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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2020

China moving into Africa? Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] This is interesting from multiple perspectives as they also built these types of 'ghost' cities in their own country. No doubt China is thinking ahead and has plans well beyond their own boarders. [and from another] The Takeover: China is Building Enormous Self-Sustaining Chinese Cities all over the African Continent December 31, 2019 Yes, the Chinese greatly desire African resources, but ultimately what they want is Africa itself. But instead of conquering Africa using military force, China is using economics instead. Today, more than 10,000 Chinese-owned firms are operating in Africa, and virtually every major road, bridge, railway and skyscraper is being built by the Chinese. As a result, most African nations are very deeply indebted to China at this point. Most of the “cities” that China is building are known as “special economic zones”.  These “special economic zones” are essentially enormous self-sustaining Chinese cities that have been dropped right into some of the most strategic parts of Africa. [and from another]  What Is China Doing In Africa? August 4, 2018 While Africa accounts for about 30 per cent of the world's reserves of hydrocarbons and minerals and 14 per cent of the world's population, its share of global manufacturing stood in 2011 exactly where it stood in 2000: at 1 percent. Everything changed when China came along. [and from another] Skyscrapers, Trains and Roads: How Addis Ababa came to Look Like a Chinese City September 3, 2018 Cars chug through the city on smooth Chinese roads, Chinese cranes lift the skyline, sewing machines hum in Chinese factories in Chinese-owned industrial parks, tourists arrive at the Chinese-upgraded airport and commuters ride modern Chinese trains to work. Simply put, Addis Ababa is becoming the city that China built -- but at what diplomatic and economic cost? [and from another] China in Africa: Win-Win Development, or a New Colonialism? July 13, 2018 The proposed radical transformation of the Bagamoyo coastline is an unofficial extension to east Africa as part of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative – and is just the latest in a long line of China-in-Africa projects. [and from another] There have been several particularly active periods of decolonization in modern times. These include the breakup of the Spanish Empire in the 19th century; of the German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian empires following World War I; of the British, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, Belgian and Italian colonial empires following World War II; and of the Soviet Union (successor to the Russian Empire) at the end of the Cold War in 1991. [and from another]

China’s involvement in the development of Africa is not colonization, as was done in the past by European countries. Colonization was a top-down takeover of a country, such that the country was owned and operated by the colonial power. They set the laws, plundered the resources, and suppressed rebellion brutally if need be. The cold hand of colonial occupation was only stopped because it became difficult for European countries to maintain their grip after two World Wars had depleted their strength.

Does China have an expansionist agenda in Africa? Obviously. China has 1.4 billion people, and thus with only 6.3% of the globe’s land mass China has struggled with starvation in the past. Africa also has 1.3 billion people but has 20% of the globe’s land mass. Despite vast deserts, Africa has natural resources and land that lays idle. China’s leaders are obviously aware of and respect the ZetaTalk predictions on the coming Pole Shift and resulting new geography, as the placement of their inland Ghost Cities shows. Africa will be solidly above the waves and will have a temperate climate throughout.  

At present, China is acting as an engineering or construction firm, offering services for hire, or establishing businesses in Africa while employing Chinese expertise. These are standard business practices throughout the globe. How might this change as the Earth changes progress? We have predicted that Europe will migrate toward Africa after the Pole Shift, because Europe will become a series of islands. We have predicted that the lands to the west of India will likewise migrate toward Africa, to escape the brutal cold of the new S Pole at India. China will have established a foothold in Africa, and will migrate some of its populace before the Pole Shift, thus gaining the advantage.

Why did Pope Francis slap the hand of a woman beseeching him? What was she saying to him that made him so angry? He pulled his hand away in anger last March too. [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Pope's Ring-Kissing Controversy not what it Seems March 26, 2019 It may be that the Pope was in a hurry to get to the end of the receiving line – and it's notable that, afterwards, he went on to spend more time greeting people, many in wheelchairs, at the front of the church. Francis may not enjoy his ring being kissed, but it's inaccurate to say that he rejected all those that day who attempted the gesture. [and from another] Ring of the Fisherman A new ring is cast for each Pope as a general practice in tradition. Around the relief image is the reigning Pope's Latin name. During the ceremony of a Papal coronation or Papal inauguration, the Cardinal camerlengo slips the ring on the ring finger of the new Pope's right hand. Since at least the middle ages it has been a tradition for Catholics meeting the Pope to show their devotion by kissing the ring. Pope Francis only wears a simple gold-plated silver ring for papal ceremonies, preferring to wear his small, silver ring from his days as a cardinal. Upon a papal death, the ring used to be ceremonially destroyed using a hammer in the presence of other Cardinals by the Camerlengo. Today, the destruction of the ring's device with deep scratches is a symbol of the end of rule of the pope who used to wear that ring. [and from another] The Pope Really Doesn’t Want his Ring Kissed March 26, 2019 Devotees all around the world are taking note, after a video emerged showing the pontiff repeatedly pulling his hand away from worshippers trying to peck his papal ring – a sacred symbol of the Pope’s union to the church. It’s unclear when the pontiff decided he wasn’t a fan of the age-old sign of respect, but he certainly doesn’t like it now. He was meeting members of the public after mass on Monday at the Basilica della Santa Casa – a shrine of Marian pilgrimage in the hill town of Loreto. In the footage, he is seen smiling politely as he greets each person and shakes their hand, before snatching his own away as they bow to kiss the ring. [and from another] Pope Francis Apologizes after Slapping Away a Clinging Pilgrim January 1, 2020 Pope Francis apologized on Wednesday for the flash of anger — or self-protection — that he exhibited while greeting the faithful around the Vatican’s giant Nativity scene after a New Year’s Eve liturgy. Francis can be seen reaching into the crowd and seeking the hands of children. As he turns away, a woman in the crowd grabs his right hand with both of her hands and yanks the 83-year-old pope back, causing him to momentarily lose his balance.  Francis, visibly upset, slaps twice at the woman’s hands to free himself, rebuking her, and then angrily turns away. In March, Francis repeatedly withdrew his hand from worshipers as they sought to kiss his ring. The Vatican said at the time that the pope’s motivation for yanking his hand back was itself viral. “It was a simple question of hygiene,” said Alessandro Gisotti, who was then the Vatican’s chief spokesman.

