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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2017

Trump's recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy to there will please a good number of Israelis and some Christian voters in the US, but will apparently piss off untold numbers of Muslims worldwide, and so will probably worsen the Muslim-Israel divide and Muslim-west divide, causing more violence and terrorism, I imagine.   Besides pleasing Zionists and Christian fundamentalists, is there anything else that the Dealmaker is gaining by these moves? [and from another] Iran is Shia branch of Muslim. Assad is also. Putin has lately hugged Assad and said he will not go. Iran has said Israeli must go. Assad supports Hesbola in Lebanon, an ememy of Israel. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Every six months for more than two decades, U.S. presidents have had to decide all over again whether to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Since the Clinton administration, they decided each time to keep the embassy where it is, seeking not to throw a wrench into delicate Middle East peace talks. That decision, which experts fear will spark unrest throughout the Arab world, represents the conclusion of a process that began in 1995, with the passage of that year’s Jerusalem Embassy Act. The law required the U.S. to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by a set deadline, but conceded that the move could be put off for six months at a time as long as the President “determines and reports to Congress in advance that such suspension is necessary to protect the national security interests of the United States.”  [and from another] [and from another] Has @realDonaldTrump fulfilled biblical prophesy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? [and from another] Fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy was not possible until Israel once again became a nation dwelling in her promised land with Jerusalem as her capitol. [and from another] Indiana Evangelical Pastor Paul Begley said earlier this year. "He knows that it is his Christian responsibility to do that. When this happens, it will make it easier for Israel to build the Third Temple, fulfilling Bible prophecy for the End of Times.”

US Presidents have been regularly deferring action on the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 for 22 years because such action was feared to result in fury in the Arab world. Why is Trump now taking action? The media is quick to point out that this is in keeping with his campaign promise to conservative voters. It is also true that the Middle East is more settled now that ISIS has been essentially defeated, but the peace also affirms the bond between Russia and Iran and Assad of Syria, which is likely to make Israel uneasy. Yet another political reality is that the US and Russia both may pull out of Iraq, as the ISIS defeat becomes a firm reality.

But none of these possible reasons for Trump’s actions lie at the heart of his decision. We have alluded to a back door announcement, where so many facts are laid at the feet of the common man that an official announcement is hardly necessary. The Patriarch Kirill made reference in a speech on November 20 that the world was in the End Times, and mentioned the Book of Revelations, as did the David Meade controversy. Now Trump has invoked the End Times, inadvertently. All religions and cultures have holy writ and myths that foretell the End Times. Watch for these to be increasingly referenced in the media.

What exactly is this? My first thought is a warning from our benevolent friends about the impending rip at the mouth of Lake Superior causing wrinkling all the way to Black Hills of S. Dakota but there’s a second video by this author stating some sort of sun simulator. [and from another] DEC. 8, 2017: Something strange was discovered in a couple, not just one but TWO photos of Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota. Jonathan, the man that took the photos discovered what appears to be a hexagon craft in the sky high above the monument! [and from another] Sun Simulator GOOGLE PATENT [and from another] There is a small buzz online, claiming that NASA has a patent that imitates the sun, and are likely using it to create a false sun (or a 2nd sun), seen from the earth. The old 1960's NASA sun simulator STAR (nickname), was for an environmental test chamber right here on earth, to simulate the sun found in space. It was used to test: electronics, metal and plastic materials, lenses (glass and plastic), and anything else that would be subject to outer-atmosphere solar ray testing. It was for simulating the "outer space" on earth, in a person-sized chamber that could be vacuumed of air... It's still done today with more modern methods and light sources. [and from another]

Why would a solar simulator NASA contracted to patent and develop in 1966 be seen in the skies today, in more than one location? Since Nibiru was a secret subject in those days, under a tight National Security Executive Order signed by President Reagan, the pending passage of Nibiru was not given as the reason for its development. NASA knew the day would arrive when Nibiru would appear in the skies, looming large, and an excuse to confuse the public would be needed. They knew the dust that clung to Nibiru, long of legend, would reflect sunlight.

