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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 20, 2012

Hopefully, this question will be answered in the form of an announcement today, but if not, do the Zetas still predict a 93% chance of a formal announcement happening?  Or has it adjusted one way or another as more people are involved and made aware.

During the week going into the second weekend in October, the Obama campaign could not contain their anxiety about what the announcement might do to Obama’s chances. There seemed not enough time to counter any trend or backlash. It would clearly be seen as an October surprise, even if backed up by NASA facts. There would be that lingering suspicion that it was all made up, to trip the election in Obama’s favor. Romney’s  bounce after the first debate lasted for at least a week, just now turning around to favor Obama again. Would they achieve the announcement but lose the election? How would that benefit the world? These were the arguments in heated debates within the administration.

It was decided to hold focus groups, who were given a “theoretical” situation, posed as fiction, of what an October surprise that looked suspect might do to their voting preferences. First the focus group was polled as to their preferences. Then they were presented with an actor posing as Obama, relaying the actual words Obama planned to use in his Oval Office Address. Then the focus group received a brief lecture, a film from a NASA spokesperson. At no time were they told this was the truth. Then they were polled again as to voting preferences and a significant number suspected it was all a hoax. It seemed so unbelievable! If this were the truth, why is this the first they heard about it?

This puts the announcement on hold until after the election. Just what the Council of Worlds decides to do, in the meantime, is unknown at this time. They have declared war on the cover-up, but cannot fault Obama for trying. He struggled for a month during sabotage by professional cover-up artists. Disasters within the US, which Obama addresses well and with compassion, would not hurt Obama’s chances, and in fact would likely enhance them. Thus the S American roll with some sinking of Caribbean islands, extreme N American bow tension and early New Madrid quakes might occur, as all of this is well behind schedule. Signs in the skies are beginning to be seen without filters, worldwide, and this trend is likely to increase so the Earth changes are connected to this presence.

Over a million people watched Felix Baumgartner free fall from the stratosphere and break the sound barrier to test future air suits, break extreme sports and scientific records on October 14th.  As I watched, I wondered if he saw Nibiru and what role he may have in the breaking of the cover-up since he may have had a more humbling glimpse than we know. I honestly am unsure of the visibility he would have had from the air above New Mexico today, but with test jumps and research by a massive crew, I wonder who all is "in the know" and to what end. I hope it's not an idle curiosity question, but rather welcome the Zetas commentary on the continuing space race and more and more arising opportunities leading to the seeming destined breakdown of the cover-up.

Felix was far too focused on controlling his fall to Earth at supersonic speeds to be gazing about at the Sun and what light orbs might be around the Sun. This was without a doubt a life or death moment for him, and as such inattention was not the mode. What can be seen of brief glances of the Sun included in video shots shows that the glare from the Sun is not even, as it should be. Light sources show a balanced, geometric arrangement of spikes, either an even glow or a four cornered cross or a hexagon of spikes. Without going into the physics of such displays, what is known to the common man is that these geometric arrangements are even. What is seen during Felix’s fall is irregularities.

New Crop Circle, Windmill Hill, England. Reported 14th October. It reminds me "A Twirling Wobble" but with some additions. (The Earth will adjust, especially because Planet X will be between the Earth and the Sun, and all of a sudden the N Pole of Earth will swing in many different directions as it adjusts itself to this sudden change. We mentioned, in the Whiplash ZetaTalk, that ricochet effects and twirling are possible. Twirling? It will be useful to hear any comments from Zetas about this formation. The change in a character of the Earth wobble or what else?

The serpentine dance between Planet X and the Earth, caused by the clash of their magnetic fields and direction of rotation and orbit, has tightened. Planet X has a retrograde orbit and rotation, while the Earth has the opposite. Their magnetic fields clash. The Earth attempts to accommodate this magnetic clash with her daily Figure 8 wobble, but as Planet X comes closer, is losing the battle. Earth wants to align with the Sun, the dominant magnetic influence in the solar system, but is virtually assaulted by Planet X. Eventually, Planet X supplants the Sun’s influence and it is then that the Pole Shift occurs.

Are these deaths of UFO experts related to the coming oval-office speech of Obama? [and from another] In the past few decades, many U.S. and British national UFO experts, as well as space weapons experts are unaccountably mysterious death.  These UFO experts and space weapons experts might know too many things, so special intelligence department of the government of the United States and Britain 'murdered '. 1959 4 January, Jessop suddenly committed suicide, his body was found in a car, investigators found the car doors and windows locked, the engine has been open, and a hose to the car exhaust pipe exhaust to car within, causing the car full of toxic exhaust. 1971 June, McDonald in Tucson, Arizona, near a small and shot himself. The police concluded that he is 'committed suicide'. In the 1950s, the U.S. Air Force secret launched 'Project Blue Book' collection of UFO and alien sightings, U.S. Air Force officer Rupert the person in charge.  37-year-old Rupert sudden death, the U.S. military claimed that he died of a heart attack. In 2001, the famous Arizona UFO expert William Cooper home shot and killed by the U.S. police. Cooper alive has accused the U.S. government deliberately concealed from the public the truth about UFO and alien. In October 1986, computer experts and space weapons expert Sali Fu in a strange way, committed suicide.  Drove to a local park, the rope to a tree in the park, the rope to the other end of the lines on the head, and then re-got into the car, and depresses the accelerator to drive the car. This led to his decapitated! In a short period of time, the 25 scientists working for the British space electronic weapons program have died due to various reasons.

The public may be aware of some high profile cases where scientists aware of the inbound Planet X or the alien presence have been killed, they are unaware of the numbers. Thousands have been killed because they seemed inclined to leak the information to the public. In most cases the deaths have been arranged to appear by natural causes – heart attack being the most prevalent. The drugs used to cause this quickly disappear from the system or degrade so they cannot be recognized. Being beaten to death and then arranged in a car accident setting is another technique. Suicide is another excuse of choice, as it tends to allow the police to close the case quickly.

In some cases, the deaths of high profile individuals have been allowed to be suspect enough so they make the news. This is to frighten others who might be inclined to leak information will change their minds. Robert Harrington’s agonizing death after his clear intention to inform the public about the approach of Planet X is an example. JFK is another example, killed by the CIA due to his intention to tell the public the truth about the alien presence. And Bill Cooper was frankly murdered by local police at the hand of those who were tired of his exposes.