Recent videos show Pope Francis reluctant to have the public hold his right hand to kiss his ring. Kissing the ring of the Pope is a long standing tradition of respect and homage, though both Francis and his predecessor tried to discourage this tradition. Was Pope Francis pulling his hand away from those wanting to kiss his ring a fear of spreading germs amid the masses, as claimed? If so, this concern did not emerge earlier when Pope Francis ceremonially kissed the feet of others and blessed the disfigured and afflicted, hugging and holding them.

Pope Francis fears assassination. Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes has placed Pope Francis as the last Pope, but it is not clear if this Pope will live through the End Times. Given the weight most Catholics place upon tradition, the tradition of defacing a Pope’s ring at his death carries great weight. Of course, this is assumed to be destruction of a Pope’s ring after his death, but what if the ring is defaced or destroyed prior to his death? There are many in the Vatican - intent upon keeping the public ignorant of the Third Fatima secret - who are looking for an excuse.

Pope Francis had routinely been wearing a silver ring when out in public, keeping his papal ring secure. But fearing assassination, he has recently taken to wearing his papal ring at all times. When the public grabs his hand and refuses to let go, he fears having his papal ring removed, if only for a moment. He fears this would be a signal given to those wanting to assassinate him. Symbolically removed as Pope by such an incident, he would be vulnerable. Thus his face shows fear and anger when the public aggressively grabs at his right hand or holds onto him.

You may have seen the news regarding the very severe bushfires that have been raging in Eastern Australia... I wonder if this has anything to do with the pending pole shift? Many in the media are blaming climate change but I don't believe it, this time it is much more severe and unusual compared to recent years. [and from another] It’s So Hot in Australia Right Now That Animals Are Dropping Dead From Trees December 24, 2019 Last week, horses were buried in meters of snow in Iceland. And today, animals are dropping dead from trees in Australia due to unprecedented temperatures. Yep, can you imagine nearly 50°C without AC? People have shared photos showing birds that have literally fallen out of the sky from heat exhaustion. [and from another] Mysterious Hot Blob of Water Off New Zealand Coast Baffles Scientists January 2, 2020 There is a similar unknown phenomenon off New Zealand producing a spike in water temperature of up to 6°C above average across a massive patch of ocean east of New Zealand. [and from another] State of emergency declared in parts of Australia ravaged by wildfires. A weeklong state of emergency has been called in the Australian state of New South Wales as deadly wildfires continue to ravage communities, forcing thousands from their homes. Conditions are anticipated to worsen in the coming days. The fires are in part the result of a prolonged drought. The months of January through November were the second driest period on record since 1902. [and from another] [and from another] India cold wave: Delhi reels from coldest day in more than a century December 31, 2019 India's capital Delhi has recorded its chilliest day in more than a century amid a severe cold wave across the northern part of the country. Thick fog blanketed the city on Monday as the maximum day temperature dropped to 9.4C, and pollution levels peaked. It was the coldest day in Delhi since records began in 1901. [and from another] Scandinavia has broken its highest ever winter temperature record – Sunndalsøra, Norway recorded +19 °C! January 2, 2020 Due to warm westerly foehn winds, many locations reported very mild temperatures.  This is the highest temperature measured in January since the measuring station was established in 1923. [and from another] Snow Is so Deep in Iceland Right Now That Farmers Have to Dig Out Horses Buried Under it December 13, 2019 A powerful blizzard swept Iceland with 149 mph winds and dropped more than 10 feet of snow.

Are the Australian fires raging across the entire country at the end of 2019 due to drought and heat? These factors contribute but the lift of the Indo-Australian Plate is also a factor. Just as the California fires are due in part to the subduction of the Pacific Plate pushing under California, Australia is dealing with plate movement consequences. As the Indo-Australian Plate is pushed under Tibet, it lifts at the New Zealand edge, creating a void under the plate that hot molten lava rushes to fill. This temporary river of lava is heating Australia and warmed ocean currents to the East of New Zealand.

The wild temperature swings and storms afflicting Europe and India are also due to Nibiru, a result of the Daily Earth Wobble. During the wobble the lean to the East and lean to the West occur when the Sun is high over the swath of the globe from Australia to Sweden. These leans bring both these regions temporarily closer to the Equatorial latitude, thus getting more sunlight. The violent swings create turmoil in the atmosphere, thus bringing cold air to India and a snow dump to Iceland. Such turbulence will increasingly be evident.

