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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 29, 2012

Alberto posted a new photos showing something very odd. Are these Moon Swirls orbs, with the Moons clearly visible? What happened to the corpus of Planet X and the large billowing red tail?

Alberto's photos, and others, have shown the corpus of Planet X being brighter, more illuminated, and the vast tail of Planet X being blown toward the Earth and also greatly illuminated. Now we have yet another feature, as these objects captures are not lens flares nor are they ghosts, as each orb has a different aspect. The dust cloud can be seen, disbursed around the Sun, thus not as visible as formerly when it was clustered in front of the Sun. The disbursed tail allows the Moon Swirls and the charged dust the moons attract to have more visibility. This has been a deliberate move by the Council of Worlds, to nudge the pending announcement. Each of these orbs is the view down a Moon Swirl tube, and in many the individual moons can be seen! If Alberto is getting this, so are others, and the Internet is abuzz!

Could the Zetas please let us know the current state of the Tail of PX in relations to Earth?  In tandem with the Earth wobble what are its effects?  Is the Establishment thinking they are prepared?  Are the PTB just waiting on events to appear in the skies and atmosphere, or when power grids blackout cities before offering their Announcement?

The  announcement - composed of a brief overview by Obama explaining the now overturned National Security directive by Reagan followed by scientific explanations by NASA – had been pre-taped and  ready to go by Friday night September 14, 2012 right after the US markets closed.  But the escalating violence, a dozen attacks on US embassies in a swath from the Netherlands to Australia, forced a decision to delay until the next weekend.  Up until this time the crew planning the announcement informed the US military, in case riots broke out, and had alerted US banks to have extra cash on hand, stating only that Obama would be making an announcement .

Heads of State had been told about the presence of Planet X in the solar system in the Fall of 2003, by Bush, and told to keep their mouths shut. It was only after the embassy rioting delayed the first planned weekend announcement that the crew re-considered the effect on other countries. After all, rioting might break out as a result of the announcement. Allies in Europe and Australia did not like the late night Friday hour. Europe would prefer that they have the day to have the calming voice of their politicians on TV, and Australia did not want their day to break first so that they would be the first to have to explain to the world, via their politicians, any concerns that had not been covered by the US announcement. Early Saturday in the US thus became the slot of choice.

As more people were notified, their concerns tumbled in, and became a crescendo. Each concern required resolution, whether it be to clarify who was or was not responsible for the cover-up all these decades, to take time to arrange for extra security on banks or the residences of politicians, or to explain the immediate dangers to the public. Nancy had recommended to the crew implementing the announcement that they include the fact that Planet X had been in the inner solar system “for years”, to mollify immediate panic, and state in some manner that planetary bodies do not just crash into each other, but enter a “dance” of sorts, binary suns being an example. These recommendations were now accepted and implemented. Thus the second weekend of September 22-23, 2012 was expended resolving concerns and re-taping the pre-taped announcement, until it was too late.

Meanwhile the Council of Worlds continued to ramp up the pressure. As the first weekend opportunity passed, Alberto’s photos from September 15 suddenly showed that the corpus of Planet X itself had become more visible. Other photographers noted the same. As the second weekend opportunity passed, Alberto’s photos from September 21 suddenly showed a disbursed red dust cloud with greater visibility of the Moon Swirls, including the individual moons. Other photographers once again also noted the same in their image captures. The Council of Worlds had announced they planned to increase the signs in the skies for mankind until the announcement was made. What awaited the last weekend in September?  

Is this early leave related to Obama's upcoming announcement? [and from another] The entire Congress in Washington has left the Capitol and will be on hiatus until after the November election. This unprecedented move effectively shuts down the most important branch of our government in the weeks leading up to election season. Although Congress has traditionally left Washington, DC to campaign for elections, this year marks the earliest departure in decades. GOP leaders left with unfinished business on their desks. And with recent changes in our nation’s climate (i.e. QE3 and the looming threat of war in the Middle East) Congress appears to be willing to take the verbal bashing by being called “lame-duck” rather than continue working on Capitol Hill.

Of course the leaders in Congress had been informed about the presence of Planet X in the solar system, as they were expected to control talk on the floor. No one was to blurt out anything the cameras might catch. Thus, eventually, via body language and raised eyebrows and whispered secrets, soon the entire Congress was aware to some degree or another. What kept the cover-up over Planet X a secret was the fear of punishment, as the fact that assassinations were being used against those who would inform the public was also not a secret. Once Heads of State around the world were informed during the week leading into the September 21-23 weekend, the cat was out of the bag, and everyone was hearing about the planned announcement.

Quite frankly, the hiatus occurred earlier this year than ever because each member of Congress expected their personal lives to be turned upside down. The issues facing each district or state would be vastly changed, in uncertain ways. How would their priorities change? How should precious funds be spent? Would Washington DC be under attack, by angry mobs, so that the home front offered more safety? Would civilization collapse? On the excuse that a lame duck Congress can achieve little in the way of legislation or compromise, they all headed home for private conferences, and to watch their TV sets anxiously.