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ZetaTalk: Two Personas
Note: written during the Apr 12, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We mentioned during the last session that the changing appearance of Planet X and the complex of dust and moon swirls would parallel, during the close approach, the appearance during the past few months when it was able to be viewed by amateur scopes and images by same. What do you recall, those of you who followed the imaging from Sep 21, 2002 to late March, 2003? First there was a dot, on the coordinates, and another bent toward the core of the Earth. What we are saying is that there were two personas from the start, and this remained true throughout. This will remain true until the bulk of the light coming to your eyes is not traveling a distance, but is flooding the area. The light rays that are coming from the Red Persona are perceived as red, by those reporting a red blinking light fading in and out at the coordinates.

The early imaging sessions did not record color, so it was not known until photos by digitizing cameras, and the human eye, recorded, what color would be associated with the White Persona. The Red Persona was the one we emphasized from the start, stating this would be larger than the White, but not true to the coordinates, so advised to look around the spot. During the season when imaging was being done by amateur scope camera, the Red Persona was evident throughout, but the White Persona seemed to disappear during the last few weeks before visibility with the unaided eye. We advised that this was due to deflection and disbursal of light rays in the close hugging dust cloud, so that the White Persona was diffuse, where the individual moons or moon clusters was visible in the images. The overall brightness, and scope, of the area proved an inbound complex.

The Personas should begin to merge, the Red coming closer to the coordinate spot, as the weeks before the shift pass. It will be an irrelevant point, as the size and brightness of the complex will increase so that the issue of whether it is the red object here or the orange mass there will be irrelevant. The issue under discussion will be what this means for mankind.

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