And again, Iran. Trump claimed that Suleimani is responsible for the death of millions, what did he mean? [and from another] What are your thoughts on the recent assassination of Iran's top commander by Trump? It seems to move the world closer to war in the Middle East and it's sad to see, I keep wishing for peace in the world but it just can't seem to happen! [and from another] Trump Jabs Dems Over Iran Reaction, Rages That 'Killer' Soleimani "Should Have Been Taken Out Years Ago!" January 3, 2020. "General Qassem Soleimani has killed or badly wounded thousands of Americans over an extended period of time, and was plotting to kill many more, but got caught! He was directly and indirectly responsible for the death of millions of people, including the recent large number of protesters killed in Iran itself. While Iran will never be able to properly admit it, Soleimani was both hated and feared within the country. They are not nearly as saddened as the leaders will let the outside world believe. He should have been taken out many years ago!" [and from another] How Qassem Soleimani was 'torn to shreds' by a US missile and his body had to be identified by his RING: Pentagon drone launched four rockets at car carrying Iranian general after he arrived from Syria to meet ringleaders of embassy attack January 3, 2020 Soleimani, commonly known as the second-most powerful man in Iran and tipped as a future president, was so badly maimed in the strike that he had to be identified by a large ring he wore on his finger. He had just landed in Baghdad airport on a plane around 12.30am when he was met on the tarmac by Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy commander of the pro-Iran Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq. Moments later, as the cars passed through a cargo area headed for an access road leading out of the airport, the convoy was struck by missiles fired by an MQ-9 Reaper drone - a deadly unmanned aircraft that is designed primarily for offensive strikes. [and from another] Obama Strikes a Deal--With Qassem Suleimani July 14, 2015 The name that most sticks out is IRGC-Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani. Administration officials counsel calm, and explain that Suleimani is still on the U.S. terror list and will remain on the terror list. But that’s irrelevant. The reality is that Suleimani is the key to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. From Obama’s perspective, the Sunnis aren’t going to stop ISIS—in fact, they helped create it. However, the Iranians can do it, and plenty of other things as well. [and from another] Rocket Attack at Baghdad Airport Kills Iranian Military Mastermind January 3, 2020 Former Secretary of State John Kerry had been engaging in “Shadow Diplomacy”, otherwise known as conspiratorial sedition, by meeting with the Iranians in the desperate hope to somehow keep the lousy deal with the Iranians and his former Boss’ legacy intact. Could the support of the “Shadow Government” of Former President Barack Hussein Obama and Former Secretary of State John Kerry, et al, have had a part in these recent bold, “testing” activities of the Mad Mullahs of Iran and the attack on our Embassy this past week? [and from another] ‘I have not said a word’: John Kerry rejects Pompeo’s criticism over meetings with Iran officials June 6, 2019 Kerry said it has been common practice for previous secretaries of state, U.S. senators and many others to continue having public discussions with people “as a matter of being well informed.” [and from another] How Trump decided to kill Iran’s Soleimani January 3, 2020 For a man U.S. officials have portrayed as a terrorist mastermind, an evil genius responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans, Soleimani often flaunted his influence as he jetted between Tehran, Baghdad and Beirut for meetings with local potentates. The U.S. had "exquisite intelligence" on a plot to strike Americans in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, according to someone familiar with the call. By killing Soleimani, the officials said, they disrupted such plans. [and from another] These Photos Show how Destructive the US Embassy Attack in Iraq Was January 1, 2020 The US embassy compound in Baghdad was attacked on Dec. 31, 2019, by crowds protesting the American airstrikes against bases of Kataib Hezbollah, a Shiite militia, in Syria and Iraq. The airstrikes were in retaliation after American troops were wounded and a contractor was killed in a rocket attack in Kirkuk on Dec. 27.

If there is any mystery surrounding Soleimani’s death it is why there was such a long delay, as he was known to be the hand fomenting mischief in Iraq for years. Respected and feared even by Iran’s religious leaders, he walked openly throughout Iraq while conferring with his disciples. As is known, the Middle East is afflicted with religious battles between the Sunni and Shia factions. Iran and Assad, the leader of Syria, are Shia. Saudi Arabia, a US ally, is Sunni. Hussein, the deposed leader of Iraq was Sunni. ISIS was formed from the remnants of his guard when Hussein was deposed by the US.

Where not discussed openly in the media, there have been secret End Times wars where factions wanting ultimate control of Planet Earth try to foment World War III, via various means. Instigating religious battles, as was attempted during the Notre Dame arson, is one approach. Creating a major war between Iran and the US is another. McCain was executed by the Tribunals for assisting ISIS. Though Obama gave lip service to repressing nuclear development by Iran, sending a bribe of over 1.5 billion annually to Iran, no nuclear inspection followed. The Obama shadow government whispered to Iran that the good times would return.  

Meanwhile, ISIS appeared to be defeated, but despite Baghdadi’s death in October there were hints that it was regrouping. Baghdadi, an acknowledged leader of ISIS, was Sunni. But the attack on the Baghdad embassy in December was done by Hezbollah, who are Shia and an Iranian ally. Thus with Hezbollah attacking Israel, a US ally, and the US strongly allied with the Sunni Saudis, the battle lines were drawn.

