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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 30, 2024

Both incidents in Oklahoma, same day. What’s up? [and from another] [and from another] Another US Bridge Hit by a Vessel March 31, 2024 A cargo vessel damaged the supports of a bridge over the Arkansas River less than a week after a deadly incident in Baltimore. The Oklahoma State Patrol has completely closed a highway after a barge struck the US-59 Bridge over the Arkansas River on Saturday. [and from another] 22 Train Cars Overturned in Lincoln County Derailment March 30, 2024 The train was hauling rock that spilled from the overturned cars. No hazardous materials were being transported on the train. OG&E was among the agencies responding to the incident due to a broken electrical pole at the scene. No injuries were reported. The cause of the derailment is still under investigation as crews continue working to clear the intersection.

As the New Madrid Adjustment proceeds, the Portions already separated will pull further apart. The Mainland has been shifting West and to the Southwest. We stated that the Oklahoma Rift was based on solid rock and would not experience this shift to the Southwest except as a jolt - sudden movement of land. Note that the train derailment near Oklahoma City and barge crash on the US-59 Bridge near Sallisaw where it crosses the Arkansas River happened at virtually the same time.

March 31st, 2024 - Today we see the irony of Easter and a cross pattern forms in the Atlantic Ocean where we anticipate the New Madrid adjustment.  Would the Zetas care to comment on this cross pattern for us and we also see the SO2 emissions coming closer together? I was noticing that the currents all line up where the New Madrid plate movement will be.  Excuse my crude drawing. Would the Zetas care to comment on this set up? [and from another] On March 30 we see that the last leg of the New Madrid Fault Line to separate the Portions is hot with Methane so that the Gulf Stream is diverted. What is holding the Mainland and SE Portions together at this point is very little. [and from another]

The New Madrid Separation of the Portions is in its final stretch in the N Atlantic. The tearing rock from the Seaway Exit to the Azores is red with Methane release, and the stress on the Eurasian Plate and Mainland Portion can be seen along their plate border. This causes the Gulf Stream to divert away from hot rocks, as the Burn Maps clearly show. When the final separation occurs the SE Portion will be free to move along with Africa as it rolls. Disasters along the New Madrid Fault Line up the Mississippi River and under the Seaway will accelerate into the disasters we have predicted. 

Baltimore and Oklahoma ships were jolted by waves from the New Madrid jolts, is this the same issue? [and from another] River Danube Cruise Ship Crashed after it was 'Suddenly no longer able to Maneuver,' 17 Passengers Injured March 31, 2024 A Bulgarian cruise ship carrying over 140 passengers crashed into a concrete wall along the River Danube in Austria. A Bulgarian cruise ship carrying over 140 passengers crashed into a concrete wall along the River Danube in Austria. The ship had set off from Passau, a German city on the Austrian border, but further down the river when leaving the lock chamber, "the ship was suddenly no longer able to maneuver," and its right bow and left aft crashed into the lock walls. The second-in-command of the ship, who had been at the helm during the crash, "pressed the emergency switch, whereupon the electronics started up again." He was then able to steer the ship out of the lock. [and from another] Cruise Ship Hits Concrete Passageway on Danube in Austria, 17 Injured March 30, 2024 The ship temporarily lost power to its electronics system and became unsteerable as it passed through narrow locks. Seventeen passengers were hurt when a Bulgarian river cruise ship lost steering and hit the sides of a lock on the Danube in Austria. Eleven of the injured were taken to hospitals. The ship with 142 passengers aboard, most of them from Germany, temporarily lost power to its electronics system and became unsteerable as it passed through narrow locks. The ship’s power was restored but not before the bow and stern struck the concrete sides of the lock passage near the town of Aschach, a few miles upriver from Linz.

What is notable in the Baltimore Container Ship steering problem and the Oklahoma Barge steering problem and now the Danube steering problem is that all these incidents happened on water. If they were electrical, caused by EMP, airplanes would be having problems too. Plate Movement jolts will move objects on water without restriction. On land, objects will jiggle or slide, passing notice, but on water the movement continues unabated. Both the Eurasian and Mainland Plates are being pulled during the New Madrid Finale, the Eurasian to the East and the Mainland to the West, and the Danube cruise ship drift was indeed caused by a such a jolt.

