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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 29, 2017

Clearly, the blackouts affecting the USA on April 21 were caused by EMP. They struck coastline cities, where there is lots of water and occurred as Nibiru and the Sun were coming up over head in the morning.  There have been other suspicious electrical failures too, around the globe, for instance in the Canary Islands on April 22. Ridiculous excuses have been thrown up, attempting to blame the Sun but the supposed solar activity was only reported AFTER the big EMP in USA. Also, another excuse, hacking or some secret government weapons using EMP is speculated. Will this push the admission about Nibiru, or create more cover-up? [and from another] The first outage occurred at around 7:20am in New York. Later in the morning, power outages were reported in Los Angeles International Airport, as well as in several other areas around the city. [and from another] The power failure struck just after 9 am and extended through the Tenderloin and Chinatown, up Nob Hill, and into the Marina and the Presidio. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. traced the problem to the failure of a circuit breaker that ignited insulation and started a fire at a substation. [and from another] City officials also say they will have traffic control officers at the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge so the evening commute doesn’t turn into gridlock. [and from another] Con Edison and transit crews are working to determine what triggered the hours-long outage that affected the signals, which began around 7:30 am. [and from another] It's not quite the weekend yet, and the MTA is making sure you know it: a midtown power outage has caused rippling delays along the B, D, F, M, A, C, E, F, J, Q and R lines. Thank you for your undying patience. [and from another]

As has been noted by those afflicted by EMP, time of day matters. It does not occur at night, but when Nibiru and the Sun rise overhead. There is also a strong association with water, so that cities on the coast are attracting EMP for two reasons – the heavy use of electricity and the nearby and often incursive presence of water. Manhattan is an island, and San Francisco is surrounded by water on three sides. As usual, NOAA predicted solar activity only after EMP struck coast-to-coast in the US.

The desperate move to imply that hacking or a secret EMP weapon was responsible will not stick. In fact, it would only draw attention to the plethora of EMP information on the ZetaTalk website, so easily found via search engines. The fact that several cities were struck, within hours and on the same day, is problematic for the cover-up, which usually likes to keep any incident local so the big picture cannot be sensed. EMP is only one weapon in the Council of World’s arsenal, and the cracks in the cover-up are widening. The debate on how to break the news about Nibiru intensifying, as it is clear denial cannot be maintained much longer. Who, what, how, and when has not been determined as yet.

Maybe it mass Exodus will be interesting for Zetatalk chat? [and from another] Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, who holds the world record for cumulative days in space, has announced his voluntary resignation from the Russian cosmonaut corps. Padalka himself explained his decision by the fact that he has only small chances to join any space mission in the near future. [and from another]  Russian space unhealthy. Over the past year or two, broke up with him about five astronauts and about the same going to do it in the near future. Already lost the backbone of the squad: Maxim Suraev, Roman Romanenko, Oleg Kotov, Sergei Revin, Alexander Samokutyaev… just a month ago, the squad was left without a first-class professional, hereditary, and Romanenko, cosmonaut Sergei Volkov. And here is another shock — last Friday, on his retirement from the squad cosmonaut training center. Gagarin announced one of the most famous astronauts of Roscosmos, the world record holder for the total stay in orbit, Gennady Padalka.

Why are cosmonauts leaving this elite squad in droves? This is a recent trend, several in the past two years and as many planning an early retirement in the near future. Of course space is becoming increasingly dangerous, with the debris in the tail of Nibiru peppering the Earth and all of man’s space transports or satellites. We have described the ISS as a suicide mission, thus. But Padalka describes his primary reason being that he would not be assigned to such a mission in the future, due to his age.

It is well known that hundreds of astronomers who tried to tell the truth about Nibiru were assassinated, via supposed health problems, via supposed suicide, or via accidents while driving home late at night. Astronauts are privy to the same pressures, as they have a perfect view from a cloud free environment in space. It is not the threat of assassination from an inadvertent leak that is troubling Padalka and his brothers, it is the possibility that he may be asked to be the leak, to announce Nibiru. In his mind, this is an assignment more dangerous than space!

