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ZetaTalk: Hour of the Shift
Note: written on Nov 15, 2001

We have withheld the exact hour of passage from our ZetaTalk for several reasons: 1. The establishment and those groups who would take advantage of good hearted folk would use this knowledge to better entrap and enslave and ensure their own survival at the expense of the good hearted. 2. The timing of this can change slightly due to matters in the solar system, such that a mis-calculation could see us, in horror, watching good hearted folks trying to save those dependent upon them too late, by days or hours, a matter we would prefer to avoid for a later announcement, more precise. 3. Earth changes, and the exact position of the Earth in relationship to the passing planet, will change slightly as the time approaches, so warnings for this or that part of the world may change at the last minute, or last week in any case. Best to leave this for then, so no misunderstandings can occur.

Thus, as we approach the shift, our messages will get more precise, and the messages today are as precise as general information can be. Stay tuned, in this regard. The date of May 15th has often been referred to as an early date, to some degree. This is early to some degree, the number of days or weeks not specified. Anyone who has severed their life elsewhere and is in a safe place by May 15th [Note: see 2003 Date explanation] will not find this distressing, or have any regrets. This is as close as we can come to specifying the anticipated day of the shift, now. By May 15th, it will be utterly clear that earth changes are in process, most humans walking about in shock, numb. There will be no debate about a mistake. We have stated that the rotation will stop for approximately a week.

During the week of rotation stoppage, humans are advised to stay within a few minutes of the trench or bermed shelter, at all times. This will in fact not be difficult to maintain, as all will be hovered about, clinging to each other, no other news or focus distracting them. Children can be entertained if this is planned for, and not stray far. For those needing to sleep, have them sleep in the shelters, for instance. Plan to minimize the steps needed when the alarm goes off, and tolerate a few false alarms with good humor!

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