Was this powerful earthquake a prelude to the China blowout? Was the earthquake caused by Pacific compression or the Eurasian stretch? [and from another] On April 2, while the N Atlantic is splitting open along the border between the Eurasian Plate and the Mainland Portion of N America, it seems the N Pacific is compressing between the two quadrants of the Pacific Plate! This can only expedite the New Madrid Rupture. [and from another] [and from another] 9 Killed and 934 Injured after 7.4-Magnitude Quake April 3, 2024 A 7.4-magnitude earthquake, followed by several strong aftershocks, struck off the east coast of Taiwan, killing nine people and injuring at least 934, according to Taiwan’s fire department. The earthquake, which damaged buildings and caused landslides, was the largest to hit Taiwan in 25 years and was also felt in parts of China. [and from another] 7.4 Magnitude Quake hits Taiwan, Strongest in 25 Years April 3, 2024 More than 100 buildings have been damaged, according to the National Fire Agency (NFA). Pictures show buildings tilted to one side and collapsed onto the ground. About half of the damaged buildings are in Hualien County, the epicenter of the earthquake.

There is a synergy between the compressing Pacific and the widening Atlantic, wherein they both exacerbate the other. The New Madrid Fault Line Rupture is now in the last stretch - separating the Portions in the N Atlantic between the Seaway Exit and the Azores. The Void along the Eurasian/Mainland border is expected to pull open, temporarily, when the Rupture finally occurs. What is holding this last step back is the Mainland’s reluctance to pull to the West.

The Taiwan quake on April 3 has changed this dynamic by making room for the Mainland to shift West. That the Pacific was poised to compress again could be seen on April 2 when the Pacific Plate to the West of Hawaii was experiencing high waves, as was the entire N Pacific, reflecting the wrestling and wrangling ongoing beneath the surface. The sequence of events to follow will include a response in the Africa Roll, which pulls the SE Portion of N America with it, such that the attachments of the SE Portion in the N Atlantic are ruptured. This drama will certainly take days to unfold.

The Establishment, in their panic, is giving it away like they did with the Solar Observatory a few years ago. Their panic is causing many to wonder what's going on. As this Hal Turner article which actually nails it. They fear panic from the people, but it appears their panic is the real problem. Any comment on this would be much appreciated!! [and from another] Did the Solar Eclipse Path of Totality Just Change? Here's What to Know April 3, 2024 But don't stress, we're here to help, even better, NASA scientists are. What the theory claims is that, due to newfound uncertainty around the size of the sun, the width of the predicted path of totality is actually a little off. New calculations actually make it slightly narrower than what it was before, which means that some cities and areas that were previously identified as being located within the path of totality, are now actually just outside of it. In short, people in those cities wouldn't be able to see the moon completely blocking off the sun on April 8. [and from another] Something's Up: Another City Declares "Emergency" over April 8 Solar Eclipse April1, 2024 There's something creepy going on in connection with the coming solar eclipse on April 8 and it warrants our attention: Numerous cities have declared states of emergency for an eclipse? No, there's more to this than we're being told. Cellular network collapse? Internet collapse? Grocery stores running out of food? Disaster Declarations? Gas stations running out of fuel? No, none of this seems normal to me at all. It's starting to look to me as if something ELSE is going on. But what? During an eclipse, with the sun blocked, people may be able to see things up in the sky that they otherwise wouldn't be able to see because the sunlight is so strong and blocks the view of things in space. Could it be that something ELSE is going on, maybe something that people will suddenly be able to SEE once the sun is blocked for a few minutes? Might people PANIC over what they see?

OK, so Hal Turner reads ZetaTalk. He knows that Nibiru is looming nearby and becoming obvious. He knows that one of the prime reasons it is not immediately visible to the public is the glare of the Sun, because ZetaTalk has pointed this out. He knows that ZetaTalk has predicted the public will see Nibiru during the April 8 Eclipse and panic will result. He knows ZetaTalk has associated the anticipated Darkness of Social Media with such an event, and likely even the imposition of Martial Law. Thanks Hal, keep up the good work.  

Why did NASA suddenly decide to change the Path of the Eclipse? The Daily Earth Wobble is mostly predictable but can suddenly change, as the Council of Worlds is in charge of the New Madrid Fault Line Rupture timeline and is using the wobble as one of their prime tools. Thus NASA waited until the last minute to tweak their prediction on the Path. But the Council of Worlds also wants the elite to admit that Nibiru is nearby and heading for a passage, so surprises await.

I found that there had been a solar eclipse in the year of the great NM quakes of 1811/12 (3 months almost to the day prior to the huge quake). I wonder if a similar pattern might follow the eclipse on 8th April 2024. 1st quake - 16 Dec 1811. 2nd 23 Jan 1812. 3rd 7 Feb 1812. 4th 15 Mar 1812. [and from another] Annular Solar Eclipse of 1811 Sep 17 annular solar eclipse of 1811 Sep 17 is preceded two weeks earlier by a partial lunar eclipse on 1811 Sep 02. [and from another] EARTHQUAKES OF 1811-1812 The first and second earthquakes occurred in Arkansas (December 16, 1811) and the third and fourth in Missouri (January 23, 1812, and February 7, 1812).