Soleimani had convinced himself that he was invincible, actually believing the reassurances from Obama’s shadow government that President Trump was soon to be removed and business as usual would return. Even Pelosi, during her cooperation with coup attempts, felt the US Military would turn on President Trump. Where does this leave Iran? Iran does not want war with the US, nor do China and Russia wish to see this outcome. Meanwhile, where the head of the snake among both Sunni and Shia backed terrorists has been removed, peace in the Middle East will continue to be elusive. 

Can you shed any light on the origin or use for this ancient Egyptian "bowl", or rotor. [and from another] This object is a very fragile and delicate rock, which requires very laborious carving. The introduction of the wheel in Egypt coincided with the invasion of the Hicsos at the end of the Medium Empire, in 1640 BC. They used it, on among other things, their military chariots. It was actually a ritualistic tri-flamed oil lamp. It has been suggested the vessel was meant to be held on a pedestal, the center tube may also have been used as a stand for holding another vessel or object. [and from another] Another object that resembles the tri-lobed bowl is a clay snakes figurine. The object consists of a round disk with four snakes, in which three are represented as raised heads (possibly cobras) orientated at 120 degrees around a central, round-shaped vessel with a fourth snake appearing to drink from it, and three horn-shaped indentations around the periphery. The three raised snakes each has an extra eye on their backs. Snakes during dry seasons are usually found in close proximity to water, and the Nile during inundation usually flushes them out of the area in great numbers. The biconvex shape is common to the representation of intertwined snakes.

The failure of Egyptologists to identify the purpose of this tri-lobed bowl is due to the reluctance of modern day scientists and archeologists to admit that man is not alone in the Universe as an intelligent creature. Despite the plethora of evidence from ancient cultures, including mummified Snake Men in Peru and the representation of UFOs and space men on cave drawings, the alien presence is debated. Among the most dreadful aliens visiting mankind in the past were the large Fat Snakes which assisted the Annunaki with their gravity lifts, building the Great Pyramids and raising the heads of Easter Island.

The Fat Snakes were known in Egypt also, and were worshiped due to their control of gravity and their ruthless nature. Early examples of the tri-lobed bowls showed the cobra like posture of the Fat Snakes, who stood upright as a norm. The wheel came into use when the Hyksos invaded Egypt at the end of the last Pole Shift, and their use of the wheel gave them military might. The Fat Snakes provided this technology to the ruthless Hyksos, with the lobes allowing the wheels to drive through and disburse water with ease.

Q has often mentioned a P. Could P be the Pasdaran in Iran? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] The Rise of the Pasdaran [and from another] Obama Gave Citizenship to Officials Says MP July 3, 2018 President Barak Obama granted US citizenship to 2500 Iranians while talks on the nuclear deal with Iran were going on. According to Zolnour, Obama did the favor to some Iranian officials in order to “please them” while they were discussing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with US and five other world powers. Zolnour and several other MPs have been conducting an investigation to prove that dual nationals have infiltrated the Iranian government. [and from another] The Secret Backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the Hook June, 2017 The campaign, dubbed Project Cassandra, was launched in 2008.  They followed cocaine shipments, tracked a river of dirty cash, and traced what they believed to be the innermost circle of Hezbollah and its state sponsors in Iran. Obama had entered office in 2009 promising to improve relations with Iran as part of a broader rapprochement with the Muslim world.  The man who would become Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser and then CIA director, John Brennan, became CIA director in 2013., went further.  [and from another] Lisa Page Praises Iran’s ‘5000 Year Old Culture,’ Fears They Will Remind America They’re a ‘Real’ Country January 3, 2020 Her former lover, Peter Strzok also had a connection to Iran, in that he attended elementary school at the American School in Tehran prior to the Iranian Revolution when his father who was a US Army Lieutenant Colonel served three tours there. [and from another] John Kerry’s Secret Talks with Iran after Daughter Married Iranian National; Best Man was Son of Iran’s Secretary of State January 7, 2020 Former Secretary of State John Kerry has fielded dozens of private meetings and phone calls in recent months in an effort to meddle with U.S. foreign policy in Iran, as President Trump has dropped $200 billion in sanctions against Iran. Kerry was the lead negotiator who handed Iran over $150 Billion in U.S. cash for what was then-spun as a Nuclear deal. Trump dissolved the supposed deal but Iran still kept the money. Kerry’s daughter Vanessa is married to an Iranian national and physician. His best man at the ceremony was the son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs — the position comparable to U.S. Sec of State. [and from another] Lisa Page’s Mother Tamara Najarian December 31, 2019 Lisa Page's mother--Tamara Najarian--is a naturalized American citizen from Iran. How many members of the FBI are secret sympathizers or supporters of the Iranian mullahs? Peter Strzok was raised in Iran. He speaks fluent Farsi. His father is an open supporter of the Iranian mullahs. [and from another] Busted Iran Front Group Loaded Clinton Foundation with Cash January 6, 2020 Prominent legislators have labeled the Clinton Foundation as something resembling a money-laundering and influence-peddling operation. Its critics argue that the foundation was primarily utilized to curry favor with the power Clinton family. They point to instances like the foundation’s disaster-relief fundraising efforts in Haiti, which ended up enriching the Clinton Foundation and not doing anything substantive to relieve the suffering of the people on the ground. When first confronted with the possibility that the Alavi Foundation was an Iranian front group, the Clinton Foundation refused to return its donations. [and from another] Valerie Jarrett Valerie June Jarrett is an Iranian-American businesswoman and former government official. She served as the senior advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama and assistant to the president for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs from 2009 to 2017. Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran,[1] during the Pahlavi dynasty, to American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara T. Bowman. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1956 as part of a program where American physicians and agricultural experts sought to help in the health and farming efforts of developing countries. [and from another] John Brennan: My trouble with Trump? ‘His dishonesty, his character’ June 8, 2019 He first considered attending the American University of Beirut but it closed in 1975 and instead he went to the American University in Cairo. There he learned Arabic and developed a lifelong interest in the Middle East. After completing a masters in governance at the University of Texas in Austin on his return, he saw an advertisement for the CIA and applied.