How has this device worked, now that Second Sun sightings have been regularly seen and captured on film? The plan was to claim that any such sightings were of this device, being tested in the skies by NASA for use on Mars or the Moon, eventually. Such nonsense excuses from NASA have been used for the red dust increasingly in the atmosphere and drifting to the ground. Oh, it is our red dust, sent aloft to study the jet streams in the ionosphere, says NASA. Powered by solar panels, these solar simulators have been stationed here and there, but the public frankly is not that dumb.

The majority of the CA fires are exactly what CA goes through every year, especially since the drought. Yes these fires were and are extreme and it is obvious the drought and wobble are instigating that. But firemen and citizens have never seen metal burn and melt, tires disappear, and glass melt. All Engines, drivelines, metal fencing, glass, tires and many other items have totally disappeared. Evaporated. The normal EChange fires did not connect all these areas even with winds and wobble. Something very different happened with/about these fires in these very specific mapped out areas, that made them incredibly hotter, specifically located and so different that no firemen have ever seen this before in the history of man. [and from another] More than a normal fire has occurred. The melt point of Glass is 2600 to 2800 degrees.  There is no glass left after the fires are over in these areas. Aluminum melts at 1200 degrees, all gone as well. Rot iron melts at 1482 to 1596 degrees. Tires are built not to burn so hot rodders can burn rubber without starting a fire, but no tires are left in the videos. The fires began immediately, not migrating to the area. [and from another] The inferno that won't die: How the Thomas fire became a monster December 12, 2017 Reinvigorated by Santa Ana gusts and canyons of bone-dry vegetation, the Thomas fire surged into the Santa Barbara County foothills Sunday, forcing evacuations in the coastal communities of Carpinteria and Montecito. [and from another] Fire at a homeless encampment sparked Bel-Air blaze that destroyed homes December 12, 2017 The encampment was nestled in a canyon several hundred feet from Sepulveda Boulevard and the 405 Freeway, hidden from passing cars. For several years, it had been home to an unknown number of people. [and from another] How Is A Body Cremated? Cremation of a dead body is carried out at a temperature ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat helps reduce the body to its basic elements and dried bone fragments. [and from another] Hundreds of homes of all sizes were leveled by flames so hot they melted the glass off of cars and turned aluminum wheels into liquid. [and from another] The flash point of a volatile material is the lowest temperature at which vapours of the material will ignite, when given an ignition source. The fire point is the lowest temperature at which vapors of the material will keep burning after being ignited and the ignition source removed.  Liquids which have a flash point less than 37.8 °C (100.0 °F) are called flammable — whereas liquids having a flash point above that temperature are called combustible.

Fires require two basic elements in order to burn – a combustible material and oxygen or its equivalent. A fire is a chemical reaction, and once started the heat from a fire will create vapor that flashes into a fire, thus it becomes self-sustaining. Wild fires are endemic to California because though a desert region it has a long rainy season, thus producing underbrush that can flash into wild fires during the long dry season. Where wild fires have routinely burned around LA, LA proper is full of fuel because it has not been subject to burning.

The attempt of the latest conspiracy theory to claim that the latest California fires in LA were incited by satellite microwave weapons is absurd, an attempt once again to claim, as we have stated, anything but Nibiru is the cause. Boy Scouts learn that to start a fire from kindling, one should blow gently on the small flame. This is because a source of oxygen is needed, and the constant winds provided by the daily Earth wobble bring that to LA.  Do fires leap over spots, leaving them untouched to start on the other side? This is well known to firemen, who damp out sparks to prevent such propagation from a spark traveling in the wind.

The latest “anything but Nibiru” claim is also stating that material vaporized in the heat, claiming it is an impossible feat. Why would the chemical reaction of a fire be limited by temperature bounds? Would one say it was “too hot” for a fire to burn? Such an instance is not known to man. As long as a steady source of oxygen is available, provided by the wobble winds, and the fuel is being vaporized so combustion can continue, the fire will burn. Reports from the California wine country fire indicate both glass and aluminum melted in the fire. If something melts it flows, and can seem thus to disappear. Do tire fires occur? They do indeed, with much black smoke.