Is this part of the cleanup of the planet, planned for the Aftertime? [and from another] Nature throws Humanity a Softball, provides Bugs that Digest Plastic. April 21, 2017  Plastic is everywhere, and as far as the Earth is concerned it absolutely sucks. Scientists believe it can take anywhere from 400 to 1,000 years for common disposable plastic products like bags, bottles, and containers to break down after being thrown into a landfill — or flying out of your car window and into a ditch. That’s a long, long time, and it makes plastic a particularly bad pollutant. Now, researchers believe they’ve stumbled upon a natural plastic decomposition tool that has been crawling around right under our feet, in the form of Galleria mellonella, the greater wax moth. Scientists from Cambridge University just discovered that the moth’s larva can actually eat and break down plastic in a similar way to beeswax, which the moth regularly consumes. Once researchers know exactly how the moth is performing its trick they could apply that knowledge to large-scale efforts to biodegrade junk plastic in places where it causes the most problems, such as the ocean and other pollution hot spots. [and from another] Galleria mellonella, the greater wax moth or honeycomb moth, is a moth of the family Pyralidae. It is the only member of the genus Galleria. It is found in most of the world, including Europe and adjacent Eurasia, its presumed native range, and as an introduced species on other continents, including North America and Australia. The caterpillar larvae, or waxworms, feed on the honeycomb inside bee nests and may become pests of apiculture. Less often, they are found in bumblebee and wasp nests, or feeding on dried figs. The larvae are commercially available.

How does it happen that a moth is the only member of a genus, the genus Galleria, yet is found throughout the world. This is not an accident, and this shy moth has not evolved on Earth. It is genetically engineered to be able to exist and flourish on Earth, though evolved on other worlds. Like many of the plants such as Cannabis, which is beneficial to countless diseases that afflict mankind, this moth is a transplant. It was foreseen that products made from the oil deposited on the hapless Earth by the many passages of Nibiru would evolve into trash that was resistant to decay. Thus, the engineers slipped in a solution, in the form of a lowly moth!

President Trump has revoked President Obama's Executive Order 13575 which the Zetas spoke at length about in their July 31, 2011 newsletter ( I do not see the heavy hand of the Department of Homeland Security listed in the new EO. Because the Zetas saw EO 13575 as significant, can they comment on this revised Executive Order? [and from another] Administration of Barack Obama, 2011. Sec. 3.Membership. (a) The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as the Chair of the Council, which shall also include the heads of the following executive branch departments, agencies, and offices: (8) the Department of Housing and Urban Development; (12) the Department of Veterans Affairs; (13) the Department of Homeland Security; (23) the Council on Environmental Quality; (24) the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs; [and from another] For Immediate Release April 25, 2017. Sec. 3.  Membership.  (a)  The Secretary of Agriculture shall serve as Chair of the Task Force, which shall also include: (xx)  the United States Trade Representative; (xxi) the Director of the National Science Foundation;

What is the significance of Trump’s changes to Obama’s 2011 EO 13575? Notably missing from Trump’s list are Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, HUD and the EPA. This implies that the Trump administration wants the focus on the anticipated millions of new disaster victims to be other than existing dependents already cared for by Veterans Affairs and HUD. He does not want the busy task force to even hear from the EPA, as pollution laws would be the least of their concerns.

Under Trump’s plan, the US Military, some form of Martial Law, would be involved in keeping the peace, along with local police departments. What role does FEMA have in this? Notably missing from Trump’s revised EO, FEMA is under Homeland Security, which itself is not listed. This EO should be considered focusing on the target location for disaster victims, not the epicenter of the disaster, thus. The epicenter of the disaster, such as New Madrid ravaged cities, would be the focus for Homeland Security and FEMA efforts.

The target locations are covered by Trump’s revised EO 13575. This division is to give focus to each agency involved, so they don’t stumble over each other or dilute their efforts. That this EO is being updated, at this time, speaks volumes. With all that is on Trump’s plate, during his first 100 days – Obamacare revision, N Korea's nuclear threat, promised tax cuts, Gorsuch appointment, and ISIS battles – he included revising this old EO of Obama’s as a priority. It says he expects this focus on developing survivor camps in rural areas soon