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Apples to Apples Hydroponics - Planting

The same plants, in the same order, were planted in each environment: Rockwool was not used, due to a low supply and no time to reorder, so plastic screen screen cut into squares was used and proved to allow roots to emerge through the screen during growth without problem. The 1,000 watt light was placed centrally over the Micro and worm drainage flow tubes (knee height), with the Micro gaining the edge being more directly under this light. The 400 watt light was placed over the two fish tanks, and though the wattage was less, the seedlings were a couple feet closer to the light (waist height). Both lights were set on timers, 12 hours on, then 12 hours off.

1.Spinach6.Cayenne Pepper
2.Rocket (Mustard Greens)7.Cherry Tomato
3.EggPlant8.Navy Beans
4.Basil9.French Green Beans
5.Chinese Cabbage10.Peas