My question is about the recent rash of announced media mergers; Disney to buy Fox, AT&T to buy Time Warner, etc.  It seems most major players are being bought out by others.  Is this in any way tied to the announcement and the ability to control the mainstream press which have been key to the coverup?  Is the Puppetmaster behind this? [and from another]  The Walt Disney Company owns the ABC television network. 2011 Revenue: $40.1 billion. Time Warner is the world's second-largest entertainment conglomerate with ownership interests in film, television and print. 2011 Revenue: $29 billion. News Corp’s media holdings include the FOX Broadcasting Company. 2011 Revenue: $33.4 billion. AT&T is the second-largest U.S. wireless provider and the largest company providing local phone service in the U.S. 2011 Revenue: $126.7 billion. Time Warner Cable is the second-largest cable provider in the United States. 2011 Revenue: $19.7 billion. [and from another] Walt Disney has agreed to buy the bulk of 21st Century Fox's business for $52.4bn (£39bn), in a deal both companies said position them to compete in the rapidly changing media industry. The purchase includes Fox's film and television studios, as well as its 39% stake in satellite broadcaster Sky. Fox will form a news-focused company with its remaining assets. The move is a sharp shift for 86-year-old Fox owner Rupert Murdoch after more than half a century of media expansion. [and from another] Fox sheds parts of its business that have suffered from revenue declines in recent years. Fox is selling its movie studios, television productions, regional sports and international businesses, leaving a smaller company more narrowly focused on news and major live sports events. [and from another] It seemed like a match made in media heaven. AT&T is a telecommunications giant whose reach stretches to millions of people all over the country, and Time Warner, the owner of CNN, HBO and Warner Bros., has content galore. AT&T’s pending $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner seemed destined to close by the end of the year.  A central component of the dispute is CNN — the network that Mr. Trump has frequently attacked as a purveyor of “fake news.” Justice Department officials called on AT&T to sell Turner Broadcasting — the group of cable channels under the Time Warner banner that includes CNN.

Clearly media ownership has an opinion about admitting the truth about Nibiru. Because Trump and the Junta running the US at present are pushing the truth, stating for instance that Global Warming and Climate Change are not manmade, then Trump must go and Hillary and her ilk put in power. CNN and its owner, Time Warner, are part of the cover-up crowd. So what would an acquisition by AT&T do for that equation?  The resistance by the Trump administration is due to the failure of CNN management to clean up the Fake News crowd, and until they do, their message will not be given a boost by the AT&T telecom reach.

Fox broadcast the ZetaTalk message on their American Heroes Channel last February, produced by their Discovery Channel network. Will this cooperation continue if Disney takes over their film production assets? Disney has also been part of the cover-up over Nibiru, so once again an advocate’s voice will be silenced.  These latest moves by the desperate cover-up crowd show they feel they are losing, and must sacrifice any and everything to gain the upper hand. Will these maneuvers work?

As we mentioned when social media outlets suffered downtime in March, 2015 – social media has been rigged to facilitate the announcement, when it occurs. The Internet likewise cannot be controlled, as it was built to withstand blockages, running like water in all directions until a transaction is completed. The new Russian Domain Name Servers, designed to give redundant access to websites, is another insurance. The cover-up is in its death throes.

Would like to know if this is a real UFO display and if so, what's the message? More subliminal messaging about coming floods of the gulf coast line? It is similar to the recent Denver display. Is there a connection between the two locations or just overall awareness efforts? [and from another] 12/14/2017 [and from another],_Texas The population was 1,813 at the 2010 census. It was originally named Sour Lake Springs, after the sulphurous spring water that flowed into the nearby lake; the sulphur was a sign of the crude oil that lay in proximity to local groundwater. Sour Lake became a short-lived boomtown with the discovery of oil in 1901, shortly after oil was found at the nearby Spindletop salt dome.  It is known as the birthplace of Texaco.

