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ZetaTalk: Countdown Signs
Note: written on Jan 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Many humans will read our warnings and wish to heed them, but be unable to take leave of their station in life for many valid reasons. Perhaps they care for those sick and injured, or oversee projects important to the welfare of man, or have children in school or whatever. We are not speaking here of those who will not leave their luxuries and conveniences, or who enjoy a station in life that feeds their sense of power. We are speaking of those who must wait until the last minute before moving to safety, as their absence would affect those dependent on them, or a move would harm, in the short term, those dependent on activities or services best provided in their present locale. Many humans operating fully in the Service-to- Other orientation, whom we are here speaking to, are found in just such a catch-22, as they often dedicate their lives to others.

The pole shift will not take anyone by surprise, given the plethora of Undeniable Signs that something momentous is around the corner, such as increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, intractable droughts and inexplicable downpours, and most telling of all, an increasing slowing of the Earth's rotation. Nevertheless, the exact moment, day, or week to disrupt everyone's schedule and head for the hills or farm seems difficult to determine. Are there countdown signs that can be used as a guide? There are indeed.

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