Given that Obama was a CIA operation, groomed since a young adult to be the Obama born in Hawaii with a false Birth Certificate and destined to be President, what role does Iran have? Obama surrounded himself with Iran sympathizers. Valerie Jarrett was a constant presence. The anti-Trump sentiment of former FBI agents Strzok and Page is well known, but their Iran connects are less well known. They would have preferred the treasonous Hillary who was already allowing her Clinton Foundation to be used to launder Iranian funds.  

Is this mere coincidence, as the assignment of John Kerry as Obama’s Secretary of State, despite his family connections to Iran’s elite? Obama was a CIA operation from the start, so appointing John Brennan, who was radicalized early in the Middle East, was no surprise. But why the Iran connection? A puzzling aspect of the secret wars going on just under the surface of today’s political landscape is the role of Satanism. We have detailed how the Bush/Clinton Cabal assisted N Korea and Iran in their nuclear endeavors, with the ultimate goal of triggering World War III during the End Times.

This is a Holy War, with many tentacles. President Trump and his Junta, and associates such as the UK Marines, are aggressively fighting this war on many fronts – pedophilia and blackmail of those caught in this net, money laundering of stolen funds, gun and drug running for profit and the promotion of terrorism, and human trafficking. The horror of rape and murder of toddlers during Moloch worship shows the depths to which those worshiping Satan will descend. What would lure those cooperating with this agenda?

At the heart of Satanism are highly Service-to-Self entities from other worlds who are answering the Call of those on Earth who are ambitious or enraged at their inability to progress in human society. As we have detailed, Service-to-Self entities thus called can only consult, but in so doing they promise results. Short term operations, such as marrying a rich spouse, can deliver results but soon such converts find themselves directed to work with others of like ilk in order to progress. The larger network of polished Satanists becomes convinced they are invincible.

The end goal of the Satanist overlords is to garner human souls for their ultimate destination – to become slaves on their prison planets. The Transformation of Earth is slowly turning the Earth into a planet for those in the Service-to-Others, with caring for others and sharing resources predominant. But the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self who have been active on Earth for the past few millennia, seek to garner a strong harvest by sowing despair and horror, thus turning young souls toward self-protection – selfishness. This battle is intense at this time, with Iran as a nuclear power capable of triggering World War III the current battleground.

I hesitated to ask the question of the true cause of the crash of a Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 today, killing all 176 on board. Was this a result of the on-going tension in Iran, or simple (given location) another EMP related disaster. I ask only to confirm if not an act of terrorism then we now have 3 (Boeing) 737 passenger aircraft crashes that have killed 522 people within a few years. Unlike the 737-max this aircraft did not have the software feature implicated in crashes of the 737 MAX. Though we know it was more than just a software issue in both of the previous crashes. [and from another] The Ukrainian plane crash of a Boeing 737 upon takeoff at Tehran. While they did list the passengers, can only wonder if this was caused by Nibiru or? Iranian media has given the cause as engine malfunction. [and from another] Ukrainian Airliner Crashes in Iran, Killing all Aboard January 7, 2020 Iranian TV said the crash was due to unspecified technical problems, and Iranian media quoted a local aviation official as saying the pilot did not declare an emergency. Several international airlines suspended flights over Iranian airspace due to security risks. [and from another] Ukrainian Airlines Plane Crash: 5 Facts you Need to Know January 8, 2020 Flight 752 hurtled, on fire, into a farm field a few minutes after takeoff from the Tehran airport. Photos and videos from the wreckage scene show the plane was almost completely obliterated and falling from the sky on fire. The flight history shows the plane bound for Kiev. The radar data shows the plane was delayed for an hour. It didn’t get over 7,854 feet in the air when it crashed. [and from another] Ukrainian Plane Crash Victims: Who Were the Passengers? January 8, 2020 People from these nationalities were on board the doomed aircraft: – 82 Iranians – 63 Canadians – 11 Ukrainians – 10 Swedes – 4 Afghans – 3 Germans – 3 British nationals There are no survivors. According to ISNA, an Iranian news agency widely quoted in American media on the crash, most of the people on the doomed plane were Iranians. That agency said 144 of the plane’s passengers were Iranians but those numbers don’t match those given out by the Ukrainian foreign minister. [and from another] Boeing 737 Plane Bound for Kyiv Crashes in Iran, Killing all 176 people on Board January 7, 2020 The Boeing 737-800, which was carrying 167 passengers and nine crew members, was an older model of the Boeing 737 Max that has been grounded worldwide since mid-March after two fatal crashes. Flight 752 crashed shortly after 6 a.m. local time, minutes into the flight. Iran’s Fars news agency reported that the jet crashed due to technical problems, without providing more detail. Ukraine International Airlines said that the aircraft had been carrying citizens of Canada, Iran, Sweden and Ukraine. It has suspended flights to Tehran indefinitely. The timing of the crash prompted speculation that a stray Iranian missile may have downed the plane. [and from another] Iranian Leader calls Missile Attack a ‘Slap’ at US Bases January 8, 2020 Satellite imagery showed at least five impact sites on the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq’s western Anbar province, each leaving charred blast marks that damaged or destroyed buildings. One obliterated a structure in a row of buildings next to a line of helicopters. [and from another]

