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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 21, 2015

This is kind of strange.  Any sulphur in the atmosphere? Related to the tail perhaps? Or just local contamination? Why a sweet taste in the mouth, even at a distance? And a sore throat? And orange snow in other places.  [and from another]   If you breath in strong petrochemicals (like gas or other things made from oil) it can cause sore throat symptoms from irritation of the throat lining. It will only get worse and more widespread as the tail of Nibiru/Planet X gets closer. [and from another]  February 13, 2015. Residents of Chelyabinsk – the Russian Urals city hit by a meteorite explosion back in 2013 – have sounded alarm over a strange bluish snow that covered the city streets. The strange snow smelt somewhat like iron. Could feel a sweet taste in the mouth. People have been complaining of a sore throat after passing near the contaminated area. It turned out to be that a local factory making dye for Easter eggs had a minor spill. [and from another]  Some locals complained of having sore throats after coming into contact with the snow in an industrial area on the outskirts of the town. [and from another]  The bag with food coloring wasn’t leakproof. While the package was being opened, it spilled and got into the ventilation system. [and from another]  February 2, 2015. Residents of the city of Saratov, some 858 km from the Russian capital, have been shocked as they looked out of the windows and saw their neighborhoods covered with orange snow. The residents shared the news in social networks as the colorful snow appeared to be seen in almost all parts of the city. Its color varied from light yellow to intensive orange. The orange snow was caused by a cyclone from the Western Sahara which brought some sand from the African desert to Russia.

Is there a relationship between the orange and blue snow appearing in close proximity and time in Siberia? No. The blue snow, as suspected and reported, is merely a blue dye that got blown into and through a ventilation system and thus into the air near the factory. Orange snow has appeared in Siberia before, in 2007,  and was then as now claimed to be dust from the Sahara. Why would dust loft only over to Siberia, and not fall on all areas in between? Tests were run in 2007 that showed the orange snow had heavy iron content and was oily. No such tests have been done on the orange snow in 2015 but the results would be the same.

The same tail wafting that brought the meteor to Chelyabinsk in 2013 and orange snow to Siberia in 2007 is once again responsible for orange snow in 2015. Why is Siberia particularly prone to this bombardment? The Earth wobble is such that the globe gets a push away when the Sun and Planet X are over the Pacific, when the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes up over the horizon. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is currently centered over northern Siberia, thus the atmosphere is roiled.  The tail is charged, and is attracted to this spot in Siberia. Thus the combination of a roiled atmosphere and a heavy concentration of tail elements makes Siberia vulnerable to tail wafting phenomena.

May I ask if this object is Planet X or a moon swirl? I am aware sightings will increase, but what caught my attention, was that this seems to have come from a news source. This has even been labelled a UFO, could this be a steady roll to the announcement? [and from another]  It is round and looked to have lights on it. Every time she zoomed in, the strange bright spots appeared in the image. Davenport said she consulted someone who might have the answer: a family member who works for NASA.

What stands behind tree limbs but in front of or amongst the clouds? A weather balloon, floating at low altitudes. Thought at a distance this balloon might be mistaken for a Monster Persona of a Moon Swirl, a Moon Swirl would have been consistently behind the clouds. Nor would it have had what appeared to be bright lights, which are merely a reflection from the attachments. The response this photographer got from her family member who “works for NASA” shows how dismissive they are toward the public. Else they are ducking when asked a question about an orb seen near the Sun at sundown.