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wave ZetaTalk: Tidal Waves
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

As great as the danger to humans and the fauna and flora of the Earth that earthquakes bring, greater still is the devastation that the shifting waters will bring. There are several factors at play. Water is more liquid than the core of the Earth, and certainly more liquid than terra firma. Where the Earth, dragged by its core, is Shifting into a new, albeit temporary, alignment with the giant comet, its waters resist greatly. Thus the waters slosh over the nearby land, in the direction opposite to the shift. This is lessened by a tendency of the waters directly under the giant comet to rise up to meet the comet. The waters heap up, in what appear to be giant waves. This tends to lessen the sloshing over a shoreline on the comet side, but has no effect on the water's movement on the dark side of the Earth.

The Earth's record of gigantic tidal waves, which the establishment is desperate to explain in other than pole shift terms, is caused by the frequent pole shifts. This is the case even in situations where a plate adjustment affects hundreds of miles of ocean bottom, creating a massive line of compressed water which promptly moves in the only directions it can - to the right, left, and up. In the depths of the ocean, this causes a tidal wave of perhaps 20 feet in nearby shores. Where items are dropped into the ocean, such as the honeycombed ice of a former South Pole did during the Flood, the displaced water cannot go down, so must go all four directions. In instances such as this, the resulting wave is in proportion to the object dropped. A continent sized object caused the Flood, a meteor a mile in diameter would hardly cause more than a high tide, despite alarmist speculation.

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