The Ukraine airliner that blew up in the sky only minutes after takeoff from Tehran was blown out of the sky by an Iran missile, by accident. The departure occurred shortly after the Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Standard procedure during such a missile attack is to be prepared for a counter-attack – to counter any missiles aimed at Tehran. These are heat seeking missiles and take down any object in the sky. This was the reason for an hour delay for the Ukraine plane’s departure.

When the defensive counter-attack missile shield was dropped, the OK for takeoff was given, but the Iranian procedure was imperfect. The accident was instantly recognized by the Iranians, but they are unlikely to ever admit guilt. There is deep discontent among the public in Iran, and discord in their military. Soleimani was feared and resented, as he kept hostilities with the US at a fever pitch, thus preventing the sanctions from being dropped. But despite discontent and discord, a change in leadership in Iran is unlikely.

Do the Zetas have any comment on the recent announcement by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that they plan to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family? Royal observers have expressed shock at this unprecedented announcement, issued via social media and reportedly without consulting Queen Elizabeth. The Zetas have previously stated that Queen Elizabeth had Prince Harry's mother, Diana, killed because Diana had learned of the Epstein blackmail scheme. The Zetas have also stated that the Queen herself has been executed by Military Tribunal and replaced with a double. In making their announcement, are Harry and Meghan seeking to break away from the corruption of the British monarchy? Or are royal rats deserting the sinking ship?
[and from another] 
The official Instagram Account of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family, and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.
[and from another] 
Prince Harry and Meghan to Step Back from Royal Family
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to step back from senior roles in the royal family and work towards financial self-sufficiency after a period marked by open warfare with the media over claimed intrusion and bullying. It is understood that no other royal was consulted before the decision was announced on Wednesday evening, and Buckingham Palace was disappointed by the news. The fact the couple did not consult the Queen or Prince Charles that they were to release their bombshell statement has caused disquiet at the heart of the monarchy. The couple have appeared increasingly unhappy in recent months with their public roles and the level of scrutiny they have faced.
[and from another] Prince Harry and Meghan 'Defied Queen' over Statement Release The Queen, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge have instructed their senior aides to work with the UK and Canadian governments to help carve out new roles for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex within “days not weeks”.

Insiders have rumored for months that it will not just be the Queen who will be removed for her approval of Satanist practices in the past. Her offspring are targets too. Andrew is caught in the Epstein snare, but it is not a date with a 17 year old teen that will doom him. The Moloch worship required the rape and murder of very young children, and consumption of the adrenochrome enriched blood afterwards. Those who were aware of these practices, and took part or even were just aware, are in the sights of the UK Marines who are at the helm of the Holy War ongoing between good and evil in the UK.

Meghan and Harry were enthusiastic participants, in part to earn the top slot in the royal lineage. Harry did not have royal blood, being the offspring of Diana and a lover, and Meghan was considered a half-breed. They had been on the run for months in an attempt to escape justice. How is it that there seems to be no escape from the military Tribunals in the US and UK? Extradition is an agreement between countries to allow an arrest upon request, but these crimes – treason and ritualistic child murder, are too horrific to excuse.

Prior to an execution there is usually a delay if a suitable double or quick death has not been arranged. McCain was already fighting cancer so death by cancer was the excuse. The Pelosi double’s only tell is the teeth, and she can perform as the real Pelosi would, given that slurring and patriotic mutterings are the only thing required of her. The Queen’s double has many flaws, the most prominent the size of the chin, but by using old photos and photo doctoring the fraud is perpetuated. Obama’s double lacked the fleshy lower lip at first, but this was later fixed by injections.

By placing the Meghan and Harry changeover in Canada, the doubles were introduced to the public with enough time for the press and public to become accustomed to their new personas. The fate of the rest of the royal family is still pending and in process. Not all are personally guilty. When will this charade end? When the pending Pole Shift occurs. Until then, royal families in Europe are expected to have a steadily diminishing role. Meanwhile, the doubles have a far better life than they did prior to this engagement. Many are professional actors.