Can an Eclipse incite earthquakes? Yes, the weight and gravity tug by the Moon combines absolutely with the weight and gravity tug of the Sun. The effect on the New Madrid Fault Line can be seen historically during the 1811-1812 quakes that resulted. Heading into the April 8 Eclipse date, the New Madrid Fault Line is primed for an adjustment, with only a small stretch in the N Atlantic holding the Mainland and SE Portions together. The Eclipse paralleling the New Madrid Fault Line could be the trigger.

Is the Pacific compressing? [and from another] Something Massive Just Left ANTARCTICA Caught on RADAR! [and from another];-4;2&l=wave&t=20240410/2100 [and from another] Something Massive Left ANTARCTICIA During the Solar Eclipse! Caught on RADAR! I have never seen anything like this in my life!! What seems like a Blob moving from Antarctica all the way into the Atlantic Ocean over the next few days! What is this mass?? A weather system or something else? [and from another]

Zetas Right Again! In 1999 we predicted that as the Pacific compressed it would put pressure on the Antarctica Plate on the Pacific side causing Antarctica to nose up between the tip of S America and the tip of S Africa, forming New Land there. Where this process has just started, the rising land mass caused a huge displacement of the S Atlantic waters. A displacement can act like a tsunami if directed in a particular direction, but if not directed will throw the water into the air, which is what happened on April 10. 

This barge incident is not on the New Madrid Fault Line nor the Ramapo either. What caused this? [and from another] Officials Rush to Shut Down McKees Rocks Bridge after 23 Barges Break Free in Pittsburgh April 13, 2024 Authorities have been forced to close down the McKees Rocks Bridge after 23 barges reportedly broke free from a tugboat on the Ohio River. [and from another] Ramapo Fault The Ramapo Fault zone is a system of faults between the northern Appalachian Mountains and Piedmont areas to the east.[1] Spanning more than 185 miles (298 km) in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, it is perhaps the best known fault zone in the Mid-Atlantic region, and some small earthquakes have been known to occur in its vicinity. [and from another] 26 Barges Break Loose and Float down Ohio River, causing Damage and Prompting Bridge Closures in Pittsburgh
April 13, 2024 A marina in Pittsburgh sustained extensive damage after 26 barges, most of which were loaded with dry cargo, broke loose late Friday night and floated uncontrolled down the Ohio River. Two Pittsburgh-area bridges about 2.5 miles apart were closed after the barges broke free. The West End Bridge was also closed in both directions and rail traffic was shut down on the rail bridge to Brunot Island. No hazardous materials were on board the barges. Of the 26 loose barges, 23 were loaded and carrying dry cargo, including coal. Eleven of the barges were located and pinned against the river bank by Brunot Island. They were being held by a tugboat. Meanwhile, 14 continued down the river and six have gone over the Emsworth Dam.

As we have explained repeatedly, a plate jolt to objects on water does not have a brake. Thus anything on the water will continue to move on the path the jolt pushed it into, unlike objects on land which will be grounded and thus stop moving. Friction with the land is the brake. The SE Portion is being jerked to the SE, along with Africa when it rolls, and these jerks have only started. It may be rivers and lakes and bays that are a concern now, but quake devastated cities and highways will be next. This is the New Madrid Adjustment, now starting.

Could you provide and repost the latest estimates of Earth's population categories and percentages? STO (including Star Children), STS (including Star Children), Sparked but undecided (become octopi?), Unsparked. I know you have relayed the information that STS souls are no longer being reincarnated to Earth since it is administratively transforming to STO. That has resulted in a statistically significant drop in the STS percentage on Earth. You have also relayed that unsparked souls simply dissipate at death. [and from another]

As expected, since 2021 the percentage of souls solidly in the STS orientation has been reduced due to the tendency of those in the STS to attempt to control others. Haiti is an example of an STS takeover and the infighting engendered in a Mad-Max environment. This infighting in gangs and resistance from the ever-increasing STO communities has created casualties for the solidly STS, who are now approximately 3.2% of the souls on Earth.

The steady increase in STO incarnated souls has again increased, due to two factors – Undecided souls moving into the STO orientation as they react to the distress of others around them, and Star Children entering the fray. Some of the Star Child growth is due to an Undecided entity wanting out, requesting death so that a Star Child can step in. Thus the number of incarnated STO souls on Earth at present is approximately 52%.

