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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 10, 2011

There is very little info on ZetaTalk about Israel. We live in a mountain-top small town Safed in the north of Israel, 3,000 feet altitude, 23 miles from the Mediterranean coast. (Israel is one long narrow strip, so we can only get so far inland). I am assuming we are safe from the sloshing of the Mediterranean to the west, but I am very concerned about earthquakes. Israel sits on active seismic zone, and our town in particular is placed just West of the Syrian-African fault line, a major one that just happens to have been relatively dormant in recent times. The last big earthquake to hit Israel was in 1837 had its epicenter not far from Safed, and it devastated our town leaving thousands dead. Our town today is multi-leveled because of tectonic destruction. The most recent earthquake was in January 2011 measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale, so things seem to be waking up in this region. I am wondering if the Zetas could please give us advice on the safest areas in Israel, to ride out the poleshift and also Aftertime. We want to buy a piece of land and start up a small farm, but we are not sure where. Just outside of our town, to maintain altitude and distance from the Mediterranean? Or are there better locations that do not have such a high earthquake risk, like maybe the hills south of Jerusalem? Our other alternative is to relocate to New Zealand, but my husband would prefer to stay here.
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The eastern border of Israel, which lies directly on the Arabian Plate border, will be ripped open when the Arabian Plate rolls its top to the east, as we have predicted will occur at some point. The geography of the region shows that this trauma has occurred in the past, regularly, with the land on the plate border sunken and flooded into a series of lakes. At this time, Israel will be pulled to the southeast. Sinking and flooding can be expected, as well as earthquakes that will seem almost continuous as the pole shift approaches. When the 7 of 10 drops the African Plate, this area will likewise experience stretch zone trauma, pulled toward the southwest. Thus jerked about in first one direction and then another, Israel should expect to feel quite rattled. Fortunately Israel has high land, which will survive the pole shift sloshing, though it must contend with volcanic dust in the Aftertime.

Could the Zetas share their knowledge of the government and elite plans in Mexico. Does the Mexican government know and what direction do they lean (STS or STO)? Are there any areas to avoid because of elite bunker type situations? It is common knowledge that this country has its share hardened and practiced criminals - and the police, all the way down to the municipal police, carry automatic weapons.

Areas of the world where armed conflict is almost a way of life will have a sorting out period after the pole shift, during which the gangs with weapons primarily will kill each other off. This will be true in Somalia, for instance, or war-torn countries like Afghanistan or Iraq, and certainly those regions of Mexico where drug lords are defending their territories. Drug gangs operate with the techniques characteristic of the Service-to-Self - the pecking order is established and then maintained with brutality. Control is paramount, the need for control a characteristic of the Service-to-Self, so this is the first issue to be settled when the Earth changes create a shake-up.

If the police are distracted because earthquakes or sudden crevasses have created havoc, then the drug gangs will try to take advantage of the situation. Any move by a gang normally brings counter moves by a competing gang, so this is followed by gang warfare. Meanwhile, the citizens cower. Eventually, as we have so often described, these gangs run out of ammo and cannot get re-supplied. They also kill each other off, and are so busy fighting among themselves that they fail to attend to basic survival needs such as food and water. They do not tend to their sick or injured. The local citizens also take their opportunities to rid their locale of these troublemakers, who are likely taking what little food or water the local citizens have. Such a cleanup may take longer in conflict regions, but the outcome is inevitable.

About March 11 EQ M9.1 in Japan, why did the land move by about 24 m to the east-southeast, opposite direction?
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The 7 of 10 scenarios will result in plate movements, as we have described. Plate borders that are folding under and over each other will cause their lands to reposition themselves, vs a vs the compass or the GPS system or latitude and longitude lines. The Pacific is compressing, which means that many countries will find their position has changed. As the Indo-Australian Plate plunges under the Himalayas, India will lose more than elevation, it may find itself skewing slightly to the northeast. Eastern Australia and New Zealand may find themselves with more than an increase in elevation, they may find themselves likewise skewed at an angle, shifting to the southwest.

As the Philippine and Mariana plates fold, any islands carried on the top edges of these plates will find themselves carried to the west. Certainly as the S America roll progresses the countries at the top of S America will find themselves not only out of synch with the GPS system due to the shift west, but likewise with a skew where they have dropped to the southwest slightly. Africa will certainly find itself dropped at an angle toward the southeast. And after the New Madrid adjustment, Mexico and the American southwest will find they are askew too.

