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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 25, 2014

Would the Zeta's be able to comment on the recent events in Ottawa at the Parliament Building? ISIS recently made threats that they would begin attacking the West on their own soil (no where would be safe). And between the case in Quebec with a known radical, and now this. While this situation is ongoing (there are reports of multiple shooters), its interesting to note that the people described as being involved are white (not middle eastern) and most likely feel disenfranchised by the government. Based on PM Harpers orientation and policies (right wing STS), is this a case of a false flag in order to gain more popularity with the Canadian people in order to increase the presence of military involvement? Or is this simply a case of the new norm heading deeper into the Sociological Changes? [and from another]  The RCMP say they arrested Martin Couture-Rouleau, the driver in the fatal hit-and-run attack in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, as he was about to leave the country last summer, but didn't have evidence to charge him with any crime.? Federal investigators had become concerned in June about the radicalization of Couture-Rouleau.  Couture-Rouleau was shot and killed by police following a high-speed chase as he fled the scene. According to Quebec provincial police, Couture-Rouleau waited in the parking lot for at least two hours before he drove his car into the soldiers — one of whom was in uniform. [and from another]  There was a spike in Islamic State-related online chatter focusing on Canada in the days leading up to the shooting Wednesday [Oct 22] in the capital of Ottawa. The “chatter” is said to have started five days ago. The source said it was centered around Canada’s decision to join in the coalition conducting air strikes against ISIS in Syria. [and from another]  Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Muslim convert, was a man with numerous run-ins with the law over the past decade - for everything from drug possession and robbery to weapons charges - who has been called 'mentally ill' by those who knew him. One friend says the young man once told him he had the 'devil inside him' and reveals Zehaf-Bibeau had ties to a Syrian terrorist. This despite the fact that he grew up in a wealthy suburb and was the privately-educated son of a high ranking federal employee.

ISIS is operating like a cult leader, attracting those adrift in human society. The weak, the insecure, the deflated and those without a certain direction in their life are attracted to the forceful and confident pronouncements issued by ISIS leadership. Latent anger against any factors in the weak person’s life are focused like a laser when stories and videos of beheadings appear in the media. The scapegoat phenomena allows the weak person to channel their anger, thus, and identify with the strong and forceful leader. This phenomena is not new, was used for instance in Hitler’s Germany, and will prevail for ISIS as long as they are seen to be winning in the Middle East.

While scrolling through the various news articles available on Yahoo news today (22 Oct 2014), I found an article about two cigar shaped UFOs that were seen on the International Space Station Live Stream.  According to the article "The UFOs briefly appear in the video stream before there is a signal interruption.  When the live stream resumes the UFOs are gone."  According to this article someone uploaded the event on Youtube, where there has been "much discussion."  Would the Zetas care to discuss this latest sighting? [and from another]  On October 7, the live camera feed from the International Space Station (ISS) captured video of a UFO near by astronauts during a spacewalk. In a Youtube video uploaded today by NASA of the spacewalk, an unknown craft is clearly visible as one of the spacewalking astronauts performs his mission. The UFO appears for 12 seconds beginning at the 1:40 minute mark. It has an elliptical metallic shape and is of unknown size. It appears to be close by and monitoring the astronauts. [and from another]  According to the Examiner one possible explanation for the UFO is that it could be one of two resupply craft that visited the ISS. The Space X Dragon ship arrived at the ISS on September 23 and that space ship was followed up two days later by a Soyuz TMA 14M craft that brought three new crew members. However, both the craft are currently docked with the ISS and the UFO in the video appears not to be attached to the ISS. A more likely explanation than a craft piloted by beings from another planet observing human astronauts is lens flare. Light could easily have bounced off the ISS and refracted onto the camera. But, observers have pointed out that there doesn't seem to be a strong source of light near to the astronauts when the UFO is seen. This may rule out lens flare and keeps the object confirmed as a genuine UFO.

This is neither a lens flare nor a docking supply ship. The mystery is less what it IS than why NASA would allow the video to be released to the public. We have stated that disclosure would not be forthcoming from the US government, but the cover-up over the alien presence will be gradually dropped. They plan to have Nancy explain how aliens interact with the contactees, and how they interacted with MJ12 in the past. The announcement admitting Nibiru nearby will put Nancy in the spotlight, to explain how she knew so exactingly where and when Nibiru would arrive in 2003. In preparation for this time, NASA has been allowing proof of alien life via their Mars rover, and lately, proof from ISS images.