace, who have been uneasy about the weather extremes and noticing the Sun and Moon out of place lately, they announced that certain disaster was about to befall mankind. They've been announcing this since early 2009. Please, please if only the Sun would cooperate! Please note that X class flares are normal during a Solar Maximum, and this is thus nothing unexpected.

Panic runs in the halls of the cover-up over Planet X, especially since we stated publicly on March 3, 2012 that the Council of Worlds has announced a war on the cover-up, though this was discussed prior to March 3 among the ning moderators and picked up by the establishment snoops. What the Council of Worlds is planning is not known by mankind, and thus extreme anxiety has gripped those in charge of the cover-up. Thus they initiated a take-down attempt on Nancy's ZetaTalk Mirror Sites and are running like Chicken Little screaming "the Sun is coming, the Sun is coming!"

Do the Zetas care to elaborate on any hidden agenda behind filmmaker James Cameron's plan to solo dive 7 miles deep into the Mariana Trench? Given the recent evidence of collapse along the Mariana Trench, this appears to be more of a thinly-veiled attempt by the Establishment to determine the extent of the collapse, rather than a movie director's ambition to break his own solo deep dive world record which he recently achieved by diving 5 miles deep off the coast of Papua New Guinea - another location of ocean bottom upheaval. [and from another] A calm James Cameron has broken his own record with the world's deepest solo submarine dive, plunging 5.1 miles (8.2 kilometers) in the Pacific Ocean near Papua New Guinea, the filmmaker said. Later this month he says he plans to descend to the deepest place on Earth. Cameron is aiming to plunge to the bottom of Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean, 200 miles southwest of Guam. It's 6.8 miles (11 kilometers) deep. Humans have been there only once before when a two-man U.S. Navy team went for just 20 minutes in 1960. Cameron is using a one-man, 12-ton lime green sub that he helped design called DEEPSEA CHALLENGER. He is partnering with the National Geographic Society, where he is an explorer-in-residence.

On the face of this announcement, this is nothing unexpected from Cameron, who has taken 70+ such deep-sea dives in the past. This is a hobby, a pass time for him, and it might appear nothing more than that, especially since he is moving to New Zealand and the Challenger Deep is nearby off New Guinea. But is there a deeper agenda? There is indeed, in that Cameron is acutely aware of the ZetaTalk predictions, which were his primary motive for moving to New Zealand in the first place.

What will he find there, and what will he announce? He has no intention of running amuck of the cover-up by announcing that the trench is or has collapsed. It would, after all, be his word against others, and the heat he would take would be unwelcome. He has cooperated with the establishment in the past in the type of movies he has produced. But on a personal level, finding evidence that the trench has narrowed, is closing, will be gut wrenching. Personal proof of the accuracy of our words.