And for the northern Pacific, which is likewise compressing, land on all sides of the Ring of Fire will be affected. Particularly for Japan, which is riding over the Pacific Plate at an angle, such that as the Pacific Plate pushes under Japan toward the northwest, the land will move to the southeast. The Eurasian Plate is ripping open, stretching, as we have described, and as the Kiev Trumpets clearly show. Thus the land, stretched in many areas across the Eurasian Plate, has moved to slide over the Pacific Plate, thus putting a portion of Japan's North Island measurably to the southeast.

A few hours ago a massive power outage struck the San Diego area, stretching into Mexico and Arizona, and affecting over 2 million people - as reported on this ning as well as mainstream news sources. This reminds many of us of what happened in the northeast US back in 2003; was this event triggered or assisted by benign aliens, and if so, what's behind it? Or, like the outages of 2003, was it due to the charged tail of PX now wafting close enough to us to cause outages on what will be a regular basis, as was predicted back then? [and from another] It could be as widespread from Mexico to Phoenix. The outage was triggered after a 500-kilovolt (kV) high-voltage line from Arizona to California tripped out of service. At the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, two units went off line around 3:38 pm. The shutdown was part of standard procedure during a power outage. San Diego Gas & Electric advised its customers via Twitter at 5:37 pm: "If you have a personal family emergency plan, please activate it now." [and from another] A power outage triggered by human error has left at least two million people without electricity in the US states of California and Arizona, as well as in Mexico's northwestern state of Baja California. An ill-fated procedure by an Arizona power utility employee in a small town unleashed a chain of events which brought down power across a large swath of southwestern states. A high-power line supplying electricity to Southern California failed first. Minutes later, that led to a blockage at California's San Onofre nuclear energy plant, a second major source of power to the north of San Diego, which shut down. The US-Mexico border was cloaked in darkness and police on both sides sent reinforcements into border cities.
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Rolling blackouts are a well understood phenomena, where a single problem on the grid can cause overloads everywhere, with cautionary shutdowns. The interdependency of electric grids is also not new, nor limited to the San Diego area. In an effort to service the needs of the public, especially during times when heavy use of air conditioning might be required, utilities have formed virtual spiderwebs of connections to allow for alternative sources. However, this structure also allows for the entire spiderweb to go down, simultaneously, where a problem develops anywhere on the web, what is known as a rolling blackout to protect equipment from excessive demand, i.e. from a brownout. What is notable here is not that there was an outage, at a time when the Summer heat was not exceptional, as equipment failure or human error is always present as a possibility. What is notable here is the warning issued by the establishment in San Diego - "If you have a personal family emergency plan, please activate it now."

Since blackouts will increasingly be a problem as the tail of Planet X will on occasion whip the Earth during the magnetic contortions in their magnetic dance, what will this mean to those regions that have become accustomed to the electric grid or a stable electric flow? Equipment failure at the least, rolling blackouts primarily, and when grids are peppered with failures caused by electro-magnetic surges caused by the charged tail of Planet X, a permanent loss of the grid. Now what. This is what city managers across the US and increasingly around the globe have been warned to anticipate, though the reason for the warning has been postured as a terrorism threat or a massive solar flare. They have been told to prepare for a long-term, essentially a permanent loss of the grid.

At first this is treated like a picnic, school is out, workers taking leave from their jobs, and supper by candle-light. But blackouts that linger will lead to looting and hospitals and clinics struggling to meet medical emergencies. Was San Diego suggesting that their public prepare to leave the city? Family Emergency Plans are primarily a way of making sure family members find each other, at designated spots, and have on hand a limited supply of medicines any family member may need. Short-term food and water supplies are usually also included. San Diego was, at a minimum, suggesting that its public prepare for hours of an outage, but in that the Sun was up for hours after the grid failure, such a warning seems extreme.

What the San Diego emergency did was give a glimpse into what cities are prepared to do, should the tail of Planet X create long-term emergencies in cities. They are not planning on housing and feeding their citizens. They are planning on putting the responsibility of survival on each citizen, on each family, and then they are on their own. Do you not have a Family Emergency Plan? Tisk. We told you to have one! This will be the attitude of the establishment when such emergencies do arrive. We have advised that families plan to leave the cities, and have a place to go when the time arrives, a rural area, where they have established contacts at a minimum. You will be on your own when the time comes, and it may come sooner than you think. Are you ready?