Hillary's Make Over or Double? [and from another] Hillary Clinton Debuts New Bizarre, Bag-less, Cheeky Look December 13, 2019 It appears as though she’s had some kind of round of botox injections or plastic surgery, as the 72-year-old appeared wrinkle-free through the cheeks and the bags under her eyes are now gone. [and from another] What is the Secret of Hillary Clinton's strangely Plumped-up-Cheeks? December 13, 2019 Sported line-free complexion and defined cheeks while out with husband Bill. Aesthetic expert Dr Ross Perry claims Mrs Clinton has 'regular tweakments'. Suggests youthful appearance down to Botox, Blepharoplasty and dermal fillers. [and from another] [and from another] Hillary Clinton gets 'Unrecognisable' new look as she Considers Another Presidential Bid December 14, 2019 Rumours have been swirling of a third presidential bid from the former First Lady, who lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump. [and from another] Hillary Clinton drops Biggest Hint yet that She’s Mulling a 2020 Presidential Run December 4, 2019 The strongest indicator yet that Hillary’s mulling a 2020 run? She appeared Wednesday, for the first time ever, on Howard Stern. There was hardly a pretense she was there to promote the book she co-wrote with daughter Chelsea, long ago a bestseller. [and from another] Hillary Clinton on Running for President Again | the Graham Norton Show December 2, 2019

Tribunals have been officially running in the US since the start of 2019, by decree of President Trump. Treason was on the agenda and as a result Obama and McCain were executed. This included supporting ISIS and plans to invoke World War III – the Satanist agenda. Pedophile networks, a core blackmail tool and the means by which Moloch child sacrifice was supplied with babies and toddlers, were also on the agenda and Cummings was executed as a result. Yet Hillary, who seemed to be central to it all, remained at large. She was clearly in a House Arrest boot in 2017, as was McCain, yet despite occasional doubles making an appearance as Hillary, she still seemed alive and well.

Hillary was sentenced to be executed but given a chance to serve the Junta by public appearances and statements that would awaken the public to the crimes of the Cabal. Her health required almost complete bed rest and no booze, so she was seldom seen. Did the obvious appearance of yet another double on December 12, 2019 signal a change in this routine? After her December 2, 2019 appearance on the Graham Norton show, where she enthusiastically embraced a 2020 run, and subsequent December 4 appearance on the Stern program, she was considered to have broken her plea deal and was executed as a result. She is now a Double.

Do the Zetas have any comment regarding the eruption of Taal volcano in the Philippines? [and from another] It is the second most active volcano in the Philippines with 35 historical eruptions.  The lake partially fills Taal Caldera, which was formed by prehistoric eruptions between 140,000 and 5,380 BP. It is located about 31 miles south of the capital of the country, the city of Manila. [and from another] Small but Dangerous: Volcano Spews Ash over Philippine Capital January 12, 2020 A volcano near Manila spewed a massive cloud of ash that drifted across the Philippine capital on Sunday, forcing the cancellation of flights and closure of schools and government offices as authorities warned of a possible "explosive eruption". Thousands of people were evacuated from the area near Taal volcano after it suddenly shot a column of ash and steam as high as 15 km (nine miles) into the sky. Lightning crackled inside the smoke and tremors shook the ground. One of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, Taal has erupted more than 30 times in the past five centuries, most recently in 1977. [and from another] A Spectacular Week for Volcano Activity November 30, 2019 On the 30th of Nov 2019 Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Tokyo (VAAC) issued an ash advisory warning at the Aso volcano in Japan. Explosive activity continues at the Klyuchevskoy Volcano in Russia. Volcanic Ash Advisory Center Tokyo warned about a volcanic ash plume that rose up to estimated 18000 ft altitude or flight level 180. Guatemala’s most dangerous colossus the Fire, or Fuego volcano has been showing violent and eruptive behaviour since November the 19th. The latest eruption has spewed ash and gas emissions. A spectacular explosion was caught on film on November the 28th at the Mexican colossus Popocatepetl Volcano. [and from another] Up to 20 People are Injured with some Fighting for Life after a Volcano Erupts off the Coast of New Zealand December 9, 2019 New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern initially said there were about 100 people on or around the island at the time of the eruption and not all were accounted for. [and from another] Why Are Volcanoes all over the Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds of Ash Miles into the Air? January 12, 2020 A massive eruption in the Philippines is making headlines all over the world, but what most people don’t realize is that several other volcanoes have also blown their tops in spectacular fashion within the past week.  Suddenly, volcanoes all over the globe are shooting giant clouds of ash miles into the air, and this is greatly puzzling many of the experts.

Volcano eruptions invariably mark the 7 of 10 Plate Movements, as they lie along plate borders or are centered in stretch zones. That so many extinct volcanoes are threatening to erupt and many of mankind’s most populous cities are suddenly faced with evacuation concerns is thus not unexpected. But over the centuries, mankind has not been concerned about prophecies about the End Times, and allowed their cities to develop in harm’s way. Thus we have Popocatepetl threatening 9 million people in Mexico City, Klyuchevskoy threatening 9 million in Tokyo, and Taal threatening Manila, the capitol of the Philippines.

That all these volcanoes are erupting at the same time is a sign that the 7 of 10 Plate Movements are in the end-stage of this phase – all moving and adjusting at once. The lifting Indio-Australian Plate is roiling the lava under its eastern edge, as the fires in Australia attest. This allows the Pacific to compress, with the Philippine Plate tilting and pushing under Taal. Central America is being crushed as the Caribbean Plate is forced westward by the S American Roll, as the Puerto Rican quake swarms attest. The tightening bow in the N American Continent is forcing the tip near Kamchatka into a crunch. All plates are in the dance, at present.