The tiny town of Sour Lake lies at the heart of oil country along the Texas Gulf coast. Named after sulfur emissions from pockets of oil in nearby salt domes, Sour Lake is synonymous with oil production along the Gulf with refineries and oil wells and storage of oil in salt domes. What is the message that this UFO display delivered to those viewing the UFO display?  The line of lights represent the lakes along the Gulf, including Galveston Bay. That the smaller lights at the end of the line, near Louisiana, blink and then disappear signifies that ruptures during the New Madrid adjustments will set those areas aflame.

Disclosure finally? Seems so. [and from another] Could the Zetas say something about this mysterious Pentagon UFO program? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs December 16, 2017 The Pentagon, at the direction of Congress, a decade ago quietly set up a multi-million dollar program to investigate what are popularly known as unidentified flying objects—UFOs. The “unidentified aerial phenomena” claimed to have been seen by pilots and other military personnel appeared vastly more advanced than those in American or foreign arsenals. In some cases they maneuvered so unusually and so fast that they seemed to defy the laws of physics. The Pentagon’s AATIP program marked a 21st century effort to replicate some of the decades of inconclusive research undertaken by the Pentagon in 1950s and 1960s to try to explain thousands of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs by military and civilian pilots and average citizens—particularly an effort known as Project Bluebook that ran from 1947 to 1969. [and from another] Pentagon admits running secret UFO investigation for five years December 16, 2017 Task force that investigated sightings of unidentified flying objects ran from 2007 to 2012 with annual budget of $22m. The Pentagon was less clear about whether the UFO program continues to hover somewhere in the vast universe of the US defense establishment. [and from another] Pentagon sank $22mn into a secret UFO-chasing program – reports December 17, 2017 The secretive program, which the US Department of Defense has been keeping under wraps, was brought to light in simultaneous reports by Politico and the New York Times on Saturday, citing interviews with people involved or with knowledge of the program, as well as contracts, and Pentagon and Congressional records. “The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program” was led by former military intelligence official Luiz Elizondo, who resigned from the Pentagon on October 4. In his resignation letter to Defense Secretary James Mattis, seen by Politico and the NYT, he lamented the lack of funding for the project and the fact that it continues to be shrouded in mystery, away from the public eye.

The only item of interest in the news about a secret Pentagon UFO study, wasting $22 million in taxpayer monies, is why it is no longer secret. And why was it secret at all? This effort was a fraud from the start, not intended to reveal any facts or make any admissions, and was only allowed in order to deflect Congress. As with the Blue Book task force of yore, the Pentagon posture was to deny all and ridicule or harass any who said otherwise. This latest admission about the Reid Pentagon study is more than creeping disclosure, it is a new policy.

The Pentagon study, given to two separate news channels in order to ensure it did not get stifled, has admissions that the Air Force and other pilots had noted maneuvers in UFOs that are not known to mankind, not explained or possible according to human physics. This will open up a new line of discussion. The US has been one of the hold-outs during disclosure, with other countries opening their files. This will now change, giving disclosure a boost.

Was this EMP? What caused the fire? [and from another] Timeline of the Atlanta airport blackout December 18, 2017 An underground fire caused a complete power outage Sunday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, resulting in thousands of canceled flights at the world's busiest terminal and affecting travelers worldwide. [and from another] What caused the power to go out at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport December 17, 2017 Hartsfield-Jackson does have a backup system but Reed said that was damaged in the fire. Because of the intensity of the fire, the switch which accesses the redundant system was damaged, leaving both systems damaged. A Georgia Power representative said the fire damaged multiple parts of their system, leading to the prolonged outage.

