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ZetaTalk: Friends and Family
Note: written on Nov 15, 2001

If you make mention to those friends and neighbors that you are concerned, without demanding anything from them such as agreement, they will come to you when the time comes. They will see you as someone alert, intuitive, and when they start to be concerned, you will have no problem talking to them, a receptive audience. Each human will be different in their response to earth and sociological changes about them. Some will increase their resistance as the shift approaches, some suddenly break and become aware and oriented. Some will seem to be solid partners, planning, and then become distant and trivial as the time approaches. Some will get hysterical, to the point of disrupting all about them, if allowed to. The hysteric may be someone expected to be the rock, and the flaky person become the rock, to everyone's surprise. Thus, how to approach those friends and family members one hopes to form a survival group with is not an easy answer, as the variables are as large as the population under question! Our advice is to not put all eggs in one basket, maintain as much flexibility as possible, and be surprised at nothing a human could present you with!

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