What happened to the bug eyes? After an absence, Schiff is back but without his trademark bug eyes. Was that really an arrest boot on him the week of Thanksgiving? [and from another] It this the Famous Mysterious Foot Boot Back and on @RepAdamSchiff ? [and from another] Interview with Maddow January 14 [and from another] Interview with The View January 14

Schiff was arrested on November 26 at the Burbank City Hall, where he was called to attend to usual business. Burbank is in his district. This maneuver was done deliberately to force exposure of his arrest, as he was dazed and confused and called for a ride, standing on the front steps. He was out of sight that week due to the Congressional week off for Thanksgiving. Schiff was involved in the dual coup attempts to replace President Trump with Pelosi, and as is known she is now a Double. Schiff tried to arrange a plea bargain, but failed to live up to any promise. He is now a double.

Many defendants scheduled to appear before the Tribunals try to remain in the public eye, hoping that will make it impossible for justice to catch up with them as it is known the Junta does not yet want the public to be aware of the Martial Law status in the US. They are thus snatched at a time when they are idle and not in the spotlight. Both the US and UK Tribunals try to line up a double ahead of time, but a 100% match is never possible. There is always a tell, and for Schiff this includes the obvious absence of his pop-out eyes. Each such double of a public persona is given lots of assistance, to help them avoid awkward questions.

I found this interesting article. It seems that Putin will stay alone in charge. Can the Zetas explain? [and from another] Can the Zetas shed some light on what’s going on in Russia? [and from another] Russian government resigns after President Putin’s state-of-the-nation address proposes changes to the constitution January 15, 2020 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced that the entire government is resigning in a surprise statement released shortly after President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual state-of-the-nation address. Accepting the resignation, Putin thanked the ministers for their hard work and asked them to function as a caretaker government until a new one can be formed. Medvedev explained that the cabinet is resigning in accordance with Article 117 of the Russian Constitution, which states that the government can offer its resignation to the president, who can either accept or reject it. Putin said he intended to create the position of deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, which would be offered to Medvedev. Medvedev’s move to the new role will mean Russia will have a new prime minister when a new government is formed. The State Duma – the lower house of parliament – will be granted the power to appoint the prime minister and the rest of the cabinet, as opposed to just approving their candidacies as is currently the case. [and from another] Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday that his government was resigning to give President Vladimir Putin room to carry out the changes he wants to make to the constitution. [and from another] Putin said Russia should remain a strong presidential republic, with the president remaining in charge of setting the parliament's priorities, the Russian army and law enforcement. But he stressed the need for public discussion and called for a nationwide vote on the changes. [and from another] All Senior Russian Officials Resign as Putin Announces Reforms That Would Weaken His Successor January 15, 2020 Putin argued for changes to Russia’s constitution to increase the authority of lawmakers to appoint prime ministers and cabinet members. At the same time Putin asserted that Russia would not remain stable under a parliamentary system of government, and that the President should retain power to dismiss parliamentary appointments and remain in control of the country’s military and law enforcement bodies. [and from another] The president set out the roadmap for his exit from the Kremlin, more-or-less kicking off the build-up to the transition of power. He will step down in 2024, or perhaps even earlier, and he intends to dismantle the “hyper-Presidential” system which allowed him to wield so much control in office. This was introduced by Boris Yeltsin in 1993 with American support, after he had used tanks to fire on the Parliament. The broad vision is to have more checks and balances, with a weaker presidency and other branches of government strengthened. [and from another] The politics of Russia take place in the framework of the federal semi-presidential republic of Russia. According to the Constitution of Russia, the President of Russia is head of state, and of a multi-party system with executive power exercised by the government, headed by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the President with the parliament's approval. Legislative power is vested in the two houses of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The 1993 constitution declares Russia a democratic, federative, law-based state with a republican form of government. State power is divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Russia's president determines the basic direction of Russia's domestic and foreign policy and represents the Russian state within the country and in foreign affairs. The president is empowered to appoint the prime minister to chair the Government (called the cabinet or the council of ministers in other countries), with the consent of the State Duma.

At the heart of this recent maneuver by Putin to reorganize the government of Russia is the need to block Russia’s Deep State, which will try to take advantage of the coming Earth changes caused by Nibiru. A Deep State exists in all countries, rivaling any dictator’s strength, and often frankly running the country. Draining the swamp is often so difficult as to be impossible, such that leaders in the swamp cannot be removed or fired, or are protected by other members of the Deep State. In the US, for instance, civil servants cannot be simply dismissed, and can only be dismissed for cause or as a result of a budgetary cutback.

In Russia, Putin and Medvedev share power, with Putin as the President handling foreign affairs and Medvedev driving the cabinet. The Duma, the lower body of Russia’s legislature, has little power, but must approve the Prime Minister. In the US the President has power to appoint and dismiss the cabinet and key executive jobs, but these must be approved by the Senate. Regardless of the structure, all countries struggle with a Deep State, which is often composed of sleeper cells that do not reveal their agenda until threatened or called to action.

Putin is aware of Deep State pockets in Russia, which have persisted despite careful selection of Cabinet heads. Does one dismiss hundreds of government workers, replacing them by others, and expect a good outcome? Experience and competence are lost, while new swamp creatures are installed. Putin wants to give the Duma more power, so they become in essence a police force. At the same time, while the Russian public is approving a new constitutional structure, the Cabinet heads have been weakened. The Duma may be contentious, but Deep State agendas well known and easily identified.