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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 23, 2013

On November 15, 2013 the Scotia Sea had a Mag 4.4 quake followed by a Mag 6.8 on November 16, 2013. Then in short order 10 quakes in the Mag 4-5 range occurred, followed by a Mag 7.8 on November 17, 2013.
17-NOV-2013 09:04:55 Mag 7.8
16-NOV-2013 03:34:31 Mag 6.8
What is most peculiar is the shutdown of the NOAA buoy system right after the Mag 7.8 quake. First the Atlantic buoys went out, though the Pacific was still working. Then the site went down for more than a day. It this related?

We predicted from the start of the ZetaTalk saga that new land would emerge between the tip of S America and S Africa during the Pole Shift. We stated that the Antarctic Plate would shift and tip, reacting to pressure from the compressing Pacific and taking advantage of an opening during the spreading of the Atlantic. This drama starts early, like all the Scripted Dramas of the plate movements. The Antarctic Plate has begun to turn, pushing the tip of S America to the East, pushing under the rising eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate. Thus where Antarctica is positioned today is not its final destination. The Scotia platelet is in the heavy traffic lane.

Why would the NOAA buoys all wink out when these Scotia quakes occurred? The establishment is very nervous about tsunami panic during plate movements, and wants to be sure that tsunami is indeed a threat before sounding the alarm. The quakes were on the underwater Scotia platelet, at the frozen tip of S America, and until a threat to populated coastlines was confirmed undue panic was to be suppressed. The buoy site was deliberately taken down after the large magnitude 7.8 quake on November 17 as indeed the buoys up and down the Atlantic were signaling activity. First the Atlantic buoys were taken offline, and then the entire NOAA site taken down as questions were being raised.

What caused the Atlantic buoys to register water depth changes, if not a tsunami? A tsunami wave is a large amount of displaced water on the move, as a plate has dropped or risen permanently so the water must move to equalize. But after a large quake, a significant plate movement, there is a type of bobbling in the plates affected, which does not indicate a permanent change in water depth but only a temporary bobbling reaction to being bumped. The S American and African plates are now a tad further apart, the Atlantic Rift wider, the Scotia platelet broken free from its attachment to the Antarctic Plate, and the Antarctic Plate now increasingly free to continue its roll and eventual tilt.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the massive NATO war games planned for 2015? I understand the drills for the anticipated civil disorder, but 40,000 troops is a very large exercise.  Migration control seems to be a bigger concern that some realize, are these games related to that? Others are stating these games are being held as a form of intimidation to NATO un-friendly countries. There's too many options, and too many "theorists". Only ZetaTalk gives us pure answers with no filler.  [and from another]  After the 2014 pullout from Afghanistan, NATO is set to stage huge European war games involving 40,000 troops, about seven times the size of the recent drills in the Baltic, with critics in the crisis-hit EU calling it a waste of money. The exercises, set to start in 2015, will involve 40,000 troops deployed in Spain and Portugal. The major reason given by NATO is that troops need to stay sharp and practice their interoperability, especially after Afghanistan, in times of military inactivity.

On its face, this decision by NATO to do full-scale exercises in 2015 is focusing on the future, into 2015. But in reality NATO is telling its member states not to relax. NATO is going to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, just in time for potentially serious immigration problems in the European community. The announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, will at first result in a shocking paralysis among the populace, but then the maneuvering will begin. Spain and Portugal are key states in the migration push, with many wanting to position for a jump to Africa. NATO will be busy, during those times, and their commanders want the staff ready. 

I suspect you may have seen this already, but I am forwarding this to see what the Zeta's say about it. I guess, it is time to cash out and buy up everything else we need. Looks like count down is sooner then I think.  [and from another]  Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other. A submarine eruption just off Nishino-Shima Island Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. Almost 7,000 miles away in Mexico, the Colima volcano blew its top after a period of relative calm. In Guatemala the ‘Fire Mountain’ belched out lava and sent up a moderate ash cloud causing an ash fall over nearby towns. In Vanuatu the Yasur volcano is giving some cause for concern. Although the explosions are quite weak the continuous ash that is coming from the mountain is starting to build up on farming land. Over to Italy, Mount Etna is putting on quite a display. The current eruption started a few days ago and has been getting stronger as time moves on. In Indonesia a four mile high ash cloud is making life hard for residents. Mount Sinabung came back to life in 2010 after dormancy of hundreds of years. Still in Indonesia but on the island of Java this time, Mount Merapi exploded yesterday. The spasms of the earth come without warning, but at the same time those spasms should be a wake up call to all of us that change can happen in the blink of an eye.

