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ZetaTalk: Velikovsky
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Immanuel Velikovsky was a genius on par with Einstein, which is a fact seldom mentioned by his detractors. Both he and Einstein were Star Children, and indeed were friends who engaged in the type of friendly argument only two geniuses could engage in. Velikovsky's Mission was to set mankind to thinking about the periodic cataclysms that have so dramatically left their Mark on the Earth and human history. Like Einstein, he was berated for presenting what most of mankind does not want to think about - bad news.

Mountains obviously thrown skyward under extreme pressure, the Ruins of great civilizations with no reason for demise, flash frozen carcasses of healthy Mastodons with no evident cause of death - all this is put over the wall and not dealt with. Research into uncharted territory seldom results in solid conclusions all around. Theories based on theories don't have a solid base. That any of the theories prove out, under these circumstances, is a wonder. Thus, some of Velikovsky's theories as to the cause of the Earth's cosmic near-collisions are unfounded. Where the planet Venus was sent into an irregular orbit after one recent pole shift, the upheavals on Earth were caused only by the passage of the 12th Planet - the major ingredient in the brew. Unlike Einstein's theories of relativity, Velikovsky's theories cannot be effectively proved until the Red Star, the 12th Planet, returns to savage this Solar System again. Unfortunately for those unwilling to listen to Velikovsky or contemplate the evidence he so poetically presents, they will be learning the truth of his theories - too late!

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