Where it is clear that the busy Atlanta airport suffered a power outage caused by an underground electrical fire, it is not clear why the fire occurred. It was massive, crippling not only the substation but redundant setups, so recovery likewise was crippled and delayed. Was the electrical system old or poorly designed? No. Atlanta is noted for having an excellent city design, with highways and Marta trains and bus service all interconnected and well maintained. Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the world for good reason. So what caused the fire?

We have repeatedly mentioned that the N American continent is being pulled into a bow, with the center of the bow at San Diego and with the Aleutian Islands and Mexico the tips of the bow. Rock layers frequently move independently of one another, sliding over each other, and this is occurring all along the Eastern Seaboard at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains. This of course causes friction and friction produces heat. The Atlanta airport is situated on the flat lands of south Atlanta, but north Atlanta has its head in the foothills of Appalachia.

Alberto’s photos show many Moon Swirls. By November 30 it appears that there were four clusters of Moon Swirls, but the latest photo on December 17 seems to show six clusters. Just how many moons are there! The Zetas stated in 2002 that there were “dozens” of Moons, but is everything seen in these photos a moon? Or is it debris?

Do the Moons have Moons? Yes, this is not only possible, it is occurring within the Moon Swirls of Nibiru. We have chosen to call them moons only when they are at least as large as Earth’s moon, but there is debris of all sizes within the swirl. What was seen in images in the past has been the conglomerate Moon Swirl, or on occasion an individual large moon. But lately more detail shows not only individual large moons but lesser trash. We have stated that the moons of Nibiru will not sling further than 5 million miles from Nibiru, thus will not strike Earth during the passage, but the trash is already arriving as flaming bolides plunging through Earth’s atmosphere. In the past, the trash in the tail of Nibiru has been described as hail, like gravel. This usually burns up in the atmosphere, but can land as hail and boulders. 

Is this the area that the zetas say will rise in height?  Sounds like this may be confirmation of what they’ve been saying. [and from another] By studying the seismic waves caused by earthquakes, the research team found an unusual massive area of molten rock underneath New England. In addition, it appears the molten rock is rising due to buoyancy as hotter objects are often less dense than cooler objects. This strange pool of hotter, less dense, molten rock is upwelling beneath central Vermont, western New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts. [and from another] The upwelling we detected is like a hot air balloon. The upwelling is occurring deep beneath parts of Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. [and from another] Lateral changes beneath the Appalachian orogen (eastern North America) do not follow the pattern of its major terranes, suggesting that more recent, and possibly ongoing, geodynamic processes are taking place in the sub-lithospheric mantle. Strongly elevated asthenospheric temperature suggests the presence of a narrow thermal upwelling in the upper mantle beneath New England.

We predicted that the St. Lawrence Seaway would split open during the Pole Shift, and this process has already begun. As the Atlantic spreads, this weak point in the N American Plate, along the St. Lawrence River, snaps repeatedly. The river stretch just North of Vermont is showing this recently depressed crust. The ripping mouth of the St. Lawrence River is just North of the states affected – Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  Stretch zones rarely give an indication of this process, which is a silent process.

We have stated that the bottom of the Earth plates that float atop of magma is not even, but full of mountains and valleys which affect the speed and direction of the magma flow. The rip of the Seaway is opening up a plane, a flat region along the Seaway just North of Vermont. Thus, the bubble of magma is rising into the new void. The magma will harden, and when the Seaway rips fully open during the hour of the Pole Shift, the New England region will gain 450 feet of elevation, essentially canceling out the rise of the sea level by our predicted 675 feet after the Pole Shift. Meanwhile, not factoring Nibiru into the equation, man’s scientists are puzzled.

We do not know what this is? Blue orb? [and from another]

The monster blue orb seen to the right of the Sun early in the day is a looming Venus, in the Monster persona where the light rays are bending back toward the Earth so the object looks larger than it is in reality. Is Venus coming closer? We have long talked about how the Dark Twin and Venus are being squeezed in the cup, with a strong particle flow from Nibiru coming round on both sides so they are forced toward the Earth. This situation will not end until the Last Weeks, when both escape the cup just prior to the Nibiru passage.