We have stated that the Undecided will constitute the majority of those who die as a result of the coming Pole Shift. Denial is in sway, along with a desire to enjoy the comforts of modern living as long as possible. Like infants, wailing for attention, they will demand social services rather than focus on taking care of themselves or the needs of others.  Courageous Service-to-Other individuals will survive and prevail after the Pole Shift, so the population after the Pole Shift will be almost exclusively in the Service-to-Other.

Major disruption to 911 systems. Is this Nibiru? [and from another] [and from another] Chaos in Dubai as UAE Records Heaviest Rainfall in 75 Years April 18, 2024 Chaos ensued in the United Arab Emirates after the country witnessed the heaviest rainfall in 75 years, with some areas recording more than 250 mm (around 10 inches) of precipitation in fewer than 24 hour. [and from another] Major 911 Outages in 4 states Leave Millions Without a Way to Contact Local Authorities April 18, 2024 Law enforcement agencies across four states were left scrambling following reports of major 911 outages that saw millions unable to contact authorities. Many of the outages — reported in Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota and Texas — were restored by the late evening. While officials haven't said precisely what caused the outages, they come on the heels of a Department of Homeland Security warning of heightened cyberattack risks on 911 services as they moved to internet-based systems. [and from another] Event Summary for April, 16, 2024 A widespread severe weather event, including hail, winds, and at least two tornadoes occurred across eastern Iowa, northeast Missouri, and far western Illinois between 1 PM and 10 PM on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. NWS Storm Damage Survey teams confirmed at least two tornadoes occurred. [and from another] Tornadoes Cause Damage in Kansas and Iowa as Severe Storms Hit Midwest April 17, 2024 The weather service said the central U.S. was under threat of severe weather through Tuesday. Thunderstorms were expected in parts of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and northwestern Illinois, potentially with large hail and damaging winds.

The temporary 911 outage in four states in the US was not caused by terrorism, nor was it caused by the severe weather in the US. The Schumann Resonance map shows a blast from the direction of the Sun on the same time as the 911 outage, and we can confirm that this blast came from Nibiru. The vast charged tail of Nibiru wafts about with unpredictable results. This will only worsen, as will assault from debris in the tail that may physically attack the infrastructure.

One facet of the Severe Wobble being used by the Council of Worlds to reinstate the natural timeline for the New Madrid Rupture is severe weather, as the globe is being slung from one side to the other. Such weather events should be anticipated, and on the increase, as the time of the passage of Nibiru approaches. Mankind should adapt, and plan for flooding that will require houseboat communities, or storm shelters for increased tornado outbreaks.

If Trump has already been declared rightful President by the Supreme Court, why are they allowing him to be subjected to this time-wasting nonsense of a Criminal Trial?  Why are they (& the Junta) STILL holding back?  NMA Finale is just about upon us, Putin/Trump/Tucker Carlson still haven't announced Nibiru or the Alien presence... Solar Eclipse was primarily a dud with NO panic from the people.  It appears the Junta is not going to tell the people in time for them to learn the truth or get out of harms way.  Won't this backfire with even more rebellion & rioting? [and from another] Silenced in Court: Trump Curbed by Trial Rules but tries to Wield Power Outside April 20, 2024 While Trump is bombastic in front of crowds of supporters – and still screams in all caps on social media – he is almost entirely reduced to silence in a courtroom. [and from another] Bumbling Biden [and from another]
Trump’s Mugshot
[and from another] Trump Ally Sidney Powell Defeats Appeal in Texas Attorney Ethics Case April 18, 2024 A Texas appellate court on Wednesday upheld a decision to reject attorney disciplinary charges against Donald Trump ally Sidney Powell, finding that the state's bar failed to prove that she had engaged in "fraud, dishonesty, deceit, or misrepresentation." The Dallas-based Fifth Court of Appeals of Texas said in a 23-page opinion, opens new tab that state bar prosecutors "employed a 'scattershot' approach to the case," which alleged that Powell had "no reasonable basis" for filing lawsuits challenging U.S. President Joe Biden's 2020 election victories in key battleground states. [and from another] Stormy Daniels letter [and from another]

The Junta has many challenges awaiting. In April 2021 when the illicit Biden had been sworn in, we mentioned they were dealing with a 5 front war - a CCP invasion, Satanist Moloch worship via a child sex traffic network, Antifa and Defund the Police, Deep State treason, and finally the 2020 election fraud. Where some of these issues have been resolved, others have emerged. The Southern Border is being overrun at the hands of the Biden Administration, and where demands to finance the Ukraine and Israel wars are pressing, the Junta has refused. The pending admission by Putin that Nibiru is a real and present danger also will cause panic that will need to be contained.