Early in the ZetaTalk saga Nancy noted that earthquake often proceeded around the world in a domino fashion, the plate affected pushing into a nearby plate. She tracked quakes for a week in 1999, showing that they proceded West to East, always with some bordering plate affected. This occurred for a series of 25 quakes that week, all according to this documentable ricochet or domino pattern. The time span has picked up, and will pick up, so that eventually during the 8 of 10 phase quakes will ricochet around the world within hours or minutes, and why would it not? The plate borders have become greased, freed of the rock fingers that braked plate movement.

Volcanoes are but one piece of evidence that plate movement is occurring. Magma is under pressure in compression zones, and opened to the surface in stretch zones. Japan is being forcefully compressed as the Pacific Plate pushes against it. Mexico is fracturing from the bowing of the N American Plate. Guatemala is being torn apart as the Caribbean Plate moves. Vanuatu likewise as the Indo-Australian Plate rises. Italy is fractured by fault zones which react as the Africa Roll proceeds. And Indonesia and Java are on the hapless Sunda Plate, which is being shoved down to accommodate the pressure from the compressing Pacific. This has all just started. Soon such eruptions will be continuous. 

Obama approval rating sinks to new low. It seems to me that a lot of the problems that Obama has, has to do more with the extreme and obvious effort that the Republican aggressively put forward in undermining him, and spinning things. Most people make up their strong opinions on bits and pieces and then that gets distorted by what they want to be true. But my question is, how is Obama doing in the subconscious mind and the soul of the public? And will the soul and the subconscious have a stronger effect on people when things get beyond bad and desperate? [and from another]  [and from another]  The filibuster's greatest victory had been stalling an anti-lynching law for several decades.

The Republican Party, primarily key Republicans in the House and Senate and the Tea Party, have made it a point for several years to try to prevent Obama from having any success in any arena. McConnell, the Senate majority leader, made a public statement at the start of Obama’s first term that this was viewed as his primary mission, to obstruct Obama in every way possible. A dying party, accused of being a party of “old white men” who used to be in power in a nation where white men had the advantage over races of color, and where men had the advantage over the women in the workplace, they rage behind closed doors and plot how obstructionism can win the day.

The government shutdown in September was caused by the Tea Party’s attempt to hold the government hostage in order to obstruct Obamacare.  This failed, and another weapon in the Republican arsenal, the Senate filibuster, has likewise just been eliminated. Used in the past to delay anti-lynching laws for decades, it had been used to hobble the Obama administration’s ability to appoint judges or executive staff in order to proceed with the workload at hand. For those with a simplistic view of just how much power Obama has, expecting him to paternalistically fix all problems with a top down decree like a benevolent father, Obama’s recent accomplishments look slim.

The US public gives Obama credit for ending the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and keeping the US out of another war with Iran. The DOW is now higher than it was before the Bush Wall Street crash in 2008, thus more than a recovery, and the real estate market has now come up for air. But unemployment is still a concern, and those in a leadership position are traditionally blamed. Add to this the silent war that Obama has been fighting, to inform the peoples of the world that Nibiru is present, causing earthquakes and an Earth wobble, and in the future, a terrifying passage.  The “old, white men” wanting the cover-up to continue have been more of a nightmare for Obama than the public battles he has endured.

The announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, is not a popularity contest nor will the many necessary steps Obama and other leaders around the world will be taking be considered in that light. Migration and rioting issues will need to be addressed, and the necessity of moving any of the populace willing to relocate to safer ground will need to be expedited. This will involve legislative changes, close teamwork with regional governments, as well as international cooperation. Something as shallow as a current popularity poll, at the end of the first year in a four year term, is hardly a concern. In a past life, Obama was Lincoln and ensured that the 13th Amendment freeing the slaves was accomplished. This mission in this lifetime is no less momentous.