Meanwhile to avoid exhausting the US Military with a civil war when and if the Democrats erupt in anger over a Trump reinstatement, the Junta has delayed informing the public about the SCOTUS findings that the 2020 election results were fraudulent. The Senate was informed on Memorial Day, 2023 and sworn Trump in as President, but the public continues to be uninformed. The fact that President Trump is the true President at this time means that he cannot be harassed by civil lawsuits, by law.

Now the Junta is pressed to announce Trump as the sitting President, to end these frivolous lawsuits and cleanup the mistakes being done by the Biden Administration. Why does the Junta seem to have reluctance? They are waiting for the New Madrid Fault Line Rupture, which their scientific advisors say is imminent. The disasters up along both the New Madrid and East Coast Fault lines will force the issue, so that riots and panic will be contained. Meanwhile, courtroom drama continues.

\What causes a sudden acceleration in Plate Movement, a rapid increase. Things progress as expected and then one day zoom a huge increase. What causes this? [and from another] Taiwan is Hit by its Strongest Earthquake in Nearly 25 Years April 2, 2024 A major earthquake struck Taiwan during the morning rush hour, collapsing buildings and triggering tsunami warnings in Japan and the Philippines. At least 9 people were reported dead and 963 were injured in the strongest earthquake that has not seen since 1999. [and from another] Taiwan Rattled by more than 200 Quakes, but no Major Damage April 23, 2024 Largely rural and sparsely populated Hualien was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on April 3 that killed at least 17 people, and there have been more than 1,000 aftershocks since.

Plate Movements are not a smooth process, though in the main they proceed slowly and in a predictable manner. They are a Scripted Drama, based on their location in the original Pangea Map and the steady movements of the plates over time. The Pacific Compresses, the Atlantic widens, and the Continent of India continues to plunge under the Himalayas. Then one day there are quake swarms that will not stop. What causes this?

Plate Movement has brakes preventing any but small movements until a brake blowout occurs, then whatever movement has been held back can occur in a rapid manner. This happened for Taiwan on April 3 when they had a blowout, allowing rock to shatter so the Philippine Plate tilting could accelerate. This will have repercussions for the New Madrid Finale which requires Pacific compression, but the New Madrid process is already unstoppable. It will now speed up.

The spot to watch for a quake swarm now is the N Atlantic at the Void. The Void has brakes along the shared border between the Mainland and the SE Portion and the Eurasian Plate and the Africa Plate. For the New Madrid process to accelerate, these brakes must be torn, primarily along the Mediterranean border.  The Separation of the Portions is complete all the way to the Azores, and the Africa Plate has been loosening up on all fronts for some time. Now what remains is the Void location brakes.

What caused an offshore explosion at New Smyrna Beach? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] 'Not since WW2': Giant Military Camp built in Middle of Paris as Army on High Alert Around 18,000 military personnel, as well as 45,000 police and internal security forces, will be deployed to Paris as part of a massive security operation. Commissaire Philippe Pourqu said it was the first time since World War Two that the French army had built such a huge camp and that its construction would pose serious challenges.

When the New Madrid Adjustment is in process, there are disasters throughout all the N American Continent, not just along the Fault Line itself. Where breaking bridges and heaving highways, water and gas mains spewing their contents, collapsing houses and buildings, and exploding gas line fittings show that the N America Portions are pulling apart, there are locations under the sea similarly affected. The New Smyrna Beach explosion was an example of rock pulling apart under water, where water is spewed upward when rock layers heave and drop.

The coverup about Plate Movements is related to the coverup over Nibiru. To admit one is to admit all, in the minds of the establishment who fear panic and riot if the truth is exposed before Martial Law can be established. Thus Paris is building a massive military camp in Paris under the excuse that future Olympics will need such a camp. And Oslo temporarily shuts down their airport ahead of anticipated quakes in the nearby North Sea under the excuse that they are having technical problems. The public will get the truth when Martial Law is in place.

It’s directional they don’t overlap almost like a path. Both 80 ft waves originated at that location. I have searched the ocean all day to find anything similar at all no luck I’m baffled by this one. [and from another] [and from another]

The New Land emerging between the tips of S America and S Africa has only just made itself known by the high waves that rise from the force of the land heaving at the ocean bottom. But this steady rise has been ongoing for years, as can be seen from the scars on the ocean floor. This movement is dependent upon Plate Movement incited by the Daily Earth wobble, which is iterative but only occasionally strong enough to create scars along plate borders. That these ocean floor scars are caused by the push of the Antarctica Plate can be seen by the consistent direction of the scars. The Atlantic Rift also shows such scars where it is occasionally pulled apart